What can’t you eat during pregnancy? Stars do not know much about amateurs, some common foods may be dangerous

What can’t you eat during pregnancy? Celebrities do not know much about amateurs. Some common foods may be dangerous.

What can’t you eat during pregnancy? Stars don’t know much about amateurs. Some common foods may be dangerous.

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Now young Husbands and wives have also become more cautious in terms of raising children. Many pregnant women actively understand what they can and cannot eat during pregnancy. 

After one pregnancy, he became a maternal and child expert. 

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However, there are still many expectant fathers and mothers who are not concerned about the diet during pregnancy. They can eat whatever they want, or according to their own ideas, they can eat whatever foods they think are nutritious. 

Even some celebrities that have attracted much attention from netizens may not know what not to eat when they are pregnant, and they will be complained by everyone. 

It has become popular in recent years Family watching emotional variety shows are liked by many netizens. Everyone has witnessed the experiences of many couples getting pregnant and giving birth, and suddenly realized that celebrities are similar to ordinary people after they are pregnant, and they may not know much about them. 

For example, in a recent show, Du Chun and his wife showed great affection, but when you look carefully, he is not so concerned about the diet of the pregnant wife. 

When he asked his wife if he wanted to eat When I reported several options “tea eggs, fried dough sticks”, they all failed. Instead, his wife dismissed him as not caring enough about himself. 

But this also shows that it is the pregnant woman who cares most about the pregnant woman. 

He Wenna, who was in the same type of show before, was forced by her mother-in-law to eat a large plate of braised pork when she was pregnant. It was so oily and greasy that she vomited after eating. I’m uncomfortable all day long. 

But the mother-in-law is also for the good of her daughter-in-law and wants to supplement her with nutrition, but her ideology is not up to the modern age, so she is kind to do bad things. 

This also told the pregnant mother If you want to rely on your elders during pregnancy, sometimes it’s unreliable. It’s better to prepare yourself in advance and understand which foods you need to avoid, so as not to eat the wrong thing and make yourself and the fetus uncomfortable. 

These ten common foods , Pregnant mothers are best not to eat it

1. Braised pork

Braided pork has more fat than lean meat. It is all fat and has no nutrition. Pregnant mothers may cause it if they eat it. Excessive weight gain is not conducive to the health of oneself and the fetus. 

Furthermore, greasy food can easily cause nausea and nausea in pregnant mothers and affect mood. 

2. Foods containing caffeine

Although caffeine has the effect of refreshing and reducing edema to ordinary people, it may harm the health of the fetus because it will cause the fetus’s heartbeat to increase , Reduce blood circulation between mother and fetus. 

3, fried food< /p>

After the food is fried, the nutrient content will be reduced, and because it is more greasy and hard, it will not only cause problems in the pregnant mother’s stomach, but also increase the fat of herself and the fetus, which will increase the difficulty of production and affect the mother’s body. And the health of the fetus. 

4. Pickled foods

These foods contain high sodium and nitrite. In addition to increasing blood pressure, they may also increase the burden on the kidneys and make pregnant mothers appear. The risk of pregnancy complications is increased. 

5. Leftovers leftovers

Most of the overnight meals are greasy. Even if they are stored in the refrigerator, bacteria will still increase, and the nitrite content in the overnight vegetables is also relatively high. many. 

All kinds of risks are listed, pregnant Mom still don’t eat leftovers, so as not to endanger health. 

6. Sashimi

Sashimi has higher requirements for food and freezing, which also leads to less high-quality sashimi, and it tastes very cold. 

For gastrointestinal health and avoid being infected by parasites, pregnant women should not eat sashimi. 

7. Foods containing alcohol

Alcohol can be transmitted through the blood and enter the body of the fetus, affecting their brain development. 

Therefore, even if it is food or drink with little alcohol content, pregnant mothers should not eat it, such as bonbon chocolate, rice wine, fruit wine and so on. 

8, barbecue

There are too many seasonings in the barbecue, the taste is too strong, and pregnant mothers can’t be sure whether the food ingredients of the vendors are fresh, there are many potential dangers. 

When food is grilled on an open flame, harmful substances such as benzopyrene will also be produced. If you eat a small amount, it may not affect your body, but when it enters the fetus, the harm will be great. 

9. Wild food such as native chicken

Many people think that wild, rural food may be more nutritious than urban food, so they will buy native chicken, wild fish and other food for pregnant women . 

But free-range chickens have the risk of eating harmful substances and infecting bacteria, which is very dangerous for pregnant women. 

