What is the child’s family condition, the teacher can recognize it at a glance, it has nothing to do with the dress but this

The teacher can recognize the child’s family conditions at a glance. It has nothing to do with the clothes.

After the children enter the school, parents always worry that their children will be looked down upon by their classmates because of their family conditions, so they Due to the psychology of love-comparison, parents will more or less deliberately “pretend to be rich” in front of their children and teachers. 

Especially when dealing with teachers, parents hope that the teacher can take a high look at their children, so this mentality of deliberately “packing” family conditions in front of the teacher is particularly obvious. 

But in fact, what kind of family conditions the children live in can be recognized by an experienced teacher at a glance. 

Bao’s mother was worried that her children would be looked down upon in poor family conditions. She specially bought brand-name clothes for her children. She didn’t expect the teacher to see through it at a glance

Some time ago Dongdong’s mother sent her son to kindergarten, although Dongdong’s family’s The family conditions are very general, but in order to enable the children to receive a better education, Dongdong’s mother still sent the children to private kindergartens that are more expensive. 

On the day of enrollment, Dongdong’s mother specially dressed her child with a famous brand. In the process of communicating with the teacher, Dongdong’s mother also intentionally or unintentionally hinted that her family is good, hoping that the teacher can treat her Take care of your children. 

For this Dongdong’s mother was very proud of her “witness”, but when she picked up her children from school a week later, Dongdong’s mother’s lie was still exposed by the teacher. 

That day, Dongdong’s mother deliberately showed off to the teacher that she bought some brand-name clothes for her children, “It has to be the big-name clothes to be reliable, and I can rest assured to wear them to the children!”

The voice of Dongdong’s mother just fell , The teacher continued, “In fact, children’s clothes don’t have to be big-name clothes, as long as they are clean and comfortable.”

“I think Dongdong’s underwear is also pilling, Dongdong’s mother You can consider buying a new set of underwear for your children!”

Although the teacher said it very tactfully, Dongdong’s mother’s face turned red all of a sudden. She wanted to explain to the teacher, but she didn’t know where to start. 

The teacher saw the embarrassment of Dongdong’s mother, and then said, “Please rest assured that our teacher treats children equally, regardless of the child’s family conditions, we have the responsibility and responsibility to take good care of the children. Obligation!”

What impact will parents deliberately “pretend to be rich” have on their children? 

1. Breeding the psychology of admiring vanity

When parents are overly concerned about the material aspect of pretending to be wealthy, the child is likely to be affected, and some psychology of admiring vanity will develop. 

Especially when the child’s cognitive outlook is not yet fully enriched, this kind of vanity-loving mentality is likely to cause the child’s cognitive bias. 

2. Influencing the formation of the child’s three views

When parents deliberately pretend to be rich in front of their children, the child’s formation of the three views will also be imperceptibly affected, such as the child’s excessive Obsessed with material satisfaction may affect the formation and development of values. 

When children mistakenly believe that money can satisfy all their wishes, their outlook on life and the world will inevitably deviate. 

3. Influencing children’s social development

When children are influenced by their parents and are used to pretending to be rich in front of friends, such behavioral expressions are likely to affect the children’s normal social development. 

Children blindly compare themselves with friends, satisfy their vanity and disguise themselves, which obviously hinders their social development. 

How do parents guide their children to correctly view their own family conditions? 

1. Guide children to look at their own family conditions correctly

After children’s sociality begins to appear, they will be curious about their own family conditions. 

At this time, parents must seize this opportunity to guide their children to view their own family conditions correctly, and guide their children not to be blindly arrogant because of the wealth of the family, and not to complain about themselves because of the ordinary family conditions. 

2. Pay attention to cultivating children’s love for life itself

Family conditions are often reflected in the satisfaction of material needs, but in the process of children’s growth, the impact of material needs satisfaction is very limited of. 

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to enrich their children’s understanding of life and guide them to love life itself, rather than coveting pure material satisfaction. 

3. Guide children to correctly view the gap between the rich and the poor

Obviously, the gap between the rich and the poor in the comparison of family conditions is a very normal phenomenon. Parents need to teach their children to view the gap between the rich and the poor correctly. 

And tell the child that the current embarrassment in life is only temporary, and the prosperity of future life can be achieved through hard work. 

Parents’ views on material conditions have a great impact on children. If parents themselves cannot correct their perceptions, then children’s views on the gap in family conditions will inevitably follow. affected. 

