Under these circumstances, whether to “go” or “stay” the baby who is pregnant must be cautious, otherwise it will be too late to regret

Under these circumstances, you should be cautious about whether you “go” or “stay” for your baby, otherwise it will be too late to regret.

When you conceive a baby under these circumstances, you should be careful about whether you “go” or “stay”, or you will regret it. Too late

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Before, we always saw news like this on the Internet, even if pregnant women are in poor health, After giving birth to a child, they feel that it doesn’t matter to sacrifice themselves, as long as the child is okay. 

Some parents insist on giving birth to their children even if they find that there is a high possibility of fetal physical development after the examination, thinking that this is a life. 

But now, this so-called More and more people begin to criticize for their “dedication”. Everyone has a more sensible view of having children, especially when the health is not good, or when there is a problem with the examination. 

“It is a particularly irresponsible thing to risk your life to give birth to a child. The child can have another in the future, but you will only have one life. If you have a problem with your body, you will be lucky. What does the born child think? He may have to blame himself for a lifetime.”

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“Rather than discovering that your body is not suitable for pregnancy during pregnancy, it is better to be pregnant Do a good check before, so as not to regret it in the future.”

“If you are really checked out during pregnancy, what may be the fetus’s physical problems for a lifetime, parents should really consider themselves Can you take care of him for the rest of his life, what are the conditions at home, and think about whether to keep this child?”

Therefore, out of responsibility for themselves, their children and the whole family, if pregnant mothers become pregnant under these circumstances, they must carefully consider The child’s going and staying. 

▶ It is found that both families have a history of genetic disease

If the pregnant mother finds that she and the other’s family have a serious genetic history after pregnancy, she needs to go to the hospital for examination and follow the doctor’s advice. Decide whether the child should stay. 

After all, some genetic diseases are very Consuming family energy, such as mental illness, serious physical illness, if the child is left behind, the parents may need more money and energy to take care of. 

Furthermore, some families may deliberately conceal family genetic diseases in order to get married and have children. This kind of character is also very problematic. Even if the children are born in such a family, they will suffer Education may also be poor, and couples are more considering whether to terminate the pregnancy. 

▶ Long-term heavy smoking and drinking

Studies have shown that if parents smoke a lot, their children are more likely to develop major illnesses in childhood than other children; if they like Drinking alcohol may also cause serious problems with children’s intelligence. 

So, Parents who are pregnant with a child while smoking and drinking heavily, must insist on going to the hospital for a birth check, and seriously consider whether the child should stay. 

▶ Just gave birth, especially not long after the cesarean section

The doctor suggested that it is safer for pregnant mothers to get pregnant again after half a year to one year after the normal delivery, and one and a half to two years after the cesarean section. Pregnancy is safer. 

If you have just finished childbirth, especially the pregnant mother who has just finished the cesarean section, you may not be able to withstand the pressure of the uterus enlargement, and the uterine rupture is likely to occur. 

Besides, if the body of a pregnant woman does not recover at all, she becomes pregnant. Re-birth may have a greater adverse effect on the body, and the recovery will be slower in the future, leaving more sequelae. 

But in order to reduce after pregnancy Considering the probability of termination of pregnancy, couples should still pay attention to the role of pregnancy, and make good examinations and physical preparations in advance, so as not to discover problems after pregnancy and cause great harm to children, themselves and the family. 

So, how do couples get pregnant What? 

▶ Pregnancy time

Experts suggest that couples should start preparing for pregnancy 3 to 6 months in advance, because many cells required for pregnancy can take about 85 to 90 days to develop and perfect. The quality is also better. 

▶ Pre-pregnancy checkup

Even if a couple has a pre-marital check-up, they should not be lazy and do not do the pre-pregnancy check-up when preparing for pregnancy. The pregnancy check-up is just a routine disease check, but the pregnancy check-up must be correct. Check for genetic problems such as chromosomes so as not to pass them on to the child. 

