What is the experience of opening ten fingers? Those who say women are hypocritical, advise you to be kind

What is the experience of opening ten fingers? Those who say that women are hypocritical, urge you to be kind.

Women not only bear a certain fertility risk during childbirth, but also endure the tremendous pain of childbirth. Although most women experience childbirth, it has to be said that the hardship of childbirth is still something that those who don’t experience it can’t empathize with them. 

Especially in the process of childbirth, when the fingers are fully open, every minute will leave the mothers with lingering fears, but this process lasts for more than 10 hours. 

So, please be more kind to those who say “Isn’t it just having a baby?” 

What kind of experience is opening ten fingers? I heard what people said.


“I didn’t have experience when I was born. I thought I would give birth soon after being sent to the hospital, but I didn’t expect to just open it. The process of the palace mouth lasted for 12 hours.

A pain that was more painful than a burst of pain made my whole person feel weak, and even my breathing hurts! I thought the moment of giving birth was the most painful. It hurts, now it’s unbearable to wait for the fingers to open!”


“During delivery, the doctor will conduct internal examinations at intervals. Although this is embarrassing, it is more The pain of the opening of the palace mouth is nothing at all!

Because when the huge pain hits, you can’t care about self-esteem! It seems that the ribs are cracking one by one, and the whole delivery room is It resounds through my roar.

My husband said that he can hear clearly in the hallway. He has never seen me cry so loudly!”

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< p>“Obviously I felt the pain was so piercing, I hurried to ask the family member who was in the delivery to call a doctor, but the doctor came to the internal examination and found that only three fingers had been opened at the mouth of the uterus!

I could only be pushed into the delivery bed until I opened my ten fingers, and my mood immediately collapsed!

I felt that my stomach was repeatedly ravaged many times, but only a few minutes passed after a glance! Wait until the palace mouth is fully opened, from dawn to dark! In the end it hurts that I don’t have the strength to shout again!”

Although women are born with the task of giving birth, this does not mean that they It deserves to have suffered such great pain. 

So for women who have experienced childbirth, those who think that childbirth is very hypocritical are tantamount to denying the tremendous pain they have experienced. 

Delivery is not easy! In different stages of labor, the pain experienced by women is different.

1. The first stage of labor

At the beginning of the first stage of labor, women will feel a burst of pain, usually at this stage. , The maternal uterus will open one finger or two fingers. 

The time interval between the onset of pain is probably more than ten minutes. At this stage, the pain suffered by the mothers can still be tolerated. 

After opening the three fingers from the maternal uterus, the fetus has reached the place of the maternal pelvis. At this time, the pain felt by the lying-in woman will gradually intensify, and the time interval between two pain attacks will also be significantly shortened. 

With the gradual opening of the uterine mouth, the pain experienced by the parturient is getting stronger and stronger. For primiparas, the whole process will last more than 10 hours. 

2, the second stage of labor

At this stage, the parturient is pushed into the delivery bed to prepare for the subsequent delivery. Compared with the last stage of labor, women in this stage of labor not only need to endure pain, but also need to cooperate with breathing and exerting force, so as to help the baby to deliver smoothly. 

Women will go through the whole process for about 1 to 2 hours. If the time is too long, they may use lateral incision to help the fetus deliver. 

3. The third stage of labor

After the fetus is delivered, the parturient must continue to complete the delivery, and only when the placenta is delivered smoothly is the end of labor. Usually the placenta will be delivered within 5 to 15 minutes. 

If it takes more than 30 minutes, the placenta will be removed by hand. The pain of peeling the placenta by hand is very strong, and it is also a very bad delivery experience for the parturient. 

During childbirth, what can women do to reduce labor pain of? 

1. Relax your mood

Before giving birth, women will inevitably have a nervous and anxious mood, and this kind of tension and anxiety is likely to lead to a stronger perception of pain. 

So it is necessary for the parturients to relax, divert their attention appropriately, and transfer the body’s perception of pain to other things. 

