What is the experience of being “a yang pointed” by a male doctor? The parturient showed up and said that she was embarrassed just by listening

What is the experience of being “a yang pointed” by a male doctor? The parturient woman said that she was embarrassed just by listening

According to survey data, in many countries in Europe and America, the proportion of male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology can reach about 95%. In German obstetrics and gynecology, almost 100% of male doctors. 

In my country’s obstetrics and gynecology department, the proportion of male doctors is not small. In Taiwan Province and Hong Kong, the proportion of male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology is 90%. 

Although the proportion of male obstetrics and gynecology doctors in the Mainland is not so high, it can reach more than 40% in large hospitals in first-tier cities. 

This also means that if pregnant mothers are likely to meet a male doctor during the entire pregnancy and childbirth process, if they cannot adjust their mentality, the psychological impact will be great. 

Being a male doctor What is the experience of “one yang finger”? The parturient showed up and said, just listening to it is embarrassing! 

Previously, a novice mother who had just finished giving birth tweeted on Weibo that when she gave birth, from contractions to completion of delivery, the doctor in charge was actually a man. 

Especially in the process of checking whether the uterine mouth has reached 10 fingers, even if I am experiencing great pain, I still feel very embarrassed. 

Now the child is almost 2 months old. Although I know that the male doctor is a professional, I can give birth to the child smoothly. Thanks to him, every time I think of the scenes of the experience, Uncomfortable. 

This mother’s Weibo drew a lot of resonance from mothers. Among them, a female netizen nicknamed “Mom Piggy” said that when she had her first birth check, it was Met a middle-aged male doctor. 

When the male doctor said to herself, “Take off your pants for detailed examination,” she flushed instantly. 

When the internal examination was performed, at the moment when the male doctor was “a positive finger”, if it weren’t for seeing the male doctor’s serious face, and for the baby in her belly, she almost couldn’t control herself. Immediately put on his pants and walked out. 

Many netizens saw the description of “Little Pig” and left a message saying, “Although they know that doctors are professional, they only see patients as patients, but they feel very Embarrassing!”

According to the “Medical Circle”, in recent years, after my country’s second-child policy was fully liberalized, many major hospitals have begun to focus on expanding the recruitment of obstetrics and gynecology doctors. In the recruitment index, 10 A doctor usually has about 5 male doctors. 

So, even if the hospital understands that pregnant mothers will feel embarrassed in the face of male doctors, why do they favor male doctors so much? 

Obstetrics and Gynecology What are the advantages of male doctors? 

1. There are more advantages in physical strength and strength.

Compared with everyone, we all know that the process of childbirth is not only complicated, but also has a longer timeline. Some women may even have to experience more than 24 hours to give birth. 

Such a long process will test the physical strength of the doctors involved. At this point, male doctors are relatively better than female doctors. 

Another point is that men are usually stronger than women, which means that they need to be moved or held during the delivery process, or to help the mother deliver the fetus smoothly. 

If the male doctor is strong enough, he can do it quickly and reduce the harm to the fetus. Even for a birth check, a male doctor’s fingers will be longer, which is more accurate and convenient. 

2. Better endurance

The pain of childbirth, but can reach level 10 or above, mothers usually cry because of the huge pain. 

Because male doctors are less likely to be affected by these sounds, their endurance is better, so they can have more patience to stabilize the flustered and fluctuating mood of the mother. 

3. The reaction will be faster and more considerate

Men are more rational than women. This also enables male doctors to stay calm during the process of helping the mother to give birth, and therefore react faster. 

Even in an emergency, you can make a decision faster. Coupled with physical and strength advantages, it will be more helpful for the next operation. 

Previously, a hospital in the United States conducted an investigation on mothers whose male doctors were in charge of check-ups and deliveries. They found that they agreed that male doctors were more considerate, and when sutured their wounds, they would More gentle and detailed. 

From the above description, it can be seen that on the basis of the same level of medical skills, whether in physical strength, stress resistance, or psychological quality, male doctors still have a lot of Advantageous. 

Maybe pregnant mothers are affected by the idea of ​​”the difference between men and women”, so they are more resistant to having a male doctor complete the checkup or delivery. 

Actually, in the eyes of male doctors, pregnant mothers are just patients who need help. Pregnant mothers should not put too much psychological pressure on themselves, so as not to affect their emotions during pregnancy and childbirth. 

Pregnant mothers How to deal with the maternity examination and delivery by a male doctor? 

1. Adjust your own mentality

In addition to being male, male doctors are more importantly professional doctors. They only care about the safety and health of the mother and the fetus. 

Therefore, whether pregnant mothers meet with a male doctor during the check-up or childbirth, they should adjust their mentality, face it calmly, and actively cooperate with the doctor’s arrangements to ensure that they can give birth smoothly and safely. . 

