What family’s children are easily targeted by traffickers? Parents who have something in common are not calm after reading

What family’s children are easily targeted by traffickers? Parents who have something in common will not calm down after reading it.

Which family’s children are easily targeted by traffickers? Parents who have something in common are not calm after reading it

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A child can be said to be cohesive All the hard work in a family and the hope of the whole family are carried. Therefore, when they suffer a little injury or some physical discomfort, the parents will be nervous for a long time, let alone the sudden disappearance of the child. 

The loss of a child almost Can ruin a family

Before Shen Junliang retrieved the news that he lost his 15-year child, which made many netizens pleased, but there are also many people who feel regretful. 

Shen Junliang has been looking for children for more than ten years. He gave up his original well-paid job and has been living on a part-time job in order to have time to find children. 

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But this also caused the whole family to fall into difficulties. If the child is not taken away, the family can live a happy and prosperous life, and the child can receive a better education. 

But compared to other people who have exhausted all his wealth, but still failed to find the child’s parent, he is too lucky. 

There are also many families who have lost their children and are caught in conflicts and quarrels. Couples complain and divorce each other. There are many families where elderly people blame themselves for being seriously ill. 

These families could be harmonious and beautiful, but because of the existence of human traffickers, they are almost broken. 

But human traffickers are too difficult to guard against. Today, nearly 200,000 children are lost every year, but fewer than 200 can be recovered. 

Except for the efforts of all parties in society In addition to improving technology, parents also need to take care of their children more carefully so as not to regret in the future. 

Especially these types of families , It’s easier for children to get lost

▶ Families that often let their children go out to play

Some parents feel that their children are playing in the community or in front of their homes, and they are surrounded by people they know , I won’t be lost at all, and other neighbours in the neighborhood may also help look after the children. 

But parents who have this idea are more likely to lose their children. When a stranger secretly picks the child away and stuffs it into the car, it only takes a minute or two, and the parent may not have time to react. 

And there will be traffickers for a long time Stay in one place and get acquainted with your parents so that you can start by yourself. 

Acquaintances are the ones who are most likely to harm children. Many problems are caused by them. Therefore, parents with children should trust themselves most. No matter how safe the surrounding environment is, they should not be allowed to travel alone. . 

▶ Families where parents are not attentive

Although some parents take care of their children, their minds are not on the children at all. Usually children are playing next to them, and the parents chat with others. Or play with a mobile phone. 

Sometimes I don’t even know the child has gone far away, let alone other people carry the baby away. 

▶ Family where the elderly and pregnant women take care of their children

When the elderly and pregnant women take care of their children alone, it is easy to attract traffickers because they are inconvenient to move. Even if there is a kidnapping, they can’t rob others. 

Therefore, if you want to take your children out to play, you also need a father or someone with a stronger body to stay by. 

Furthermore, according to statistics, most of the time lost by children is between 12 and 18, which also shows that it is safer to wait for the father to come back from get off work at night to take the children out to play. 

How to reduce children being robbed What is the probability of going? 

There used to be a hot topic on the Internet: “What kind of children are more likely to be targeted by traffickers?”

A netizen gave this answer:

When he was a child, he grew up in a rural area and learned the pungency of rural women. When his relatives took him to the fair, a stranger came over to strike up a conversation. The child’s impatience with a few swear words scared others away. . 

This also Explain that children treat strangers differently, which also makes them different in the probability of being snatched away. 

Therefore, children who are not too “kind and enthusiastic” are safer. 

Parents need to tell them that in addition to the basics of dealing with others, they don’t care about strangers’ requests for help at all. What kind of adults need a child’s help? 

In addition, “People’s Daily” also gives some ways:

Let children wear bright clothes when going out, so that they are more conspicuous; When going out with children, be sure to be with their parents In your own sight; buy tools that can locate and call the police for your children; let them remember their home address and mobile phone number. 

I hope that the future technology will also be more advanced, making it impossible for traffickers to start. 


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County kindergarten fees have increased six times in ten years, and a set of payment slips became popular. Netizens: Don’t dare to have babies anymore.

