What is the life of the elderly who often help their children and children in their later years? Maybe you have to face a few sad things

What is the life of the elderly who often help their children and children in their later years? Maybe there are a few sad things to face.

Currently, most of the parents in this session are dual-employed workers. They usually have a busy work and life, so they will leave their children to the elderly at home to help take care of them. 

After all, many elderly people have a relatively single life after retirement. When facing the needs of their children, they feel that they can contribute a lot and enjoy the happiness of family, which is a good thing with two birds with one stone. Therefore, the elderly It is very common to help bring a baby. 

However, the elderly who often help their children with babies What is life like in old age? The example of Uncle Zhang is very typical. 

What is the life of the elderly who often go to help their children and children in their later years? 

Uncle Zhang and his wife originally lived in a small city, and they had stable jobs and good retirement benefits. But the son lives in a big city. After getting married and having children, he needs Uncle Zhang and his wife to help them bring the baby in the city. 

At first, Uncle Zhang hesitated, but his wife felt sorry for his son and missed his grandson, so the old couple came to the city. 

Uncle Zhang and his wife take care of their children The son is a family of three, but after all, there is a gap in the concept of educating children between the two generations, and the contradiction has emerged after a long time. 

Uncle Zhang’s wife and daughter-in-law often quarrel on the issue of children’s education, which makes Uncle Zhang very uncomfortable. It was clear that the son and daughter-in-law allowed themselves and his wife to come. Uncle Zhang felt that he and his wife would have nothing to do with them, and how could they bring out their enmity in the end. I feel sad to think about it. 

In fact, it’s like Uncle Zhang’s In favor of the situation, many elderly people who help their children with babies will probably encounter them. In addition, such old people will face a lot of sadness in their later years. 

There are some sad things that the elderly who help with children may have to face in their later years. It is really hard to tell.

1) The concept of parenting is incompatible, and there are layers of conflicts with the children

Discord in parenting is the most common problem of the two generations. Young parents feel that the elderly are spoiled with their children, while the elderly feel that the younger parents lack responsibility and patience. 

For example, when it comes to children’s clothes, The elderly feel that children will catch a cold if they wear too little, so they need to wear more clothes; while the parents of the children feel that when the weather is not particularly cold, the children should wear as many clothes as the adults, so this kind of trivial clothes in life Small things pile up together and become big problems. 

2) I have been complained about spending money and hard work, and I can’t tell if there is a pain in my heart

Because there is no barrier between children and their parents, it is easy to speak without words. 

We often encounter this situation, parents Do your best to help your children take care of their children, pay money and work hard, it is inevitable that there will be some mistakes, sometimes you have not heard a thank you, but in exchange for the children’s complaints, even the relatives who did not bring the baby will also complain, which makes it possible to bring the baby. The old man is very sad. 

3) From one child to two children, there is no end to the road to bringing a baby.

In some families, the elderly help to bring the big treasure. The children finally grow up and can go to school. The elderly I thought I could relax. Unexpectedly, Er Bao was born again, and the old man’s road to bringing a baby changed from one child to two children, with no end. 

The old man helps There must be a bottom line when bringing a baby

An ancient wise saying is called “Sheng Mien Dou Miqiu”, which is more appropriate to describe the elderly helping their children with their babies. 

The elderly should not give to their children unconditionally, without a bottom line, and without principles, because children are already adults and should have the consciousness and ability to take responsibility independently. The blind help of parents not only prevents their children from learning Thanksgiving, it is easier to breed their waiting thoughts. 

Smart old people know how to advance and retreat, understand how to send charcoal in the snow It is better than icing on the cake. Therefore, they will help their children when they need it most and withdraw dignifiedly at the appropriate time. Children’s intellectual development can be traced within one year of age. These three manifestations are mostly high IQ.

The intellectual development of babies under 3 years old, especially the 0-1 year old infants can be said It is changing with each passing day, and the infant stage is the stage where children’s learning ability develops most rapidly. 

