What is good for children to grow taller? Eat more of the six foods and eat less of the three foods

What is good for children to grow taller? Eat more six kinds of food and eat less three kinds of food

After having children, mothers can clearly feel the various comparisons between neighbors, who is taller and whose child is taller. Zhengtai, cute, whose children learn well, etc. Of course, most of them use the height of the child as a comparison. 

In the past, there was a relatively hot “Sanqi stewed little yellow chicken”. Parents let their children drink this soup. In the end, the boy’s height did not exceed 160. There are also many parents who use various remedies to help their children grow taller. The above case is that they don’t know that this is not helping their children, but harming them. 

Do parents know? The child’s height may not be tall, which may be due to these 5 reasons:

1. Genetic factors

I believe that many parents know that the height of a child has a lot to do with heredity. If the parents The height is relatively short, so the child may also grow short. However, it is not necessarily. After all, there are multiple factors that affect the height of the child. 

2. Other pathogenic factors

In fact, many other disease factors will also affect the height of the child, such as hypothyroidism, insufficient growth hormone and so on. 

3. Sleep quality

The peak period of human sleep hormones is generally from 10 at night to 4 in the morning, and usually begins to secrete 30 minutes to 40 minutes after falling asleep. If the child’s sleep quality is not good, it may affect the secretion of growth hormone. 

4. Nutritional factors

When a child is growing up, he needs a lot of nutrition, such as calcium, vitamins, protein, etc. During the child’s growth and development, lack of nutrition may affect The height of the child. 

5. Sports factors

When a child is growing up, more exercise can promote the development of the child’s bones, joints, and ligaments, and more exercise will help the child grow taller. 

So, what foods in life help children grow taller What? 

1. Spinach

Spinach is rich in vitamins. Children need more vitamins for growth and development. Eating more spinach can achieve the effect of replenishment. 

2, a glass of milk a day

Milk contains protein, calcium, amino acids and other nutrients, which is beneficial to promote the growth of the child’s body. 

3. Eat more soy products

Foods with high protein content are soy products, such as soybeans, tofu, etc. In addition to high protein content, calcium content It is also relatively high. 

4. Meat

In life, you can use animal liver, various meats, eggs, fish and other foods with relatively high nutritional value. 

5. Citrus

Many parents don’t know that the vitamin content in citrus is 3-8 times higher than that in other fruits. 

So, what foods should children eat as little as possible? 

1. Sweets

Let children eat less sweets. Excessive sugar content will affect the body’s absorption of calcium. 

2. Snacks

Let children eat less snacks. Many snacks contain a lot of food additives, pigments, flavors, preservatives, etc., which have low nutritional value. Children may be nutritious if they eat for a long time. bad. 

3. Carbonated beverages

Carbonated beverages contain a lot of phosphorus. If you drink carbonated beverages often, it may cause an imbalance in the phosphorus and calcium levels in your body, which can easily cause developmental delays in your child. 

Combining the above, don’t give The child takes a variety of home remedies so as not to affect the final height of the child. If the child is found to be short in stature and has not increased more than 5 cm in a year, he should take the child to the doctor in time to find out the cause, and do not blindly intervene. You can listen more. Doctor’s recommendation. When a child asks you “Where did I come from”, remember to answer it carefully, and your baby will love you more.

Almost every child will ask their parents the question “Where did I come from”. This is a child’s exploration of the source of his life. However, most parents hear this question just perfunctory, telling the child that he picked it up from the garbage dump, buy something to give it, and so on. As a result, it has caused irreparable consequences. 

Before, something happened in our hometown , A child ran away from home. It is said that this is the case. The 6-year-old child asked his mother, “Where did I come from?” The mother jokingly said that you picked it up on the roadside. He also vividly described to the child the process of picking up the child. Said that on the way back from work one day, I heard the cry of a baby, and when I approached it, I saw that it was a child. At that time, there was no one around, afraid that the child would be taken away by the wolf, so he kindly took the child home. Afterwards, the child was kept without anyone looking for it. Although the mother was joking, the child took it seriously and ran away from home the next day, saying that he was looking for his parents…

▶Tell the children where they come from, and the children will love their mothers more

Chinese parents hear their children ask “Where did I come from?” I was always ashamed to talk about it, trying to get around this topic, or using other weird and weird ways to ridicule this topic, so that the child feels boring, so he won’t ask again. However, we all know that the child was born from a mother’s hard work in October, and the whole process was full of bitterness and pain. 

If the mother is willing to tell the child, he was born of your hardship. Children not only increase their physical knowledge, but also love their mothers more. Therefore, the next time your child asks you “Mom, where do I come from”, you should answer it carefully. After you answer it, your child will love you more. 

▶How to answer the child “Where am I from Coming”? 

However, we also understand the difficulties of mothers. Children always have 100,000 “whys”. When explaining to the child where he came from, he would not stop at “from the mother’s belly”. He would also break the casserole and ask how he got into the mother’s belly. Therefore, the mother herself is also worried about whether she can explain it clearly to her children. In fact, children are of different ages. Mothers can use different language skills to answer the children. 

①Answer in a loving and romantic way Children

Children are interested in “Where do I come from” when they are around 3 years old. In this case, even if the mother wants to use scientific theories to answer step by step, the child may not understand it. Therefore, if the child in the family is too young, when answering this question, the mother can save the process first, try to use words to create a feeling of love and romance, tell the child how he came, and tell the child that he is in the father Mother’s expectation came down to this world. 

Huang Lei was once on the show “Hello! “Life Home” mentioned that when he mentioned “Where did I come from” to a child, he would answer: Your father and your mother are two people. When they fell in love, they got married, and then gave birth to you as a mother. You were born. It can be said that this explanation tells the child that it is because of mom and dad. But it’s very tactful and romantic. 