2. Painless childbirth

In our country, there are still a small number of women who use painless childbirth techniques, but it has to be said that painless childbirth can indeed reduce the pain during the delivery process. 

Of course, this is not to say that the childbirth process will not feel any pain at all. In order to encourage the parturient to give birth hard, the strength of the painless delivery needle only reduces the pain to mild or moderate. 

Of course, painless childbirth is a medicine, and it will not affect the IQ of the fetus or affect the postpartum recovery of the parturient. 

3, use Lammazer breathing method< /p>

Before giving birth, women can learn this breathing method, which can not only help women better achieve breathing and force coordination. 

At the same time, this breathing method can also help the parturient to relieve tension and anxiety more quickly, and be more able to understand the doctor’s instructions. 

Women have endured too much hardship and difficulty for childbirth, and they deserve respect for childbirth. Therefore, it is necessary for people to face up to the pain that women endure during childbirth, to be less indifferent and more caring. 

What experience do you share about the delivery process? The daughter’s gold bracelet was lost in the kindergarten, and the parents wanted to search her body and were replied. Teacher: Don’t make trouble if you don’t want to leave the kindergarten.

Many babies are born Later, they will receive long-lived golden locks or gold bracelets from their elders. The older generations think that children with auspicious things will bless the children to grow up healthily. 

A mother asked: The child has been wearing a longevity lock since birth, but the child will go to kindergarten right away. Can this little golden lock be taken to kindergarten? Will the kindergarten be responsible if it is lost? 

If mothers don’t know, the following example will tell mothers the correct way to do this. 

The daughter’s golden lock was lost, but her mother was threatened.

Ms. Wang’s daughter just went to kindergarten, and she wore a valuable gold bracelet from her grandma on her neck. It was only three days after school started, Ms. Wang It was discovered that the daughter’s gold bracelet was missing, which was anxious for Ms. Wang. 

My daughter also doesn’t know where the gold bracelet is going. Ms. Wang found the kindergarten and asked the children and teachers to search for gold bracelets in the kindergarten. After the kindergarten teacher knew Ms. Wang’s intention, but refused. 

The teacher replied sharply: “A body search is impossible. Don’t make trouble if you don’t want to leave the kindergarten! You know that gold bracelets are expensive but you still let your children take them to kindergarten. Your own responsibility is not small. If you insist on claiming, your daughter will leave the garden after claiming!”


Ms. Wang didn’t dare to challenge the teacher’s threat. If she was forced to leave the kindergarten, her daughter would lose more than the gold bracelet. Ms. Wang’s heart for claiming was shaken. 

Why the teacher does not allow the body search, and does not support the claim

Ordinary people have no right to search: Ordinary people do not have the right to search, and it can only be carried out when the public security organ has procedures and when it is necessary. Ordinary people conduct body searches on other people, which would infringe on the rights of others. 

Whoever infringes on compensation: The kindergarten must be liable if the children’s things are lost in the kindergarten. Whoever infringes on property rights will compensate, and whether the kindergarten, as a third party, has the obligation to protect children’s valuable property needs to be determined by professionals. 

I don’t want to report to the police: if the kindergarten needs police To intervene in the identification of the responsibilities of each of them, it is obvious that the parents of the children will have opinions in the kindergarten. The damage to reputation is something kindergarten managers don’t want to see. 

Usually in the admission manual, the kindergarten will inform parents that children are not allowed to bring valuable jewelry and valuable related supplies. I hope that parents can understand the rules of the kindergarten and follow them. 

Why don’t children bring valuables into the kindergarten? 

1. Children playing around is prone to danger

Children are lively and active. They often play around in kindergartens. Wearing necklaces, bracelets and other items may strangle the child’s neck or scratch the child’s arm when the child falls, causing danger. 

Parents must take off their children’s jewelry when their children go to kindergarten, so that the children are safer and reduce the chance of danger. Parents who scratch any child will feel distressed. 