2. Let a family member accompany you

If pregnant mothers are afraid to face it alone, you can have a family member accompany you during the birth check. You can also discuss with your family during childbirth and bring a family member to accompany you after you apply to the hospital. 

The process of giving birth is not only a painful process, but also an unforgettable happy moment. Pregnant mothers should concentrate and follow the doctor’s arrangements carefully. 

Ensure a safe and smooth delivery of the child, avoid more pain, and enjoy this unforgettable experience as much as possible instead of focusing on the male doctor. 

Of course, if pregnant mothers really can’t accept a male doctor, they can make an appointment with the hospital in advance for a female doctor to perform a birth check or perform a delivery operation to reduce unnecessary psychological pressure! 

Did you meet a male doctor during the checkup or delivery? Welcome to leave a message to share! When a father gets into these 4 bad habits, the child who costs the most in internal friction is likely to repeat the same mistakes

In most families in our country, the mothers of the mothers play a more important role in family education. But I have to say that in the process of children’s growth, the influence of Bao Dad is still very obvious and direct. In daily life, children will observe and imitate their father’s words and deeds, and this also means that Bao Dad should know how to restrain themselves. 

All boys He is outstanding, but he is only afraid of marriage. The reason behind it is thought-provoking.

Xiao Wang graduated from a prestigious school and is currently working in a foreign company. He has outstanding work ability and looks very handsome. So Xiao Wang’s parents do not understand why such a good son is always single? For this reason, Xiao Wang’s parents repeatedly used the reason of “getting married and starting a business” to urge the marriage, but Xiao Wang was unmoved. Once, Xiao Wang’s parents even secretly signed up for a blind date for their son. After receiving phone calls from his blind date unceasingly, Xiao Wang was finally overwhelmed and had a showdown with his parents. “I will never get married in my life, nor will I get married until I die!”

Seeing that his son is so afraid of marriage, Xiao Wang’s parents are very puzzled, and Xiao Wang’s father scolds his son for being selfish and unfilial. In fact, the real reason why Xiao Wang was afraid of marriage was because of his father. Xiao Wang’s father was a very masculine person. When Xiao Wang was young, Xiao Wang’s father often beat and scolded his mother, and by the way, he beat and scolded Xiao Wang. Being accustomed to his father’s violent appearance, Xiao Wang was very disappointed with the marriage, and what bothered him even more was that he worried that he would be as unbearable as his father when he got married. 

However, Xiao Wang would not tell his father about this reason, because he understood that with his father’s character, such a reason would only make the atmosphere of the whole family worse, and his father would not make the slightest change. Xiao Wang said, “My father broke all my illusions about family life. If the family is not a warm harbor, then what is the meaning of it?” In the growth of children, the behavior and habits of family members are produced on them. The impact is subtle and deep into the bone marrow. So if there are some bad habits in the fathers, then it is the poor child who will be most affected by this. 

When dad dyes When these four bad habits are followed, the children’s life will be very tragic.

In the traditional family concept, men have a higher status, so in many families, fathers have strong machismo. They consider themselves the authority of the family, and their partners and children should respect themselves. Obviously this kind of male chauvinism in the father will make the whole family atmosphere very depressing. If the fathers still have some bad habits, such as smoking and drinking, then they will make a very wrong demonstration for their children. With the negative teaching material of Dad, children are also very susceptible to the temptation of these bad things, which derives preferences similar to those of Dad. 

Although dad is the backbone of the family, if dad does not care about the family, then the role they play in the family will naturally be regrettable. The lack of companionship for the dad who cares about the family makes the child feel more indifference and loneliness from the family, which will also make the child feel more insecure. Dads with sloppy living habits always make a mess of the family environment. They don’t care about hygiene and don’t like to clean up, which makes the mothers bear more burdens of housework. Dads who don’t know how to manage life show their children a lack of life skills, and this will inevitably affect the development of children’s living habits and the development of organized behavior. 

Dads You should not be absent from family education, and you should set an example for your children.

In the education of children, the guidance of Bao Dad should occupy a very important part, so Bao Dad needs to correct their own educational attitudes. The responsibility of disciplining the children has been transferred to Bao Ma, and at the same time, Bao Dad should know how to improve themselves and set a good example for their children. I have to say that the process of accompanying children to grow up is actually a process of continuous practice by parents. When Bao Dad sees impropriety in their children, they should reflect on it and make corrections in time. Being a parent should look like a parent, because oneself is very likely to be the kind of person a child wants to be. 

In a family environment, Bao Dad should know how to respect their family members. Whether it is to their partners or their children, Bao Dad should treat their families as equals. The authority of a parent is not established by a person’s strength. It is a father’s greatest achievement to win the conviction of the child’s heart. In life, the image of Bao Dad is mostly careless, but it has to be said that the children’s observation is meticulous. After being a father, Bao Dad should maintain their own image and build a loving one for their children. Concept of family and affection. 

What do you think about the role of the treasure fathers in family education?

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