Similarly, just squeezed out The milk and goat’s milk also have the risk of bacteria, so it should not be consumed by pregnant women. 

10. High-sugar sweets

High-sugar foods are easy to increase blood sugar in the body, which increases the risk of pregnancy complications and obesity. Therefore, it is best not to Eat often. 

In general, the food that pregnant women eat is best for the fetus to absorb more nutrients without gaining weight. Don’t think that “if you have an extra belly, you should add two nutrients”. 

If you eat it, you will get fat and affect your health. You can’t eat it during pregnancy. 


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If pregnant mothers have these two blood types, pay attention to protect the first child. There is a hidden danger that may easily appear when the second child is born

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Each blood type system has It is inherited independently. 

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Nowadays, many young people try love before marriage. If contraceptive measures are not taken, it may be accidental. You will get pregnant unexpectedly, but if you don’t plan to have a baby, you will often choose to kill the baby. 

For women, abortion is inherently harmful to the body, especially for women with special blood types. The first child must be protected and not easily shed, otherwise it will have a certain impact on subsequent pregnancy . 

All the pictures in this article are from the Internet, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant.

Some women choose to let go of their children when they are pregnant, but want to give birth to health in the future Of children tend to be very difficult. 

Case: Patty Hou’s second son is suffering from hemolysis.

Although Patty Hou is now a happy family, he also had a thrilling experience when he gave birth to his second child. If you think about it now, you will be scared in a cold sweat. 

During the birth check, the doctor found that Patty Hou’s second child had an abnormal state and needed to be delivered by caesarean section in advance, otherwise the fetus might be life-threatening. After the baby was born, the doctor judged that the baby had ABO hemolysis. After half a month of treatment in the hospital, he was finally discharged safely. 

Many people may not know what hemolysis of the newborn is. In fact, this is due to the incompatibility of the mother and child’s blood types. The mother-to-be produces blood type antibodies that are not compatible with the fetal blood group antigen. This antibody enters the fetus through the placenta and causes homoimmune hemolysis. 

Which two blood types do pregnant mothers belong to? The first child must be protected.

There are many different types of human blood types, and the blood types of pregnant women will also have a certain impact on the fetus. If the blood types of mother and child are different, it is often It can cause hemolysis of the fetus or newborn. 

▸RH blood type◂

The so-called RH blood type is what we often call “panda blood”. It is divided into negative and positive blood types. The name shows that this blood type is very rare. 

It is precisely because blood types are too rare and the reserves of blood banks in the hospital are small, so women are prone to incompatibility between the blood types of their babies and their mothers during pregnancy, leading to hemolytic disease in the babies. 

If a woman with Rh-negative blood has not been transfused with Rh-positive blood, she can give birth to her first child. The amount of antibodies produced by the pregnant woman in the first pregnancy is low. If the first child is shedding and she is Rh-positive Fetal baby, then you can no longer give birth in the future. 

RH hemolysis generally occurs when the pregnant mother is RH negative, the prospective father is RH positive, and the fetus happens to be RH positive. 

Most of the time, doctors do not recommend women with RH-negative blood to destroy their first child, because after a miscarriage, the second pregnancy is likely to cause a blood type incompatibility between the mother-to-be and the fetus, leading to anemia or even hemolysis. . 

▸O type blood◂

Compared with RH blood type, O type blood should be one of the blood types well known by the public. At the same time, it is also called universal blood. . 

However, if this blood type is delivered to people with type A, B or AB blood, different hemolysis reactions will easily occur. For example, when a pregnant mother has blood type O, and the prospective dad is not O When type blood, the fetus may have type A or type B, which is different from the pregnant mother’s blood type. 

Like Rh-negative blood, when women with type O blood are pregnant with the first child, the chances of fetal arrest and bleeding are relatively low, but because they have had antibodies in the body after the first child, they are pregnant with the second child. The chance of hemolysis is much greater. 

In general, when the expectant mothers of these two blood types get pregnant unexpectedly, don’t rush to abortion, otherwise it will cause great harm to the mother’s body. 

When is the newborn’s blood type checked? 

The blood type of the newborn is directly related to the blood type of the parents. 

Under normal circumstances, the hospital does not check the blood type of newborns. However, if the baby has pathological jaundice after delivery, in order to rule out whether there is blood type incompatibility with hemolysis, it is necessary to check the blood type. 

If you want to know your child’s blood type, you should generally do so after the baby is 6 months old. Because some babies’ blood type system is not fully developed, the accuracy of blood type identification is not high. Therefore, wait until the baby’s blood type system is fully developed, and then check the blood type. Not too late. Return to Sohu to see more

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