What is the normal weight of the newborn? The fatter the better is outdated, with the standard weight comparison table for infants and young children

What is the normal weight of the newborn? The fatter the better, it’s out of date. The standard weight comparison table for infants and young children is attached.

Pregnant mothers know that the weight of a baby has never been born, which is the focus of mothers’ concerns, especially those who are moved to tears. The moment at the entrance of the delivery room. 

The nurse will hand the newborn into the hands of the family members, and will definitely keep up with the sentence: Mother and child are safe, and the child is 7 catties and 6 taels! The novice father took the child with trembling hands, and kept saying: Big fat boy! 

The traditional concept of grandparents: big The fatter the fatter the better, but now this traditional concept is outdated, the weight of the newborn is not the heavier the better. 

Popular science: the weight of newborns is considered normal, and the standard weight comparison table for infants and young children is attached.

The weight of infants is quite different. The average weight of newborns is 6.5 kg. Under 5 kg: low-weight infants <5~8 kg : Normal baby <8 kg or more: huge baby. 

The key points of care for newborns with different weights are as follows:

Less than 5 kg: You may need to put it in an incubator for special care, and you can leave the hospital if you weigh more than 5 kg. Careful care is still needed after discharge. About 5 catties: Looks thin, needs careful care, family members need to be careful and patient, eat small meals and pay attention to the day after tomorrow. About 6 kg: standard weight, the baby’s body development is normal. About 7 kg: standard weight, the baby can absorb nutrients well in the mother’s body. Over 8 catties: the fetus absorbs too much nutrition, the mother has difficulty in giving birth, and it is very easy to cause dystocia and perineal tears. 

Research shows: low Babies under 5 catties may affect IQ; babies over 8 catties may cause the mother to suffer from various complications such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. 

For mothers, what factors are related to the baby’s weight in the belly? 

The weight of the newborn is affected by three indicators.

Indicator 1: The congenital condition of the fetus

Fetal weeks

35-39 weeks of gestation, the pregnant mother’s belly The baby starts to gain weight quickly over time; after 40 weeks, it starts to slow down; if the baby has not been born after 44 weeks, the weight starts to lose. 

Parents and multiple births

Parents: from the first to the second, the second birth is heavier than the first; multiple births: pregnant with twins and A pregnant mother with multiple births is in a lighter-weight newborn; gender: the female baby is about 110 grams lower than the male baby. 

Index 2: The physical condition of the pregnant mother< /p> Health conditions of pregnant women: For example, pregnant women suffer from hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease and other diseases, and their newborns are low in birth weight. Pregnant women have other viral infections, which can also affect the health of the newborn. Gestational diabetes: If the pregnant mother has gestational diabetes, the weight of the fetus will be high. 

Indicator 3: Nutritional status

Diet, partial eclipse, Picky eaters: Pregnant mothers deliberately control their weight because they are afraid of losing weight or growing stretch marks on their stomachs. If they do not take in enough nutrients, they will cause the fetus to be underweight. Anemia: If the pregnant mother is vomiting, uncomfortable after eating, etc., it causes anemia during pregnancy. In addition to syncope of the pregnant mother, it can also cause dangerous conditions such as hypoxia in the baby. 

How many mothers control the baby’s weight in their stomachs, after all, the fetus can’t lose weight. 

“Keep your mouth shut and open your legs” to control the weight of the newborn baby

1. Eat less and more refined

The pregnant mother eats less and lacks nutrients and eats more It is easy to be obese, and it is necessary to keep your mouth shut. It is necessary to ensure a reasonable intake of nutrients without causing overnutrition, so that you can eat less and more refined. 

The rapid increase in weight during pregnancy will cause a greater burden on the pregnant mother’s body, which will affect the pregnant mother’s movement and figure. Too little nutrition will make the fetus thin and lack of nutrition, and may even cause premature babies. 

2. Go for a walk more outdoors and put away your mobile phone

Exercising during pregnancy is a good health care method for pregnant mothers and fetuses, and develop a good habit of regular daily exercise. Yoga during pregnancy stretches the body, goes out for a walk and feels happy, puts away the mobile phone, if the pregnant mother has good physical fitness, she can also choose to swim. 

In the first and third trimesters of pregnancy, reduce exercise appropriately. Pregnant mothers should also exercise according to their physical fitness. Do not exercise forcibly. If you feel uncomfortable, take a break immediately. 

Extended reading: Standard weight gain table during pregnancy

The average weight gain during pregnancy should be about 12.5kg. 

Calculation formula: body mass index BMI= weight (kg) / {height*height(m)}

Those with a pre-pregnancy BMI value between 18-24: weight gain range of 11.5–16Kg pre-pregnancy BMI<18: weight can increase 12.5--18Kg pre-pregnancy BMI>24 : Weight can increase by 7–11.5Kg

According to the first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester, pregnant mothers are best to follow the following standards. 