Moreover, the quality of life is not entirely dependent on material satisfaction. A family atmosphere full of laughter and laughter will be more conducive to the growth of children. 

What do you think about the impact of the gap between the rich and the poor in the family on children? The mother was indeed injured during the abortion operation, but the fetus also suffered a lot. The whole process looked distressing

Compared to the past, the present society is much more open. There are more and more unmarried pregnancies. Due to the emphasis on women’s self-protection awareness in the past two years, although it has improved, it still needs more attention. 

Not all unmarried pregnancies have results, and many of them choose to take the road of crowds in the end. At the moment, many medical institutions are propagating that “painless and harmless flow of people.” 

Although with the advancement of medical technology, abortion surgery has indeed improved, it is almost impossible to truly be harmless. 

People flow for women How big is the damage? 

1. May cause intrauterine adhesions

Many of the abortions require curettage, and curettage is a complete injury to women’s endometrium, which may seriously damage the women’s uterus. The base layer of the film. 

Not all women will recover completely after surgery, and those women who do not recover completely will have endometrial infections, which will form intrauterine adhesions over time, and want to conceive again at that time It will be very difficult. 

2. The problem of infection is the key.

The resistance and defense of the female reproductive system are inherently low. After the abortion operation, there is almost no immunity at all. At this time, bacteria and viruses from the outside world can easily invade and cause serious damage to it. 

Many women have inflammation of various devices after the abortion, which is caused by infection, including fallopian tube inflammation, vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis, oophoritis, etc. 

No matter what kind of inflammation, as long as the situation is serious, it may affect other devices and inflammation, and finally affect the pregnancy again. 

3. Impact on fertility

Some women lose their fertility due to an abortion operation. Although the probability is small, it still exists, and we must be vigilant. 

This is because in the flow of people, it is possible that women’s own devices are relatively fragile and cannot withstand the toss, resulting in permanent and irreversible damage to the devices, which ultimately affects fertility. 

Be aware that, except for the painless flow of people, other methods of flow of people are more painful. Most people choose painless abortion. After the pre-operation preparations are made, the doctor will use a probe to check the depth of the pregnant woman’s vagina. 

Although the probe is thin, many people still feel pain. After that, the doctor will use the dilator to open the woman’s cervix. If you are a primipara, it will take a long time, and you will feel vomiting during this process, and you will feel a stronger nausea. 

Next is the key and most painful step of the entire abortion operation. The doctor will insert the straw into the uterine cavity and then start to suck the uterus, including the fetal sac, endometrium, etc. will be sucked away , The purpose is to clean the uterus, otherwise the lesions will be left, and this process will also cause nausea. 

After the suction is over, the doctor will use the curette again to clean the endometrium and do the final cleaning. 

The mother is indeed guilty , But the crime of the fetus is also very worrying.

For a long time, we have been paying attention to the mother. Few people pay attention to the fetus. They all think that the fetus is not fully developed. From a sociological point of view, it is not a Life in the true sense. 

Actually, the pain suffered by the fetus is no less than that of the mother. Especially for those already formed fetuses, it is difficult to achieve simple medical flow and curettage. There are two common methods of treatment

1) Injection method. The doctor will use a regular guide needle to pass through the woman’s abdomen and aim the injection at the child’s head. You don’t need to imagine that the fetus will feel very painful during this process, and it does not work all at once. The fetus is here. In the process, there will be struggles, and finally slowly lose the vitality. 

2) Dehydration method. This method is more commonly used. The doctor will inject a high concentration of normal saline into the woman’s uterus to achieve a state of dehydration of the fetus. After that, the fetus will become smaller in size and then delivered from the mother’s body. 

In this process, the fetus feels “burning” and it is very painful. Just imagine, when a normal person stays in high-concentration saline for a long time, it can’t stand it, let alone not fully developed Fetus. 

And the most worrying thing is that some fetuses have a longer month and a more tenacious vitality. After being delivered, they did not completely lose any physical signs, but are still struggling in pain. It will take a while. I will lose my vitality, but I feel extremely painful and unacceptable just thinking about it. 

So, I hope that female friends must take self-protection measures and don’t let this happen to themselves, not only hurting themselves, but also hurting the unborn child. 

How cruel is that “it” was deprived of the right to live before it came into this world. If you really want to have abortion, please do the operation before the child is formed and the heartbeat is still not there. This is probably the last respect for the child.

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