What is the experience of having too many uncles? The little milk baby “exclusively” 8 uncles: who dares to bully in the future?

What is the experience of having too many uncles? The little milk baby “exclusively” 8 uncles: who dares to bully in the future? 

As the saying goes, things are precious. In fact, people are the same. For example, in a family, there are few males, and the family prefers boys. If the family has few girls, they will favor girls more. 

This little girl is a rare girl in the family. She is regarded as a “treasure”. She is usually petted by the group. She also has 8 uncles. What kind of experience is this? 

The little milk baby is surrounded by 8 uncles. The picture is too spectacular and the children are so happy.

Ms. Li is exactly the cute little milk baby’s Mom, in her family, girls are a “rare species”, and Ms. Li is the only woman in the family’s two generations. 

Ms. Li’s grandfather only has a few sons. Without a daughter, there was no girl until Ms. Li was born. Ms. Li has 1 brother and 7 cousins, but no sisters. 

As the only girl in the family, she has been spoiled and grown up since she was a child. When Ms. Li got married and had children, several elder brothers and younger brothers also got married and gave birth to children, but they were all boys. Only Ms. Li’s little baby was a girl, so the whole family was very precious. 

Every time when Ms. Li takes her daughter home during the holidays, the eight uncles will go out to greet them. They will try all kinds of ways to make the little girl happy. Who will make her the only one among the younger generation in the family? What about a girl? 

When returning home, Ms. Li’s family I went to a nearby scenic spot to play. On a circular platform, 8 uncles gathered the little milk baby in the middle, thinking about teasing the baby and seeing who the baby would go to. 

This scene is so spectacular, the baby surrounded by it is directly stunned, and the expression seems to be asking “What’s the situation?”

This scene was photographed and posted on the Internet by family members. Netizens expressed their envy one after another: This kid is really happy, and the uncles are generally generous, and the New Year’s Eve money is soft! Some netizens think that the little milk baby enjoys so many uncles and cousins ​​alone, no one will dare to bully her in the future! 

It must feel good to be pampered by so many relatives. The fact that a family spoils a little baby like this shows that the family is united and warm. 

If the child is in such a family, sure Very happy! 

What are the benefits of having a united and loving family for children? 

It is not easy for a large family to be united and loving. Being in such a family can be said to be very happy. Of course, there are many benefits for the children. 

First of all, children can have more relatives and companions. 

Nowadays, most of the children are only children or two children in the family. If they do not have close contacts with the family, it is difficult for the children to feel the warmth and love of their relatives. 

Secondly, uniting a loving family can make children more confident and confident. 

Because of family harmony and unity, children will be infected by such an atmosphere, their hearts will be assimilated, and self-confidence will be built up. The large family, abundant resources, and wide network of relationships are all factors for children’s self-confidence and The source of confidence, at least there is someone behind the child, and he will not be afraid of being bullied. 

Finally, it allows children to better understand others get along. 

The prosperity of the family is inseparable from the care of a group of intelligent family members. The children in this united and progressive family have more opportunities to communicate with others than children in other small families. Much more, know a lot, and naturally know how to get along better with ears and eyes. 

So it is said that a good family can help the growth of children. Of course, family relationships need to be managed by the whole family. Chinese New Year is a good time. 

Parents should take some time to take their children back to their hometown or natal family reunion every new year and holidays! Every family reunion is a good educational opportunity. Parents can make good use of this opportunity! 

Bringing children to reunite with family members, how can parents educate their children? 

1. Teaching children etiquette

Whether it is a child or an adult working period, people with sweet mouths and politeness are the most likable. Chinese New Year and New Year holidays are the best time to teach and practice etiquette knowledge to children. Before taking their children home, parents can teach their children the basic New Year etiquette in advance, such as meeting to say hello, New Year greetings, etc. 

2. Demonstrate filial piety for children

Parents hope that their children will be filial in the future. They want their children to understand the meaning of filial piety and how to be filial to their elders. The best way is for parents to demonstrate. 

Bringing their children home during the New Year is a good opportunity for parents to demonstrate. For example, parents let their children see their filial behaviors such as helping the elderly cook, giving the elderly red envelopes, etc., and tell their children afterwards. Talk about filial piety. 

3. Let children feel the sense of ritual

More and more people feel that the taste of the year is weaker, and it is not as interesting as before. One of the important reasons is that there is no sense of ritual. . 