★ 1-12 weeks of gestation, an increase of 2-3Kg

★ 13-28 weeks of gestation, an increase of 4-5Kg

★ 29-40 weeks of gestation, an increase of 5 —5.5Kg babies often push on the quilt when they sleep, not necessarily because the temperature in the bedroom is high. Don’t ignore the underlying reason.

For novice parents who have no parenting experience, how to “raise children” has become a problem for them One of the big problems of this, and among them, the problem that resonates among the mothers is the child kicking the quilt. 

In the eyes of many parents, it is normal for children to kick the quilt. After all, many of us adults do not sleep honestly, or simply feel that kicking the quilt means that the temperature in the bedroom is too high, but it is not the case. 

Young children can’t speak and can only use body language to express their needs. So if parents find that their children are kicked frequently while sleeping, then mothers should pay more attention to it, because behind this There may be more deep reasons hidden. 

Pushing on the quilt has become a special skill for babies

In the parenting group, there is a mother named Wenwen, who complains that she is almost busier than work at night. Not only does she have to breastfeed the seven-month-old child, she also wakes up from time to time to cover the child, and the little guy frequently kicks the quilt. The actions made her have not had a good night’s sleep for a long time. 

This trouble also resonated with Baoma Li Yan. She said that her child is one and a half years old, but she still has the bad habit of pushing on the quilt. Sometimes she has to cover her baby one night. Quilt five or six times. 

But Li Yan thinks that the child’s house The temperature is not high, and she is also at a loss as to why the little guy is frequently kicked. 

Babies often push on the quilt when they sleep. Maybe it’s not because they feel hot. Mommy don’t ignore the deep reasons.

Actually, there are many reasons why babies kick the quilt. It’s not necessarily because the bedroom feels hot because of the high temperature in the bedroom. Parents have to know their “sorrows”. 

First, the quilt is too heavy for the baby

Many parents worry that their children will catch a cold during the season, so they will cover them with a thicker quilt. But a quilt that is too thick will make the child feel stuffy and hot when sleeping. 

In addition, babies with thick quilts will be uncomfortable and give them a sense of restraint, so babies naturally kick the quilts to make themselves a little more comfortable. 


①Choose a light blanket

The temperature in the bedroom will not be too low now. If the heating or air conditioning is relatively strong, cover the child with a light blanket It will be able to keep warm, and it will not restrict the flexibility of the children’s hands and feet. 

② Sleeping bags can also be a good helper for mothers

Mothers who think that the thin and light blanket will be cold can also prepare a sleeping bag for their children, so that they are not afraid of their children kicking the quilt, and the mothers can sleep at ease

Second, Too excited before going to bed and can’t stop after falling asleep

Some children watch more exciting cartoons before going to bed, or play more exciting games with their parents. These actions will make their emotions Excited state. 

In this way, even if the child is asleep, the brain is still in a state of excitement, so the little guy will not stop lying in the bed, and kicking has become the norm. 

Processing method:

①Form a set of regular Sleeping process

Develop a regular sleep process for your child to avoid getting the child overly excited before going to bed. It will be more conducive to sleep if the child is in a quiet state before going to bed. 

②Use storytelling instead of competitive games

You can also tell children stories to calm their emotions and reduce their excitement before going to bed, so that they sleep The quality will also improve a lot. 

Three, physical discomfort

Of course, children kicking the quilt while sleeping may also be related to their health. If the child feels uncomfortable while sleeping, they will express this discomfort through body language such as hands and feet. 

Based on this situation, mothers must pay attention not to let their children eat too much before going to bed, and do not be too anxious when feeding, so that the children can have enough time to adapt. 

Four. Too much sleep during the day and difficulty in receiving sleep at night

Some babies go to sleep until late, and then continue to sleep during the day, so that a long time will be formed. Bad sleeping habits, and if you don’t like to sleep at night, you naturally start to kick the quilt. 

Solution: Help children adjust the “time difference”

Mothers should actively adjust the sleeping time of their children, and slowly establish a fixed sleeping pattern. After adjusting the “jet lag”, the children will naturally sleep more peacefully. 

There are also tips for making babies sleep peacefully

Smart mothers also have skills when coaxing their children to sleep. They will naturally fall asleep when the sleeping environment allows the children to relax enough. 

▶Try to adjust the thickness of pajamas for your baby

Choosing a pajamas with the right thickness can make your baby more relaxed. At this age of love, too thick pajamas will cause restraint . 

▶Release some soft white noise to help you fall asleep

Before going to bed, the mothers can also play some gentle music to create a quiet atmosphere for the child, and let the child quiet down subconsciously. 

