What should I do if I have a “slobber baby” at home? Don’t feel troublesome for mom, drooling also has “advantages”

What should I do if I have a “slobber baby” at home? Don’t feel troublesome for mom, drooling also has “advantages”

As a novice parent, looking at the cute little baby, I can’t help but want to rub and poke, but the parents will It was found that after the little guy reached a certain stage, his saliva would become particularly much. 

But even though the baby’s drooling appearance looks a little cute, Momma can’t help but feel a little worried, fearing that the baby’s drooling will affect her future life. 

What should I do if I have a “slobber baby” at home? 

Xiao Qiu is a novice mother. The baby is just five and a half months old. The little one is lively and laughs. He is a very lovable child. However, Xiao Qiu found that the baby suddenly began to drool frequently. 

According to previous experience, she would only change her child’s saliva towel every three hours, but now Xiaoqiu has to change her baby’s saliva towel for more than half an hour. 

She faces the “slobber baby” at home , I don’t know what to do for a while. 

In fact, “slobber flooding” is a normal situation in the growth of babies, and parents should not think that changing saliva towels is troublesome, because drooling also has “advantages”. 

The “frequent drooling” of babies means that they have entered another stage of growth.

Looking at the children with constant drooling at home, parents will always be envious of the clean babies, but they are actually “slobber” It is of great significance in the growth of the baby. 

▼ Drooling can help babies improve their swallowing ability

Babies under 3 months will not drool, on the one hand because of the body Not yet fully developed, on the other hand, because breast milk and formula milk powder will not stimulate the baby to secrete saliva. 

When the child is over 3 months, the nerve The gradual development of the system, coupled with the shallowness of the oral cavity and insufficient swallowing ability, will cause “frequent saliva”. Therefore, parents need to prepare saliva towels in advance. 

However, when children are drooling, they will gradually adapt to the action of swallowing saliva, laying a good foundation for adding supplementary food and language ability in the future. 

▼It means that the baby has entered the “sprouting period”

Some parents may find it inconvenient to change the saliva towel frequently, but in fact, frequent saliva means that the child has entered “Eruption period” is one of the signs of deciduous teeth eruption, so parents should not dislike it! 

Most children will be 6 months old The emergence of the first tooth is accompanied by pain and discomfort in the process, which will stimulate the secretion of saliva, which is used to relieve this uncomfortable feeling, so the situation of “continuous saliva” appears. 

▼ is the signal that the baby needs to add supplementary food

Adding supplementary food requires the child to have a certain swallowing ability and a certain chewing ability, so when the child has continuous water flow, the same is true It is a signal to add supplementary food to the child. 

In the face of drooling children, parents should not only do Good behavior care, but also good language care behavior care:

①Frequently change the saliva towel for the baby: After 3 months, the child will start to drool, and the parent should prepare about 5 yuan for the child. The saliva towel is used for replacement. 

When the child reaches 6 months of age and begins to drool frequently, it is best for parents to help the baby replace it every one or two hours. 

②Attention: some After seeing the child drooling, parents habitually pull a paper towel to help the child wipe the mouth, but at this time, the softness and wiping strength of the paper towel should be selected, and it should be as gentle as possible. 

Language care:

①Don’t complain, don’t blame: Parents who love to clean will feel uncomfortable when they see a drooling baby, so they will inevitably complain and complain when they change their saliva towels or wipe their mouths. Even accuse the child of this behavior. 

Although babies can’t speak, they can His language skills are gradually developing. They have been able to understand a few simple words in about 6 months, and are very sensitive to parents’ emotional fluctuations. Parents’ unintentional complaints will only make them feel at a loss and become insecure. The mother upstairs beat the child until wee hours, and the 10-year-old boy cried burst into her ears, and the neighbors kindly communicated with them.

The filial son came out from under the stick. The source of this sentence is Han Feizi of the Qin Dynasty, whose original intention was to help the emperor restrain the people. A word two thousand years ago still affects parents today. 

This is the most ingrained educational philosophy in traditional culture. There are many parents in modern society who still cannot get rid of this outdated traditional philosophy. Perhaps this philosophy has its special charm. 

Currently, there is no educational philosophy that can “beat and scold children” at will. Therefore, parents who pursue “filial piety under a stick”, today will discuss whether there is a problem with children being beaten frequently. 

The 10-year-old boy was beaten by his mother until the early hours of the morning, and the neighbors downstairs were kindly communicated with him.

After Xiaofang recently moved, he suffered from insomnia. The mother downstairs beat and scolded the child until the early hours of the morning. From eating, doing homework to throwing things away, even beating and scolding even while sleeping, Xiaofang could only hear the cry of the 10-year-old boy. 

As a neighbor downstairs, Xiaofang bulges Courage to communicate with this mother, she didn’t expect that the middle-aged mother would come up and say, “A filial son will come under the stick” and “What is my child’s business to do with you” and Xiaofang turned back. 

Xiaofang feels distressed about the child’s experience, and the child often Is it really okay to be beaten and scolded? This question has been lingering in Xiaofang’s heart. 

What are the consequences if children are often beaten and scolded? 

Of course something is going on. If these two situations occur after the child is beaten, and the parents take action again, the consequences may be very serious. 

The first type: when a child is beaten by a parent After scolding, don’t resist or respond, and silently let the parents beat

This kind of child has fallen into a nightmare of self-denial, and even the child may think that he should be beaten, and he can’t do anything well. You should let your parents vent their anger. 

If things go on like this, the child will become more withdrawn and less confident, thinking that he is a failed person and can do nothing well. The child was completely destroyed by the beating and scolding of his parents. 