②Using enlightenment to answer the children’s questions positively

As the child grows up and his understanding ability deepens, his exploration of everything in the world is full of rationality and thirst for knowledge. When he asked “Where did I come from” again, his mother would answer him directly. However, it is not necessary for the mother to tell the child the detailed process at once. You can use the enlightenment method to answer the child little by little to see where the child can accept it. 

For example, if the child asks “Mom, where did I come from”, the mother can tell the child that you were born by me. If the child asks again, how did you give birth to me. The mother can tell him that the baby was born in October when the baby grew up and was born. If the child asks how he was pregnant, it is not too late for the mother to answer how he was pregnant. In this way, tell the child within the child’s ability to accept, the child will be able to understand. 

③Find a good opportunity to use the childbirth process of a small animal to hint to the child

If the child asks “Mum, where do I come from”, the mother is really embarrassed to answer, yes Leave some time to prepare. Find some paintings or short stories to tell the children what the whole process is like when mothers give birth to their little babies. It can be regarded as helping the children to complete a sexual enlightenment, and the children can also appreciate the difficulty of mothers in giving birth and love their mothers more. 

▶Mom is answering where the child comes from Yes, matters needing attention

①Don’t hesitate. The child asks where he comes from. In fact, it is entirely out of curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Moms can tell the child openly, because your attitude towards sex education will also affect the child. Tell your child generously, otherwise the child will think this is an unspeakable thing. 

②The language should be as concise as possible. When answering your child’s question, try to be as concise and clear as possible. Because the child does not have much patience, and the understanding ability is limited, the mother’s answer is more popular, the better. Children have a sense of security when turning on the lights to sleep, but these aspects should not be ignored. Parents must know in their minds.

In the process of raising children, novice mothers will not only be troubled by major problems such as feeding and sleeping, but also Will be “beaten” by some inconspicuous little details in life, such as the question of whether to leave a light for the child at night. 

Some mothers are very convenient. They will habitually turn on a small light in the room at night. Although it consumes electricity, they always feel that they can see the baby’s status at any time and feed the baby. It is very convenient, and some parents turn on the light at the request of the baby, and the child will feel that it is more secure to sleep with the light on. 

“Mom, don’t turn off the lights, I’m afraid!”

“Mom, can you turn off the lights, I’m afraid!” When Zhang is about to turn off the lights, he can always hear his daughter’s whispered request. 

Beibei is 3 years old this year. She is usually very sensible and well-behaved. Xiao Zhang is also very fond of her daughter. Even if she is tired from work, she will accompany her children and tell her children some short stories before going to bed. The feelings of the girls are also very good. 

But he is such a lovely child. There is a not-so-good habit when sleeping, that is, mother is not allowed to turn off the lights. 

At first, Xiao Zhang would patiently reason with the child, but after a long time, looking at her daughter’s pitiful appearance, although Bao’s mother knew that turning on the lights would not sleep well, she didn’t have the heart to force her. Turn off the light for the child. 

Why do children feel safer to sleep with the lights on? 

Actually, there are two main reasons why children like to turn on the lights to sleep. 

On the one hand, children’s imagination is very rich and they lack the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy. With the development of the Internet, children will also be exposed to things beyond their cognition, so the darkness will make The child becomes restless. 

On the other hand, it may be small At that time, parents are used to turning on the lights to sleep and let the children develop the habit, so it is difficult to change when they grow up. 

But having said that, although turning on the lights to sleep is much more convenient, the negative impact is not small. Parents still have to know about this. 

It’s convenient to turn on the light to sleep, but the impact of these aspects cannot be ignored.

Many novice parents think that children usually need to wake up at night to feed, and the children are small, so it’s easy to see occasionally when the lights are on. Children

Don’t have any problems with the children, so many parents simply turn on the lights to sleep every night, but this method has a certain negative impact on the children. 

1) Influencing children’s formation of the concept of day and night

Little months old children sleep most of the time and lack the ability to distinguish day and night autonomously. Always turn on the lights at night to fall asleep, will confuse the concept of day and night, the thinking will be upside down, and even cause sleeplessness at night, sleep well, and sleepiness during the day. 

2) Prevent children from growing taller

The secretion of growth hormone in children is a dynamic process, and from 11 to 12 o’clock in the evening, the child’s body The secretion of growth hormone will reach its peak and last for about two hours, during which time the secretion will account for more than half of the total secretion in a day. 

But turning on the light to sleep will cause the child’s growth hormone secretion to decrease, which in turn will hinder the child’s body growth. 

3) It is not good for children’s vision development< /p>

Turning on the light to sleep can actually affect the child’s vision to a certain extent. Although the child has his eyes closed, he can still perceive the light source from the outside world. Over time, his vision development will be affected to varying degrees. 

To help children develop a good habit of turning off the lights to sleep, parents can try three steps.

From the perspective of children’s growth, parents should better guide their children to turn off the lights to sleep and try to find a more suitable way. Solve this problem. 

The first step: take the initiative to help children eliminate their fears

When children are young, they may not feel safe, so it is inevitable that they will be afraid of turning off the lights at night. At this time, parents Try to help children eliminate this fear as much as possible. For example, you can usually read more related picture books with your children, take the child to explore places that they find terrible, etc., and slowly guide the children. 

Step 2: Reduce the light intensity step by step

< /p>

Let the child turn off the light to sleep. This is not a thing that can be done once. Forcibly turning off the light will make it difficult for the child to accept it. Parents can gradually reduce the brightness of the light so that the child can adapt slowly. 

Step 3: Try to use a small night light for transition

If the child still cannot accept turning off the light to sleep in a short time, parents can also prepare a small night light for the child. A good transition, slowly let the child completely quit the habit of turning on the lights at night.

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