What is the difference between first and second pregnancy? Pregnant mothers share the experience, this feeling is more obvious at night

What is the difference between first and second pregnancy? This feeling is more obvious when pregnant mothers share their experiences at night.

Nowadays, many people around me have a second child, and many people also find that the feelings of having a baby between two pregnancies are different. They are pregnant with a second baby. Xiao Zheng has a deep understanding of this. Xiao Zhengxin was older when she was pregnant with Dabao, and she didn’t know it until the child was 3 months old. At that time, my pregnancy reaction was relatively mild, and I hardly vomited. Without special efforts to control, my weight gain was very small. I have been pregnant for nearly 5 or 6 months. Except for a slightly bigger belly, the other parts are almost No change, people often praise good figure. 

Having had a very pleasant pregnancy experience for the first time, Xiao Zheng did not hesitate to have a second child, but who knew that the feeling of pregnancy was completely different this time. I don’t know if I vomit very badly. People have gained a lot of weight in the first trimester, and have a lot of acne on their face. I often feel dizzy, fatigued and sleepy. At night, the pregnancy reaction will worsen, and he is often sleepy and unable to sleep. This state can’t help but make Xiao Zheng a little worried about the baby in his stomach. During the communication with other second-born mothers, Xiao Zheng found that many mothers have troubles. Have the same feelings and experiences as myself. 

As the saying goes, one is born again and second is mature. Many people think that the experience of pregnant with Dabao can be applied, but they are shocked by the completely different feelings of second-child pregnancy. In fact, when pregnant with a second child, whether it is due to external factors or Bao Ma’s own situation and mentality, it is very likely that the second child will be more difficult to conceive. 

Why Maybe the second child is more tired? The changes in 3 aspects are very realistic. The last one is very cruel

. They all say “Dabao is a treasure, and the second treasure is the root of grass.” When she first became a mother, Bao’s mother was happy and scared. In addition, she had no experience, so she was cautious in everything. , I am afraid that I will accidentally hurt the baby, and even worry about whether the child will be deformed. But when I was pregnant with the second child, I didn’t feel that way, I felt calmer and wouldn’t be overly nervous. Except for Bao Ma herself, the importance of family members will be different. After all, Bao Ma herself would have such a psychological change, let alone other people. 

When she was pregnant with Dabao, Baoma was the jewel in the palm of the family. With the attention and care of the whole family, it can be said that she can speak out at home. When pregnant with the second treasure, the family doesn’t have the freshness, which may make Bao’s mother feel that she is not taken seriously. In fact, this is the family’s more reassuring. In addition, Bao Ma’s physical changes are the biggest, and it is also a big factor that causes the two pregnancy experiences to be different. 

Most of the mothers were born at the age of 2, 3, or after the age of 3, 4, and the first batch of mothers to give birth to the second child may have been about 10 years apart. She has given birth once, and after several years, Bao Ma’s body is actually no longer what it used to be, and it is very likely that she has already been included in the ranks of advanced mothers. 

Not to mention anything else, in terms of physical strength and energy, the recovery speed of the body is already far behind. In addition, older children are also more likely to suffer from pregnancy complications, hormone levels have also declined, and pregnancy reactions will naturally be more serious. Moreover, the prevalence of diseases such as ABO hemolytic disease is also higher for the second child, and the risk of pregnant mothers naturally increases. For the mother who wants a second treasure, these difficulties are not a problem, at best they can only be regarded as a test. Indeed, through some prevention, Bao Ma can also greatly reduce the discomfort during pregnancy with the second child, and make pregnancy easier. 

pregnant with a second child Doing these two things before, Bao Ma suffers a lot of crimes, and Bao Dad also has to participate in it.

As the saying goes, not to fight unprepared battles, pregnancy is naturally indispensable for adequate preparation. As mentioned earlier, most mothers are no longer young when they give birth to a second child, and pregnancy is even more important. Moreover, pregnancy preparation is not a person’s business, and Bao Da’s participation is also indispensable. Therefore, it is best for Bao Da and Bao Mom to start preparing for pregnancy a year in advance. During this period, the two should not only eat a healthy diet, control their weight in a relatively good range, but also exercise more to make the body appear younger. At the same time, Bao Da must quit smoking and drinking at least 6 months in advance to improve sperm quality. 

After a successful pregnancy, regular check-ups are essential. Some mothers think that when they are pregnant with Dabao, it is very smooth, the child is very healthy, and the check-up is not necessary at all, and some mothers are lucky and are not willing to do the check-up. In fact, this is a very wrong idea. After all, the inspection is not done with the starting point of finding problems, but to avoid risks. In addition, the risks in the second treasure are already greater, and the check-ups are indispensable. When going for a check-up, Bao’s father had better accompany Bao’s mother to help her get things, get tickets and medicines and the like. 

