What kind of father will make a child become a “nest in the nest”? Mom, please show me to Dad

What kind of father will make a child become a “nest in the nest”? Mom, please show it to Dad.

The growth of a child cannot be separated from the mother and the father is also inseparable. A widowed child-rearing family can easily lead to a child’s personality defects and adversely affect his future growth, and even affect the child’s work, mate selection, and family formation as an adult. 

“Wo Li Heng” is a common personality defect. This kind of person is very arrogant towards people close to them, but when they go outside, they behave very cowardly. The formation of this kind of personality is different from The child’s childhood life is closely related, and it is inseparable from the influence of the father. 

Niuniu, the son of colleague Xiao Zhang, is a typical “nest in the middle”. When he sees cattle outside, he always looks honest and quiet. Sometimes he plays with a group of girls and cries loudly because of being pushed or grabbed by the other party for toys. 

I have seen a lot, and everyone thinks that cattle are courageous. Of course, this is not a shortcoming. For boys, it is very difficult for a boy to get into trouble. Naturally, he rarely gives it to him. Trouble at home. 

But as a mother, Xiao Zhang never thinks that her son is timid, but instead thinks that he is very arrogant. At home, as long as he is slightly unhappy, Niu Niu will lose his temper, but the elders such as father, grandpa, and grandma will leave him alone. 

Only Xiao Zhang occasionally can’t see it and criticizes him, but because of the support of his father and others, Niuniu usually confronts his mother with confidence. The more times, Xiao Zhang has also learned how to behave. Not quarreling with the child at home. 

Being bullied by a girl outside, and yelling at the elders after returning home, isn’t the ox-and-null behavior a typical “hit in the nest”? 

He only dared to vent his anger to the people closest to him, and did not dare to take the initiative to resist when he was bullied by outsiders. 

The father has a great responsibility for the child’s nest, because the father is traditionally a role that makes the child fear. If the child dares to lie, it means that he is not afraid of the father, and of course it can also show that the father is not exhausted. Responsibility to the father’s discipline. 

These two Dad will make the child become a nest.

Pampered with children

Nowadays, most of them are only children, and pampering has become the norm. Many fathers are no longer known for being “stern” like traditional fathers. It is to put on a kindly appearance. 

Of course, such a father will make the children feel close, which is of great benefit to the maintenance of the parent-child relationship. But in a family, both parents must have one person who can control the child. 

Usually, mothers are responsible for “kindness”, and correspondingly, fathers have to take on the role of “stern”. 

Therefore, the kind of father who is pampered and responsive to the child can easily turn the child into a “nest in the nest”, because in the process of growing up, he can never feel that he comes from his parents, especially the father. The majesty. 

I don’t like to take children out to play.

Nowadays, there are a lot of otaku. Such people are not good at socializing themselves. Of course, they rarely take their children out after they get married. 

“House” is not a bad attribute for individuals, but if you have a family, it is a big disadvantage. 

Because people always have to be in the society, children have to study, have to work, have to choose a spouse, if they are too unfamiliar with society, these aspects will be affected. 

Because of the lack of communication with people, children cannot accumulate mature interpersonal experience. When encountering things, they are easy to withdraw and appear cowardly on the outside. 

At the same time, at home, it is possible to become arrogant because of parental doting. 

Fathers are an indispensable part of the parenting work, but many fathers do not realize it, thinking that as long as they work hard, they can make enough money for their children. It is difficult for children who lack the company and discipline of their fathers to grow up healthily. 

Don’t let your baby develop the habit of “horizontal in the window”. Fathers should do this.

Pay attention to maintaining parental authority

Women know more about caring and taking care than men. It is more suitable for women to take on the role of kindness, and accordingly, the father should behave harshly. 

Only a combination of “kindness and strictness” can make children feel the warmth of the family without being overindulged. 

So in front of the child, the father must maintain his parental authority and don’t let the child catch your weakness, otherwise the child will become more and more difficult to discipline. 

Accompany your child more and take him to see the world

Mothers take care of their children more often, and the parent-child relationship is often very close. Fathers are different. Due to the Chinese tradition of “males are responsible for the outside and women are for the inside”, many fathers spend very little time with their children, and they may not even see each other several times a year. 

This is very detrimental to the growth of children. To avoid negative effects, fathers should take the initiative to find time to accompany their children, take them out for more walks, and leave a deep impression of their childhood. 

This not only enhances the relationship between father and son, but also enhances the child’s social skills. 

