What is the “best weight” for a newborn? The doctor gave the answer, the closer to this number the better

What is the “best weight” for a newborn? The doctor gave the answer, the closer to this number, the better

When most pregnant mothers are pregnant, they are afraid that they will not eat well and the fetus will not develop well, so there are mothers who are pregnant and eat desperately. It’s not a problem to grow 30-50 catties during the whole pregnancy. Sure enough, the food that the pregnant mother eats is not wasted, and the children born are fat and fat, and the parents are happy from ear to ear. 

But is it true that the heavier the fetus, the better? Newborns have an “optimal weight”. Whether it is over or under the optimal weight, it doesn’t seem to be good for the newborn! 

When Xiaoling was pregnant, her mother-in-law was afraid that the baby in her belly would grow too small, so she changed tricks every day to make delicious food for Xiaoling. Under the meticulous care of her mother-in-law, Xiaoling gained considerable weight. 

When Xiao Ling went to the hospital for a physical examination, the doctor reminded Xiao Ling that the child is very healthy. Compared with the fetus of the same month, her own baby can be big enough. Ling needs attention! 

Xiao Ling conveyed the doctor’s words to her mother-in-law. Not only did her mother-in-law not let Xiao Ling eat less, she also said to Xiao Ling, “It’s okay. The more you eat during pregnancy, the stronger your child will grow. It’s not easy to get sick”. In this way, under the feeding of her mother-in-law, Xiaoling successfully increased her weight by 40 kg during the whole pregnancy, and the child was born as fast as 10 kg. 

Compared with the baby’s optimal weight, Xiaoling’s child is already overweight. The mother-in-law sees that the child is fat and white, and she starts to praise when she meets everyone. Until I met a word from a doctor friend, my mother-in-law didn’t dare to praise herself as fat anymore. My friend said, “The best weight for a newborn is around 5-8 kg, and it is best not to exceed 8 kg, otherwise the child will have a high risk of diabetes.” 

Yes, newborns don’t necessarily grow and grow, but they are healthy. Parents should no longer have such a misunderstanding. When pregnant mothers are pregnant, they must control their own diet, and don’t let the fetus be born with hidden dangers. 

Pregnant mother is pregnant How to control the weight of the fetus during this period

1. Eat a small amount of meals

Some pregnant mothers are particularly hungry when they are pregnant. This is understandable, but considering the health of the baby in the belly, pregnant mothers also Don’t think that you are pregnant, you can be unscrupulous about your weight. If you don’t want the baby’s weight to increase too fast, Bao Ma can choose to eat a little less each time, but you can slightly increase the number of meals, so as not to eat too much at once. 

2. Eat less sweets

Some pregnant mothers are reluctant to eat due to morning sickness when they are pregnant, so at this time some pregnant mothers finally have a reason to eat what they want Some pregnant mothers like to eat sweets and treat sweets as meals. However, sweets contain a lot of sugar, and the weight of the baby and herself will definitely increase when the pregnant mother eats it. Therefore, even if the pregnant mother is pregnant, she must control the amount of sweets she eats. 

3. Appropriate exercise

Some pregnant mothers become the key protection object after pregnancy. They can’t move and can only lie in bed obediently. You want to eat more and better every day, and you don’t exercise, and you don’t want to eat those foods if you don’t grow meat. Therefore, pregnant mothers and fetal babies grow meat in addition to growing meat. Therefore, in order to control the fetal body’s important and appropriate exercise, pregnant mothers should consume the food that they eat appropriately, so that the weight will not rise so fast. 

During pregnancy, it is important for pregnant mothers to control themselves and their fetus.

1. Happy mood

It is also very important for pregnant mothers to be in a good mood when they are pregnant, and to be in a good mood to digest and absorb. It will also be good. The food eaten by pregnant mothers will be digested and absorbed quickly, and will not accumulate in the body and become excess fat. If the pregnant mother sighs all day long, feels unhappy, and is unhappy when eating, even if she eats it, she will not digest, the fetus will be affected, the fetus will not be able to absorb nutrients, and the weight will definitely not reach the standard. 

2. Balanced nutrition

Pregnant mothers should try their best to achieve balanced nutrition during pregnancy, and ensure that all kinds of fish, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables are guaranteed. If you have the conditions, it is best to hire a nutritionist, so that the daily intake of nutrients can not only meet the needs of the growth of the fetus in the belly, but also will not increase the weight of the pregnant mother. 

3. Work and rest schedule

If pregnant mothers want to increase their weight steadily during pregnancy, they must also ensure a regular schedule. A regular schedule can ensure the body’s metabolism. The fetus in the belly will also benefit from it. And if the pregnant mother’s work and rest are disordered, the body’s metabolism will also be disrupted, and the body’s metabolism is not good and it is easy to gain weight. 

