What is the difference between helping a son with a baby and helping a daughter with a baby? People who came here frankly said that they chose the wrong one

What is the difference between helping a son with a baby and helping a daughter with a baby? The person who came over admitted that he had chosen the wrong one.


Lao Wang has a son and a daughter, and now both children are married and have children. . She always felt that she had to live on her son, so she helped her son everywhere and also helped him take care of the children. 

As for the daughter, she will Never cared again. But some time ago, there was a conflict between her and her daughter-in-law. When her daughter-in-law became angry, she decided not to pay her for living expenses. 

It is the daughter who is very caring to her. She will come to give gifts when she is fine, and will take her to the hospital for physical examinations on time. Now Lao Wang realized that he was completely wrong in expecting his son, and that his daughter was the one who really did good for her. 

Lao Xu agrees with this. Like Lao Wang, she spent all her time and energy to help her son, but she neglected her daughter. She had a serious illness before and spent more than ten days in the hospital. Her son did not show up at all. Instead, her daughter took care of her in the hospital every day. 


When many old people first started, They all like to rely on their sons. But after a long time, they will find that their daughter is the most reliable. Then let’s take a look at why more elderly people like to help their daughters and children. 

01. Thank you for helping your daughter

When an old man chooses to help his daughter with a child, even if he occasionally has some negligence, he will not be blamed by his daughter or son-in-law. No matter how the old man does, the young couple will thank the old man. 

If you are helping your son with a child, then completely It’s different. Maybe it’s because everyone thinks that grandma should bring the child, so this incident becomes not worthy of being thanked. 

It’s just that. If the old man is a little negligent and accidentally hurts his child, then the young couple may accuse the old man together. 

02. Can avoid conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

You may find that no matter how you get along with your daughter-in-law, there will always be some conflicts. Of course, it cannot be said who is right and who is wrong, it is mainly a matter of concept. 

If the elderly choose to help their son with children, then You must get along with your daughter-in-law every day. The more time you spend together, the higher the probability of conflict. 

If you are helping your daughter with children, this problem will not occur at all. Moreover, the old man is more comfortable getting along with his daughter, even if there is a conflict, he can have a big quarrel with his daughter and then reconcile. 

03. The change in the concept of the elderly

Nowadays, the elderly have seen too many things, and they have long known that their sons may not be able to provide for themselves. The one who can really provide for oneself is the child who will treat oneself with heart. 

This child may be a daughter, maybe Is the son. Therefore, the old people don’t put all their hopes on their sons, thus ignoring their own daughters. If the daughter treats herself better, then the elderly are naturally more willing to help her daughter, which is also normal. The parents of right-brained babies are blessed. With these three characteristics, the longer the children, the smarter they are.

With the improvement of science and technology, people are studying the brain more and more deeply. A biologist in the United States, through the analysis of the split brain experiment, came to the conclusion that our brain is composed of two parts, the left and right parts, which correspond to different abilities. 

The task of the left brain is analytical thinking. Experts gave it such a title, abstract brain and academic brain. The right brain is responsible for inspiration, creativity and other aspects, so it is called the creative brain and the artistic brain. 

Our brain development is not even, more than 80% of people have a well-developed left brain and an ordinary right brain. This is why artists are highly regarded by people, because they are so scarce. 

How to test whether our child is left-brained or right-brained? 

In fact, if you want to distinguish which side of your child’s brain is developed, you can draw a conclusion with a picture. This picture was developed by Yale University for 5 years. The picture shows a black figure rotating. 

I don’t know in your eyes, in the picture How does the black shadow rotate? We can use this photo to test the child. If the child thinks that the black shadow in the picture rotates clockwise, it means that his right brain is developed. If the child says the black shadow rotates counterclockwise, it means that his left brain is developed. . 

This conclusion is drawn from the test of 1000 children, 90% of the children have developed left brain. If your child is right-brained, then congratulations, you are blessed, because right-brained children have these three characteristics and become smarter as they grow up. 

Right-brained children have these three characteristics , The older you grow up, the smarter you are.

①Strong imagination

Imagination is very important to children, and it is also very important to the whole world. Because only with rich imagination can we create something that has never appeared in this world, otherwise the world will only stagnate. 

Right-brained children have very rich imagination. They often burst out all kinds of whimsical ideas and can create many amazing works when drawing. For right-brained children, parents must not restrict their movements and let them play freely, which may make you shine. 

②Strong social skills

< p>The right brain manages our emotions, allowing children to understand how to get along well with others. When children can better manage their relationships, it also means that their social skills have been improved and they have a high emotional intelligence. 

Social skills are very important. Whether in school or in society, children with strong social skills will always be more popular. They know how to deal with the relationship between the upper and lower levels and how to behave. Rather than bumping into the wall like Lengtouqing, but don’t know where the cause of the matter is. 

③Strong memory

< p>Although our left brain and right brain have memory functions, the memory capacity of the right brain is stronger than that of the left brain. This is because the right brain has a picture ability, which can store the things we want to remember in the form of pictures. When we recall, it is easy to remember the situation at that time. 

The left brain mainly uses words to record things. It is inevitable that there will be some missing information, which will cause the child to have a weak memory. It is precisely for these reasons that the memory of right-brained children is often better than that of left-brained children. 

But we cannot ignore the left brain just because of the importance of the right brain. Only by taking both into consideration can the child be taken to the next level, ignoring neither of them can achieve better results. 

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