What is the difference between a baby who sheds tears at every turn and a baby who endures not crying when he grows up?

What is the difference between a baby who sheds tears at every turn and a baby who endures not crying when he grows up? 

Although parents love their children very much, they pay more attention to the internal cultivation of children, such as the shaping of strong qualities. After all, children with strong personality will have more footholds in society when they grow up. 

So a question arises, that is, whether children should cry when they are in trouble. In this regard, some parents think that children should not cry at every turn. This is true for girls and even more so for boys. 

Then these parents began to prohibit their children from crying , Let the child bear the tears back when encountering anything, but is such an approach really good for the child? 

Taotao is a fifth-grade little boy. His parents have strictly managed him since he was a child. They must be meticulous and principled in everything, and one of the principles is not to shed tears easily. 

Mom and dad often say to themselves, “You are a little man, and a man does not flick when he has tears. If you cry, it is a show of hopelessness. Even if you bear it, you have to hold it back!”

Under the guidance of this concept, Taotao seems to be used to everything Swallowing into his stomach, there is nothing around him that can easily affect his emotions. However, his parents felt very relieved about this, thinking that they had cultivated a man, but in fact, the child was very unwelcome in the class. Everyone felt that Taotao didn’t like to care about others, and the sense of distance was too strong. 

Faced with such a situation, the teacher once asked the children to talk patiently, but how could the thoughts that have accumulated over time be easily changed? In the end, the teacher could only find the child’s parents to communicate. 

In fact, there are not many parents who think like Taotao’s parents, so what is the difference between a baby who will shed tears at every turn and a baby who often endures not crying when they grow up? 

There are 3 differences between the two

1 ) There is a difference in mental endurance

Children who are always asked not to cry by their parents are very depressed in their hearts. After all, children also have emotions and need outlets for catharsis. They are not like us adults, there are many kinds Way to release. 

If we block its only exit, the child’s psychological endurance will become lower and lower, and over time, the pressure in the child’s heart will become greater and greater. 

But this is where we should cry when we cry This is not the case with children. When the depressive plot in the heart is released, they will feel comfortable in the heart, and they will be relieved when they pass. Such children are often very resistant. 

2) There is a difference in empathy ability

If we observe carefully, we will find that children who do not cry very rarely have emotional fluctuations, and such children’s empathy ability is also It will be worse, and they will not easily feel the emotional changes of others. 

After all, parents always educate themselves, “These things are nothing, you don’t have to take it seriously, or you are a coward”, but most of the children who cannot empathize are unwelcome. 

The other kind of representative child is very capable Understand the emotions of others, they will feel more empathetic, be loved by those around them, and have rich emotions. 

3) Parents pay different attention to their emotions.

As the saying goes, “Crying children have milk to eat”. Strong people are always ignored and do not like to cry. It’s the same with parents. 

On the contrary, if children cry frequently, parents will pay more attention to their emotions. If the children suddenly lose their emotions or fluctuate in mood, they can often be noticed by the parents in time. 

But then again, although the crying child There are also many benefits, but there are still many parents who think that crying is equivalent to glass heart and cowardice. Is this really the case? 

Does a crying child represent “cowardice”? The answer is no.

Actually, crying children are really not cowardly. Parents need to be aware of this. They cry may be caused by many reasons, such as parents who lack a sense of security when they quarrel. 

It’s also possible that if you don’t know how to deal with the situation, you will try to protect yourself by crying, and more people’s affirmation. It is also a part of fixed thinking. Kind of expression. The child has 7 subjects with a final score of less than 200 points. Momma can’t help but cry: how to teach

Now most of the middle schools in various places have finished their exams and are on vacation, and the final exam results have also been released one after another. . Test scores are of great importance to children and parents. Some parents have also made regulations to determine the comfort of vacation based on their children’s scores. 

So, the children are desperately trying to take the high score exam, but some junior high school children have 7 final exams, and the total score is less than 200 points. This is so worrying that Mommy can’t help but fall. Tears: How to teach this! 

The child’s total score in the final exam for 7 subjects is less than 200 points, and Bao’s mother has no choice but to cry: how to teach? 

The high school entrance examination is not a unified examination. The scores of the high school entrance examination in various provinces and regions will vary, most of which are between 500-780 points. So if the middle school entrance examination score is less than 200, no matter the total score is 500 points or 750 points, it will make people Feel incredible. 

