What is the experience of parents being too young? Misunderstanding that sisters are routine operations, netizens are most afraid of doing the opposite

What is the experience of parents being too young? Misunderstanding that sisters is a routine operation, netizens are most afraid of coming the other way

They all say that this is a “face-seeing” society. The public’s favor for beauty is obvious to all. Whether it is a movie star, a real idol, or a debut Internet celebrity, or a handsome and beautiful girl who happened to be photographed by the roadside, they will always receive praise from everyone on the Internet. This kind of love for’young and beautiful’ is commonplace in today’s society. 

In fact, not only in China, but the United States has also made a satirical comedy film about a kind-hearted but obese girl who has found a gypsy to perform magic because of repeated love failures, and her appearance has become very in the eyes of others. Slim, as a result, attracted a large group of suitors. It’s no wonder that some netizens ridiculed that “a person’s inner quality is like a college entrance examination score, which determines which university you can go to; but on the outside, it’s like a junior high school score, and you can’t even go to high school if you fail.” 

If it looks good, it doesn’t look good, and part of it really depends on genes. But to be honest, the level of ordinary people is not much worse. What really widens the gap is still more affected by the day after tomorrow. For example, many parents nowadays are very young because of proper care, and they are often mistaken for brothers or sisters when they go out with their children. Some netizens also joked that “it’s okay to be mistaken for brothers and sisters. It’s really hard to get a child who is older than their parents.”

The father of movie star Ruby Lin, because he looks very young and is often mistaken by the media Ruby Ruby’s boyfriend. Whenever he talked about his own youthful way, Papa Lin often said that he relied on the day after tomorrow to maintain, and he also provided the media with a lot of tips for daily maintenance. He also joked, “I wasn’t very handsome when he was young, but he has become the most handsome guy among his peers after maintenance.” So, the appearance of this thing is destined to depend on hard work, whether it is. It is actually very important for parents to pay more attention to the maintenance details in daily life. 

Take the good-looking parents, many people think that their babies are good-looking because they are good-looking. But suppose we take pictures of those beautiful parents and children as P pictures. To mess up their hair and dirty clothes… Looking at this photo again, it is obvious that they will be reduced to “the parents of the street beggars begging with their babies”. That is to say, even people with good facial features, if they don’t pay attention to personal hygiene and care, can’t highlight their appearance, let alone ordinary people who have facial features. 

Take the teeth as an example. If the child looks good, but if he doesn’t pay attention to oral hygiene when changing teeth, the teeth become crooked, the teeth protrude or inset, then this baby After growing up, the lower half of the face is so good I can’t look at it. Therefore, even if parents have good genes, they need to pay more attention to cultivating good living habits when a child grows up. 

It is said that the children with high-value parents do not necessarily look bad, but sometimes this happens. It is obvious that the parents look very young, but the children look very old. Why do some kids who go to high school or college when they stand with their parents, they look bigger at first glance? Speaking of it, it’s mainly because of the work and rest time. I won’t go into details here about how important sleep is to a person. Because some children develop earlier and are more tired from studying, parents usually feel distressed and they “make up” a lot of their diet. As a result, each of them did not grow tall, but had a whole body of flesh, coupled with the tired face and messy hair caused by the disordered sleep rhythm, they looked more old than their parents from a distance. 

Therefore, in family education, we can’t focus all our energy on the children’s academic performance, and force the baby to look like “nothing to love”. At the same time, don’t let him/her not follow the normal schedule, pay attention to the usual healthy diet. By doing so, children can better ensure their health and avoid falling into a sub-healthy state, and of course they will not show fatigue. In fact, people who think “young and beautiful” in the eyes of the public are not necessarily really free of aging or defects, and more depends on a person’s temperament. 

A person with a hunchback and a miserable face and a person with an elegant posture and a smiling face, which one is younger in the eyes of others? Those who are dark, dirty, neat and beautiful, are the two people younger in the eyes of others? I believe everyone will think it is the latter, because the latter will give people that kind of positive feeling. If a person’s original appearance is good, but due to various reasons, the personality and behavior are weak, exhausted, and gloomy, then it will only look like a gray shadow in the eyes of others, and it is not good or bad at all. Up. 

