What is “critical inheritance”? Just look at Song Xiaobao’s daughter, she’s fair and lovely

What is “critical inheritance”? Just look at Song Xiaobao’s daughter, that fair skin is attractive

It’s very common for children to inherit their looks from their parents. From facial features to behavior habits, it’s easy for outsiders to see this big and small It’s a family, but there are some children who are very good at growing up. What kind of experience is it? Just take a look at Song Xiaobao’s daughter and you’ll understand. 

Speaking of Song Xiaobao, everyone is not unfamiliar, he He is a comedian who often appears in all kinds of comedy works. He is not tall, and his facial features are not outstanding enough. His dark skin is matched with white teeth, and the iconic laughter is impressive. Many netizens said: ” What if I give birth to a daughter and follow him?” But the result was unexpected. 

Song Xiaobao has a pair of sons and daughters. It is reasonable to say that the daughter has a high probability of looking after his father, but his daughter has not inherited any characteristics from him. , The facial features are also correct, and really realized the “picky inheritance”, netizens say: “My daughter is really the president, I am too envious!”

It is not just genes that affect the appearance of children, but acquired factors are also important! 

It is a good thing for children to inherit the good looks of their parents, but if they don’t pay attention to acquired care, they will slowly become disabled. Similarly, if the children themselves are not dominant in appearance, they can also improve their appearance through acquired factors. It’s worth it. In this regard, I suggest parents do these points. 

Form good living habits

Life habits are maintained, which can promote the development of all aspects of the child, including facial features, height, body shape, etc. If the living habits are not good, growth is restricted , The appearance value will naturally change. 

It is recommended that parents guide their children to develop good habits. For example, a regular diet, comprehensive nutritional intake, guaranteeing sleep, and insisting on exercising. Under the supervision of good habits, the development of all aspects of the child’s body will be relatively better, and the overall appearance will naturally be maintained or improved. 

Daily maintenance should be done well.

Many young people today ignore basic cleansing and facial maintenance, which will actually affect the development of facial value. If they ignore clean, sun-protected, and nourished skin, their skin texture will gradually change. Poor, dark yellow, acne marks and spots appear. Compared with fair and clear skin, these skin problems will undoubtedly reduce a person’s overall appearance. 

It is recommended that parents guide their children to do basic cleaning At the same time, it is necessary to help children with sun protection. When children pay more attention to skin care, and pay more attention to skin problems in the future, their appearance can be guaranteed. 

Temperament cultivation

A person’s overall appearance is not limited to whether the facial features are exquisite, or whether it is dressed or dressed, the inner temperament revealed by gestures will also add points to the appearance. To cultivate temperament, parents can start with culture, literature and art. For example, let children read more books and get more exposure to art. When children are nurtured, they will reveal a little literary atmosphere in their gestures. Of course, parents can also start from the aspects their children are interested in, so that the children can give full play to their advantages and make the overall temperament more prominent. 

Every parent is eager for their children to pick their own The advantages are long, but it is undeniable that we cannot decide what the child looks like. When the child looks average, what parents have to do is to grasp the acquired factors, so as to help the child improve the overall appearance. Parents, has your baby inherited your strengths? When the pregnant woman met the male doctor, she quickly said no, and the nurse beside her smiled: I have never seen such a shame

There is a good saying, “There is no dignity in the delivery room.” Indeed, once the most intimate things are in the delivery room, they must be watched or even touched by strangers. Anyone with a stronger self-esteem may not be able to accept it. 

However, this is a problem that has to be faced when giving birth, so even if it cannot be accepted, it can only be endured by force. 

Last month, when my friend Xiao Wang gave birth, she encountered an embarrassment that she did not expect. Xiao Wang had a normal delivery and thought it would be much less embarrassing than a C-section. 

Unexpectedly, before delivery, a male doctor came and said that she was here to prepare her skin. Xiao Wang didn’t know what it meant to prepare skin, let alone to do it in the private part, so when she found that the male doctor started the operation, she quickly said no, her face flushed with shame. 

Seeing Xiao Wang reacting like this, aside The nurse bent over with a smile and said that she had never seen such a shame before. 

