What is the difference between “ligation” and “shanghuan” for Bao Ma? Compared to them, doctors recommend it most

What is the difference between “ligation” and “shanghuan” for Bao Ma? Compared with them, doctors recommend it the most.

Most women choose the contraceptive method after giving birth to “shanghuan”, and few people will go to ligation. But if you ask these women, what is the difference between upper ring and ligation, why they choose ring instead of ligation, many people can’t answer why. 

Most of them are because the friends around you go to the ring, so they just go directly to the ring, and I haven’t considered ligation at all. However, in recent years, more and more news broke that many women had various side effects after sheunghuan, which also caused many women to turn their attention to ligation. 

“ligation” What is the difference between “Sheung Wan” and Bao Ma? 

1. About Shanghuan

Shanghuan, as its name implies, is to put the birth control ring into the female’s reproductive part through surgery to block the encounter between the male “tadpole” and the female egg. Achieve contraceptive effect. 

However, Sheung Wan is not an absolutely effective method of contraception. Some time ago, a 34-year-old pregnant woman in Vietnam gave birth to a child, and the child was born with an IUD. The country is on fire. 

It can be seen that the birth control ring is also affected by many factors. If a female friend pays attention to rest after the operation and does not perform high-intensity labor, the position of the birth control ring is less likely to deviate, but it is also not Not absolute. 

1) What are the benefits of Sheung Wan? 

The upper ring operation is simpler, and women have to bear less pain, and it is safer with other contraceptive methods, especially contraceptive pills or subcutaneous implants. 

In addition, the upper ring does not affect the fertility of women. If you want to get pregnant later, you can also take out the birth control ring. 

2) What are the risks of Sheung Wan? 

Each woman’s physique is different. Some women are more resistant to “foreign bodies”. After wearing the contraceptive ring, symptoms such as bleeding and backache may occur. Some people may get better after a while. But some people will continue for a long time, and even this symptom will not disappear. 

For this situation, I personally recommend going to the hospital to take out the IUD, otherwise it will have a greater impact on the female’s body. Of course, for those women who have adapted, it doesn’t mean that they will sit back and relax. 

Because the IUD disturbs the balance of hormones and endocrine in women, it will increase the risk of women’s gynecological diseases and inflammation, and in the case of improper activities, the IUD will also fail due to positional deviation. 

2. Regarding ligation

Ligament is a method of “knotting” the fallopian tube by a woman to block the encounter between the “tadpole” and the egg. It can be said to be a kind of sterilization operation. 

1) What are the benefits of ligation? 

The contraceptive success rate of ligation is higher than that of the upper ring, and compared with the upper ring, women have fewer side effects after ligation, and the probability of hormone or endocrine disorder is lower, and it is not long-term Sexual. 

In addition, with the advancement of modern medical technology, if a woman wants to get pregnant again after ligation, she can also open the fallopian tube through surgery, so that her fertility can be restored again. 

2) What are the risks of ligation? 

The main risk after ligation surgery comes from infection of the genital area and adhesion of various devices, and the recovery speed is relatively slow, and a small number of women may experience abdominal pain, but wait until the recovery is complete No more abdominal pain. 

Therefore, as for these two contraceptive methods, which one should be chosen, it is necessary for the mothers to make a choice according to their own situation and wishes. 

However, compared with them, there is another contraceptive method, which doctors recommend most, and that is male ligation. 

When it comes to male ligation surgery, most men reject it, believing that men’s ligation surgery will not only be ashamed, but also affect sexual function. 

For the former, many men do have such thoughts. After all, ligation operations are basically performed by boys and girls in clinical practice. Men think this is a matter of face, so most of them are repelled. 

Regarding the latter, this idea is obviously wrong, because ligation surgery does not affect sexual function, it only affects fertility, blocking the efflux of “tadpoles”, and there is nothing in the secretions excreted from the body. The ingredients of tadpoles, and those “tadpoles” that have not been excreted, are basically waiting to be absorbed in the body. 

But if a male friend wants to restore his fertility in the future, he can also restore it through surgery. The reason doctors recommend it most is that it is easier and safer for men to perform ligation, and the postoperative side effects are also less. 

In clinical practice, most men show mild inflammation after ligation, but they can recover within a few days. Compared with the various symptoms of women, it is obviously more worthy of recommendation. 

In addition, there is another point worth mentioning, that is, the success rate of men after ligation is also very high, there are few clinical failures, and there is basically no need to worry about subsequent pregnancy. But the question that should be considered most now is, are those treasure dads willing to do it? The nutrition of these three dishes is not as good as milk. They are delicious, and they grow up to nourish their brains. Moms can feel free to buy them.

