Well-known baby rice noodles have detected heavy metals, can they still be eaten? How to reduce the harm of heavy metals to babies?

Well-known baby rice noodles have detected heavy metals, can they still be eaten? How to reduce the harm of heavy metals to babies? 

Heavy metals have been detected in well-known baby rice noodles, can you still eat it? How to reduce the harm of heavy metals to babies? 

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For babies over 6 months old, rice noodles are their main complementary food. It is convenient and fast for children to eat, and the nutrition in rice noodles is also richer, which is convenient for many mothers who are busy at work and can’t make complementary foods. 

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For the sake of their children’s health, parents buy the best rice noodles for them. They not only choose world-renowned brands, but also choose imported ones at a high price. 

However, a report not long ago caused Baoma to be worried: “Is the well-known brand of rice noodles also untrustworthy? What else can the baby eat?”

7 well-known brand rice noodle quilts When heavy metals were detected, Bao Ma was immediately worried

An investigation report released by the US Congress not long ago showed that some well-known brands of rice noodles on the market contained high levels of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury. May cause irreversible damage to the brain and other body organs of infants and young children. 

These brands include the best on earth, Xibei, Nestlé, Beech-Nat, etc. They are all very well-known brands, and there are many Bao Ma who buy them. 

So as soon as the report came out, Moms who have eaten rice noodles with babies or who are eating rice noodles are worried. 

Actually, although the title looks rather bluffing, parents don’t have to worry:

First of all, the data of this inspection comes from the production process, not the final rice noodle product; the whole production process is also It is carried out in accordance with the standards set by the FDA, so there is no need to worry about the danger, because the amount of rice noodles the baby consumes every day is not enough to make the heavy metals work. 

Heavy metals are too harmful and more likely to affect young children. Parents are very concerned about this. 

However, in addition to heavy metals in packaged foods and daily necessities, heavy metals may exist in the soil, water resources and air in which we live. 

Therefore, parents help their children to reduce Contact with heavy metals is also very important. 

Heavy metals that children may be exposed to Source


Food directly enters the child’s body. Therefore, it is important to reduce the intake of heavy metals at this step. 

Common foods with high heavy metal content include:

❶ Commercial fruit juices

U.S. Consumer Reports research found that many brands of fruit juices are sold on the market Both contain heavy metals. 

❷ Polluted fish

Except for freshwater fish grown in polluted water sources, some marine fish with high mercury content, such as square head fish, swordfish, and sharks And so on, also cut down on food. 

When eating fish, only It is enough to eat fish meat, and the skin, internal organs, fish head, fish gills and other parts are more contaminated by heavy metals. 


❶ Electronic products

The structure of electronic products is complex, and there are many metals used inside. When parents look through the manuals of some electronic products, It can also be found that the content of some heavy metals, especially lead, is often at risk of exceeding the standard. 

Therefore, when using electronic products for babies, it is best not to let them bite or disassemble them at will to prevent heavy metals from entering the body. 

❷ Daily necessities

The brighter the color and the more patterns of the bowl, the higher the probability that the lead element will exceed the standard. Therefore, it is best to choose the tableware for the child to have the color and pattern single. 

Insulation cup, watch The chromium element may exceed the standard, and the cadmium element may exceed the standard in some imitation leather bags. 


In some places with more factories, there will be more heavy metals in the air, water and land. The best way for parents is to choose to keep their children away. 

If you can only live there, you should also be careful to show up with a mask. Don’t take your children to play in places with strong odors and touch external objects at will. 

In addition to reducing contact, children are These methods can also be used to reduce the hazards of heavy metals in life. 

✔ Maintain personal hygiene

Parents should always take care to keep their babies away from objects that may be contaminated by heavy metals, so as not to pass them into the mouth. Let children develop the habit of washing hands frequently and keep their bodies clean. 

✔ Eat more fruits and vegetables, Drink more milk

The vitamins in fruits and vegetables and the proteins in milk can react with the heavy metals needed to promote their excretion from the body. 

