What are the impolite behaviors of bear children? The following four should be understood early

What are the impolite behaviors of bear children? Please understand the following four types early

All say that children are “angels”, but some bear children are “devil”. Children usually have vigorous energy and curiosity, but once used elsewhere, the situation is very bad. 

Furthermore, nowadays, families are only children, giving their children too much doting, and some children’s behavior is simply lawless. 

Don’t underestimate the bear children, their destructive power is extremely strong! Who has a bear child, really need to be disciplined, if the children around you have the following behaviors, then you have to be careful and stay away from him as soon as possible. 

Tantrums are usually If there is a reason, the mothers only need to calm down the children first, and then slowly ask the reasons. But bear children are different. They lose their temper for no reason at all, and they can lose their temper at any time. 

It’s really a headache for me to cry and make a lot of noise, even falling on the ground regardless of the occasion. Seriously, it will endanger those around you. 

Once he calms down, he not only refuses to listen, but also throws things around and beats people. You can often see some bear children scratching their mother’s hair and biting her mother. The mother is still reluctant to beat and scold. 

A little boy who often plays pranks

before watching the news, Small cards were pasted on the front and back of a car, blocking the license plate number, causing the driver to be deducted 12 points! Obviously it was the bear child who caused the trouble, but it was so sad that innocent people should bear the price! 

This kind of prank is too harmful. Another thing is to stand on the escalator properly, and the bear kid slams it. This situation is really dangerous. 

The bear child thinks pranks are fun. Once it’s okay, he always feels it’s okay. He will continue to do it in the future. Coupled with the fact that the parents did not take care of them in time, the arrogance of the bear children’s pranks is even higher. 

No rules

It can be said that there are no rules and no squares, rules Children must learn from an early age and continue to cultivate them. A typical bear child is that there are no rules for eating, and it is not easy to eat well at all. I used chopsticks to chop the dishes on the plate. The dishes were spilled outside, and my family couldn’t eat them anymore. 

It is also reflected in not following the rules at all. When crossing the road, you don’t listen to your family’s words and run around. There are many vehicles on the road, and accidents will happen if you are not careful. 

Take things indiscriminately

Kids often carry things indiscriminately , Can’t stop the child at all. Moreover, some items are not safe, and it is very dangerous if children take them indiscriminately. But the bear kid didn’t listen at all. 

There is also a phenomenon that when a bear kid visits someone else’s house, he sees what he likes, and takes it and leaves! He didn’t say hello to his mother, nor did he get the owner’s consent. 

It’s also very annoying to turn the boxes and cabinets upside down. It makes a mess of other people’s homes, and it takes time to clean up. 

The above four bear child behaviors, you Have you ever been hurt? The children are not terrible. The terrible ones are the bear children. The bear children act as demon regardless of the consequences. Sooner or later they will bury hidden dangers. I hope everyone can stay away from these bear children! Dad Bao became popular after picking up the baby for the first time, and the teacher looked alert. Dad was so anxious that he was sweating. Netizens: The baby is a bit blind

If there are parents who usually pick up the baby, they will find it and come to pick up the child. Most of them are grandparents or grandparents, or most of them are mothers, and it is rare to see the presence of a father. 

I made such a joke recently. When a father picked up the child home, the child did not recognize himself. As a result, the teacher saw that the child was at a loss, so he suddenly became vigilant and asked other teachers to Bring the child back to the classroom. 

Seeing the teacher’s face on alert, Bao Dad Anxious to sweat, he reluctantly explained that he was really his father, but the child was still at a loss, a blank face, and he could feel the embarrassment of the father across the screen. 

Fortunately, the teacher asked if the child was Knowing the person in front of him, the child should have just reacted and yelled “Dad”. 

Bao’s father picked up the baby for the first time and became popular. For such a funny scene, the parents and teachers who watched the whole process laughed, and the netizens praised the teacher’s vigilance and ridiculed:” This baby is a bit blind.”

But this The incident happened not only once, but what is worth thinking about is the “father’s absence” in the family. 

Children whose fathers are absent always have this kind of pain

1. The children’s character is only conniving and feminine

Why is it said that a complete family can bring good influence to the children Because parents’ personalities are different, they have different influences on their children. Moms can’t replace fathers and fathers can’t replace mothers. If the father is absent for a long time and fails to fulfill his obligations, then the child’s personality will definitely become weaker, more sensitive, and even more sensitive. Being in a situation of cowardice and low self-esteem in interpersonal relationships. 

2. Indifferent relationship with father

We know that in family relationships, if children are more inclined to the father or more towards the mother, it will have a great impact on the harmony of the family. If the father does not accompany the child, it will cause the child to be indifferent to the father’s feelings. This split parent-child relationship is an irreparable harm to either party. 

3. Children are prone to psychological problems.

The influence that fathers exert on children is different from that of mothers. Fathers show their children a broad and long-term perspective, a belief. And heroism, and the father’s long-term absence will prevent the child from generating such cognitive establishment from the interaction with the father, and the child is prone to psychological problems. 

Caring for children and being a qualified father

In fact, the role of the father is not difficult, it depends on whether the child really cares. 

1. Give your children high-quality company

Spend 10 minutes at night to accompany your children to read picture books, accompany them to play with them during vacations, provide timely help to the children, listen to the children’s voice…. No need Fathers do so touching things, as long as they accompany their children, it can be the best picture of a child’s childhood. 

In an era when both work and parenting have to deal with it, it is difficult for parents to take care of the family, but this is not an excuse for not being with each other. 

2. Show off your love in front of your children “

In Chinese families, many parents will be very taboo to show affection in front of their children. I am afraid that their children will be bad at school, but on the contrary, the sweetness and love between parents will bring strong safety to the children. Feeling and warmth, usually talking about I love you and hugging each other is actually an opportunity to quickly heat up the relationship between parent and child. 

3. Don’t be “white face” all the time

It is often said that in a family, one parent has to make a “red face” and one person to make a “white face”, and the father It is often the “white face”, full of majesty and deterrence, but the editor believes that the two parents should be both “white face” and “red face” at the same time. This will help the child grow up. 

It’s really not a piece that dad can pick up the baby Easy thing, but it is also thought-provoking. If the father is not absent, the child’s growth environment will be better.

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