In fact, whether it’s pregnancy preparation or the birth check, Bao Da’s participation is very necessary. In addition to the practical effect, it can also give Bao Mom a lot of psychological support and comfort. Pregnancy with a second child is not easy, and Bao Dad has to take care of Bao Mom. 

How do you feel when you are pregnant with two treasures? Is it easier or more serious? If you want your children to be successful, you can’t have any of these “bad habits”. It may still be too late to change.

In daily life, children are imperceptibly affected by the education of their parents, which also causes some of the parents. Behavioral performance will play a role in the child unknowingly. Therefore, if you want to be a qualified parent, you should set an example and demonstrate well for your children. If you want your children to be successful, you must correct some of the bad behaviors and habits of parents as soon as possible. 

children do not love Speaking, parenting experts came to help. After careful observation, it was discovered that the problem was with Bao Ma.

There was such a clip in a parent-child education program before. A mother asked for help from the program group. She said that her child was particularly talkative, introverted and cowardly. She was worried that the child would not be able to adapt to the future study and life. Therefore, the parenting experts stationed in Bao’s mother’s home, observing the child’s words and deeds, hoping to find the best educational opportunity to solve her problems. 

After a series of observations, the parenting experts discovered that the real problem in this family is not the child, but the child’s mother. From getting up in the morning, the whole room was filled with Bao Ma’s roar. “Why do you still get up? Get up quickly!” “It’s so slow to eat a meal, you eat too slowly!” “Look at you getting toys everywhere!”

Mom’s voice is extremely high, which is why It seemed more harsh. After hearing the mother’s roar, the child became very numb, and he seemed to be used to such a family atmosphere with a dull expression. In addition to the child, the father of the child has not been able to win the mercy of Bao Ma, and the effort to eat a meal has been neglected for a long time. 

So the parenting expert had an in-depth discussion with this mother, but she didn’t think she had a problem, and she felt wronged, “I am all for the good of this family!” So the parenting expert said Bao Ma’s voice was recorded all day, and then played to her. When Bao Ma heard her sharp and piercing voice lingering in her ears, she collapsed! 

At this time, she realized that she was the biggest obstacle hindering the growth of the child. Those unpleasant words were like a sharp knife pierced into the child’s heart. This not only shuts the child’s mouth, but also closes the heart. 

If you want to educate your children well, you can’t have any of these vices on the parents.

Some parents are very emotional when educating their children, and it is easy for them to lose control of their own bad emotions. Vent out to the child. Although these parents will regret it afterwards, this kind of knife-mouthed tofu-hearted behavior has hurt their children. 

Some parents are too strong in front of their children. It seems that only children who are obedient and obedient can satisfy them. Such parents have a very strong desire to control their children, which also makes their children feel depressed. Under the control of this kind of education, children not only cannot be independent, but also have a strong sense of inferiority. 

A warm and harmonious family environment can give children a sense of security. If parents cannot master good communication with each other, when problems occur, they will only rely on quarrels to solve the problem, then the children’s heart The sense of security will be greatly depleted. Parents who treat quarrels as commonplace can make their children’s lives very unhappy. 

How do parents Can you give your children a suitable growth environment to make them more productive? 

When parents educate their children, they must master the correct methods of education. If you can’t control your emotions and analyze and discuss your child’s problems rationally, then the child will most likely only become a punching bag for the parents. Parents who cannot control their emotions cannot efficiently realize the output of educational ideas, which will only make their children more fearful and resisted. 

Although it is not easy to be a parent, if you educate your children solely on the basis of self-imagination, there will often be deviations in such education. Parents’ self-righteous attitudes are likely to put themselves in a superior position. In fact, parents who get along with their children on an equal footing are more able to get into their children’s hearts. 

In family life, parents should also pay attention to the creation of a family atmosphere. Parents should master effective communication methods with each other, and try not to quarrel in front of their children, because children who grow up in a bad family environment will grow up. It is very possible that the family life of the queen will reproduce the tragedy of the parents. For the happiness of their children in the future, parents, it is necessary for their children to live in a loving and warm environment from an early age. 

Parents must not be too “casual” in front of their children, because children’s minds are not yet mature, and some of the bad habits of parents are likely to become pressures and burdens in their children’s growth. Parents who do a good job of self-discipline can avoid hindering their children’s development due to their own educational defects, and this can broaden their children’s growth pattern and make their children grow more prosperous.

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