What is the difference between the 37th week and 40th week of the baby’s pregnancy? One day in the belly is better than ten days outside

What is the difference between the 37th week and 40th week of the baby’s pregnancy? One day in the belly is better than ten days outside

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

The World Health Organization stipulates that babies born after 37 weeks can be considered full-term, and those born before 37 weeks are premature babies. However, in fact, only a 40-week gestation period can be considered a full-term baby, and all aspects of the body can be considered mature. 

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Children born at 37 weeks of gestation PK children born at 40 weeks of gestation

We often hear from people who say that “a baby stays in the mother’s belly for a day is better than outside. “Heaven” is not unreasonable. Indeed, there is a certain gap between children born at 37 weeks of pregnancy and children born at 40 weeks of pregnancy in the following aspects:

1. Immunity

Usually, a 37-week-old child will continue to develop in the abdomen and absorb more nutrients needed after birth. If it reaches 40 weeks is the child’s development limit, all aspects have been perfected, and the immunity will naturally be stronger. 

According to the survey, children born under 40 weeks of age get sick 1.67 times more often than children born at 40 weeks. 

2. The development of the lungs and brain

The development of the child’s lungs and brain is concentrated in the third trimester, so the child’s brain and lungs are at the 37th to 40th week. It is an important period for the development of the child’s brain and lungs if the child can be born in the abdomen to 40 weeks. 

When the child is born At that time, the cry of children at 40 weeks was significantly greater and more powerful than children at less than 40 weeks. This is because the children’s lungs are more developed. 

3. Appearance and weight

Usually, children born at about 37 weeks are about 44~47cm tall and weigh about 2400~3000 grams; and born at 40 weeks His child is about 50cm tall and weighs about 3300 grams. Babies at 40 weeks’ gestation are obviously bigger than those at about 37 weeks. 

At the same time, the skin of a child born at 40 weeks will be plump and smooth, because after two more weeks in the mother’s womb, the subcutaneous fat has also developed, and the fetal fat has also fallen off more. It looks naturally smoother and moisturized. 

Causing preterm birth There are many reasons for this. At present, the main ones are multiple pregnancies and anemia; high blood pressure and some chronic problems during pregnancy, such as heart, diabetes, etc.; the time of rupture of amniotic fluid is early or amniotic fluid is too early Many, the placenta peels off too early and the placenta has problems with the front; the pelvis of pregnant women is abnormal; accidents occur, such as falling, etc…

How to prevent “premature birth”? 

Premature birth is the main reason for many problems in newborns. It is urgent to prevent premature birth. According to surveys, premature birth is mostly due to mother’s factors. Therefore, pregnant mothers must always pay attention to pregnancy health care during pregnancy:< /p>

1. Actively check your body when preparing for pregnancy. If there are some problems that may cause premature birth, you need to be treated in time, and then prepare for pregnancy after recovery;

2. The check-ups during pregnancy cannot be saved, so check-ups must be made on time, and problems should be detected and treated early . Some pregnant mothers may choose to miss certain tests because of the complicated pregnancy test procedures. In fact, this is very dangerous. It is very likely that this missed test is a factor that causes premature birth. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to this; /p>

3. You need to pay more attention to your diet during pregnancy, supplement your body with the nutrients you need to prevent anemia and other problems from causing premature birth. Many pregnant women will have anemia during pregnancy. Once it exists for a long time, it will easily lead to pregnancy. Mother has the problem of premature delivery;

4. Pay attention to travel during pregnancy. Don’t go to places with heavy traffic and noisy, so as to avoid accidents due to crowding and cause premature delivery;

5. Even if the pregnant mother is very careful in many aspects, she still It is necessary to be prepared for premature birth, and the problem of premature birth in the future will not be caught off guard, so that the harm to the pregnant mother and the child can be minimized. 

Of course, in addition to the problem of pregnant mothers, there are also some congenital problems that are unavoidable, such as multiple births. If similar situations occur, you should be more careful and check if problems occur in time to prevent danger. 

Knowledge extension: Nursing of premature babies

1. Premature babies are different from full-term babies. You must wait for the umbilical cord to fall off before you can bathe the whole body. Children should also be cleaned and taken care of when they are not taking a bath. The upper body usually needs to be cleaned in an incubator, and the lower body can be washed. 

2. It is difficult for premature infants to adjust their body temperature by themselves, so in the nursing process, you need to pay special attention to temperature and humidity. 

3. Feeding methods and Full-term infants are different. Premature infants develop faster and must adopt the correct feeding method. If the child is about 37 weeks old, you can choose bottle or breastfeeding. If the gestation period is less than 32 weeks, stomach tube feeding should be adopted, and various nutrients should be input for three days. 

Note: Breastfeeding is best for premature babies. 

