What is the difference between learning parents and lazy parents? The child is an obvious “mirror mirror”, very real

What is the difference between learning parents and lazy parents? The child is an obvious “mirror mirror”, very real

You hold your phone and play all day, how can you have the confidence and face to ask your child to indulge in learning? 

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We often say that children are a mirror of their parents. What do you want your children to be? People, first of all, you have to become such a person. Sometimes you scold your children for not studying well, but do you hold your mobile phone to play when you are fine? When you complain that your child is addicted to games, do you have the habit of reading books every day? 

“Learning” parents and “Lazy” parents

When your children are interested in cartoons, games, toys, and other people’s children are interested in astronomy, geography, and scientific experiments, when your children are still memorizing English words When I rack my brains, when other people’s children can communicate with foreigners in English fluently… the gap will show up, and the gap between the children is the gap between the parents. 

The key to determining whether a child is good is the parents. “Lazy parents” and “learning parents” directly create two different kinds of children. 

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Generally speaking, children begin to have self-awareness around the age of three. At this time, parents need to be on the side to guide them correctly. Behaviors, habits, personality, etc. begin to be established during this period At the same time, most parents are anxious and helpless, and at the same time they are lazy and too lazy to think, while a small number of parents are actively studying and constantly enriching themselves, and the road of parenting becomes smoother and smoother. 

Nothing is immutable. With the rapid development of society, we must keep pace with the day. Only by learning can we keep up with the pace of the times. As the saying goes, it’s not a sentence to learn when we live. The illusory words are actually implemented in real life. 

Parents as the leader of family education People, regardless of age, must always maintain the motivation and passion for learning, so as to adapt to the ever-changing forms of change, and to take on the important task of nurturing children. 

The opposite of “learning” parents are “lazy” parents who are content with the status quo. Some parents do not realize that they are unintentional and unconscious people, but they continue to ask their children to learn more , More enterprising? This is not only unconvincing, but also easy to make the baby rebellious. 

Being in the status quo is like warm water Boil a frog, and eventually lose yourself in ease and accomplish nothing. However, the habit of ease and enjoyment is formed in childhood, and it is difficult to correct it after growing up. Because of the fear of making changes in the heart, the ability to think and act will decline. The gap is getting bigger and bigger. 

Parents want their children to show up and become positive, first of all, they have to make changes by themselves, increase positive behaviors every day, improve the execution of things, accept stimuli from the outside from time to time, and constantly improve their horizons Only with harmony and pattern can the baby become a “learning” child. 

How to become a “learning Type” parents

1. Read more books

Gorky once said that books are the ladder of human progress. Parents should read more educational articles and watch educational videos in their daily lives. , To learn educational concepts and methods from them, and to enhance their own educational awareness, because parents’ concepts directly determine their children’s growth trajectory and the height of their future life. After learning successful family education experiences, they use their own wisdom and combine with the actual situation of the family. Summarize the education method that suits you. 

2. Communicate more with other parents and teachers.

Parents can learn from past people in their daily lives, consult the solutions to parenting problems, and borrow money for good parenting experience. Combine with your own children and teach students in accordance with their aptitude. In addition, we must pay attention to communication with teachers. Parents’ meetings are a bridge for home-school cooperation. You can use this opportunity to fully understand your child’s situation, organically combine family education and school education, play a greater role, and achieve twice the result with half the effort. . 

3, always reflect on yourself

Parents should first educate themselves, then educate their children, and change their children. Start by changing themselves. First, they should reflect on themselves in time. Does the source of the parenting problem lie in themselves? Do you use wrong educational methods such as beating, scolding and corporal punishment? Only by self-reflection, self-change, and self-improvement can parents educate their children well. 

4. Communicate more with children

Family education is a long and arduous process, at least eighteen years, or even longer, children at every stage will Show different psychological and physical characteristics. Parents need to keep learning and adapt to all changes, so that they can keep up with the pace of their children’s growth, communicate with children more often, and strive to become their friends, and communicate heart-to-heart, which can effectively improve quality of education. 