The second type: When a child is beaten, Talk back, even fight with their parents

Such children may be born with irritable personality, or they may learn to resist under the influence of their parents, and irritable parents are very likely to be agitated for a while against irritable children. Cause serious consequences. 

As adults, parents must calm down and communicate well with their children. If the two sides continue to fight and scold, then the child’s personality will become tougher and more violent, and will even embark on an irreversible crooked road in life. 

It is not advisable to let the child grow up freely after making a mistake. 

For children who often make mistakes, what should parents do? 

1. Communication is the most important.

Although children are prone to making mistakes, the reasons may be varied. After the child makes a mistake, the parent should first communicate the reason with the child, and then prescribe the right medicine. Parents should not arbitrarily think that wrong is wrong, there is no explanation. 

Parents should not use their own experience to measure their children, be certain that their own ideas are right and their children’s ideas are wrong. The success of other people’s children does not mean that your child can do well. 

If your child has a bad exam, he may not study hard. Maybe the child has learning difficulties; maybe he is not feeling well; maybe he has friction with the teacher for various reasons. Parents should communicate patiently and help the child solve the difficulties. 

2. Parents must first control their own Temperament

Note: Do not do to others what you don’t want, it is important to lead by example. Parents themselves are irritable and indiscriminate people, how can they teach a sensible child? 

Parents first control their temper. When children make mistakes, we should not be trapped by emotions. Being controlled by emotions will make people lose their minds. How do people who lose their minds educate their children? 

3. It is important to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and find the right method

Each child is an independent individual, and they have their own “uniqueness.” There are tens of thousands of educational methods, and parents must be patient to find the educational method that suits their children, not across the board. 

For children’s educational methods, learning methods, and even hobbies, they must be taught in accordance with their aptitude. Interest is the best teacher. When children are interested in learning, they will study harder. 

The child is not a robot, he only listens to instructions. Children are people with self-awareness and interesting souls. Therefore, when treating every child, parents must continue to try to find a suitable education method for their children. Feynman, who has been “hanging up” all his life, is most grateful to his father for his education: his excellence comes from his method

On the issue of educating children, some parents will think that this is a challenging task with a high degree of difficulty , And for some parents, it is an easy mode of advanced education. Indeed, with the right methods to educate children, children can definitely become outstanding people in all aspects. 

Every child has his or her most special place. To make full use of his own advantages and strengths, it also depends on the child’s personal luck. Next, let us discuss the details of parent education and children’s learning methods! 

Speaking of Feynman, many of us I agree that he is an “outstanding work” in education. Feynman received a good education and succeeded in becoming a member of the “Genius Group” at the age of twenty-four. To talk about this example, the author does not want to tell you how good a “genius” is. Instead, the editor wants to lead everyone into Feynman’s world together, and then carefully appreciate where his success comes from. Come. 

The genius said that a large part of the credit for his success came from his father. Feynman’s father was very knowledgeable and possessed scientific methods and skills in educating children. For example, when he wanted to introduce a bird to his child, he did not point to the bird, and then simply told him: “This is a thrush.”

Simple term introduction is a meaningless way of education for children who don’t know anything. The way of education from concept to connotation, habits and characteristics can allow children to gain an accurate insight. Therefore, instead of telling children “this is a thrush bird”, it is better to say “the thrush bird has a loud voice and a beautiful singing voice. The general color is brown. It is a medium-sized bird.”

In addition, In order to cater to the children’s thinking, Feynman’s father advocated “story-based education” to simplify and clarify vague and abstract concepts so that children can effectively absorb knowledge within the scope of acceptance. 

It is really an honor for Feynman to grow up under this kind of family education. In addition, the outstanding Feynman also has his research crystallization “Feynman Learning Method”. 

What kind of insights and skills are there? What? Next, let’s analyze

1. Understand the goal

Before learning, we must determine a range so that we can successfully conduct research from it. First of all, we must clarify the concept and content of the learning objective. This is not to ask us to memorize and memorize the concept of abstract painting backwards. It is to understand this concept through continuous personal research and to be able to explain his concept in our own language. This step is tedious and repetitive, but to really understand its concept, we can only repeat such a task over and over. 

2. Teaching the learned goals Others

Like a teacher in a class, the teacher will inevitably prepare the lesson before the class; at the same time, only if the teacher understands the knowledge in it, they can pass on the knowledge to his students. In other words, to carry out this learning step, we must stand on the basis of the first step of the “Feynman Learning Method”. In the process of imparting knowledge, you may find yourself stuttering or pausing, but in fact this is not a good thing. You can often understand your weaknesses in this goal. 

3. Find problems in time and propose solutions

People often fail to achieve the “one-time” effect in learning. Therefore, when you find your weaknesses in the second step of learning methods, you can list them separately, split them and understand them repeatedly, and finally return to the raw materials or the book itself to combine the knowledge points to achieve Consolidate the effect of learning new. 

4. Review and analogy

Human memory is limited. If you want to remember a certain point of knowledge completely, people can’t stop learning after learning. A timely and regular review plan is necessary. In addition, if we want to truly master the essence, we have to refine our lives from the knowledge we have learned. After expounding this goal through our own language organization, we need to refine it step by step, and finally achieve streamlining. Effect. 

In addition, learning to learn by analogy can often draw the distance between people, and on the basis of understanding the basic knowledge in the heart, through their own logical thinking and reasoning, Other conclusions; such a process not only deepens one’s mastery of the target knowledge, but can also absorb new knowledge. 

The “Feynman Learning Method” is really It is very worthwhile for us to learn. If parents want their children to win at the starting line, it would be better to spread this way of learning to their children in time! 

That’s all for today’s topic. Are there any other scientific and effective learning methods worth recommending?

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