What are the manifestations of undernourishment for babies? Parents who do not improve their feeding methods may affect their intelligence

What are the manifestations of undernourishment for babies? If parents do not improve their feeding methods, their intelligence may be affected

What are the manifestations of undernourished babies? Parents who do not improve their feeding methods may affect their intelligence

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Although it is the most difficult for a newborn baby Take care, but it’s relatively easy to feed. 

The only food for newborns is breast milk or formula milk, which contains sufficient nutrients for the baby’s physical development, but when the child adds complementary food or starts to eat adult food, many problems of improper feeding will come. 

It stands to reason that today’s children have better living conditions and should not suffer from malnutrition. However, studies have shown that there are still a large proportion of children with malnutrition. 

When children are severely undernourished, their intelligence will also be affected. 

Parents can also carefully observe the state of their children to determine whether they are malnourished. 

If the baby has the following Performance, it is likely that the nutrition has not kept up

▶ The height and weight are not up to standard

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Children of each age group have corresponding height and weight standards. If they If you don’t keep up with your nutrition, your body will appear thin. Compared with your peers, you look a lot worse, and you’re also vulnerable to bullying. 

▶ Abnormal emotions and spirits

People’s spirits and emotions are generally affected by minerals and vitamins. If the baby lacks certain nutrients, there will be abnormal emotions. Common Emotional abnormalities include:

❶ Bad temper

Baby with bad temper and irritable mood may lack vitamin B1, B6, etc. 

❷ Irritable and unable to sleep at night

Baby who is irritable and unable to sleep at night may be deficient in calcium and zinc. 

❸ Poor energy

Children who are often unable to lift their energy and feel tired may lack protein. 

▶ Abnormalities in the body

The lack of certain nutrients will also harm the body:

❶ Barbs on the hands

Baby with this condition, it may be Because the body lacks vitamin C, vitamin B or water. 

❷ Constipation, bad breath

Baby who eats less vegetables and fruits and consumes less dietary fiber will have indigestion and food accumulation, which will lead to constipation and bad breath. 

❸ Often get sick

Baby with low immunity usually gets sick often. Such babies may lack protein or other nutrients, lack of exercise, etc. 

What problems are likely to cause baby nutrition Can’t keep up? 

▶ Picky eaters

If children are picky eaters and often skip vegetables, it is easy to cause malnutrition. 

Nutrition experts suggest that a person should consume 16 kinds of foods a day and 25 kinds of foods a week to ensure that the body receives adequate nutrition. 

In fact, vegetables in life, With so many fruits, parents can also find what they like to eat. If picky eaters are really serious, they can also establish a reward and punishment mechanism. 

▶ Gastrointestinal problems

Children’s stomach and intestines are relatively fragile, and they are prone to eating irregularities (eating too much or too little), unhealthy diet (heavy taste, love sweets, snacks) ) And other problems, leading to gastrointestinal problems, affecting the body’s absorption of nutrients. 

▶ Mental stress

If parents are too demanding of their children or have negative problems such as family disharmony, they will put a lot of stress on the children’s spirit and affect their bodies, Appetite, etc., make the child appear malnourished. 

Of course, the child is malnourished Yes, the most important thing is diet. 

Parents are preparing for the baby in the future When eating, you should also pay attention to these feeding misunderstandings. 

✘ Soup is nutritious

Many parents think that the soup is nutritious, and they like to supplement the nutrition by boiling the soup, but in fact, doing so can easily lead to malnutrition of the child:< /p>

First of all, many broths and fish soups contain a lot of purines and sodium, which will burden the child’s kidneys. 

Secondly, there are only meat and one or two side dishes in the soup. If you don’t eat other foods, the nutrition is relatively simple. 

Again, nutrition experts suggest that children’s daily intake of poultry and livestock meat should not exceed 50 grams. Other proteins need to be supplemented in eggs, legumes, and fish. Eat too much meat, especially red meat. not good for health. 

Finally, the soup is in the stomach It not only dilutes stomach acid, but also occupies the stomach, which not only hinders children from taking in other foods, but also easily leads to indigestion. 

For the child to drink soup, it is better to give him a bowl of Mala Tang that is neither numb nor hot nor spicy. 