In short, parents only have to keep learning , Improve yourself and actively participate in the growth of children, in order to become the guide and navigator of children’s life, and to shape a better future for them.  Whether the baby will be smart in the future depends on the pregnant mother’s You can also know a little about your body shape, you don’t have to wait until you grow up

If your baby is smart in the future, you can also know a little about your pregnant mother’s body shape, you don’t have to wait until you grow up.

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In the age when it is impossible to judge female fertility through instruments, parents will judge by their body shape. 

The older generation always has this old saying: “Women with big buttocks are good for breeding.” They think that women with big buttocks are easier to have children. 

Many men have a good impression of women with big buttocks, which is also affected by body genes. They unconsciously believe that such women have more advantages in fertility. 

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Although this statement makes people feel angry, but studies have shown that the size of certain parts of the body is indeed related to the fertility of women, and even affects the intelligence of the fetus. 

The bigger the two places of women, the smarter the children

Bigger hips

Women with big hips are not only more relaxed when giving birth, but also May give birth to a smarter baby. 

Will Russek, a public health epidemiologist at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, once published the theory that the fat in women’s hips and thighs is rich in DHA. 

Moreover, this part is close to the placenta. During pregnancy, the fetus consumes the nutrients here first, which can supplement the child with enough DHA and promote their intellectual development. 

Moreover, smooth production, It can avoid hypoxia in the children’s brain and make their brains develop better. 

Larger thighs

Women’s thighs are larger. In addition to providing adequate nutrition for children, they also have better support, which can bring them stability. Growth environment. 

Baby is less shaken, and the brain can be healthier. 

The weight of the husband and wife has an important influence on the fetus

In the process of physical examination, the weight of the husband and wife seems to be an inconspicuous and simple indicator that can be measured. Growth and development have a very important impact. 

Baoma’s weight


Although women’s thighs and legs can be large, the overall body weight and body fat rate cannot be high, otherwise it will have the following effects:

❶ chance of pregnancy

When the pregnant mother’s body fat rate exceeds 28%, the fertility organs are likely to be covered by a lot of fat, leading to endocrine disorders or abnormal ovulation. 

At this time, their probability of giving birth has dropped a lot. 

❷ Fetal intelligence

When the pregnant mother is too fat, the baby may also gain weight due to the nutritional process, and body fat also accumulates in many places. Studies have shown that children who are too fat , Fat will accumulate in the gully of the brain and affect intelligence. 

❸ Pregnant mother’s body


Pregnant mothers are too obese, which may affect the blood and heart. Not only is it difficult to give birth, but it is also difficult to recover after delivery. 

Baby Dad’s weight

Baby Dad’s weight is too low or too high, which also affects the probability of pregnancy and the health of the fetus. 

Therefore, couples who want children should pay attention to weight control. 

What kind of diet should women pay attention to during pregnancy, which can not only control weight, but also improve the intelligence of the fetus? 

The most important thing about pregnant mother’s diet is to pay attention to “three less and one more”

“three less”

less salt

Excessive salt will have an adverse effect on the pregnant mother’s kidneys and blood pressure. When women are pregnant, the body burden is heavy. Excessive intake of sodium will increase this burden. 

5~6 grams per day Salt is enough. 

Less sugar

Sugar will increase the pregnant mother’s blood sugar, which will not only cause problems such as premature birth, but may also cause problems in the fetus’s nervous system and affect intelligence. 

In addition to the usual food without too much sugar, high-sugar fruits such as watermelon and grapes should not be eaten too much at once. 

Less oil

Greasy food can cause pregnant mothers to gain weight and stomach upset. The harm of obesity to the fetus and pregnant mother has been mentioned above. 

“One more”

Pay attention to the diversity of food types

The resident diet nutrition balance plate formulated by the Chinese Nutrition Society is also suitable for pregnant mothers. Here you can see that in a healthy diet, vegetables and grains Tubers should account for a large part. 

The overall ratio of meat plus beans and eggs is very small. 

Therefore, it is best not to rely on all kinds of meat to make up during pregnancy, which is very harmful to health. 


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