What kind of examinations need to be done for babies under 3 years old? A child who meets the standard means that he is in good health

What kind of examinations need to be done for babies under 3 years old? A child who meets the standard means that he is in good health

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Baby 3 years old is the fastest stage of growth and development. If parents want to know whether their children’s growth and development are up to standard, they can take them to do it under the advice of the country. Some routine physical examinations are carried out in order to know if there is any developmental abnormalities in the baby in time, and to get intervention and treatment in time. 

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The baby must have 8 physical examinations before the age of 3

1. The first physical examination: 42 days

This is the first physical examination after the baby is born. It is the beginning of the monitoring of growth and development. It is necessary to do some routine checks on height, weight, chest circumference, halomen size, head circumference, vision, etc. 

Measure the changes in the head circumference to determine the size of the baby’s brain capacity and the development of the skull; when measuring vision, an object will be placed about 30 cm away from the baby and moved in parallel to see if it can Whether you can follow it; also use a stethoscope to stop the breathing of the lungs to see if the breathing is normal; whether the legs can be flattened to understand the development of the hip joint; give the baby a grasp to see the development of the fingers. 

2. The second physical examination: the third month

At this stage, the baby has more contact with the surrounding environment, and the growth and development and mental development will be one step closer At this time, the physical examination is mainly about the development of vision, movement, language, and social skills. 

The doctor will judge the development of movements by observing the baby’s head up and turning over, whether the head can be lifted and turned when lying prone, whether it can roll over from the supine position to the prone position; the eyes can stare at objects or people, and will follow The movement of the object turns the eyes; you can communicate with the adults in the language of “babble, babble, babble”, and you can be amused by the adults. When you see the mother, you will stretch out your hand to hug and so on. 

3. The third physical examination: 6th month

The baby at this stage has already begun to add supplementary food, and will be able to add supplementary foods to major and fine movements. Stronger, at this time the physical examination items include height, weight, supplementary food, blood routine, bone development, etc. 

The doctor will check the baby’s blood routine to see if there is anemia; it will also check the baby’s skeletal development to see where there is a square skull, rib valgus, etc.; oral development, if it has been Baby teeth need to be kept clean; the baby can turn on his back, can sit up independently, and can also reach out to take things; you can find the source of sound by calling, moving the body, head, eyes and other parts; like to be with adults Play peekaboo game. 

4. Fourth physical examination: 9th month

This period of baby’s development in all aspects is better than It will be stronger once, and the items checked are similar to those in 6 months. 

The doctor will first measure the height and weight to understand the addition of complementary food; if 2 to 4 deciduous teeth have grown, pay attention to whether to clean the teeth; in terms of movement development, you can already sit very firmly, you can Crawling slowly, and with the help of railings, the small hands become more flexible, and can move the index finger and thumb to push things; the vision has reached 0.1; will unconsciously call out mothers and babies; will use methods such as pushing away, shaking the head, etc. to express their thoughts . 

5. The fifth physical examination: 12th month

The baby is one year old, each The development of this aspect will be one step closer. The items of the physical examination are conventional height, weight, head circumference, movement development, etc. 

At this time, the baby has already grown 6~8 teeth. If the teeth do not grow out, you need to find the reason; you can stand independently, walk with things, and can hold You can also cover things with the pen and scribble; you can make clear syllables; you can hear the parents’ instructions, and you can cooperate with the parents when dressing. 

6. The sixth physical examination: 18th month

After the baby is one year old, the physical examination Change to 6 months, do some basic inspections at the age of one and a half to understand the overall development of the baby. 

The doctor will measure the baby’s height, weight, head circumference, and pronunciation; hemoglobin will be tested to see the development of teeth; he can walk independently, and he can walk up the stairs with the railing ; Can understand the simple words of parents; can control their own bowel movements, and will talk to parents when urinating. 

7. Seventh physical examination: 24th month

At this time, the baby is two years old, and all aspects of the body’s development They are also relatively stable. 

The doctor will observe the development of the baby’s teeth, about 18-20 deciduous teeth will grow out, and pay attention to clean them; walking is already stable, able to run, jump, and walk away Go up and down the stairs alone, you can also draw circles on paper, you can also string beads; you can say simple sentences of 3 words, you can have simple conversations with adults, if you can’t speak well, you need to take your baby to the hospital for listening Screening; can understand the praise and criticism of adults, and like to praise. 

8. Eighth month physical examination: 36th month

Baby at this stage will have stronger physical development and personal abilities. 

The doctor will perform a vision test, and the average vision should reach 0.7; can control the balance of the body at will, can jump, kick, and use scissors, chopsticks, etc.; can pronounce clearly, and say one’s own name, and some completeness Sentence; like to play with children. 

Take the baby What preparations need to be made before the medical examination? 

