What is the most suitable age difference between husband and wife? The closer to this number, the smarter the baby will be

What is the most suitable age difference between husband and wife? The closer to this number, the smarter the baby will be

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With the development of society, many young people follow “True love has nothing to do with age” This principle, if you want to give birth to a smart baby, what is the best age difference between husband and wife? 

The marriage of male and female is enviable.

Last year, Xiaoxin married a man who was six years older than herself. This large age gap caused people around her to dislike this. Marriage. But surprisingly, their marriage was very happy and they gave birth to a big fat boy this year. 

Because of her young age, Xiaoxin recovered very quickly after childbirth. Even in the aspect of taking care of the child, her husband started to get started more quickly. The two sides get along very harmoniously, which is enviable. 

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In fact, for contemporary people, age will not become an obstacle in love at all, but if you From the perspective of analysis, there are many things to pay attention to. 

Childbirth also has an age difference

For many people, childbirth is often the top priority. Every couple wants to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, but in fact, the best age difference between husband and wife , Can also affect the child’s IQ. 

1. What is the best childbearing age?

With the development of society, many young couples no longer have the concept of early marriage and early childbearing like the older generation. On the contrary, many newly married couples have more I want to live a two-person world. 

But in fact, men and women often have their own optimal ages for childbearing. 

Under normal circumstances, the best childbearing age is from the perspective of prenatal and postnatal care. Choosing the best childbearing age can also improve the quality of childbearing and eliminate unfavorable factors. 

Studies have shown that the best childbearing age for men is 30-35 years old, while for women it is 23-30 years old. 

During this period, it is the most suitable period for both babies and parents. 

2. What is the best age difference between husband and wife?

From the best childbearing age of men and women, it can be concluded that the optimal age combination for male and female childbearing should be that the former is 7 years older than the latter. The age is appropriate, and the closer to this number, the healthier and smarter the baby may be. 

From a practical point of view, men in this period often have relatively stable jobs and have enough ability to raise children, while women are also young and recover faster after delivery. 

If you want to give birth to a smart baby, it is recommended that parents do so.

1. Right-age marriage and childbirth

Birth is originally a major event, and a woman’s physical condition will also directly affect the baby’s health and Intellectual development, if you can give birth to a baby at the right time, you can not only harvest a healthy and smart baby, but also reduce complications and gynecological diseases, which is beneficial to parents and children. 

2. Implement effective prenatal education

Don’t think that if your baby stays in the mother’s belly, you don’t know anything. In fact, prenatal education is also one of the important factors to promote the intelligence of newborns. 

Appropriately implement effective prenatal education, such as listening to more soothing music, taking a walk, etc., not only to keep pregnant mothers happy, but also to promote the baby’s language development after birth. 

3. Pay attention to medication during pregnancy

As the saying goes: “It is a three-point drug”. This is not unreasonable. Certain drugs can directly affect the development of the fetus, and may even cause the fetus. The brain is underdeveloped. 

Therefore, for the baby’s smart health, mothers during pregnancy must never take medicine by themselves. If you feel uncomfortable, you must follow the doctor’s advice and let the doctor decide what medicine you should take. After all, they are professionals. of.  The baby and parents sleep in the same bed, some behavior Parents should try to avoid it, it really hurts the child

After the baby arrived, did he sleep in the same bed with his parents? 

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Many parents nowadays, in order to better take care of their children, So after the baby is born, let the baby sleep in a bed by itself, but the problems that follow will also arise. 

Many mothers will find that when babies sleep at night, they will always wake up from time to time, which can cause them to sleep well. This is a headache. 

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Sleeping with the baby in the same bed, these behaviors of parents will affect the child’s sleep all night

1, let the baby sleep between the parents

Some Parents think that putting the baby between two people to sleep will make the baby feel safer and safer, but this is not the case. 

Baby sleeping in the middle of adults will cause him to wake up easily, because children’s senses are more sensitive than adults, and parents’ turning over and snoring may affect the baby’s sleep. 

In addition, parents will emit exhaust gas during sleep, the content of carbon dioxide will be high, the content of oxygen will be low, and the baby sleeps in the middle, staying in such an environment for a long time, it is easy to cause The baby’s brain does not supply enough oxygen, which leads to poor sleep quality. 

2, the baby hums, mother immediately hugs it to coax

Because babies and adults have different sleep patterns, their light sleep time is longer and deep sleep time is shorter. They are in the process of sleep It’s easy to wake up and sleep quickly. 

But if the mother sees the baby groaning, she immediately picks them up to sleep, so that the baby wakes up and interrupts the baby’s deep sleep. 

Of course, if the baby keeps crying after waking up, the parents need to get up to sleep, and check whether they are hungry, dragged, etc. 

3. Parents like to stay up late

Some parents, after putting their baby to sleep, start night life by themselves, playing mobile phones, chasing dramas, using vibrato, etc., while their parents are playing At times, there will be a faint light or sound, which will also have a certain impact on the child’s sleep, causing them to always wake up at night. 

To sum up, when parents sleep in the same bed with their baby, they need to pay attention to some things in order for the baby to sleep well. 

In addition, there may be some hidden dangers when babies and parents sleep in the same bed. 

Disadvantages of sleeping in the same bed with parents

1. The big life is afraid that the children will be overwhelmed.

In many families, children will share the same bed with their parents, but the bed is so big, and the children are Young and older people are afraid that they will be crushed by their babies when they are asleep, so they will choose to leave a lot of space for them, so they are likely to sleep on the edge of the bed, so that mom and dad will feel uncomfortable sleeping. 

In addition, it is very troublesome to be afraid of sleeping too well and accidentally crushing the child. In addition, after the baby hums, the parents will immediately get up and check the situation. Adults’ sleep quality will be affected. 

2. Sleeping posture changes with the baby

Some babies like to move around when they are sleeping, turning over for a while, sleeping sideways for a while, the parents want to avoid stressing the child or want to make themselves sleep more If you feel more comfortable, you can only keep changing with your baby’s sleeping position. 

Sometimes, even when the baby falls asleep, it will climb onto the adult or punch and kick, so it is difficult for parents to get a good night’s sleep. 

3. It is not conducive to the formation of children’s independence consciousness

As the baby gets older, they will gradually form their own independence consciousness, so it should be slow after the child is 3 years old Slowly let the baby sleep alone. You can start with different beds in the same room and slowly transition to sleeping alone in the same room. 

This is not only conducive to exercise children’s independence, but also conducive to the physical and mental development of children. After all, children’s immune function is still weak, and adults exhale too much carbon dioxide, which is not conducive to their healthy growth. 

[Fortunately pregnant sister’s message] Parents can put a small bed next to the big bed where they sleep, and let the baby sleep on it. This will not only give them a full sense of security and allow them to grow up healthily, but also benefit themselves and the baby’s sleep quality . 

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