What is wrong with this question? 3600÷9=400 was wrongly convicted, but Bao’s dad questioned the teacher but was beaten in the face

What is wrong with this question? 3600÷9=400 was wrongly convicted, but Dad asked the teacher but was beaten in the face

Children are the continuation of our lives. Parents all hope that their children can achieve good results and become the pillars of society. Therefore, I attach great importance to the education of children in my daily life. From time to time, I will check my children’s test papers to see how his grades are. 

Mr. Li attaches great importance to children’s academic performance, Whenever the child finishes the exam, he will always ask to look up the test paper to help the child improve his academic performance. But when he checked the math test paper, Mr. Li was a little angry, because there was a question that his child had done right, but the teacher had judged it wrong. 

For the sake of insurance, Mr. Li also uses it exclusively The calculator did a calculation and found that there was no problem with the result. So he dialed the teacher’s phone directly and questioned his work attitude. When the teacher learned of the matter, he said that the child did the wrong question and asked Mr. Li to take a good look at the question. 

The original title is like this, there is a musical instrument The store bought 9 violins, which cost a total of 3,600 yuan, so what should the price be? The child’s answer is actually the purchase price, and the price should be higher than the purchase price. Therefore, the child made a mistake in this question. The correct answer should be A. 

Mr. Li originally wanted to question the teacher’s work attitude, but he was beaten in the face. In fact, Mr. Li is guilty of carelessness just like the children. As long as we carefully analyze the problem and don’t be confused by some distracting items, it is easy to get the correct answer to this problem. 

Some people think that this kind of brain teasing The question of turning is meaningless, but in fact, mathematics is not only about calculation, but also the thinking and logic ability of everyone. If the analysis of the question is not clear, how can we get the correct answer? 

How can parents cultivate their children’s thinking and logic skills? 

①Let children learn to organize language

Although language is transmitted outwards through sound, its root is in our brains. Only after our brain arranges all things neatly and integrates them, can we use language to convey what we want to express to others. 

When children have mastered the ability of language organization and can express complex things in an orderly manner, it means that their thinking and logic skills have been improved accordingly. 

②Make children think more

Thinking is the greatest driving force for human progress. Only by constantly thinking can we create more advanced technology and more useful objects. At the same time, thinking can also exercise children’s thinking and logic skills and improve them. 

In daily life, parents can ask more questions to let their children think about it. Don’t say the answer yet, see if the child can succeed through his own efforts. I really can’t think of how we are telling the children so that they can also get exercise. 

③Let children become independent thinking


Many children are very dependent on their parents, thinking that they can seek help from their parents no matter what. I don’t even want to think about the problem by myself, and ask my parents for the answer directly. This will make them more dependent on their parents and make their brains dull. 

We should let children become independent thinking, think about their own things, and get answers by themselves. Only in this way can they exercise their thinking skills and make children smarter and smarter. 

④ Carry out some systematic training

Only training can help children improve themselves. If we want children to have a good thinking and logical ability, we can buy some professional books to help children, so that they can be continuously trained and improved through various topics. 

Stump: 8 fish to answer

After the baby is born, the first task before the novice parents is to give them a name. 

Because a person’s name will be the “code name” that accompanies them throughout their lives, parents always need to consider again and again, for fear that the child’s name is not good enough among peers, or even “collides” with others and appears Embarrassing scene. 

For this reason, many parents are no longer satisfied with choosing names in the Book of Songs and dictionaries. Instead, they have begun to find another way and focus on the fonts. 

“8 fish” in the pupil’s name, head teacher The teacher laughed when asking questions.

No, a netizen shared the strange name of his classmate on the social platform. If you want to ask why the strange thing is, you can probably only start from his last name. 

This classmate’s surname is “Yu”, and if you want to say this surname, it has a long history, so Mr. Yu, as the father of the child, feels that he must not live up to this unique surname. I was struggling with the name. 

But somehow, Mr. Yu and his wife It seemed that it was not enough to focus on the meaning of the name, so I focused on the font. As a result, the casual parents discussed it and named the child “Yu Xian”, so this classmate had “8 fish” in his name. 

Because of the uniqueness of this name, this classmate attracted the attention of classmates and teachers when the school just started. Everyone wants to know what the child with “8 fish” in the name looks like. 

However, when the head teacher wanted to ask a question, I was also stumped by this name. After checking her mobile phone, she said with a slight embarrassment: “Next, we have 8 students in the name Yu Xie Mi to answer this question.”

After the name became popular on the Internet, netizens also expressed their opinions: “There are so many fish in the name, do parents want their children to be in the seafood industry in the future?”, “Do you remember such a strange name? It’s hard to live!”, “Haha, if I were a teacher, I would also like to name the 8 fishes!”

Although the names with special glyphs are easy to remember, they can also bring a certain amount of embarrassment.

In life, in addition to the name “Yu li 䲜”, some people call it “Yan Yan”, “Xin Yi” and so on, these rare words that seem to be stacked together by common words in life are easy to be noticed and memorized by people themselves. 

However, such a name is easy to remember, but it is also prone to some embarrassing scenes. 

After all, although these words are separated, everyone Knowing, but together, many people don’t know the pronunciation, so they scream, or simply give their children the nicknames “8 fish” and “4 cows” for convenience. 

As adults, everyone knows that this “code name” may not be malicious, but children are likely to develop inferiority complex because of these nicknames, which will gradually become more sensitive and help It was too busy. 

There are also “notes” for naming children

1. Avoid names that are too weird.

Nowadays, most young couples are born in the 90s. They are open-minded and have a unique style of acting. Therefore, when naming their children, they will choose to show their children’s uniqueness. Some strange names. 

For example, the five-character “Zhu Mulangma Peak”, the four-character “Lu Yaozhi pupil”, etc. Although similar names meet the needs of parents, they are probably not so for children. It’s wonderful. 

Such names will not only be used in class Teachers mentioned it frequently, and the first impression they gave was not good, but it affected the follow-up work and study. 

2. Homophony and polyphony are not advisable.

I don’t know how many children’s names are defeated by homophony. Obviously named the children “Guan Yin” but the homophony is just a matter of thinking. Become a “guanyin”, making children feel embarrassed and troublesome when introducing themselves. 

In addition, polyphonic characters in the name are also To solve the problem that troubles many children, if you help correct other people’s pronunciation, they will feel that they are making a fuss and deliberately aiming at them. However, if you don’t correct the pronunciation, you will find it strange to pronounce, so the children will fall into a dilemma. 

From this point of view, parents should consciously avoid such situations when naming their children.

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