What is the difference between sleeping pillows and non-sleeping children when they grow up? There are a few obvious points, parents should pay attention to

What is the difference between sleeping pillows and non-sleeping children when they grow up? There are several obvious points that parents should pay attention to.

A suitable pillow can ensure a comfortable sleep and the normal development of the cervical spine. 

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Pillows are essential bedding for our daily sleep. For children, How old can I start using pillows? If you don’t give your baby a pillow, what harm will happen? 

How old is the baby to start pillowing? 

The newborn’s spine is straight. When lying down, the back and the back of the head are on the same plane. The neck muscles will not be in a tight state because there is no pillow support. For this reason, it is not necessary to use a pillow. pillow. 

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It is generally recommended that babies use pillows after 18 months. At this time, their physiological curvature has been formed, and their shoulders have gradually widened. In order to improve the comfort of sleep, you can start gradually Use pillows. If you use the pillows too early, it may cause the following hazards——

1, hinder the development of the spine

For newborn babies, too early pillows will force their heads up. , Causing discomfort in the head and neck, the child may choose to sleep with the head tilted. When the cervical spine is bent, it will not be corrected for a long time, which may cause the spine to develop and deform, resulting in sloping shoulders and kyphosis. 

2, increase the risk of suffocation< /p>

The American Academy of Pediatrics clearly stated that in order to reduce the incidence of sudden infant death, it is best not to use pillows for children within one year of age. There should be no such things as pillows, quilts, bed surrounds, etc. on the baby’s bed. This is because babies younger than 4 months will not turn over or turn their heads. They may accidentally cover their mouth and nose by these objects, which will affect their breathing. In addition, if the head is too high and the neck is bent too much, it may also cause breathing difficulties and hypoxia in the brain. 

Some parents want to avoid possible existence If the danger occurs, you simply don’t give your child a pillow, but once this becomes a habit, the child will no longer need a pillow when sleeping. Although it will not cause too much harm, the difference between the two is still quite big. 

Whether to give the child a pillow, what effect does it have on physical development? 

1. Different cervical spine development

If the child never sleeps on the pillow, the cervical spine may not be supported for a long time, and stays in the air all the time, it is prone to stiff neck problems. If things go on like this, May cause cervical strain. And for children who are developing, the deformation of the cervical spine will also affect the shape of the head. 

The pillow for sleeping can ensure the neck The physiological arc of the body is not deformed, and the lack of a pillow will cause the physiological arc to be not maintained and guaranteed. Long-term chronic injuries such as fatigue, stiffness and pain may occur due to the excessive tension of muscles and ligaments. 

2. Different brain development

If you want your child’s brain to develop normally, you must ensure that the blood circulation in the brain is normal, and if you don’t sleep on a pillow, the head position will be It is relatively lower than the heart, leading to more blood in the head, affecting the blood circulation in the head. After waking up the next day, it is easy to feel tired, dizzy and headache. Over time, it will affect normal brain development. 

How to choose the right pillow for your child? 

1. The material is moderately soft and soft. Because the scalp and hair of the baby at a young age are very delicate, a too hard pillow will increase the friction between the scalp and the pillow surface, leading to the occurrence of alopecia areata; while a pillow that is too soft will cause the baby to collapse easily, which is not conducive to the baby’s head. During the rapid development of the baby’s cervical spine, the child’s pillow needs to have a certain degree of support. 

2. Pillow with good air permeability. Because infants develop rapidly, have a strong metabolism, and sweat more, their dandruff and sweat are easy to stick to the pillow, and choosing a pillow with good air permeability can improve the baby’s sleep quality. 

3. Pillow of appropriate size . 2 to 7 years old is the period of rapid development of the baby’s spine, and the curvature of the neck is also larger. The occiput height should not exceed 4cm before the age of 4 years.  “OCD” Baoma hard washes the baby One part of the body causes the baby to have a high fever in the middle of the night, and ignorance is the fault

It is the responsibility of every mother to take care of the healthy growth of the baby. 

