What kind of experience is “before and after the horse” during the confinement period of the mother-in-law? Bao Ma dare not say, for fear of being jealous

What kind of experience is “before and after the horse” during the confinement period of the mother-in-law? Mommy dare not say, for fear of being jealous

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is a difficult problem to solve. If it is in the confinement period, if the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are not getting along well, then it is very likely. This will result in confinement feuds, and there will be more stumbling in the future getting along. In the confinement period, the emotional state of the mother is more sensitive. If the mother-in-law can be more considerate, then the future mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will get along with each other more easily. 

During the confinement period, the mother-in-law took care of the daughter-in-law. When asked what her experience was, the daughter-in-law didn’t dare to say it.

An Ran was in the confinement period. She was lying on the bed when her girlfriends came to visit. Drinking pigeon soup. An Ran’s mother-in-law fed her daughter-in-law spoon by spoonful, very patient, and helped her daughter-in-law wipe her mouth from time to time, looking very affectionate. Seeing An Ran’s best friend came, the mother-in-law greeted her and went back to the bedroom recognizingly. The best friends rushed to inquire about An Ran’s confinement period. An outspoken girlfriend even asked, “Is it better for your mother-in-law to take care of you as well as your mother? Does your mother have to come to serve confinement?”

Hearing this greeting from my girlfriend, An Ran smiled. Seeing that An Ran didn’t respond immediately, everyone became even more curious. Then An Ran said, “I really dare not say, I’m afraid of being jealous of you!” It turned out that when An Ran was confinement, her mother-in-law took care of her very carefully, changing the way to make her favorite food every day. An Ran’s mother-in-law said, “As long as you are in a good mood, confinement can be comfortable, and confinement disease will not occur in the future. So if I did something wrong, just mention it. I took you as a daughter. !”

The mother-in-law speaks nicely and is also very thoughtful, which really makes An Ran feel that she has not married the wrong person. At first, An Ran felt a little estranged with her mother-in-law, but after a period of time, An Ran felt that she was really happy to have such a mother-in-law. After listening to An Ran’s words, my girlfriends expressed envy, “People say that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are difficult to get along with. How can there be reasons not to get along with such a good mother-in-law?”

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In the confinement period, what kind of care should the family give to the mother? 

Although the baby has been unloaded smoothly at this time, it must be said that during the confinement period, the body of the lying-in women is still very delicate. At this time, they still need some time to recover their bodies. At this time, the family must Give the lying-in woman considerate and considerate care. In terms of dietary arrangements, try to maintain a balanced nutrition and a light taste so that it will not affect the appetite of the parturient and also help the digestion and absorption of the nutrition of the parturient. Postpartum mothers also shoulder the heavy responsibility of breastfeeding, so food that is too greasy or tonic may increase the burden on the mother and hinder breastfeeding. 

In daily life, family members should also share housework as much as possible to help mothers take care of their babies. Excessive fatigue will affect the postpartum mother’s physical recovery, and it may also lead to confinement sickness. During the confinement period, the mothers have to insist on feeding night milk, which also makes them often lack of rest, and the family members have to take the initiative to help reduce the burden of parenting for the mothers. In addition, family members should also pay attention to emotional state. In the postpartum women, the secretion of hormones in the body will be abnormal, which makes the women prone to greater mood swings. Families must give more understanding and respect to the mothers, and at the same time guide the mothers to do a good job of emotional relief, to prevent the mothers from being trapped by bad emotions, and to prevent the occurrence of postpartum depression. 

month period The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get along well, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law cannot be wrong in the future. If the mother-in-law sits on the sidelines, it will inevitably make the daughter-in-law feel chilly, and it will also lay a hidden danger for the future conflicts between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law. For postpartum breastfeeding, the one who most hopes to be able to drink breast milk for the baby is the mother herself. If the mother-in-law complains that the daughter-in-law has little breast milk and cannot let the baby drink enough breast milk, then this will inevitably make the daughter-in-law bear excessive psychological pressure. Although the mother-in-law is for the good of her grandson, this attitude of complaining or even criticism may attract the grudge of the daughter-in-law. 

The daughter-in-law has no experience in bringing children, which makes it inevitable for them to have some mistakes in the process of bringing children. At this time, the mother-in-law must not blame the daughter-in-law. If the mother-in-law is too harsh on the daughter-in-law, it will inevitably make the daughter-in-law feel that she is not respected. The condescending appearance of the mother-in-law will also provoke the boredom of the daughter-in-law. All in all, the confinement period is indeed a touchstone for the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law, especially when the mother-in-law takes care of the daughter-in-law. If the mother-in-law does a good job, the daughter-in-law will know how to be grateful. If the mother-in-law is indifferent to this, the daughter-in-law will naturally feel grudge. In addition, during the confinement period, husbands should also give full play to the responsibilities of their husbands and fathers, and take good care of their wives and children to make the family more harmonious and happy. Girls under the age of 15, parents learn to say these 4 more words to their children, she will thank you in the future

Not long ago, there was an incident in the community where a girl tried to jump off the building and was finally rescued. The reason is really thought-provoking. 