▶Night feeding should be appropriate

Many mothers eat as much as possible when feeding, but feeding at night must be appropriate, and don’t let the children eat. After giving birth, the best method of contraception is not to put on the ring. This method is the safest.

After giving birth to one or two babies, most couples are not prepared to have children. At this time, it is very necessary to adopt contraceptive methods. In order to save trouble after giving birth, many people will go directly to the ring. In fact, this method of contraception has long been outdated, and mothers can choose a safer and more reliable method. 

Not long ago, Baoma Xiaolu planned to go to the ring , After all, now there are two big treasures and two treasures. I and my husband don’t plan to ask for it anymore. It’s easier to go directly to the ring. But after Xiao Lu told his friends about this plan, he was opposed by everyone. 

“In what age is it still on the ring, this method has long been behind.”

“Who said that Sheung Wan would save trouble? After more than ten or twenty years, don’t you still have to take it? If you forget, your body will suffer.”

“After all, I have to put something in my body. It’s an operation, and my body will be somewhat uncomfortable.”

“My mom used to be on the ring before, so I often had stomach and back pains. After taking it out last year, it’s better, so don’t suffer the crime.”

After listening to the opinions of friends, Xiao Lu was a little confused. The best, but I did not expect that there are so many shortcomings. Later, Xiao Lu consulted the doctor again, and the doctor suggested that it is best not to have upper ring surgery. Unexpectedly, the times are changing, and contraceptive methods must also keep pace with the times. Finally, Xiao Lu listened to everyone’s opinions and gave up on the plan. 

Twenty or thirty years ago, Sheung Wan It is a very popular contraceptive method, but there were also economic and technical considerations at the time. Now, Sheung Wan is no longer the best contraceptive method. On the contrary, the disadvantages of Sheung Wan are becoming more and more difficult to ignore. 

Why is Sheung Wan not the best method of contraception? With these shortcomings, mothers still don’t choose it.

Menstruation and leucorrhea increase

In the three months after the upper ring surgery, basically everyone will have a lot of menstruation and leucorrhea. This is because the endometrium was scratched when the ring was put on, which increased the secretion. However, many women will have abnormal menstruation and vaginal discharge for a long time after the upper ring. This is because the body has not adapted to the birth control ring, especially if there are copper ions in the birth control ring. The uterus of the mothers has always been In a state of rejection. 

Ectopic pregnancy

上The ring is not a foolproof contraception, it can only ensure that there will be no implantation of fertilized eggs in the uterus. But at this time, the fertilized egg may travel further, and finally take root in the fallopian tube or other places, thus forming an ectopic pregnancy. Moreover, many women think that they will not get pregnant again after they are on the ring, and they do not pay much attention to contraception during intercourse, which increases the chance of ectopic pregnancy. 

Uterine injury

Although the upper ring surgery is very mature in technology, if the doctor has improper operation, or the shape of Baoma’s uterus itself is not suitable for ring placement, or the placement time Over time, uterine damage may occur. Uterine perforation, fibrotic lesions and mechanical injuries, any of them are terrible. 

Compared with the above shortcomings, abdominal pain, low back pain and non-menstrual bleeding after the upper ring seem to be nothing. And now there are more contraceptive methods female friends can choose, and they can completely abandon the upper ring. Compared with the upper ring, they are safer and more reliable, and there is no harm to women’s bodies. 

These are the preferred methods of contraception, which are safe and reliable. It’s harmless to your body, so don’t just consider putting it on the loop.


In daily life, many people choose “small umbrella” for contraception. After all, it can not only prevent pregnancy, but also ensure physical hygiene and health. Health and popularity are also quite high. However, everyone should pay attention to whether you are allergic to latex. If you have such troubles, you can buy latex-free condoms or take other contraceptive methods. 

Men’s ligation

Most contraceptive methods now require women to bear health risks. In fact, this is very unfair. Due to the physiology gap between men and women, even if the man is ligated, the operation is much simpler than the ring and ligation of women, and it will not cause health problems. More importantly, female ligation is irreversible, while male ligation does not affect your sex life, and you can regret it later and will not affect having children in the future. 


Speaking of contraceptives, many people think of various side effects. The idea that a drug is three-point poison has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In fact, the contraceptives that have a relatively large impact on the body are emergency contraceptives. Taking short-acting contraceptives is not that terrible. In contrast, short-acting contraceptives are actually very well accepted in European and American countries. trustworthy. 

In the past two years, I saw on the Internet that scientists have invented a method of contraception by implanting a chip under the skin. It has entered the stage of animal testing and hopes to be put into use in the near future. Let us have more choices to reduce the damage to the body as much as possible. 

Do you think which method of contraception is the best? How about the best?

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