After all, the child in the nest will suffer, because society will never tolerate him like a family, and will not accommodate him like a parent. 

If children don’t realize this early, they will be more and more involved in the future, and this is also something that parents should pay attention to. Three sons and five daughters are born to two daughters. All of them are given to mothers and nurseries can be opened.

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for the elderly to help with children. Some young couples even think that if the elderly Not helping with children is selfish. But I have to say that bringing children is not an easy job. The old people are willing to pay for it and deserve the gratitude and feedback from their children. At the same time, children can’t take their family affection to kidnap old people’s retirement time. It is up to the old people to decide whether to bring the children or not! 

The son gave birth Three babies and two daughters gave birth to five babies. All of them were brought by their mother. Netizens ridiculed that they could open a nursery. I have a sense of accomplishment in this life. But what she didn’t expect was that the most fulfilling thing was yet to come! The son is the eldest, got married early, and after marriage he gave birth to three children one after another. In order to raise the children, his son and daughter-in-law work outside all the year round, so the task of taking care of the three children fell on Aunt Wang. 

Originally, it would be difficult to bring three children, but it didn’t happen that the two daughters became pregnant one after another. The second daughter gave birth to three children, and the third daughter gave birth to two children. In this way, in just three or four years, the children actually gave birth to eight grandchildren to Aunt Wang. Although Aunt Wang was already helping the eldest son with three children, the home of the two daughters was also very close to Aunt Wang’s house. The daughters and sons-in-law had to go to work, so they also put the children in Aunt Wang’s house. In this way, all eight children were taken by Aunt Wang. 

In order to reduce the burden on the children, Wang Auntie is also willing to help. Aunt Wang smiled and said, “A tin of milk powder has not been eaten, and it has bottomed out in a few days. These eight children are really edible!” The children are a year or two different in age. When looking after them, Wang Auntie really can’t take care of both ends. In this regard, some netizens joked, “This child’s heart is too big. The elderly are more tired than going to work after retirement. Eight children can open a nursery school!” “There are so many children who can’t take care of the elderly. This also exists. A safety hazard, you can’t be too selfish when you are a child!”

What are the benefits for young families when old people help with their babies? 

With the help of the elderly, young couples can have more time and energy to develop their careers, which will undoubtedly make the family economy more stable. The cost of giving birth to a child is relatively high. If the couple can work at ease, the quality of life of the child will be more secure. With the help of the elderly to take care of the child, the career development of the couple will become smoother. Nowadays, the price of nanny and confinement is so high that young couples can’t afford it at all. If there are elderly people to help, the elderly will not only charge no fees, but some will give them back to their children, which undoubtedly alleviates the financial pressure on young couples. 

Moreover, the elderly are more attentive in taking their children, which is far more reliable than the nanny and concubine she doesn’t know. While some elderly people help with their babies, they also take care of the chores of the young couple’s life, such as helping with some housework. For young couples who are busy at work, the caring of the elderly allows them to smoothly pass the anxious period of raising a baby. It can be said that in the matter of bringing a baby, it really means “a family has an old man, like a treasure”. 

even if there are elderly To help bring the baby, young couples should also take responsibility.

Should the children to the elderly and leave them alone. This is obviously a typical example of whether they can be born or raised. Light couples will always have reasons and excuses of one kind or another, but they have to say that since they have given birth to a child, they must assume the responsibility of raising the child. Let the elderly become the main force of raising children, which is obviously not the responsibility of young couples. Therefore, even if the elderly are very dedicated to help with their children, young couples should try their best to spare time and energy on the upbringing and care of their children, because children grow up only once, and what they need most is the personal company of their parents. Even if young couples do not have a lot of time to accompany their children because of work, they should be more close to their children on weekends after get off work, and take the initiative to share the hardship of bringing a baby. 

In addition, although the old man does not ask for anything in return for bringing the baby, he is willing to sacrifice for his children, but I have to say that the children should also be able to handle things clearly and be grateful for the old man’s dedication. This is natural. In addition, if the old man puts forward the idea that he is unwilling to help with the baby, the young couple shouldn’t have a grudge against the old man. After all, old people also have the right and freedom to dominate their old age. Using family affection to kidnap old people’s old life is obviously too selfish. 

In short, there are old people helping to bring the baby, this is love, young parents should know how to be more grateful. When conditions permit, young parents should still bear the main responsibility for bringing the baby. Only by balancing the relationship between work and family can you ignore one and lose the other. 

Do you have any opinions and experience sharing on the phenomenon of the elderly helping to bring children?

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