What is the difference between maternity insurance and maternity allowance? How to get the most economical? How much can I save at most?

What is the difference between maternity insurance and maternity allowance? How to get the most economical? How much can I save at most? 

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Nowadays, social welfare is gradually improving. All aspects can be more powerfully guaranteed. For Bao Ma, there are several benefits that must be understood in time. Pregnancy and childbirth can save more than half of the money. 

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Consultation during pregnancy is not in place, and the childbirth allowance is less received

When Xiaoling was hospitalized after delivery, she met a pregnant mother who was expecting to give birth. People often chat with each other and are very fond of each other. 

When the two were talking about maternity subsidies, they found that they were in the same situation, but the amount they received was different. The other mother obviously paid more than Xiaoling, which made her very confused. . 

Another pregnant mother said After I got pregnant, I consulted on some benefits during pregnancy, and after calculation, I figured out the amount I deserved. In the end, I got basically the same as my calculation, so I was relieved. 

Xiaoling recalled that after she became pregnant, she basically didn’t spend much time on this aspect. Most of them were handled by her husband. Both husband and wife are not very clear about the receipt of these benefits. If you think about it this way, there may be a problem. That’s it. 

Maternity allowance and maternity insurance are the two most important benefits during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers must understand clearly. 

What is maternity insurance


In fact, this refers to maternity insurance. As an insurance system provided by the state to the society, it mainly includes medical services, maternity leave and maternity allowances. 

So we can understand that the scope of maternity insurance is larger, and allowances are only one of them. As a kind of social security, in addition to the allowance, it can also reimburse the expenses of prenatal checkups, pregnancy checkups and childbirth. 

However, his reimbursement process is not Our reimbursement of medical expenses is different. The specific process is as follows:

A. Issuing a birth certificate

There are different regulations in each region, and the required materials will also be different. different. Therefore, before proceeding, you should call the local community committee for consultation and prepare the required materials before proceeding. 

The processing time for this document is usually about 3 days, so you need to calculate the time in advance. 

B. Reimbursement

After the birth certificate is processed, take this certificate and go to the hospital for reimbursement. 

But there is one thing to note: Maternity insurance can take effect, provided that the marriage is protected by law. 

What is maternity allowance?

This is a part of maternity insurance. It is mainly the living allowance that the state grants to working women during their absence. This kind of subsidy cannot be directly received and requires the company Make a declaration and then pay with “maternity leave wages”. 

The amount paid is calculated by the formula: Amount of income (maternity allowance) = average salary of the company in the previous year/30 days * statutory days of maternity leave. 

Note: The maternity leave is 98 days for normal childbirth and 113 days for caesarean section. For multiple babies, each additional baby will be extended by 15-20 days. At the same time, different regions will have their related regulations. 

Maternity benefits and maternity leave pay Difference:

Different issuers: allowances are issued by social security agencies, while maternity leave wages are paid by the company where women work. The nature is different: maternity allowance is a living allowance given to working women by relevant national regulations, while maternity leave wages are wages given to women by enterprises during the maternity period. The scope is different: maternity allowance also includes maternity leave pay. 

How to get the cheapest money? 

When receiving, you need to pay attention to the allowance and maternity leave pay. You can only choose one. According to the experience of the past, if your maternity allowance is calculated to be higher than the maternity leave salary, then you will have priority to receive the maternity allowance, and vice versa. Receive maternity leave pay, which is the most economical. 

At the same time, you should pay attention The reimbursement of medical expenses in the maternity insurance is available to everyone, but the maternity allowance is only available to women who are employed and have paid social insurance continuously. 

How much can I save? 

This is still calculated according to different regions, different units, and different positions. Some can even save tens of thousands of dollars. 

When giving birth to a child, the economic pressure will be less

1) Consult and reimburse expenses in time

When giving birth, women can enjoy many preferential and subsidy policies Yes, but many mothers who give birth for the first time are always confused and don’t know how to apply, and they don’t know who can apply. 

At this time, you need to do your homework. After you become pregnant, you should learn about the relevant policies, go through the necessary procedures in time, and understand the processing time. 

For example: birth To apply for the allowance, you need to submit the materials to the human resources department of the unit where the woman is located within 3 months after giving birth, fill in the relevant registration form, seal it by the company, and return it to the unit after being signed by both spouses. The unit will declare it in about 5-25 days. , Will be issued after the funds arrive in the account. 

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the processing time and process in time, so as not to miss the time and lose the relevant benefits. 