Actually, the sense of ritual is very meaningful to the growth of children. Parents can use the opportunity of the New Year to create a sense of ritual for their children, such as preparing gifts for their relatives with their children, making some handmade goods for the New Year, etc. , Let children feel the taste of the year. 

It is lucky to live in a harmonious family , But such a family is hard to come by. It doesn’t matter if the original family is not good. If you work together with your new family members and educate your children with your heart, you can also create a good family! The “sign-in” style of bringing babies is gradually becoming popular. There is no contradiction and everyone is satisfied.

Nowadays, the cost of raising children is constantly increasing. As young parents of dual-income families, only after get off work There is time to bring a baby, so now the main force of bringing a baby is actually the elderly at home. 

However, if all the care of the children is left to the elderly, the couple will not be able to bear the responsibility of raising the children, and the elderly will also feel very tired. 

So, in order to take care of the feelings of young parents and old people, I don’t know when, a new way of bringing a baby appeared-“sign-in type” to bring a baby. 

A kind of “sign-in” with baby is becoming popular, The elderly return home after their children get off work.

Aunt Yan was the backbone of the business before retiring, but her life suddenly became quiet after retirement. She was not used to it. Coincidentally, at that time, Aunt Yan’s daughter-in-law gave her a small child. Grandson, so Aunt Yan has been helping and taking care of her, and her life seems to be fulfilled and happy again. 

In a blink of an eye, the daughter-in-law returned to work after maternity leave, and Aunt Yan helped take care of the little grandson. The daughter-in-law also knows that she feels bad for Aunt Yan, so she discussed with her that she would come to take care of the children every morning. After she and her husband got off work, Aunt Yan would return to her home to rest, and she would give Aunt Yan an extra 2,000 yuan a month. 

Because Aunt Yan and her son and daughter-in-law are separated Very close, Aunt Yan walks to her son’s house every morning to take care of the baby during the day. After the little guy falls asleep, she occasionally helps tidy up the house. Before her son and daughter-in-law get off work, Aunt Yan will prepare for the young couple as long as she is free. Eating simple and delicious meals, or waiting for the young couple to finish the meal together before going home. 

In this kind of winter and summer, Aunt Yan seems to have found a sense of fulfillment at work in the busy day after day. At the same time, her son and daughter-in-law are also grateful for the help of her mother. 

Actually, Aunt Yan’s situation is typical The “sign-in” type of bringing the baby follows the regular work and rest of the day during the day and rest at night, with little contact with each other and no contradictions. Everyone feels very satisfied. It is no wonder that many young parents like it. 

The four benefits of this new way of bringing a baby are in front of us

Benefit 1: Avoiding conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law because of bringing a baby

The concept of parenting between the elderly and adult children must be the same. There will be differences, especially between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Once blush occurs, the hardest thing to do is to be the father of both son and husband. 

This kind of “sign-in” type of bringing a baby has the characteristics of a shift style. The elderly and young parents do not need to live together, but bring the baby at different time periods, which can well avoid conflicts. 

Benefit 2: The elderly also have their own lives Space

The elderly don’t need to be tied to their children all day, and they can have plenty of time for rest or entertainment “after work”. During the weekends, they can also meet up with friends. Yi combined. 

Benefit three: The relationship between children and their parents and the elderly is close.

For children, they can not only enjoy the meticulous care of “intergenerational parents”, but also be able to communicate with each other every day. When parents get along, they will not feel alienated from the other because they are only taken by their parents or the elderly. The family is naturally happy. 

Benefit 4: Young parents know how to be grateful and know Bringing a baby is not easy

In this way of bringing a baby, some people help parents to share the pressure. At the same time, it also prevents young parents from being a shopkeeper, so that they can experience the difficulty of the elderly in the process of bringing a baby, so that they can be more grateful. 

However, this way of bringing a baby also has limitations

Although this way of bringing a baby has many benefits, it also has limitations and is not suitable for all families. 

For example, this method requires the elderly and young parents to live in the same city and not too far apart. In addition, the elderly also need to have enough time, physical strength and energy. 

The most important point is that the elderly and the young Parents’ parenting concepts must be roughly the same, and they can’t be far apart. So before trying this way of bringing a baby, the family still needs to consider carefully. 

Bringing a baby is not easy. Both parties need to work together.

Nowadays, young people are under pressure at work. The elderly will naturally lend a helping hand to these young parents because they feel distressed for these young parents. But bringing a baby is not easy and requires the joint efforts of the whole family. Therefore, young parents should not take the help of the elderly for granted.

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