What kind of child is blessed? These 5 characteristics on the face may be that it’s not bad to be born right

What kind of child is blessed? These five characteristics on the face may be that it’s not bad to be born right

What kind of child is blessed? These 5 characteristics on the face may be that it’s not bad to be born right

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Many old people hope that their children will be blessed “When I see some children, I also like to praise them as “blessed.” This word can be regarded as the highest praise and best expectation of parents for their children. 

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And what kind of child is the blessed child of the elders? 

Generally speaking, if a child looks smart, upright, edible, and has a good day of birth, it will make the elderly feel blessed. 

From the looks, there is The face of a blessed child basically has these 5 characteristics

▶ The eyes are very bright

Everyone’s eyes are very different in size, shape, etc., so there is beauty Ugly, but some children’s eye shapes are not so perfect, but they still appeal to the public. This is mostly because they have a pair of shiny eyes. 

The elders often think that children with such eyes are blessed to look smart, clever, and alive. 

The elders think this is actually for a certain reason. Children with bright eyes and energetic eyes are likely to be able to exercise their eyeballs and like to look around. This can stimulate the development of the retina and brain. , The child is smarter. 

▶ Big forehead


Children with big heads are also blessed babies. In addition to their clever and longevity, they also have certain scientific principles. 

The part of the brain that controls people’s memory, attention and other abilities is called the prefrontal lobe. It exists in the forehead. The bigger the child’s place, it may also mean that their brain is well developed. The future is smarter. 

▶ The facial features are well proportioned

People who expect to always think that “beauties are in the bones but not in the skin”. If the proportions of the facial features are coordinated, a person has “three courts and five eyes.” “It’s really good-looking. Other appearances are likely to be eliminated by the times. 

Therefore, a good proportion of the five senses is considered a blessing. 

▶ Especially love to laugh

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It’s rare for a person to have an optimistic personality. People who are frustrated at everything are easy to fail, but a person who can smile no matter what problem he encounters makes him believe that he can succeed. Therefore, The baby who loves to laugh is also very blessed. 

▶ Those who are white and tender, and have baby fat

People who are too thin have a kind of inaccessible feeling, but people who are white and fat and have baby fat can make People feel very close, which also shows that the child’s physical and nutritional conditions are good, and he is also a “blessed” child. 

Sometimes it’s just the appearance No, it’s hard for a child born at the wrong time to be blessed, and a child born at these three times is also blessed. 

▶ Parents are at the best age for childbearing

Children’s intelligence and physical health are greatly affected by their parents’ age. For example, children born to fathers who are too old may have better IQs. Low; mothers who are too old tend to give birth prematurely when they are pregnant. 

The best fertile age for men At the age of 27 to 35, the best age for a woman to give birth is 25 to 35. Therefore, parents can choose the right age for their children to have children, so that the baby may be healthier, smarter, and blessed. 

▶ Parents who are successful in their careers and are not busy

If the child is born in a poor family, or the parents are busy at work and have no time to take care of them, it will have a great impact on the child’s mental and physical . 

When a child is born, if the parents not only have good financial conditions, but also have enough time to raise the child, such a child is very blessed. 

▶ The relationship between parents is very good< /p>

When the child is born, the parents’ feelings are still very good, so their willingness to raise the child together is relatively high, and a harmonious family environment has a good impact on the baby’s physical and mental development. He is also likely to be A blessed baby. 

If you miss these conditions It doesn’t matter, babies with excellent personalities can live well in the future. Parents can educate their babies in the following aspects. 

✔ Learn to communicate with others

Be good and willing to communicate with others, you can save many unnecessary misunderstandings and troubles in life, and you may get many opportunities. 

Therefore, parents can chat with their children more when they are young, and they can also take their children out to play and encourage them to communicate with others. 

✔ Learn to be independent

When many children grow up, they need to live alone. If they have independent characters and skills, they can take good care of themselves in the future. 

Therefore, parents can usually involve their children in various activities in the family, such as doing housework, discussing important family matters, and so on. 

