What is the difference between 30 days of confinement and 42 days of confinement? In just 12 days, there is a big gap between the two aspects

What is the difference between 30 days of confinement and 42 days of confinement? In just 12 days, there is a big gap between the two aspects.

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Postpartum confinement is very important for women, the traditional confinement period is usually 30 days About, but the “puerperium” for medical students actually takes 6 weeks, which is 42 days. Many women usually do not have the specified time for confinement, which may cause many physical problems in the end. 

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During Xiao Liu’s pregnancy, he had already discussed with her husband After giving birth, because both parents have their own jobs and the confinement center is too expensive, I finally chose to confinement at home and asked my confinement wife to take care of it. 

But when it was really confinement, I discovered that the confinement was only responsible for cooking, and did not do anything else, even if the child cried. No way, Xiao Liu can only shorten the confinement time, and start to do all kinds of housework by himself after 30 days. 

After a while, headaches, low back pains, leg pains all came to the door… Every time I talked about it later, Xiao Liu regretted it. I should After 42 days of confinement, 12 days should not be missed. 

Confinement for 30 days and What is the difference between 42 days? The difference between the two aspects is quite large.

1. The degree of recovery of the uterus

Generally speaking, the 42-day cycle of the puerperium means normal delivery. If Caesarean section should be postponed to 56 days. 

The reason why I say this is because there have been a large number of medical studies showing that it takes 6-8 weeks for the uterus to recover In the previous normal state, the uterus may not fully recover after 30 days. 

For pregnant women who have undergone a C-section, it will take a little longer for the uterus to recover, so the confinement cycle will be extended accordingly. 

2. The discharge of lochia is different

usually there will be lochia after delivery, but It takes about 4-6 weeks to completely clean up these lochia and get rid of it from the body. Because the amount of lochia produced by each person is different, the length of time required to be completely discharged varies, but for safety reasons, it is usually necessary to sit for 42 days. 

How to scientifically confinement

1. Ensure adequate sleep

After delivery, the mother is physically exhausted and does not pay attention to rest , Will accelerate aging. Basically, I can only stay in bed for the first two days after childbirth, and I can only do some light activities indoors for a short period of time for 3-4 days. Severe perineal tears require at least a week of bed rest. Adequate sleep is not only to help restore health, but also affect breast milk secretion. 

2, pay attention to lochia

usually lochia will be excreted in 4-6 weeks , About 500-1000ml, lochia has a bloody smell but no smell. 

Because of the difference in the physical condition of pregnant women, the displacement of lochia is also different, and the lochia usually changes from red to pale red to white, otherwise it may be Menstruation, menstruation cannot be regarded as lochia. If lochia is unclear for a long time, prompt treatment is needed. 

3. Balanced diet

postpartum and confinement period is also lactation period, you need a balanced diet and timely supplement of various nutrients in order to help mothers recover. , Can also help the baby’s physical development. 

Generally speaking, it is necessary to adhere to a regular diet, avoid overeating, and eat small and frequent meals, which is conducive to the body’s full absorption of nutrients. 

1. Try to choose liquid food for the first meal after delivery. Some nutritious liquid food is the best, and lotus root powder is a good choice. 

2. On the second day after delivery, you can usually eat some soft and rotten food, some porridge or soup can be eaten, but not excessive, the body may not be able to load. 

3. 5-7 days postpartum, at this time, some soft foods should be used. For example, egg soup and some soft-boiled noodles are all okay, but greasy foods, such as pigs, should be avoided. hoof. 

4. After 7 days postpartum, stomach function gradually returns to normal. You can eat normal dishes, such as some meat, fish, chicken and other tonic foods. Don’t overeat. 

5. Within one month of the postpartum period, it is best to have multiple meals a day, preferably 5-6 meals a day. 

Knowledge extension: precautions after childbirth

Be sure to keep your abdomen in time after delivery. 

Whether it is a normal delivery or a cesarean section, the baby’s belly is easy to become loose just after giving birth. You need to use some suitable abdomen products to prevent sagging of internal organs , Can also help the discharge of lochia, and more importantly, have a good relief and repair effect on postpartum abdominal pain, postpartum uterus, and birth canal. 

Mothers who give birth in summer pay attention to the fact that the air conditioner can be used. Excessive temperature may cause prickly heat for mothers and children, but care should be taken not to let the air-conditioning wind face the mothers and children. 

