What kind of experience is it for a daughter-in-law and mother to be born with the same baby? Netizens can keep the two kids together

What kind of experience is it for a daughter-in-law and mother to be born with the same baby? After the netizens, the two children can be partners.

After the second-child policy was opened, many middle-aged couples began to choose to fight together. Obviously, from the perspective of fertility, they are not suitable for a second child. 

However, from the perspective of childbirth willingness, middle-aged couples have far higher expectations for the life of a second child than younger couples. 

According to the actual situation, although middle-aged couples have a certain financial foundation, they have to bear much more pressure than young couples. 

Daughter-in-law and Mom was born with the same baby! Netizens shared their strange experiences, and the comments in the comments lit up

Netizen Xiao Wang shared the strange experiences of his daughter-in-law and his mother having a baby born at the same day on the Internet a few days ago. Not long after Xiao Wang and his wife got married, they found out that his wife was pregnant. 

The two people were very pleased with the sudden visit of the little life, so they happily reported the good news to their parents. 

Wang Xiao Wang’s parents were also very happy to learn that his daughter-in-law was pregnant, Xiao Wang’s mother volunteered to take care of her daughter-in-law. 

But not long after, Xiao Wang’s mother found out that she was pregnant. The old man felt a little embarrassed at first, so he concealed it. 

But thinking that he was carrying a small life, Xiao Wang’s parents decided to give birth to the child after thinking about it. 

When the parents told the news to their son and daughter-in-law, the young couple was so surprised that they opened their mouths and couldn’t close them for a long time. Although the young couple felt that the old man’s life-saving approach was not suitable, the young couple did not explicitly object to the “principle” of respecting the elderly. 

In this way, Xiao Wang’s wife and mother lived together during pregnancy. From the perspective of the expected date of delivery, Xiao Wang’s wife gave birth a month earlier than her mother, but she did not expect that Xiao Wang’s mother would give birth prematurely. 

In the end, Xiao Wang’s mother and his wife were pushed into the delivery room together. Fortunately, in the end, the younger brother and son were born smoothly, and Xiao Wang’s gripping heart finally fell to the ground. 

When Xiao Wang shared his magical experience on the Internet, netizens left comments. 

“The child is as old as the uncle, which is also quite strange! But the two children can be company in the future, which is quite interesting!”

“I admire the old The courage of the two, but Xiao Wang and his wife will have to bear more in the future!”

What pressures will middle-aged couples face when they have a second child? 

1. Parenting pressure

Although middle-aged couples are relatively more stable in terms of economic conditions, the parenting pressure they have to bear is still huge. 

For example, in terms of energy consumption, compared with young couples, middle-aged couples have more limited energy. When they are with their children, they are bound to have some regrets. 

2. Pressure from public opinion

In the process of raising children, middle-aged couples may also bear some outsiders’ comments. In fact, after the child enters school, the age difference between the parents and the child is relatively large. 

This will also make the children and their companions look different. Under such circumstances, middle-aged couples will inevitably be under certain pressure from public opinion. 

3. Pressure of discipline

When middle-aged couples discipline their children, they are often troubled by some educational problems, such as the inability to establish effective communication with their children. 

The age difference between parents and children is relatively large, which makes it more prone to insurmountable generation gaps between them. Parents cannot walk into the heart of their children. In the face of their children’s rebellion, parents will bear greater pressure of discipline. 

Middle-aged couple What preparations should be made to make the life of the second child happier? 

1. Time preparation for accompanying children

In the process of children’s growth, the company of parents is a powerful guarantee for their healthy and strong growth. Therefore, when middle-aged couples are struggling to have a second child, they must consider in advance whether they have enough time and energy to accompany a small life to grow up. 

If you struggle to give birth to a child but throw the child to the nanny or confinement, then there will obviously be some losses outweigh the gains in such struggles. 

2. Mental preparation for discipline of children

In addition to ensuring that their children have enough food and clothing, parents should also give them proper discipline. For older middle-aged couples, they must avoid the misunderstanding of excessive spoiling when facing the education problem of the second child. 

At the same time, the couple should also be psychologically prepared for discipline, and more positively deal with the educational problems of their children’s growth. 

3. Communicate well with adult children

Obviously, when older middle-aged couples are struggling to have a second child, this will inevitably affect the psychological feelings of adult children. Although middle-aged couples also have the right to reproduce. 

But if you can get the understanding of adult children, then the life of the second child is bound to be more relaxed and warm. And this also requires couples and their adult children to communicate well to solve the psychological grievances of adult children

In short, no matter what age couples want to fight for their lives, they should be responsible for their children. Put things first. 