When it comes to letting children grow taller, many moms will think of milk for the first time. There is a slogan saying that a cup of milk a day will strengthen a nation. 

It is true that milk has high nutritional value, which is very beneficial to the growth and development of children, but it is not only milk that can strengthen a nation. 

In addition to it, there are many foods that have similar effects, some of which are even hidden in our daily diet. 

A nutrition expert friend I know often recommends everyone to eat beans, eggs and fish. He believes that the nutrition of these three home-cooked dishes is not less than milk, and they are in line with the appetite of our Chinese people. They are often given to children. Eating not only grows one’s body, but also replenishes the brain. 

My friend has two children in her own family, and she arranges food for the children according to this standard. Now the developmental state of the two children is significantly better than that of their peers. 

The eldest son is just ten years old, and he is already taller than his friends. It is no problem if he jumps to 1.8 meters in the future. The youngest daughter is seven years old, which is also significantly taller among his peers. 

Actually, both my friend and her husband are very short. Her husband is less than one meter, and she is only 1.5 meters. 

The two originally thought that a pair of children were not too tall, but they were only a few years old, and they were already impressive. In the future, having long legs is not a dream at all. 

The two children have developed so well, and they are certainly inseparable from the status of a friend’s nutrition expert. 

If she hadn’t tailored a diet plan for the children, accompanied the children to exercise, and regulated the children’s work and rest, the two children would not have the developmental state they are today. 

Milk is of course a high-quality food, but if you only know to feed your child with milk, it will be nutritionally inadequate for a long time, and it will be detrimental to the child’s growth. 

In contrast, a diversified and balanced diet is more beneficial to children’s physical development, and it can also promote brain development and make children smarter. 

The nutrition of these three dishes does not lose milk, Bao Ma can rest assured to buy

1. Beans

Beans are a type of vegetable that Chinese people like to eat very much. They are stir-fried, dried or stir-fried. Fried meat is fine. 

As a type of soy products, it is rich in plant protein, and its nutritional value is comparable to that of soy milk, which is known as “vegetable milk”. 

As a vegetable, it is rich in vitamins and cellulose, which can meet the child’s body’s needs for vitamins and promote digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract. 

Therefore, giving children beans often has many benefits for their growth and development. Just remember to cook them, because raw beans are toxic, so you don’t have to worry about them when they are cooked. 

2. Eggs

If you want children to eat nutritiously, it doesn’t cost much at all, because cheap eggs are a kind of food with very comprehensive nutritional value. 

Eggs are delicious, convenient and cheap. Mom can often buy them for their children. However, if you eat a lot of it every day, it is recommended that your child only eat egg whites. 

This is because the egg yolk contains too much cholesterol. If you eat more than two egg yolks a day, the cholesterol intake will exceed the standard. If you only eat less than two eggs, there is no such concern. 

3. Fish

Fish, especially sea fish, is also very suitable for children to eat frequently. Fish meat contains various protein components needed by the human body, and it is the kind that is relatively easy to absorb. 

In addition, the fish is easy to cook, so cooked and easy to digest, unlike other meats, children are prone to diarrhea. 

More importantly, fish meat also contains DHA, which is good for children’s brain development, so people often say that eating fish can strengthen the brain. 

The above three types of dishes are frequently found in the daily diet of Chinese people, and even ordinary families can afford them. 

So, even if you can’t afford your child two glasses of milk a day, you can use other methods to make him grow taller and make his brain develop smarter. 

But when it comes to children’s diet, in addition to the above recommended dishes, there are also some taboos. If these taboos are not avoided, no matter how good the ingredients are, it is in vain. 

The child’s diet The contraindications of mothers must understand clearly

1. Avoid high salt and high oil

The food for children must avoid high salt and high oil, because the child’s demand for salt is higher than Adults who are low and accustomed to high-salt foods will inhibit his physical development. 

High-oil foods are easy for children to gain weight, which not only affects the appearance, but also easily leads to many diseases including heart disease. 

2. Avoid picky eaters

No matter how nutritious a food is, it cannot be given to children every day, because the nutrition of a single food is definitely not comprehensive. 

Only by diversifying and enriching the diet can we better meet the baby’s physical needs. Therefore, Bao Ma must get rid of the baby’s picky eating habits, and don’t let this bad habit delay his development. 

It is important to mix the ingredients well, but the freshness and safety of the ingredients also need to be taken care of by Momma. 

The dishes for your baby must be carefully selected to ensure reliable quality. Otherwise, if there is a problem with the ingredients, it will not affect the baby’s development, but will directly threaten his health. Up.

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