So in family education, we parents must not only lead by example, but also actively care about children’s psychological growth and daily behavior. Children with positive, sunny, lively and upright personalities are more likely to make people feel “beautiful” as adults. Parents look very young, they are usually beautiful and genetically resistant to old age. On this basis, if we can pay more attention to the details of children’s lives, it will be easy to make babies longer and more beautiful. Children with this kind of personality finally fulfill others, but their lives are unsatisfactory. Parents have to bear the responsibility

In the personal growth of children, the influence of personality traits is very obvious, and the children’s personality traits are also very obvious. It is not inborn, it has a lot to do with their acquired growth environment. It is even said that the family education given by parents greatly affects the character, formation and characteristics of the child to a certain extent, but many parents do not take it seriously. Parents blindly ask their children to be obedient, but never thought that such educational guidance might encourage their children to form a pleasing personality. 

In the eyes of parents Good girl, the “good old man” in the eyes of friends, the child with a pleasing personality is not happy

Xiaoya is a post-00, she graduated from a prestigious school and has a good job, but she knows that she is not happy, even For this reason, she went to see a psychiatrist some time ago. In the eyes of parents, Xiaoya is a good obedient child, and in the eyes of friends, Xiaoya is a good old man who is considerate. But only Xiaoya knows that this is not the “personality” she wants. 

Although Xiaoya is an only child, her parents do not spoil her. The two people who are busy with their careers always ask Xiaoya to be a little bit more obedient. Normally, her parents are not busy with work, so Xiaoya is very afraid that her parents will not want her. So in order to satisfy her inner security, Xiaoya keeps courting her parents. She believes that only by courting can the love of her parents be retained. 

After making friends, Xiaoya will still show instinctively flattering behavior. Xiaoya worries that if she doesn’t compromise and is not modest, her friends will not be willing to continue getting along with her. So among friends, Xiaoya is the one who speaks best, no matter how excessive the request is, she will not refuse. 

Although Xiaoya seems to be very good and often gets praise from her friends, only she knows that it is ugly and tiring to put herself down. Whether it’s getting along with her parents or with friends, Xiaoya is accustomed to putting herself in an inferior position. The flattering personality wipes out the happiness she should have obtained, which also makes her evaluation of herself appear biased. 

A child with a pleasing personality is easy to show submissive, self-pity, self-abasement, and cowardly behaviors. Relying on the way of grieving yourself to get feedback from others is an extremely internal thing. For children, the pleasing personality is actually a personality defect. 

Pleasant personality is not innate, it has a lot to do with the way of education of parents

In some families, parents are used to imposing strict education on their children, and think that this kind of education can make The child is promising, but it is precisely this kind of overpowering educational guidance that keeps the child’s inner appeal constantly suppressed. Parents who are too strict make their children feel very insecure, so the children will habitually please and please because of self-protection. 

Some parents always ask their children to be obedient, but for lively children, it is not easy to be obedient. When children are “brainwashed” by their parents’ well-behaved education, they will think that they have wronged themselves and force themselves to make compromises. This is the right approach. In order to achieve the well-being of their parents, the children put on themselves a mask of flattery. 

Children who are not valued by their parents are always more negative in self-evaluation. They often fall into the whirlpool of self-denial and self-doubt, inferiority complex and cowardly, and even smile a little bit more falsely. In order to be able to get more attention from the parents, the appearance of courting becomes the capital for the children to fight for. 

What about parents Only by doing so can we avoid developing the child into a pleasing personality? 

In family life, it is necessary for parents to give their children a certain right to speak, so that children have the opportunity to express their thoughts and demands. Such an equal family relationship can make children become more confident, and at the same time, it also makes their inner security appeals sufficiently satisfied. Parents should also change their condescending posture, and don’t let their children always hold their heads up and talk to themselves. 

When parents educate their children, they should discover the unique side of their children, and pay attention to personalized education and guidance, so that they can show the unique side of their children. Too depressive education will only turn children into marionettes in the hands of their parents, and this will also make children lose themselves. Encourage children to be themselves, which can help children correct their self-awareness. 

Encourage children to try and challenge more, so that they can become more confident in their continuous attempts and challenges. Even if they make a mistake, parents should be considerate and tolerant of it, so that the child will not pretend to be afraid of making a mistake. Parents who put aside their perfectionism will be able to see the true appearance of their children even more. 

Parents’ education unknowingly has an impact on the formation of children’s character. The pleasing personality not only makes children lose themselves, but also makes them lose their self-esteem. An inferior posture does not allow children to obtain long-term stable emotional relationships, and it may also become a burden for children to move forward.

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