The younger the baby, the faster their intellectual development, so when it comes to children’s intellectual development, there are actually traces to follow within one year of age. The following three manifestations are mostly high IQ . 

Reactive smile

Generally speaking, most babies will only smile physiologically at the full moon stage, which is not under self-control. However, some babies can smile reactively, even more than The full moon is earlier. 

Maybe adults think it’s not easy for children , But for babies who are just born, it is not that simple. 

So if your baby hasn’t reached the full moon yet, he can respond to the adult’s smile and distinguish between father and mother. alert. 

This situation shows that the baby’s brain intelligence development can well perceive the expression of emotions. To put it simply, the earlier the baby learns to smile reactively, the degree of intelligence development is better than that of his peers. Higher. 

So parents may wish to show their babies frequently Your smile, the baby is also willing to respond to you with a warmer smile. 

Eyes are energetic and focused

Those babies with energetic eyes have more flexible thinking and more active minds. They like to learn and think actively, and their cognitive and comprehension skills are relatively better. Strong. 

So, this kind of baby will have stronger concentration and judgment, and will have better intellectual development, and those babies with dull eyes and inattention will be weaker in these negative aspects. Some. 

What parents need to do is to be good at observing and Discover where the child’s interest lies, in order to stimulate the child’s subjective awareness and initiative, encourage the child, and improve the child’s concentration. 

You can also take your children to do some outdoor activities, and more exposure to nature will also broaden your children’s horizons. 

Like to listen to music.

Children’s hearing and language development are actually the same as other sensory functions. They are closely related to the development of age. This is why human hearing and language systems are almost developed. Synchronize. 

The expert will review the child’s language development, Infer and test the development of children’s auditory nervous system and brain. 

However, music is an effective way to stimulate the auditory development of infants and young children. After all, music is a common language for children. 

For example, if parents put some soothing music on the baby, the baby will listen quietly and will not cry easily. On the contrary, if some noisy music is played, the baby will also be irritable. 

So, listen to some soothing for your baby since childhood Music can also stimulate the development of children’s brains. It is important to know that the left and right brains of humans are not independent and single tasks, but they assist each other to play together. 

So when the child’s right brain is stimulated by music, it will indirectly strengthen the connection between the left and right brains, which will also lead to overall intellectual development. 

So the 0-1 year old baby’s intelligence development, the above three kinds of performance will often reveal the child’s high IQ, parents can be more at ease. 

What should parents do for the intellectual development of 1-year-old babies? 

Independent activity space is still very important for children. Sometimes parents will often use toys to play in front of their children, hoping to stimulate their attention. 

Actually, it is not always possible Arouse the child’s interest, but will distract the child’s attention, it is also an impact on the child’s ability to observe. 

Children will only focus on the toys in the hands of their parents, and ignore the ingestion of other environmental information, so sometimes children need more space and time to be alone. 

For children’s intellectual development, what parents need to do is to observe carefully and provide timely guidance, to observe whether the child’s behavioral development is normal, and to take care of the child’s interest and abilities. Correct guidance. 

In addition, through picture books and games It is another choice for more intelligent parents to stimulate children’s brain and intelligence development, so that children can learn while playing, and they can also experience the joy of playing while learning. 530,000 children’s precocious puberty is caused by the “misfortune”. It is a pity that parents are ignorant of the “source”.

In recent years, the problem of precocious puberty in children has become more and more serious. Some parents have realized this The seriousness of the problem, so pay special attention to raising children. However, some parents are still not sensitive to this issue. The food they usually feed their children is pushing their children to the edge of precocious puberty, but they don’t know it. 

Jasmine’s daughter is 8 years old, and the daughter is young She looks very delicate, and usually Jasmine also pays special attention to nurturing her daughters, because she is the only child in the family, and she will try her best to meet her requirements. 