✔ Self-confidence

Children with self-confidence are not easy to be intimidated when doing things. Parents should encourage their children to help them build self-confidence. 


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Men with these three characteristics seldom become good fathers and cannot raise excellent babies

Men with these three characteristics seldom become good fathers, nor can they raise excellent babies.

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As the closest person to the child, parents have a profound influence on their growth. 

Furthermore, the expressions of fatherly love and motherly love are different, which will make the child’s character more perfect. For example, maternal love is generally selfless and delicate. Father’s love is generally conditional and can guide children to grow and behave in the world. 

Therefore, in the future of the child Developmentally, the father’s influence is more important to some extent. 

▶ Children’s IQ

Yale University in the United States has done a study for more than ten years, specifically to investigate children raised by fathers and children who were not brought up by fathers. What’s the difference between my children. 

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The results show that children raised by their fathers are generally better, with better academic performance and higher intelligence. 

The United Nations Health Organization in the United States also found that children who can spend more than two hours with their fathers a day are more likely to have brave, decisive, and motivated personalities, and generally have better IQs. high. 

▶ Doing things with others

Because fathers usually raise children in a free-range way. When faced with many difficulties that they can overcome by themselves and accomplish things independently at their age, they rarely intervene, and generally let the children complete them by themselves. 

This can exercise children’s independence Ability and execution, such children are more likely to succeed whether they are working or starting a business. 

Therefore, a man who is willing to spend time with his children and understands their mood can be regarded as a “good dad”, and it is easier to teach children who are smart and easy to succeed. 

But if it is these three types Men rarely become good fathers, and they hardly teach good children. 

▶ Controlling father

Researchers from the University of London found that if the father’s control desire is too strong, the child’s psychology will be permanently damaged. The happiness index is very low. 

Because the father decides his life for a long time, he also has a strong dependence on them, and his independence is even worse when he grows up. 

The control dad There are several manifestations:

I can’t listen to the child’s opposite opinions, and I lose my temper as soon as I hear it; I think the child is dependent on his parents for living and will always be inferior to him in status; the child’s three views must be in line with him. The father is similar; he habitually depreciates his own children, but is very tolerant and gentle towards other people’s children; basically has a patriarchal mindset. 

▶ “Transparent” dad

A study in the United States indicated that children in infants and toddlers also need parental love. Without the care of their fathers, they may feel restless and appetite. Decrease, mental health is affected. 

There are also studies that show that children who lack paternal love will suffer from “paternal love syndrome”, often appear timid, anxious, have great personality defects, and have better cognitive abilities. Poor, that is, low IQ. 

Transparent fathers usually have these Features:

I often talk about “seeing your mother”; use busy work as an excuse to not get along with children; think that taking care of children is a mother’s business; have not helped women since the moment they became pregnant During the confinement period, they do not take the responsibility of taking care of the children. They usually shirk their excuses on the grounds that they are busy at work and have to rest. 

▶ A grumpy dad

The father’s grumpy personality is easy for children to imitate. When they encounter something unpleasant and lose their temper, their children will encounter similar situations in the future. It will be resolved by losing your temper. 

Of course, there are some children who develop inferiority, cowardice, and withdrawn character because they are afraid of their father’s temper for a long time. Such children will not succeed in the future. 

Grumpy dads usually have These characteristics:

Very impatient, if the child fails to do a good job, he will start to lose his temper; unwilling to communicate, if the child cannot be convinced in the conversation, start to do it; treat outsiders may be gentle, but treat family members temperamentally Very bad. 

The standard of “good dad” is very low


Caring about children’s life and learning and communicating with them on an equal footing is something that must be easy to do, and it should be the responsibility of every parent. But because there are too many unqualified fathers, these fathers who can only bear their own responsibilities become good fathers. 

I hope that more and more educated young people can realize the influence of normal fatherly love on the future of their children, and cultivate better and healthy children, so that each other can have a better future. 


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