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Many novice mothers will pay attention to their babies when they are almost full moon or 3 months old. When there is a layer of white or light yellow “dirty” on top of the little guy’s head, some obsessive-compulsive mothers may not be able to understand, and always want to clean the baby. Xiao Yin is like this. Who knows that this move makes her regret it. . 


Xiao Yin is a novice mother. After seeing the “dirty” on her baby’s head, she can’t restrain herself with “obsessive-compulsive disorder” With both hands, impulsively, blindly clean them out. First, wash with clean water, and when the effect is not seen, put on soap directly. After the “dirty” becomes softened in water, then the child is deducted by hand until the baby’s head is red and the pain is so painful that she can’t stop crying, she will give up. 

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Who knows that in the middle of the night, the baby suddenly cried and made a lot of noise. When he touched the baby’s forehead, it was very hot. The thermometer measured 39 degrees, and Xiao Yin hurriedly took the baby to the hospital. 

After examination, it was precisely because she “violently” washed away the “dirty” on the baby’s head, the doctor rebuked Xiao Yin for her ignorance, and frankly said that the newborn’s skin was very delicate and could not be tolerated. Rubbing vigorously, this is not to make the child clean and good-looking, but is completely harmful to the baby. 

In fact, this layer of “dirty” on the head of infants and young children is called cradle cap. Because the epidermis and dermis of the neonatal scalp are not closely connected, the epidermis is easy to fall off, and the neonatal secretion function is strong. The sebaceous glands protect the external skin by secreting sebum. If the secretion is excessive and not cleaned up in time, it will accumulate with hair, dust, and dead skin cells to form a thick dark brown scab. 

According to statistics, there are about 10 % Of infants develop cradle caps around the full moon, and 70% of infants develop cradle caps when they are 3 months old. Cradle caps often appear on the scalp. There is no need to deal with it deliberately. It will fall off and disappear after a few weeks or months, and disappear without a trace by the time the baby is about 1 year old. 

Because the cradle cap is hard and close to the fontanelle, many novice parents do improper cleaning methods, which can easily damage the halogen door. 

What is the “dongdong” of Lumen

When every baby is born, because the skull is not fully developed, there will be a certain gap between the bones. Known as the halogen door, it is divided into the front halogen door and the rear halogen door. The front fontanelle is at the top of the head, which is a diamond-shaped gap, and the back fontanelle is close to the headrest, which is a triangular gap. 

Usually when the baby is born, the smaller posterior gate may be closed, and at the latest it will be completely closed 6-8 weeks after birth; while the bregma will gradually increase with the development of the head When the skull is developed and finalized, it will gradually become ossified, and it will gradually become smaller. Generally, it closes at the time of 1 year to 1 year and a half. 

Before the halogen door is closed It is very soft to the touch, and there is a pulsating sensation like a pulse from time to time. This is caused by the pulsation of the subcutaneous blood vessels, which is a normal phenomenon. 

Old people often say that the Lumen is the gate of life. Only by protecting it can the brain be protected from harm. Therefore, novice parents must pay attention to the baby’s head. 

Five points to protect the fontanelle

1. There is no bone protection at the halogen door, so try not to touch, press, or even collide. 

2. When there is dirt at the halogen door that is difficult to clean, first soak it with vegetable oil to soften it and then clean it. 

3. When shampooing your baby’s hair, don’t scratch it or rub it with a towel. It is recommended to rub it gently with your fingertips. 

3. Wear a “safety helmet” for your baby when going out to avoid sharp objects hitting the halogen door. Wear a hat when going out in the winter when the wind is too strong. 

4. Wash your baby’s hair Always use a special lotion for infants and young children, and never use soap, soap, shampoo and other highly alkaline substances, which are too irritating to the baby’s scalp. 

5. If you accidentally hit your baby’s fontanelle, even if there is no obvious trauma, you must observe the baby’s expression changes and go to the hospital for examination in time. 

In short, the baby’s head care is very important, we must take care of it carefully. The halogen door is related to the baby’s brain development and intellectual development. 

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