Bringing up life and raising him up is not something that can be done on impulse. What parents need more is to take responsibility and responsibility. 

What do you think about the life-saving practices of middle-aged couples to share? Tsinghua retired professors are good seedlings as long as they don’t have these three “women” behaviors when they are young.

, We can use his performance at the time to infer his performance when he grows up, and when the child is seven years old, he can basically see through his entire life. This is certainly an exaggeration, but it is not unreasonable, because in-depth research will find that almost every choice made by adults can be traced back to the cause in childhood. 

Professor Li Meijin is engaged in criminal psychology research, but she is a big red in the parenting circle and can be called a spiritual leader. What is going on? In fact, it is easy to understand, because if she wants to study the criminal psychology of those criminals, she will inevitably have to track and study the childhood of these people. Over time, Li Meijin discovered the relationship between childhood life and adult crime, which indirectly formed a relationship. The whole set of positive parenting concepts was finally accepted by the public. 

From the criminal psychology circle “turned to the parenting circle”, Professor Li has deeply revealed to us whether a child has any prospects when he grows up. You don’t have to wait until he grows up to see it, just look at his childhood performance. Coincidentally, a retired professor at Tsinghua University has a similar view. Through years of observation and research, he found that as long as the child has no three bad behaviors when he was young, he can basically achieve something after he grows up, and he is also above the middle class again. Conversely, for children with those three manifestations, no matter how good the family conditions are, no matter how much resources their parents give, it will be difficult for them to grow up. 

The retired professor called these three manifestations “women’s manifestations”, and the children without these three manifestations were called “good seedlings.” As a well-known professor, his views are of course worthy of attention, especially for parents who are worthy of parenting. 

without these 3 The children of the kind of nuisance are good seedlings. Parents can have fun

Half-hearted and lack of patience

The first kind of nuisance that the retired professor of Tsinghua said is “half-hearted and lack of patience.” Many children are like this. They are very active when they are excited, but after a while, they will be attracted by new things, so they will leave the original task. As a result, after a period of time, even a serious task is not done. This kind of performance is very “bad”. If it is put into study, it will definitely have an extremely negative impact on grades. 

Lack of self-control

The second manifestation is “lack of self-control”, that is, emotions are superficial, unable to suppress themselves, let alone dispel themselves. Such children are easily influenced by emotions and make decisions that are unfavorable to them while temporarily losing their minds. Self-control is not born, but cultivated. A child who lacks self-control must also lack relevant training. If parents don’t pay attention to it and improve it, this shortcoming will inevitably continue with his growth. Become a big stumbling block for him as an adult. 

Dependence is strong, not independent enough

The third kind of cowardly expression described by the old professor is “strong dependence but not independent enough.” In his observations, most of the students with good grades and positive progress are very independent, self-care ability in life is also very strong, and independent. Those students with poor grades and uncorrect attitudes behaved just the opposite, with a sloppy life, weak self-care ability, and even just being a mom-boy or mom-boy. Once this kind of spoiled behavior continues into adulthood, not only will it bring huge troubles to the children’s career, but even the choice of a spouse will also be a big problem. 

Whether it is Professor Li Meijin or a retired professor at Tsinghua University, they are all aware of the impact of childhood education on children’s growth. As parents, how can we ignore it? What’s more, the quality of childhood education mainly depends on the parents. Therefore, we should not only ignore it, but also strengthen the education of children, and use scientific concepts and methods to let children develop good habits instead of letting them have those. “孬” performance. 

Education children As soon as possible, the earlier the performance of the child is removed, the better the effect will be.

Parents must strive to be a good role model for their children.

Many parents do not realize that the child’s performance actually comes from The parents themselves. Because parents are the main imitation objects of children, the advantages or disadvantages of parents can easily be transplanted to children. Therefore, in order to get rid of the ugly behavior of the children, parents must first examine themselves, and only by strict requirements of themselves can they educate their children well. 

Rewards and punishments are distinct and strictly enforced.

Children’s bad habits are formed by the long-term indulgence of parents. If parents realize the seriousness of the matter from the beginning, they will attack the child’s bad habits. The child will naturally It is not easy to develop bad habits. Therefore, parents should be clear about rewards and punishments, set rules and standards for their children, and strictly enforce them, so that the children can always stay on the right path, instead of going further and further down the wrong path. 

Children who behaved well when they were young, even if they are unsuccessful when they grow up, at least they will not be too bad. And such a good seedling is the easiest for parents to raise, and the sense of accomplishment is also the strongest.

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