1. Prepare items

Put your baby’s maternal and infant health care manual, doctor’s instruction booklet, and vaccine manual into a document bag, and carry it with you during the physical examination Carry it so that the doctor can learn about the previous development during the physical examination again. 

2. Put on appropriate clothing

The first day you take a shower, put on loose and comfortable clean clothing, which is easy to put on and take off and facilitate the physical examination. 

3. Record the questions you want to ask

When taking the baby to the physical examination, Bao’s mother can ask her questions during the parenting process, such as growth and development, sleep, diet, and intelligence. Keep a record of all aspects of behavior, so as not to forget the consultation. You can also record the doctor’s opinions. Return to Sohu to see more

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“Invisible gnawing the old” is also divided into levels, Children in the fourth level are praised, but their parents have a hard time

The “invisible gnawing on the old” is also divided into levels. Children in the fourth level are praised, but their parents have a hard life

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The previous generation, because of poor family conditions, so they became independent after graduation and found a high salary Work, and then support one’s parents is a common perception in society. 

Those children who do not go out to work and are raised by their parents at home have become targets of criticism. 

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Young people nowadays have good living conditions. They are under greater pressure to work, marry, and buy a house, and their parents love them very much. 

Therefore, there are more cases of not being independent for a long time, or having parents to take care of them after marriage. 

So, a “new type of gnawing on the old” also slowly spread. 

A family of three visits weekly, But she was rejected by her parents.

Aunt Zhang and her wife used their decades of savings to buy a house for their son and planned his marriage. Later, the granddaughter was born, and they helped bring them to kindergarten. 

The old couple can say that they have paid all their savings for their son’s small family in the past five years. 

Originally, after my granddaughter went to kindergarten, Aunt Zhang feels that she can finally enjoy her old life easily, but her son “relies on” them. 

I have to “visit” several times a week. 

The neighbor saw it and said that the child was filial and always bought gifts. However, Aunt Zhang began to hide from her son. She always went out to shop and let her son come less often. 

It turns out that my son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter are here. They have to prepare delicious food, they may also have to take care of their granddaughter, and sometimes they are borrowed money. It is really hard. 

Just hid. 

The old way in the case It can be regarded as the highest level for young people to “invisibly chew the old”. Under the guise of visiting their parents, they eat and drink there, may need some money, or ask their parents to help with their children. 

When the neighbors saw it, they all thought it was the child’s filial piety. They came back from time to time to take a look. They didn’t know that the old couple had a hard time talking about it. 

Today’s “invisible gnawing old “There are more and more tricks, and they are divided into different levels according to different injuries to their parents. 

You may wish to see which level you or your children are in. 

Level 1: Go to your parents for three meals.

This is also the lowest level. Children who have begun to work and live independently rent a place close to their parents. The meals are gone, and they are also asked to prepare their favorite fruits and snacks. 

Such children are usually not at home Being filial and unwilling to listen to parents’ nagging, but still relying on them for living expenses, it is more double standard. 

However, faced with this level of gnawing, many parents also accept it. What they worry most is that their children do not eat well outside, and it is better to eat at home. 

Second level: often ask parents for money

This kind of child has a very high consumption desire, and usually can’t save money, and even owes credit card and money to spend every month. , When you can’t pay it back, let your elders help. 

Sometimes I like to borrow money from my parents, but I never repay it. 

However, I usually order a credit card. It’s okay to borrow a small amount of money to buy things, but it’s very serious if you invest your parents’ money or let them go after a business failure. This level may rise to the highest level all at once. 

Third level: Parents help to buy a house and repay the loan

It has become the responsibility of many parents to help their children buy a house and bear their marital affairs, but nowadays house prices are too expensive, so Many elders are unbearable. 

So they missed the best time to buy a house. After they ran out of their savings and paid the down payment, they also needed to pay the future pension money to repay the loan because of various practical problems. 

Obviously it is an act of chewing the old, but because of the consensus of the society, it is also difficult to detect. 

Level 4: Let the old people stick money with babies upside down

The children who let the elderly pay money and bring their babies are generally in the third level of development. These children may not be able to save money after the elderly have paid for the house expenses. 

If you have a child at this time, and you don’t have the ability to nurture, you can only let the parents take care of them, so the parents not only have to spend time and energy, but also bear the baby’s expenses. 

The most feared thing is that while sticking the baby upside down, they still think it’s not good to take it. 

And children usually bring some gifts to see their parents, maybe they can get praise from neighbors in the neighborhood. 

Sometimes parents still can’t Too soft-hearted, save more money for the old age, after all, after getting old, assets may be more reliable than children. 

Furthermore, to bear everything for their children for a long time will also make them lose the motivation to fight, and gnaw at the old with peace of mind, which is not good for their development. 

Children should also rely on themselves a lot, and at least not be able to use their parents’ old-age security. 


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