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How expensive kindergarten tuition in big cities is, I believe you have already seen in the news, Guo Jingjing’s child, kindergarten After the report of 140,000 tuition fees a year came out, many parents were shocked. 

But some kindergartens in Shanghai may cost more than this, such as Wellington kindergarten, which costs 200,000 yuan a year, and you can still get in. 

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Other private kindergartens cost 4000~6000 yuan a month. 

The pressure of having children and working in big cities is too great, so many young people choose to return to their small counties to work, get married, and raise children. 

They think that all aspects of the cost in small cities are lower. Even the kindergarten tuition is estimated to be very cheap, and it will be easier to raise a second child by then. 

The payment form of a group of county kindergartens became popular, and the tuition fee increased by 6 times in ten years.

However, when the new semester began, some parents living in the county revealed the baby’s tuition. I also surprised all netizens:

When did the kindergarten tuition in small county towns become so high? 

Remember Ten years ago, when netizens were discussing kindergarten tuition, some parents said that living in a small county is very stressful. The monthly fee is only 170 yuan per month. Even if you apply for 4 special long classes, plus meals, air-conditioning, and heating, it’s only 300 yuan per month. 

But according to the current parents posted From the point of view of the bill of payment, the minimum is more than eight thousand five months, which is 1,600 yuan a month. It can be said that in ten years, the kindergarten tuition has increased by nearly six times. 

However, parents’ wages have not risen so much, and all aspects of living expenses have increased. Many parents say that they can’t afford one child, let alone a second child:

< blockquote>

“I thought the life pressure in the county was low. I read my niece’s kindergarten tuition bill. I just wanted to say that it prevented me from getting married and having children.”

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“Thinking that the child is ready to have a second child after going to kindergarten However, looking at the tuition fees of each kindergarten, I am not worthy.”

“The baby’s tuition fee is more than 2,000 a month, not including meals, half of the salary is It’s used out.”

Sure enough, children’s expenses are the best “contraceptive pills”. The kindergartens in the county are so expensive, so how can people dare to have children? 

Why is the kindergarten tuition so expensive? Where are the expenses? 

In fact, the cost of kindergartens is expensive, mainly private kindergartens are expensive, public kindergartens are basically very cheap. 

Even in places like Shanghai, the cost of public kindergartens is only 225 yuan per month, plus meals, etc., up to 500 yuan, but private ones are 20 to 30 times higher. 

The expenses of private kindergartens are mainly used in these places:

▶ Childcare fees

This is the most basic cost, generally including the teacher’s salary, benefits, and subsidies And the kindergarten’s fixed expenses, other expenses, etc. 

Different kindergartens, maybe several It can range from hundreds to thousands. 

▶ Food expenses

You also need to pay for meals in a kindergarten. The price of the food varies naturally depending on the content, about ten yuan per meal. 

▶ Textbooks, air conditioning, water and electricity, insurance, etc.

These expenses are relatively fixed expenses. 

▶ Interest classes

Kindergartens will also open interest classes, and children will enroll 1 to 4 courses, and the price of each course is also around 2,000 yuan. 

▶ Possible costs< /p>

❶ Donations

Some high-end kindergartens that are difficult to enter require donations, which may range from thousands to tens of thousands at a time. 

❷ Late pick-up fee

If parents do not have time to pick up their children and leave them at school, a certain service fee will also be required. 

According to this calculation, the monthly tuition of the county kindergarten is several thousand yuan, which is quite normal. 

Young people do not want to have children. In addition to thinking that kindergarten costs are expensive, they also understand that the cost of having a child to adulthood may reach millions. 

Some netizens have calculated the cost of raising children in different cities, such as:

Beijing needs an average of 2.76 million, Shanghai needs an average of 2.47 million, Shenzhen needs an average of 2.16 million, and Guangzhou An average of 2.01 million is needed. 

After adulthood, college tuition, children’s marriage and buying a house, etc., will cost a lot of money. 

Furthermore, parents have to prepare for their own pension expenses. This shows that it is normal for people to be afraid of having children nowadays. Return to Sohu to see more

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