In fact, the living conditions are now better. The food that pregnant mothers usually consume is enough to ensure the growth of the fetus. There is no need for additional nutrition for pregnant mothers, as long as they ensure that their three meals a day are normal and eat Pay a little attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, so that the baby born will generally not have a problem, and the weight will be within the normal range. 

On the contrary, pregnant mothers who deliberately supplement or pay too much attention to nutrition will give birth to children who are either overweight or below the standard weight, so everything is better to go with the flow. In the abortion operation, it’s not just the mother who suffers. The pain that Tibao endures has the courage to read it.

With the progress of the times, many people’s thinking has become less conservative, especially when it comes to men and women. Of opening. 

This has led to a very serious consequence. More and more women become pregnant unexpectedly, and some even minor women have tasted the taste of “stealing the forbidden fruit” early. 

Many people think that an accidental pregnancy is no big deal, and it’s just to be removed at the hospital. Even most women think that abortion surgery is as simple as taking medicine and injections. 

The spread of painless traffic on TV networks is even more misleading to young people. 

Abortion surgery is not a simple minor operation. Abortion can cause very serious harm to women themselves, and it is also extremely cruel to the fetus. 

What will happen to the fetus in the womb during an abortion operation? How cruelly abandoned these little lives who were sentenced to death before they were born? 

On Weibo, an obstetrician and gynecologist once released a photo. In this photo, the doctor’s hand held a fetus that was only 60 days old. The fetus had just emerged from the mother’s womb. Was taken out. 

Although this small fetus is only 60 days old, it has developed into a human shape. The head, limbs and even the hands and feet are clearly visible, and the facial features such as eyes and nose are basically formed. 

The small body curled up, as if still in the mother’s womb and had not awakened. 

This photo made many netizens cry. Some young women who have not been married said that they must not be so cruel. Since they don’t want children, they must take safety measures, otherwise they really don’t. Bear with me. 

There is a poem that says, “Every child is a little angel in the sky. Before they come to the world, they will carefully choose their mothers among the clouds.”

Every little life is innocent. They have gone through a lot of competition. Only one of the billions of sperm can be combined with the egg before it can develop into an embryo and eventually become a small baby in the womb. 

If they end their lives early because of unexpected pregnancy, these fetuses will suffer unimaginable pain. 

in crowd surgery How much pain does the fetus have to endure?

The abortion operation is an operation in which the pregnancy is terminated early and the fetus in the uterus is forcibly taken out of the body with the aid of drugs and instruments. 

During the operation, the fetus will encounter deadly drugs and cold equipment. The whole process is really difficult to look at directly. 

Forcibly taken out by cold equipment

Generally, if you need to have an abortion around 40 days of pregnancy, the equipment will be used to take the fetus out of the womb. 

This device is like a cold straw. The doctor will pinpoint the position of the fetus in advance, and then point the straw at the fetus. Under the action of pressure, it will quickly Fetus sucked out. 

Although the whole process is very fast, when the fetus touches this device, it will instinctively make struggling movements. This is the most instinctive reaction of life. It is hard to imagine how scared such a small fetus would be at the time. 

If it is a slightly older fetus, it will not be completely removed for the first time, and there will still be remaining tissue in the uterus. 

At this time, another instrument like a shovel will be used to completely remove the remaining tissue. This process is called “curettage”. 

Drugs were injected into the head

Some fetuses who have developed into full-length pregnancy have reached the second trimester, and all parts of the body are relatively intact. At this time, another method of drug injection is used to do the flow of people. 

This method is more cruel. The doctor will use a regular needle to pierce the woman’s uterus, directly into the fetus’s head, and inject drugs into it, and the fetus will soon die. 

After the drug is injected into the head, the fetus will go through a very painful process, and will be cleaned up when there are no signs of life at all. 

Some fetuses who have not yet completely died will have weak breathing and heartbeat even after being taken out. 

The whole body shrinks

At about 7 months of pregnancy, the fetus has basically matured and is completely a small baby. At this time, if there is a flow of people, it is an induction of labor. 

The process of induction of labor is more painful and cruel. Because the fetus is already relatively large, it is difficult to remove it from the uterus smoothly. 

Therefore, it is necessary to inject high-concentration saline into the uterus to make the fetus dehydrated quickly to facilitate the subsequent evacuation. 

At this time, the fetus already has pain-sensing nerves, no matter whether it encounters drugs or equipment, it can feel the most severe pain. 

The brain of the fetus has basically developed, and it must be extremely fearful and desperate to encounter such a fatal danger. 

Do you still think that abortion surgery is just a minor operation? Don’t think that the fetus has not been born, and you can’t feel anything. Every fetus is a fresh life. It is really cruel to let the small life come to an abrupt end before it is born. 

So if you do not plan to have children, both men and women must take safety measures. Don’t get pregnant or abort the baby. Respect for life is also the best cherish for yourself. .

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