✘ Force children to eat more

If children eat too much at a time, it will also cause gastrointestinal problems. Parents can ask them to eat less staple food at regular meals and rely on fruits and nuts at other times. Meals are fine too. 

✘ Feed more snacks

High-sugar, high-oil, and high-salt foods not only cause gastrointestinal problems, but also affect the absorption of other nutrients. Parents should also give these snacks less The child eats. 


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Children often like to watch the same cartoon, which shows that his three abilities are being perfected, parents don’t bother

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Animation plays a very important role for both children and parents. For children, it can enrich their imagination and enhance their sense of happiness. For parents, it is an artifact to coax their children. It reduces a lot of trouble in the process of bringing a baby. 

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Other children want to watch new animations, but my baby only watches the same episode

However, sometimes we find that some children are very easy to watch cartoons. Watching repetitive content, staring at an episode of cartoons and watching over and over again, Zhang Hua’s child is like this. 

Some time ago, his child just turned three years old. I heard experts say that children of this age can watch TV properly, so Zhang Hua sometimes plays cartoons for the child when he gets busy. 

The child is also very happy to watch , Sitting on the sofa and watching TV without crying or making trouble, this made Zhang Hua happy, and the pain of bringing a baby finally got through. 

But what is strange is that for several days, the children stopped in the same episode and watched it over and over again, which made Zhang Hua very puzzled: other children don’t want to watch new cartoons. Why, why does my family always stare at the same episode? 

Children always like to watch the same episode of animation, which shows that he has several abilities that are being improved

(1) The ability to recognize self is being improved

Studies have shown that children between the ages of 3 and 6 are usually imperfect in memory, cognition and comprehension, and cannot receive a large amount of information in a short period of time like adults. 

Many plots of the cartoon itself are jumpy. It is difficult to understand what is being said after watching it, but I want to remember and understand the content clearly, so I change and watch it repeatedly. A process can also gradually improve their cognitive abilities. 

It can be seen from this that children who love to watch the same cartoon repeatedly are usually more tenacious and exploratory, and must be clear about actions beyond their own cognition, and will never fall into a state of half-knowledge. . 

(2) Self-pleasure ability Being perfected

The child’s mind is relatively simple. To like is to like, to hate is to hate you, and will not cover up. Therefore, when he can watch the same cartoon repeatedly, at least explain this cartoon It makes him happy. 

For this kind of thing that makes him happy, the child will naturally be willing to keep doing it until he feels that this cartoon is not attractive to him and cannot make him happy. , He will start to give up. 

Therefore, it is best for parents not to bother at this time. It may be boring to watch the same episode of animation repeatedly in our opinion, but don’t ask the child, adult It is difficult for people to understand the feelings of children, just as they cannot understand our feelings. 

Once parents ask their children whether they are bored, they will disrupt their thoughts and affect their own judgment. 

(3) Self-affirmation ability Being perfected

We instruct children to watch the same episode of animation repeatedly. It can be a process of exploration and familiarity, and it is easier for people to gain a sense of accomplishment in the field they are familiar with. 

Because this feeling is based on their own advantages, once the child has his own understanding of a certain plot or picture during the whole process of exploration, it will make He develops a sense of accomplishment and gradually improves his ability to affirm himself. 

This kind of boring or even useless sense of accomplishment in the eyes of adults is a way for children to build self-confidence. Therefore, when watching the same cartoon repeatedly, parents should not interrupt at will . 

Scientific Guide to Watching Cartoons< /p>

▲Time management

First of all, we should watch the time for children to watch cartoons: usually when children are over three years old, they start watching cartoons played by electronic products, and the duration of the day is best controlled within Within two hours. Of course, children under the age of three can watch some paper-based cartoon animations appropriately. 

▲Animation selection


Children at this stage usually do not have the ability to judge right from wrong, and the animation market is not perfect, and various types of cartoons are flooded with them. 

Therefore, parents should help check in advance, choose some positive energy and have a certain guiding significance, and guide the child to develop in the right direction. 

▲Watch with children

Many parents may regard animation as a kind of toy to accompany their children. They think that after their children are accompanied by cartoons, they can free up time for other things. thing. 

In fact, this is not the case. When children understand cartoons, parents should accompany them to guide the children to establish correct values, avoid some wrong behaviors in cartoons, and also shorten the distance with the children and establish a more intimate relationship. 

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