What should I do if I find that my child is stealing something? Beating and scolding is the worst way of education, smart mothers do it

What should I do if I find that my child is stealing something? Beating and scolding is the worst way of education. Smart mothers do it.

When I was young, parents often said: “Stealing injections when they are young, and stealing money when they grow up.” Otherwise, if you steal small things when you are young, you will grow up to get more valuable items and make more mistakes. 

So many parents will be furious when they know that their children steal items from home or other people. They feel that there is a problem with their children’s moral character, and the punishment for their children is very severe. But in fact, beating and scolding is the most ineffective way of education, and the best way for parents is here! 

Don’t be accused of “stealing”

First Parents should not blindly condemn their children as “stealing things”. How can I say that children like to steal other people’s things are possessive and are causing trouble. Other people’s things are good-looking, but they don’t have it. This is an unconscious behavior. I’m not “stealing” things, and I can’t even realize that my actions are wrong. 

So parents should not accuse them of stealing things as soon as they come up. Parents should use their own wisdom to guide them, instead of labeling them as “thief”, making them feel inferior and wronged . 

Ask for the reason instead of interrogation

When the child does not appear For good behavior, parents must understand the cause and process, but at this time, many parents are dazzled by anger, severely reprimand their children, and use interrogation methods to ask him to explain the whole story, but this will bring them huge consequences. Psychological pressure, children are forced to lie or cry out of fear. 

So parents should control their emotions, ask in a gentle tone, understand the child’s true thoughts, and then solve the problem or educate the child. 

Establish children’s awareness of property rights

Children like to steal Other people’s things are because they don’t know the difference between their own things and other people’s things, and they have no sense of property rights. Therefore, parents must clearly inform them; everyone’s belongings are their own, and others have no right to interfere and take, just like toys. They can play for you or not, and the same is true for your own toys. 

Parents can also use empathy to let them feel the sadness and sadness of the loss of their favorite things, so as to arouse the guilt and empathy in the children’s heart, and to get rid of stealing others Bad habits of things! 

Encourage children to take responsibility

Some parents will beat and scold As a commonly used educational method, there will be no more text after typing. In fact, this does not allow children to truly recognize their wrong behavior. 

When a parent discovers that a child has stolen something for the first time, they must ask the child to return the item and apologize. If the item is damaged, the child must also be liable for compensation and let them know that they must be responsible for their actions. 

When parents are educating their children, in addition to letting them know right and wrong, they also need to let them know the consequences and the results of the treatment. 

The child is like a piece of white paper. Parents need to paint the good side on this white paper and erase the evil side. In the process of educating their children, they are also helping parents to become better and kinder people! Bao Dad became popular in the hospital while holding a baby in a sling, but his face was extremely calm. Netizens: The heart is really big.

They all say that raising a child is a chore. I believe everyone who has taken a baby is deep. Feeling. Babies before one year old need frequent feeding and careful care. Sometimes if the child is sick, several people are needed to take turns on duty. 

Therefore, every season when the cold is high, the pediatric department of the hospital is always overcrowded, and every parent’s face is full of anxiety. 

This matter of infusion is for parents of infants and young children It’s a serious challenge. Children often can’t wait in a quiet state after putting on a drip, so many parents will walk around holding the bottle in one hand and the child in the other. 

Although the child’s mood has temporarily calmed down, Bao’s parents and mothers are exhausted. Earlier on the Internet, there was a treasure dad who became popular because of holding a child and hitting a bottle. 

The baby is only three or four months old , At first it was held by my mother, but when she got tired, it was her father’s turn to change shifts. However, the posture of this father holding the baby is very different, because the child is lying on his arms. 

In this way, my father is holding the bottle in one hand, and the baby is walking back and forth in the hospital with the other hand. Even passing patients or family members have to look back when they see this scene. Netizens are very worried. : The heart is so big! Can’t imagine what to do if it falls. 

However, this treasure dad is obviously Very experienced, the baby does not cry or make trouble while lying on his hands, but looks at the floor very quietly. But Dad Bao himself also had a calm face, so the father and son paced back and forth in weird positions. Regarding this scene, experienced netizens said that some babies just have to be hugged on their stomachs to avoid crying. Maybe this baby belongs to this type too! 

Why is it quieter for some babies to hug on their stomachs

1. Intestinal colic in babies

Baby babies born for a few months are prone to symptoms of “intestinal colic”, most of which appear after drinking milk. 

At this time, the baby’s abdomen will have throbbing pain or persistent abdominal pain that cannot be exhausted. Some babies will heal after a period of time, but some require treatment. For babies whose symptoms are not serious, holding on their stomach will relieve the pain, so some parents will deliberately adopt this method to hold their children. 

2, the baby has a sense of security

When the fetus is in the mother’s abdomen, most of them are curled up with their backs facing out, which will give the baby a sense of security. Therefore, in the few months after birth, the baby also likes this wrapped posture, and sleeping on the tummy can invisibly bring the baby a sense of security, so many parents will find that whenever they present this posture , The child will be quieter. 

3. Baby’s habits

Everyone has their own small habits, even newborns. They are particularly dependent on a certain posture, which parents and mothers will gradually find out in the process of raising children. Babies are more emotionally sensitive when they are sick, so as long as they hold them and don’t cry, parents will try their best to cooperate, even if the posture is weird. 

Actually, it may not be a bad thing for a child to hug on his stomach , Especially for children whose exhaust is not smooth or who are prone to vomiting up. Proper tummy hug can help to improve symptoms, and it can also exercise the child’s head-up ability.

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