This girl is in high school, and her academic performance is pretty good. She is a good girl who makes herself proud in the eyes of her family, and she has never made herself worry too much. Unexpectedly, the girl got pregnant by accident. The boyfriend didn’t want to be responsible for this, and even accused the girl many times after the incident. And the girl herself didn’t dare to tell her parents, she didn’t know how to deal with this matter, and she came to the extreme. 

My daughter has always been well-behaved and sensible, but the parents are puzzled how to become like this. In the chat records between the girl and the boy, the boy expressed affection while threatening the girl with his life to ask to be with him. The further development afterwards was also threatening. The girl has been helpless all the way. Can only take the damage silently again and again. 

After reading these chat records, the girl’s parents feel even more uncomfortable. They don’t want to scold the girl at all. On the contrary, they feel distressed without saying enough. At the same time, they also blame themselves for not protecting their daughter. Teach her daughter to protect herself. If the child firmly rejected the other party at the beginning, then this tragedy could have never happened. 

Whether in marriage or in the workplace, girls’ risks and costs are actually higher than those of men’s. This also requires girls’ parents to teach girls how to protect themselves. From the beginning of adolescence, children’s three views have developed rapidly, and the world has continued to expand. This is the time when parents’ guidance is needed. 

Daughter is 15 years old Previously, these four sentences were very meaningful, and even related to the happiness of a child’s life.

Learn to love yourself

Parents cannot protect their children for a lifetime. All they can do is educate their children to learn to love themselves. Adolescent children begin to throbbing with the opposite sex, and many children also begin to fall in love at this time. In a relationship, girls are often the one who suffers more easily, and some people may even leave a lifetime of regrets. 

Therefore, while girls’ parents should teach their children proper physical knowledge, they should also tell their children how to love themselves, and don’t be paid too much by immature feelings and unworthy people. In the end, they will become complaints. Female, left the regret of youth. Girls learn to love themselves, not only to avoid the tragedies in adolescence, but also to reduce the possibility of future marital tragedies and benefit for life. 

You must know how to be independent

A few days ago, I visited the forum. In a forum for a married sister’s exchange, many mothers complained that their husband was unreliable, the family’s economy was poor, the people were not motivated, and even An affair, or a rift has appeared in the relationship between the two of them, and I have been irritated in various ways by my in-laws. But when asked why they don’t get divorced, most people’s reasons are actually financial. 

Some young girls are affected by bad values ​​and hope to be full-time wives in the future, or put their lives on others. This is actually very bad. It’s not that full-time wives are not working hard and labor is worthless, but that doing so is actually putting the initiative and decision-making power of one’s own life in the hands of others. If you encounter an unreliable partner, then it is very likely that the talent will be lost in the end. It can only be a dumb sufferer. 

Learn to refuse others

In the past two years, there have been many examples of helping friends with loans, guarantees and debts. The cause of these painful lessons is to “do a friend a favor”, but I did not expect to be caught by my friend in the end. It was cheated. Girls tend to soften their hearts and have strong empathy. Therefore, they often don’t know how to refuse when facing unreasonable requests. But learning to reject others is actually a necessary means to protect yourself. 

Therefore, parents must let their children understand that we have the right to reject others. It is not elegant to reject others. Finally, if we put ourselves in, it will be impossible to recover. 

Have their own opinions and plans.

Many girls actually don’t have a clear plan about what to do in the future. Especially after they get married and have children, many mothers can’t find their place in the workplace. The family was unhappy again and fell into a dilemma. A university teacher has repeatedly stated in class that planning is more important for women. For example, she herself has obtained many certificates before getting married and having children, accumulating work experience, and then successfully entering the university to become a teacher. Every step of the way is Go very clearly. 

At the same time, looking at the major fan groups and the groups who overweight and have plastic surgery, most of them are women. In fact, they are easily moved and persuaded because they do not have their own opinions, and then become fanatical. I hope that my daughter will have a quality life, and a clear brain is very necessary. 

Besides, parents should teach their children to accept and appreciate themselves. A confident girl is more attractive than a beautiful but tweaked girl. If you have a girl at home, you have to worry more about it, but parents often make plans for their daughters during childhood and adolescence, so that their daughters will have a smoother life in the future.

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