What are the effects on pregnant women and fetuses in different rooms in the middle and late stages of pregnancy? Unexpectedly, there are still benefits!

What are the effects on pregnant women and fetuses in different rooms in the middle and late stages of pregnancy? Unexpectedly, there are still benefits! 

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers’ stomachs are still unstable, so this stage advocates “feeding”. However, after entering the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the fetus has stabilized, and the behavior of pregnant mothers can be “relaxed” at this time. 

Throughout the pregnancy, pregnant mothers may be fine, but prospective fathers may not be the case. For prospective fathers, it can be described by words such as “days are like years”, “suffering” and so on. 

After Xiao Liu got pregnant, it took two months with difficulty, and her husband began to ask her if she could have sex. About this, Xiao Liu still had common sense and asked him to wait another month. 

One month later, the maternity examination also happened. Although people say that couples can be performed after the second trimester, it is the first child after all. Xiao Liu is not sure, so he secretly asked the doctor during the maternity examination. 

The doctor smiled, “You, let your family wait a while, the B-ultrasound feels that it is not stable. I will talk about it later.” Xiao Liu’s husband gave up when he heard this. Up. 

About half a month later, Xiao Liu didn’t actually plan to ask about this during the birth check, but the doctor had an impression of her and said, “The child is developing very well, but you should be careful when you have sex. Click.”

When Xiao Liu heard these words, he was taken aback for a moment before he realized what the doctor was going to say, and nodded shyly. The doctor went on to say, “Appropriate intimacy is good for the baby, but you have to take some time.”

This is the first time that Xiao Liu has heard of it. It is the first time she has heard of it. It’s hard to believe that having sex during pregnancy is good for the fetus. 

Pregnant mothers must be clear first Yes, after entering the second trimester, pregnant mothers should not rush to make out with the father-to-be, because it is only 3 months old, and some babies have not fully stabilized at this time, so they have to wait for a while, some babies It may not stabilize until about 4 months. 

Therefore, this is why it is necessary to check. Pregnant mothers are best to ask the doctor’s advice. Only when the doctor thinks the time is right can they make affection, otherwise blind affection may lead to tragedy. 

1. Help increase the elasticity of the birth canal

For pregnant mothers who adopt normal delivery in the future, proper husband and wife behavior in the middle and late stages of pregnancy is actually beneficial to exercise the pelvic floor muscles and the cervix The nearby muscles can also effectively help increase the elasticity of the birth canal. 

In this way, when pregnant mothers give birth, the elasticity of the birth canal increases. As long as the fetus is not too large, to a certain extent, it can reduce the tearing of the genital area of ​​pregnant mothers. It is even sometimes possible to avoid side cuts. 

2. Increasing the relationship between husband and wife

Maybe you have heard many stories about fathers-to-be cheating during pregnancy. Although this kind of thing may not happen to you, it is with you in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Fathers’ affection can at least enhance the relationship between each other, and fathers-to-be will become more pity for pregnant mothers. 

Couples also increase the secretion of “dopamine” and “hormones” during intimacy, and both of them will be released physically and psychologically, which is particularly beneficial for pregnant mothers. 

But it should also be noted that the expectant fathers must pay attention to the emotions of the pregnant mothers during the intimacy process. If the pregnant mothers have been very nervous during this period, it may stimulate their emotions even more, and it may be serious. Causes false contractions. 

3. Promote the purification of amniotic fluid

The cleanliness of amniotic fluid determines the quality of the growth and development environment of the fetus. Only when the amniotic fluid is clean, the fetus will develop better, and there is also a certain degree of affection between husband and wife. Conducive to promoting the purification of amniotic fluid. 

Because the amniotic fluid will flow faster during intimacy, the impurities or waste in the amniotic fluid will be expelled faster. Of course, it is not possible to conduct husband and wife behavior frequently for this purpose, otherwise the frequent and frequent intimacy behaviors for a long time will also bring discomfort to the fetus. 

Although it is beneficial to engage in marital behavior in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, individuals still do not recommend making intimacy too frequently. At the same time, pay attention to these details during the intimate process.

1) Grasp the strength and rhythm. Don’t ignore the feelings of the pregnant woman and the fetus in order to seek stimulation, otherwise it may also cause false contractions, which will cause serious Abortion;

2) Pay attention to sexual hygiene. Pregnant female genitals are often the most vulnerable, because we must pay attention to hygiene issues before and after the behavior, otherwise if it causes inflammation of the female genitals, it may affect the health of the fetus and cause the child to become sick. 

3) Not all pregnant mothers can engage in conjugal behavior in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. If the pregnant mother has habitual abortion or other diseases, or other symptoms that are not suitable for having sex during pregnancy, then all It is necessary to avoid having sex during pregnancy, otherwise it may bring danger to the fetus and the pregnant woman. I also hope that fathers-to-be can give more understanding, which is also for the health of wives and fetuses. “The easiest woman to give birth”, she gave birth to the baby while walking, and the husband stood aside and looked dumbfounded.