Under the patient explanation of the doctor and nurse, Xiao Wang finally let go of his shame, and the male doctor smoothly prepared her skin. The whole childbirth process went smoothly. The child was a little girl. 

Later recalling the scene at that time, Xiao Wang himself also thought it was very funny. The blame was that she did not do enough homework. I didn’t know that there would be a male doctor in the delivery room, and I didn’t know that there would be skin preparations before delivery. Item operation. If she had known it early, with her character, she would have been less embarrassed. 

Most women will only enter the delivery room once at most twice in their lives. They are not familiar with the operations inside, which is excusable, especially when they have a baby for the first time. 

Actually, there are many embarrassments that may be encountered in the delivery room. Compared with male doctors preparing skins, other embarrassments may even make it more difficult for women to accept. 

How awkward is the delivery room? In these situations, women must be psychologically prepared.

1. Male doctors deliver the baby

Although the doctors in the obstetrics and gynecology department are mainly women, there are also a few men, and most of these male doctors are the attending doctors. . Therefore, meeting a male doctor when giving birth is not a small probability event. 

If the mother is more conservative and has a strong sense of shame, she will feel embarrassed and even affect the birth process. In fact, this is completely unnecessary, because in the eyes of male doctors, the mother is an ordinary customer, and there is no other idea. 

2. Opening the uterine mouth

Opening the uterine mouth is also an embarrassing thing before childbirth. The so-called opening of the uterine orifice means that the doctor inserts the fingers into the lower body of the parturient to determine the degree of opening and closing of the uterine orifice. If the uterine orifice is opened to ten fingers, it means that the child is about to enter the state of labor. 

This operation is easy to cause unprovoked associations of the parturient. If you are a male doctor, it may even cause a physiological reaction. Thinking about it will be embarrassing. 

3. Uncontrolled bowel movements during delivery

To say that the most embarrassing thing about having a baby is uncontrolled defecation. Although not every mother will experience this kind of thing, it is indeed not less in terms of proportion. . 

Of course, the doctors and nurses in the obstetrics department must be surprised. Even if the mother is really incontinent, they will not complain or dislike it at all, but will use the equipment prepared in advance to deal with it as soon as possible. Drop, so as not to affect the delivery process, or cause maternal infection. 

The above embarrassing things are very likely to be encountered when giving birth. But as repeatedly emphasized above, mothers should not have any psychological burden. 

As long as you are not embarrassed, there will be no impact at all. On the contrary, excessive embarrassment will cause psychological tension, which is extremely disadvantageous for childbirth. 

Do three things before entering the delivery room to ease Embarrassment is also helpful for childbirth.

1. Understand relevant knowledge

Before entering the delivery room, it is best for the mother to have a certain understanding of what is going to happen to her, especially the embarrassment she may encounter thing. 

In this way, embarrassment can be resolved well, and prenatal anxiety can also be relieved, so as to ensure that oneself can give birth smoothly and safely. 

Furthermore, in the unlikely event of an accident, prepared women can deal with it with a stronger psychological quality, which can also provide additional help to the doctors dealing with the accident. 

2. Replenish energy and let yourself be stamina More abundant

Many people don’t know that giving birth is actually a “physical work”, especially when it comes to giving birth. Parturients with poor physical fitness are not only more difficult to give birth, but also prone to accidents. Postpartum recovery is also a big problem. 

Before childbirth, exercise your body and replenish energy in time, so that you can go into battle with plenty of physical strength, which can make the birth of a child more smoothly. 

3. Let relatives and friends help out, especially the husband

Although the current medical sciences are advanced, the risk of having a child still exists, and even the danger of life is not ruled out. This may cause the mother’s heart to be tense, or even too scared. 

If you want to relieve tension, letting relatives and friends accompany you to help out. Especially husbands, no matter how busy they are, they should offload all tasks to accompany their wives. 

What’s more, as Bao Dad, it is a kind of regret to miss the moment the child was born. 

The test of giving birth to a child is not only the physical quality of the mother, but also the psychological quality. Only if you are fully prepared in both aspects, can you be able to do your job well during childbirth, and in this way, the baby will be healthier.

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