4. Prevent infection: The space where premature babies are located must be equipped with air-conditioning equipment to maintain a constant temperature and humidity at the same time as fresh air. Once infection occurs, they should be isolated immediately. 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

It is not easy for every pregnant mother to conceive in October, but for the health of the baby, some pain is inevitable. This is a must before becoming a mother. By the way.  Women have several behaviors after pregnancy. Annoyed by a husband, it is a test of the relationship between husband and wife

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

< p>Pregnancy is a happy event, but many pregnant mothers have been criticized by their family members for some behaviors during pregnancy, especially for their husbands speechless. Then a good happy event caused constant conflicts in the family and affected the feelings. 

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After pregnancy, the husband is too self-willed, and her husband can’t stand it

“She was like a different person after she was pregnant, but she didn’t seem to have changed.” This is Xiao He Why did her husband say this to her evaluation? Mainly because of these things. 

Xiao He was a generous and enthusiastic person before marriage. After pregnancy, he is still enthusiastic and loves to help others. 

Some time ago, my friend was going on a business trip, and I wanted Xiao He to help him raise the puppy for ten days. My husband felt that she was pregnant and it would be unacceptable. Who knew Xiao He would accept it without saying anything. Down. 

This makes the husband angry As soon as the dog came out, Xiao He caught a cold within a few days after receiving it from the house. The doctor said that it might be caused by the bacteria in the dog at home. The husband said that he would send the dog back, but Xiao He refused. Until the friend comes back. 

However, when he was at home, Xiao He did take his “careful” to the extreme. He didn’t comfort him in time to get angry when he saw the TV show crying, and he failed to get angry with the dishes he likes to eat, even when it rains. Blame it on her husband, which makes her husband very speechless. 

At the beginning, you can choose to endure it. After a long time, you can’t avoid the quarrel. The husband said: “Sometimes the quarrel is really because of being too angry, but thinking about her pregnancy and regretting it, I don’t know what to do. “

Affected by physical changes during pregnancy, it is inevitable for many pregnant mothers to have a bad temper. However, there are several behaviors that can easily make their husbands angry, which is a test of the relationship between husband and wife——

1. Sensitive and suspicious

The hormones in the body have changed after pregnancy, which makes pregnant mothers easy to become emotional, like a “dynamite barrel” full of negative energy, which is slightly unhappy Spontaneous combustion. 

Furthermore, because they worry about the health of the fetus in the abdomen, they will be extremely cautious in every move. They are emotionally tense every day, but neglect the people around them, and the communication and communication between husband and wife will be reduced. . 

In this regard, many men may choose to be inclusive and considerate at first, but after a long time, it is naturally impossible for everything to be explained in place, and it is easy for pregnant mothers to follow up and ask questions. In this way, quarrels will inevitably occur and cause conflicts between husband and wife. 

2, too willful


After pregnancy, women will become more fragile and delicate. This is normal, but if it is too much, it will be “work” and it will definitely make the other half annoying. 

For example, you need more care during pregnancy. As the other half and your family, you have this responsibility, but others must listen to yourself and control everything by yourself. If you don’t like it, you will get angry. This is natural It’s easy to be disgusted. 

Love and good temper will be gradually worn away. 

3, Forgetting that you are a pregnant woman

After pregnancy, many women still go their own way, never realizing the fact that they are not one person, but two people. Sometimes they even do things that are more dangerous to the fetus. For example, after pregnancy, they still go clubbing and eat some stimulating foods. 

This is not only irresponsible to the children, but also irresponsible to the family. Because the other half is both her husband and the child’s father, this kind of behavior that can cause harm to the child is naturally difficult to tolerate as a father. 

The woman shows up with her husband after pregnancy The probability of the problem can be said to be very large, so what should be done to avoid this situation and even increase the relationship between the couples——

1. More emotional communication

Pregnant mothers cannot be pregnant After that, there is only the baby in my heart. Instead, we should put her husband in an equally important position and care about it from time to time. This will not only make her husband feel warm, but also allow herself to be cared for more carefully. 

Because the husband will inevitably return the same care and care from his wife after he gets caring. In such mutual care, natural feelings can also be enhanced. 

2, organize yourself


Even if you are pregnant, you can’t give up your beauty. This kind of beauty does not mean that you must make up delicate, but at least it should be clean and comfortable, so that you can feel the spring breeze. 

The dressing is mainly simple and comfortable. This dressing will not give people a sloppy feeling, but also make people feel your nature and beauty. 

3. Let your husband participate” Pregnancy”

Pregnancy is a happy event for a family. It is obviously inappropriate if only the pregnant mother is alone to prepare. Pregnant mothers should let their husbands take action and fulfill their duties and responsibilities as fathers. 

For example, learning about pregnancy together before pregnancy; going to the hospital for a birth check; purchasing the supplies the child needs when the child is about to be born, etc. These things seem simple, but they can also make the other half feel that they are about to become Father’s joy, in some small things, constantly enhances each other’s feelings. 

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