✔ Pay attention to the richness of the diet

Studies have shown that when the human body takes in rich nutrients, including calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D and dietary fiber, The absorption of heavy metal cadmium will be reduced. 

The richer the diet, the more nutritious elements the body can take in. 

Moreover, the content of heavy metals in some foods may be too high. Eating too much of this single food at a time can easily cause heavy metals to accumulate in the body. The richer the diet, the risk of heavy metals intake can be dispersed. 


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Although some things are beautiful, they are not suitable for pregnant women and can easily affect the health of the mother and fetus

Everyone has the love of beauty, but For the fetus in the belly, it must be properly restrained. 

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Women are born to love beauty, and some pregnant mothers also There are no exceptions. It is certainly not wrong to pay special attention to your own image. However, if you love beauty during pregnancy, some things are still not suitable for wearing, otherwise it is likely to cause harm to yourself and the fetus. 

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Minmin is a woman who loves beauty, even after she is pregnant, she can’t ignore it. 

Because of myopia, I have been wearing contact lenses before pregnancy, and I did not even think about removing them after pregnancy. I feel that my eyes will not have any effect on the fetus. 

As the gestational age increases, she feels that her eyes are obviously uncomfortable, and the comfort is far less than before. Ask the doctor during the birth check, and the doctor told her that it is best not to wear contact lenses during pregnancy. 

Why can’t I wear contact lenses during pregnancy? 

1. Cause ocular edema

Women’s hormones and metabolism will change during pregnancy, which may cause mild edema of the corneal tissue and the thickness of the cornea. 

If you insist on wearing contact lenses during pregnancy, it may aggravate corneal tissue edema, and may also block the contact between the cornea and the air. This can easily induce acute corneal damage for a long time. 

2. Causes dry eyes

Women will have less tear secretion during pregnancy. Therefore, if you continue to use contact lenses during pregnancy, you are likely to suffer I feel a foreign body sensation in my eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, etc. 

3. Changes in corneal curvature

During pregnancy, changes in hormones in the body cause corneal edema and some changes in corneal curvature, so the previous contact lenses are probably no longer suitable. 

Myopic pregnant mother How to live safely through pregnancy? 

1. Use frame glasses as much as possible

Although frame glasses will affect the beauty of the face than contact lenses, they are safer and will not cause unsuitable injuries. Therefore, pregnant mothers can choose during pregnancy. For use with frame glasses, just do a good job of cleaning it. 

2. Use daily disposable contact lenses

If pregnant mothers insist on using contact lenses, or encounter occasions where contact lenses are not necessary, it is recommended to use daily disposable contact lenses , Throw it away after use, and seek medical attention if you feel unwell. 

3. Do not do vision correction surgery

Some pregnant mothers feel that wearing glasses is not good, but contact lenses are harmful to the eyes, so just go for vision correction surgery. 

It’s easy to say, but it is surgery. Some drugs will be used in this process, which may be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta, which will affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

In addition, the hormone levels in pregnant mothers will change during pregnancy, and the anti-infection ability and immunity will become worse. If surgery is performed, the postoperative infection rate will increase and the recovery rate will also be reduce. 

There are still during pregnancy Which things are best not to use? 

1. The ring

After a woman is pregnant, her weight will increase, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the body will also appear swollen, the fingers may become thicker, and the ring will If it gets stuck on the finger, it will lead to poor blood circulation in the finger and aggravate the swelling. 

2. Perfume

After a woman is pregnant, due to the increase in the secretion of progesterone in the body, the amount of sweat secreted increases, and some unpleasant odors may appear. At this time, some Pregnant mothers will choose to use perfume in order to cover up such odors. 

But perfume contains a lot of chemical components, which may affect growth and development. If you use inferior perfume, it is easy to cause a strong pregnancy reaction. 

3. High-heeled shoes

High-heeled shoes are a must-have product for beautiful women, but you should not wear high heels after pregnancy. This is because the pregnant mother’s belly is relatively large during pregnancy. The center of gravity of the body will shift. If you put on high heels, the center of gravity will be larger. This will not only cause you to fall down easily, but also affect the normal growth and development of the fetus. Return to Sohu to see more

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