2) Appropriate services

Many hospitals provide various nursing services to pregnant women, but not all services are necessary, so pregnant women must be based on their own body Choose from the situation. Some services not only waste money, but also cause physical exhaustion, which is not worth the loss. 

3) Suitable hospital< /p>

Different hospitals will naturally have different charging standards, but nowadays childbirth is a relatively simple medical technology, so there is no need to choose a hospital with a high level of medical technology. This kind of hospital is not only expensive but also difficult begging. 

Of course, if your physical condition is not good, you should try to choose a more authoritative hospital to reduce the risk. Return to Sohu to see more

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“The last thing I regret “Mom will bring the baby”, Baoma’s awakening makes people cry

“The last thing I regret is that my mother will bring the baby”, Baoma’s awakening makes people cry

Text | Mom’s Tao (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not copy)

After the child is born, it is usually taken care of by the elderly. According to statistics, now the elderly help with the children The ratio reached 70%. 

Although the elders are still helping with the children, the main force among the elderly has changed. The grandparents who used to bring the children were basically grandparents, but now the children are basically in charge of the grandparents. 

Why is my grandma with a child? More? 

Some media once interviewed a grandma with a baby, and got these answers:

▶ Distressed girl

Many families have only one daughter, a child It was painful from childhood to adulthood. When she gave birth, parents were naturally uneasy. 

Being a mother at the same time, I feel more empathetic with my daughter and understand the helplessness of her daughter and the annoying things she may encounter. Therefore, after the daughter gave birth, she took the initiative to take care of her. 

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▶ Avoid conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

When father-in-law and mother-in-law help with children, conflicts are most likely to occur, but mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are not familiar with each other and rarely understand each other. Communicate well, so quarrels often occur. Sometimes the husband’s involvement can become a big family conflict. 

Furthermore, the relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law is a bit more polite than the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. They are all of the opposite sex, and there may be fewer contradictions. 

Even if there are conflicts between the mother and daughter, they are resolved quickly. Even if they are angry with each other, they can be reconciled immediately, and the whole family relationship can be more harmonious. 

▶ Lighten the burden for your daughter< /p>

It takes almost 24 hours a day to take care of the newborn. When the husband does not help, the energy of both mother and mother-in-law is not enough, let alone the mother who is in her confinement period and needs a good rest. 

So many mothers who love their daughters and want her to have time to rest have also come to help with the children, which greatly reduces the burden for their daughters. 

However, although more and more mothers have enjoyed the convenience of their mothers helping with their children, they regret it very much. 

Grandma worked hard to help with the children, You may encounter these results-

▶ Housework with baby all inclusive

Some mothers said that when their mothers came to take the children, their parents-in-law and husband were completely fine. My mother worked hard to do housework and take care of the children alone, and she also had to pay for some living expenses by herself, which made her feel very self-blame. 

▶ Long-term separation from their wives

Many daughters live with their husbands and parents-in-laws after they get married. When they need their mothers to bring their babies, they are basically the grandmothers alone. Therefore, the grandmother and the elderly need to be separated for a long period of time. 

Sometimes the old man has to worry about his daughter’s affairs, and worry that his wife will not live well alone at home, and his health will be more prone to problems. 

▶ Between mother and daughter Contradictions may increase

Even if the relationship between mother and daughter is relatively good, when Bao’s mother is emotionally abnormal, she will inevitably blame her for life and childcare problems. 

No matter how good the relationship is, there is always the possibility of cracks after quarrels. 

▶ The limelight is taken away by grandma

When the child grows up, the grandmother usually wants to go home, and the child who has lost the memory of childhood will get along with the grandma again, maybe because of this Ignoring my grandma and not getting close to her, this makes many elderly people feel wronged. 

How to solve the problem of old people showing up with children Contradiction? 

Whether it is grandma helping with children , Or grandma helps to take care of the children, there will be different contradictions, and for children, the most important thing is that their parents take care of themselves. 

First of all, husbands have to play their role.

In fact, many mothers-in-laws don’t want to bring babies. They just want their sons to relax, but this may bring conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Or the mother-in-law did not pay attention to the daughter-in-law. 

Therefore, after the husband is off work, it is best not to use busy work as an excuse, and would rather play games and take care of the children. 

Secondly, there must be a sense of boundary between family members

When the elders come to help with the children, the children should be grateful and it is best to give them back. Such a sense of boundaries can prevent the elderly from excessively participating in the decision-making of the entire family, causing unnecessary family conflicts. 

Once again, take more children to visit grandma

After grandma helps to take care of the children, parents need to take the children to visit grandma from time to time or contact their relationship through other channels, so that the elderly can also feel Feel better. 


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