It is not only painful to give birth to a baby, it can even be said to be a “life of nine deaths”. Some women have to bear the pain for several hours. It takes days and nights to give birth to the child. 

But not all pregnant women suffer so much. Some of the physiques are unusual, and the child may be born after going out for a walk. 

This is the case for a pregnant woman in Zhejiang. She went out for a walk with her husband and gave birth to the baby on the street. This scene happened to be captured by surveillance. 

From the published video, it can be seen that when the mother and her husband appeared at the intersection, everything was still normal. The mother had a big belly, and it was the third trimester of pregnancy. 

But within a few seconds, the mother subconsciously squeezed her belly, possibly because she felt abnormal or even pain in her lower body. 

After discovering his wife’s reaction, the husband panicked and hurriedly helped her to lean on the side of the road, as if he wanted to find a place to sit down. 

But before I had time to find a place to sit, I saw something falling out of the pregnant woman’s lower body, which was a newborn baby. 

After the baby was born, the mother herself was stunned. The husband standing by was even more dumbfounded. It took a few seconds for both of them to react. Maybe they heard the newborn. I’m crying. 

After reacting, the husband quickly picked up the baby from the ground and hugged him, then sat on the road with his other hand supporting his wife, and then took out his mobile phone and dialed 120. 

After the incident was posted on the Internet, netizens also stunned, and some netizens called this newly-emerging mother “the most relaxed mother on the surface.” 

I gave birth to my baby by taking a walk. If I didn’t witness it with my own eyes, I’m afraid no one would believe it. 

The probability of this kind of thing happening is indeed very small. In medicine, it also has a professional term to describe it, called “emergency delivery.” 

Urgent delivery is possible Not fortunately, both the mother and the fetus will face huge risks.

From labor pain to delivery, the duration of less than 3 hours is an acute labor

Mothers will experience labor pain before delivery, which is the fetus from the womb. The pain caused by the contraction of the uterus when the upper part descends to the cervix. 

The labor pain will last for a long time, mostly more than 3 hours, and a few less than 3 hours. But unlike everyone’s imagination, the duration of labor pain is not as short as possible. 

If it is shorter than 3 hours, it is medically classified as an “urgent delivery”, and its risk is much higher than that of a normal childbirth. 

Behind the most relaxed mother on the surface is a huge risk

It may seem easy to give birth to a child in a short walk, but in fact it hides a huge risk. First of all, the place of delivery is not in the hospital. In case of any accident, it is difficult to get timely medical treatment, which poses a great threat to the life and health of the mother and the newborn. 

Secondly, if the fetus falls directly on the ground, it is also easy to fall. Therefore, although emergency delivery may seem easy, the risk is huge, and it is by no means a lucky thing to become the “easiest mother on the surface”. 

From the perspective of classification, emergency delivery is an abnormal delivery, and there are many inducements that lead to emergency delivery, which are related to the development of the fetus and the physical condition of the pregnant woman. 

These reasons may be To induce acute labor, mothers should pay attention to

1. Preterm labor

Acute labor may be caused by preterm labor. After the 29th week of pregnancy, the probability of premature delivery will increase significantly. If the labor process is relatively fast, it will appear to be a rapid delivery. 

Acute delivery itself is an abnormal pregnancy. If it is still premature, the risk is even greater, the chance of keeping the fetus will be very small, and the mother’s own body will also face serious threats. 

2. Multiple pregnancies or incorrect fetal position

Mothers who are pregnant with twins or even multiple pregnancies are more likely to suffer rapid labor than ordinary mothers. In addition, an incorrect fetal position may also lead to rapid labor. 

These two conditions can be observed in advance through B ultrasound. Pregnant mothers with such conditions should also prepare in advance. As long as they feel obvious pain in the abdomen during the expected delivery period, they will go immediately The hospital can’t be delayed for a moment. 

3. Low-age or high-age parturients

Women who are in the best fertility period have a very low probability of acute birth, while those who are too young or too old have a sharp increase in the probability of acute birth. 

Under 18 years old, or over 40 years old, pregnant, you need to make special plans for emergency delivery. 

4. Suffering from hyperthyroidism, hypertension, anemia and other diseases

If a pregnant mother has hyperthyroidism, hypertension, or anemia and other diseases, there is also a high probability of experiencing acute labor. 

These diseases are not difficult to detect during pregnancy. Once they are diagnosed, on the one hand, they must be actively treated, and on the other hand, appropriate pre-plans for emergency delivery should be made after the third trimester of pregnancy to prevent accidents. 

Too painful to have a child is certainly not good, but too “relaxed” is not a good thing. It can be seen that the sin of giving birth to a woman is really hard to escape. 

This is why civilizations throughout the ages will extol the greatness of mothers, because mothers have been suffering from the source of life, and the upbringing after giving birth has cost the mother dozens of Years or even a lifetime of hard work. 

This kind of contribution and dedication is of course great, and of course it is worthy of our praise and respect.

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