Jasmine is also relatively lazy, and she doesn’t want to cook by herself when she has children. Most of the meals she eats are bought off-the-shelf, and she likes some hamburgers, fried chicken, etc. of. Jasmine didn’t think she had much money, so she would take her daughter to eat when she had nothing to do. 

Until recently, Jasmine suddenly discovered that the girl ate a lot each time, but the height of the girl did not seem to be good this year, and compared to the children of the same age, the height of the girl was indeed abnormal. 

So Jasmine took her daughter to the hospital for an examination. She wanted to check if she lacked any nutrients or trace elements. However, this examination did not matter. The doctor even said that the daughter was precocious. Next, Jasmine was terrified. 

Fortunately, precocious women are not particularly serious , And the discovery is relatively timely, and the treatment should not have much impact. Jasmine was kind of wondering, how could a good girl have precocious puberty! 

After listening to the doctor’s explanation, Jasmine suddenly realized that the precocious puberty of the girl had a lot to do with what she usually eats. I think that I love my daughters, and my daughters love to eat. Parents are satisfied, but the parents don’t know that these foods for daughters are the culprits that lead to precocious puberty. 

These foods can easily lead to precocious puberty in children.

1. Nutrition and health products

In order to prevent their children from lagging behind their peers, parents will choose some nutrition or health products for their children. Children eat, although the parents’ original intentions are good, but the nutrition and health products provided by the parents to the children are useless to the children’s body at all, but they also cause a burden on the children’s body. Because there are many hormones or other additives in nutrition and health products, it is not good for children to take it for a long time, but it is easy to cause precocious puberty in children. 

2. Unhealthy food

Some parents have good family conditions. They usually take their children to eat some “delicious delicacies”, but some delicacies are not necessarily healthy for their children. For example, the internal organs and organs of chickens and ducks, we all know that chickens and ducks nowadays are no better than before. When people feed chickens and ducks, they also add some feed, and the feed also contains a lot of hormones, and these hormones exist in the internal organs and wings of animals. There are parts such as the neck. If children eat these foods often, they can easily cause precocious puberty. 

In addition, parents must also judge whether their children have precocious puberty. If they can find out in time, it will be a lucky thing for the children. 

Some manifestations of precocious puberty

1. Height< /p>

General children have precocious puberty. Parents can observe the height of the child. If the height of the child has not changed significantly in recent time, and the child of the same age wants to be shorter than the height, the parent should not think that the child has developed late , Just wait a few years. Parents should not deceive themselves. Besides, parents are not doctors. Don’t diagnose on their own. Parents should take their children for examination. If it is not caused by precocious puberty, it is better. If it is, parents should cooperate with doctors to receive treatment for their children as soon as possible, which is also helpful for the children’s later recovery. of. 

2. Body organs

< p>When a child has precocious puberty, some parts of the body will have obvious features, such as the girl’s chest, the girl’s menstruation, if the girl has precocious puberty, parents can observe the girl’s breast, the breast will appear premature swelling and development. And the menstruation comes earlier than the children of normal age. For boys, parents can also observe the child’s chest, as well as the child’s Adam’s apple, etc. 

Children’s precocious puberty is important to parents. Now the family conditions are good. Parents are willing to spend money on their children, but they are unwilling to spend time on their children. Parents would rather spend more money to take their children out for dinner. Willing to spend some time at home cooking for the children. Although the food outside is delicious, it is not necessarily healthy for children. It is not unreasonable to “dise in the mouth”. Therefore, I would like to advise parents to take less children out to eat sea sap and eat more healthy foods for their children. 

Of course, precocious puberty is not incurable now Parents don’t need to worry too much about the symptoms of precocious puberty. If a child has symptoms of precocious puberty, the parent will give the child a drug intervention in time and cooperate with the doctor to believe that the child will get better. The most fearful thing is that when the child has precocious puberty, the parents don’t know it, and the child’s condition becomes more serious, and finally the medicine will not help the child.

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