A copy posted by a mother The screenshot of “Township Middle School Report Form” sparked heated discussion among netizens! This is the transcript of the first grade of a rural middle school in a remote area. The first grade of this school has a total of 7 subjects and the total score is 760. Among them, 120 points in three subjects of language, mathematics and English, and 100 points in four subjects of politics, history, geography and biology. 

Bao Ma said that although the total score of the test is 760, nearly 80% of the students in this class did not reach the 456 passing line, and even 40% of the students had a total score of less than 200. Her daughter is the total score. Students with a score of less than 200, Chinese 62.5, mathematics 37, English 25.5, biology, history, and geography are all ten points, and politics is still in the single digits. Mom was shocked when she got her transcript! 

Bao Ma said helplessly that she lives in a rural area , The family’s economy is not good. After giving birth to the baby, he went to work with the father of the child. The daughter stayed at home to bring her grandparents, and the son brought him personally after the birth. 

After working for many years, I have saved a lot of savings, and finally have the conditions to buy a house in the county and take root. I want to transfer my daughter who is in the first grade of junior high to the county middle school. But after seeing this final exam, Bao’s mother Deeply desperate: Which school would want such results? I don’t know how to teach now! 

The teacher could not help shaking his head and sighing when he saw the children’s scores. He felt that he had neglected his duty and failed to teach the students well. 

The full score is 760, but the child fails to score 200. What is the reason? 

Seeing Bao’s mother’s “seeking for help”, netizens have also helped out. The first task is to analyze the reason why Bao’s daughter’s poor grades. After asking Bao’s mother about all aspects of the child, do the netizens? Summarize these reasons. 

Parent reasons: lack of care and Love

One of the main reasons why children do not perform well is their parents. As far as this mother is concerned, her daughter left her at home “regardless of” after she was born, and she even acted “patriarchal”, neglected to care for and take care of her daughter, and did not supervise and educate her daughter in place, which led to The child has problems with his personality and learning attitude. 

The “foundation” of children’s growth is damaged, how can children learn well? 

Reasons for the child: Long-term stay behind and there are problems in various aspects.

According to Bao’s mother’s description, the child has a persistent personality, does not respect his parents, listens only to the words of the elderly, and is not at all concerned about learning. Instead, he is keen on dressing up and socializing. Most of my friends are not good at learning, and some are even “pussy”. 

Although the child doesn’t do anything bad, he still thinks If you are not studying, you are either sleeping in class or playing with your mobile phone. The teacher criticizes that education is not useful. In general, learning this matter is to look at the children after all. 

School reason: poor style of study, teachers are lazy to teach

From the transcript and the description of Bao’s mother, it can be seen that children with a score of 200 in the test are not an exception. The school itself also exists. problem. The first is that the style of study is not good, the source of middle school students in the township is poor, and the children who are able to go to good schools, most of the remaining are left-behind children or the family does not pay attention to learning, the learning atmosphere is poor, children will naturally be affected. 

Secondly, teachers may have problems with lazy teaching. Teachers in remote areas have low barriers to recruitment, teachers’ quality and teaching abilities have certain problems, and children are difficult to discipline, which has consumed the enthusiasm of teachers and is easy to appear With the phenomenon of “breaking the jar and falling”, if the teacher does not teach well and does not care about it, the children’s grades will naturally not improve. 

Whose child does the exam well” We are not easy to judge. The biggest problem is how to save these children with extremely poor test scores. 

My child has poor academic performance, how can parents help? 

The first thing to do is to understand the child’s inner thoughts, talk with the child, ask the child if he wants to continue school, what he can do if he doesn’t go to school, etc. Give the child the right to choose, only the child Only if you make up your mind to study can you effectively remedy it. 

Secondly, after the child decides to continue school, it is a good choice to find a way to tuition for the child. Parents who are able to help themselves, and those who are unable to ask someone to do it or send it to a cram school are also a good choice. 

The last and very important point is to create a better learning environment and growth environment for children. For example, when children transfer schools, parents will give children more care and love, and gradually change children’s thoughts and attitudes. 

Children will not have a bad exam for no reason. Parents need to summarize and analyze the reasons to “save” their children!

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