2. Easy to be targeted by people with ulterior motives There are hidden dangers in safety issues.

There are many people with ulterior motives in society. Children with valuable jewelry will inevitably be targeted by criminals. If criminals target the baby, at least they will lose their belongings, and at worst, the child will be in danger of life. 

Children are not wary, and their belongings are easily lost, which can cause trouble. Therefore, parents should let their children simply go to kindergarten for the safety of their belongings. You can bring gold and silver jewelry when your child grows up. 

3. Toddlers are easy to develop the habit of comparison , Is not conducive to growth

Children are the easiest to develop bad habits. Children’s hearts are simple and they like to learn from each other. Once they develop a vibe of comparison, then we may go against the auspiciousness of the golden lock. Original intention. 

Mostly consider the healthy growth of children, and do not wear luxury goods or expensive jewelry to go to school. 

Extended reading: Children always lose things in kindergarten, learn these 4 tips

Tip 1: Prepare name stickers (available on the Internet), and paste them on children’s learning and daily necessities, such as bedding and drinking glasses , Stationery, etc. 

Tip 2: Make a simple list of supplies, and use this method to remind children to remember to bring these items home. 

Tip 3: Tie a small pendant that the child likes to the school bag, so that you can distinguish the children’s supplies. 

Tip 4: Don’t buy too many children’s supplies. Buy one if you don’t have one. This will also reduce the number of losses and let the baby cherish it.

The heart of every child is pure and white. Parents should not draw extra strokes. A child should have a simple and innocent appearance in order to grow into a pillar of talent. 

Does your child usually wear expensive jewelry? The kindergarten is the easiest child to be “excluded” from this category. Moms should pay attention to it.

If the workplace is a “jianghu”, then the kindergarten is the first small river and lake that children experience. Children need Learning the way of getting along with others and establishing interpersonal relationships between children will have a great impact on the children’s future character. 

Although the children are innocent and cute, and there is no bad psychology, it is normal for children to have some small frictions, but they will still be “squeezed out”. 

Studies have shown that children who are generally easily excluded have the following four characteristics. Moms, come and take a look at your baby? 

Love to complain

I believe no matter what age you are Duan doesn’t like people who love to complain, and will be regarded as the so-called “sellers”, especially in the eyes of children, who feel unwilling to contact such people. 

But in fact, it is not a wrong thing for children to complain. In the eyes of children, rules are rules and cannot be changed. 

It just so happens that at this stage children are very eager to be praised. When someone does something beyond the rules, the child will immediately file a complaint to seek praise. Although the method is correct, it is easy to cause rejection by other children. 

often show off

Now many parents work day and night, Just to create good living conditions for children. Many children have used a lot of big-name items when they are young, and their parents usually spoil their children too much, making them lack regularity. 

When they go to kindergarten, they still have this sense of superiority. They often show off with their classmates, and even take other children’s things casually, and this kind of show-off will cause dissatisfaction among many children. . Such children will naturally not be welcomed by others. 

lack of collectivism

There is such a kind of child He may be more introverted and always looks indifferent when getting along with others. When other children invite him to play together, he doesn’t know how to respond, so he habitually says “no”. 

I never participate in the recreational activities in the class, and the relationship with other children will gradually become estranged. Therefore, if you want your children to get along with their friends, you must first teach them to integrate into the group and communicate more with others. 

Poor self-care ability

Many children have been there since childhood Under the protection of parents, there is no ability to take care of themselves. Small things like eating meals, packing school bags, and going to the toilet also need the help of parents. But after I arrived in kindergarten, I didn’t know anything without the help of my parents. 

The surrounding children with better self-care skills will laugh at him or even exclude him. For a long time, children’s self-confidence will also be undermined, thinking that they are “stupid children” in the eyes of others. 

So, in order to prevent children from showing these characteristics , Parents should take their children to contact the outside world more in their lives, and guide their children’s social styles to solve their children’s psychological questions.

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