Remind you mothers, after the confinement, you must remember to go back to the hospital for an examination, so that you can not only understand your own physical condition, but also understand the growth of your child. If there are any problems, they can be treated in time. 

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Junior high school students’ “large-scale puppies” lead the way for dissatisfaction. There is a daughter in the family. Parents should tell her about this.

Junior high school “Large-scale Puppy Love” leads the way to dissatisfaction. There is a daughter in the family. Parents should tell her this.

Text | Fortunately pregnant sister (senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

< p>The time spent with classmates every day is even longer than the time spent with their parents. So they are in adolescence, it is inevitable that they will be emotionally sprouting and like a classmate. 

At this time, the role of parent education is reflected. Children with different educations have different attitudes towards this feeling:

Some students will restrain themselves and study hard Although some students are in love, they are very low-key and don’t make cross-border behaviors to work hard together; some students do not know to protect themselves at all, and make behaviors that make people unbearable to look at on the road. 

This article is equipped The pictures are all from the Internet.

Moreover, there are more and more students like this, and they are relatively young. 

Junior high school couples are intimacy on the road, passers-by can’t bear it

Some time ago, a video on the Internet caused controversy. In the picture, two middle school students who are not too old in school uniforms embraced each other. In the bus stop seat, the girl is still straddling the boy’s lap. 

While waiting for the bus, the two people’s movements became more bold, and everyone around them dared not move closer to them. Until a middle-aged uncle couldn’t stand it anymore, he came over to reprimand loudly: “Are you still students? What do you look like now?”

The pictures in this article are all from the Internet

The young couple separated immediately, just look at their The expression is still very impatient. 

It is not the first time that junior high school students fall in love near the bus station, and even these places have become the “sacred places” for them to fall in love, especially the bus stop near the school, where people live, A few can always be caught. 

Besides, now On the subway and buses, it has become a place for middle and high school students to fall in love. This is a rare time for them to get along with each other, who are usually busy with their studies. 

Every time I see such a video, someone will be confused: “Why are there so many middle school students who are in love now, and their behavior is so bold?”

There is a survey It shows: The proportion of junior high school students in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou High School who fall in love reached 10.6%, and the proportion of high school students reached 42.3%. 

It can be said that almost half of young people have fallen in love in high school. 

Why does this happen? 

▶ Educational issues for parents< /p>

❶ Don’t care about their children

Many busy parents’ care for their children is that money is in place, and the material life is enough. They never care about their emotional needs, or even feel that they lack love Children are hypocritical,

So children without parental care can only find love from their classmates and lovers. 

❷ Parents have too much control

Some parents have too much control over their children’s love behavior, and the methods are also very extreme, so these students want to fall in love more and more. 

❸ Indulge

Contrary to the past not allowing children to fall in love, some parents actually saw each other’s parents after being invited to school by the teacher, and that’s it. relatives by marriage. 

They think two children’s The grades are good, and the family backgrounds of both sides are similar. Instead of looking for someone for the child in the future, it is better to decide now. 

This kind of indulgence by parents naturally makes some children even more careless when they talk about love. 

But parents who have such behavior also need to think carefully. Are you really doing it for the good of your children, or your own desire for control and utilitarianism are at work. Do children still think that love is beautiful? 

▶ Online guidance

Nowadays, online speech is more open, and a kind of “information cocoon room” has been formed. Almost everyone can find their own organization, and the platform pushes The news is in line with my own thoughts. 

Some children have an illusion: “It’s normal for middle school students to fall in love. Many people are talking and other members of the public are also very supportive.”

So they usually become more bold. 

Since they can’t stop it, let them learn to protect themselves

It’s hard to stop children’s thoughts of falling in love, and parents need to tell them more than rejection and anger. It is to protect yourself. 

✔ Establish correct gender awareness

Children begin to have gender awareness when they are two years old. Parents need to tell them that men and women are different, and mothers should not bring boys anymore. In the women’s toilet. 

✔ Parents with girls want Tell them how to love themselves

Parents with daughters need to establish a sense of safety for their children, tell them their physical vulnerabilities, and what behaviors and words of the opposite sex are inappropriate. 

✔ Parents should not interfere with other people’s children when their children are in love.

Parents only have the right to take care of their children. If they can’t accept their children in love, they can communicate with their own children. Intervening frequently between the two children and finding trouble with the other child will cause dissatisfaction among the children. 

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