Although there are couples who have no problems with each other and are in good health, the combination of their genes is likely to have problems, and they are not suitable for conceiving children. 

▶ Body adjustment

❶ Weight: People who are too thin and fat may have endocrine problems, it is difficult to conceive a child, or the fetus is prone to abnormal development, so adjust your weight before pregnancy. 

❷ Mood: People who are anxious and stressed are prone to problems with their body hormones. It is also difficult to get pregnant or the quality of the fetus is not high. Don’t be too anxious when preparing for pregnancy. Just let the flow go it is good. 

▶ Diet adjustments

During pregnancy, high-fat, high-salt, and high-sugar foods should also be consumed less, and adequate intake of protein, vegetables, fruits, etc. should be ensured every day. By improving the body’s nutrition, the fetus may also develop better. 

The woman can eat more legumes to promote the secretion of estrogen and help a better pregnancy. 


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The more flexible a part of the baby’s body, the better the brain development, so that exercise can improve intelligence

The growth and development of children cannot do without nutrients. If a certain element is lacking in the body, it is likely to affect the development of intelligence, such as zinc deficiency will affect the development of the baby’s brain. 

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Parents want their children to be clever and smart. Therefore, during pregnancy, mothers start to eat various foods that help the fetus’s intellectual development, hoping to give birth to a smart baby. 

After the child is born, I think about how to promote their brain development, but in fact, if you want to know whether Wacong is not smart, you can observe the baby’s “this part”. 

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The more flexible the “this” part of the child, the smarter the brain. The famous educator Suhomlinski said that the early intelligence development level of a child is mainly in the hands. The famous educator Montessori also said that the hand is the second human brain. 

This is because there are many nerve fibers in the hand part, and the nerve center used by the hand in the cerebral cortex occupies a large part. When the baby does not do something, it can stimulate the neurons, thereby increasing Blood flow to the brain. 

According to research findings, the human hand has 1 million nerve tissues, and the development of the hand and the brain is closely related. After the brain gives instructions, it dominates the hand to complete some fine movements. 

And the more delicate and complex the baby’s hand movements are, the better the brain can be exercised, and the better the level of intelligence can be improved. 

According to data research, the volume velocity of blood flow in the brain will increase by 10% when people do some simple movements with their hands; when more cumbersome movements are completed, the volume velocity of blood flow in the brain will increase Increased to more than 35%, hand activity can account for 1/3 of the brain motor area. 

Therefore, parents can promote the exercise of the baby’s hand movements in normal times, so as to make them smarter. 

How do parents promote Baby hand exercises? 

According to research, from birth to 1 year old, the brain weight of a baby increases at an average rate of 1,000 milligrams per day, and an average of 200,000 brain cells per minute within 6 months, and the earlier the child’s brain development, the faster , The better the intellectual development in the future, the higher the IQ will be. 

Therefore, it is the golden time to promote the development of fingers and brain before the baby is 1 year old. 

1, 0~3 months baby

The brain of this month-old baby has not yet matured, there is a congenital reflex_Darwinian reflex, they will habitually hold the object tightly with their hands when they are close . 

Suggestion: At this time, parents can slowly open the baby’s hands in a massage style, gently draw circles in their palms with their thumbs, and massage each finger from bottom to top. Three times a day, for about two minutes each time, to release the muscles of the hands and stimulate the development of the functional areas of the hands of the brain. 

2, 3~6 months old babies

The “Darwin reflex” of babies of this month age gradually disappears. At this time, they learn to grasp autonomously, and the baby will provide it to autonomous consciousness. Grab some objects you want, although your flexibility is not enough. 

Suggestion: Parents can prepare some small toys with bright colors and soft texture, such as small building blocks, colorful soft balls, etc., and place them in a conspicuous position for the baby to grasp, thereby stimulating the accuracy and accuracy of their hand grasping. Coordination, thereby gradually stimulating the neurodevelopment of the brain. 

March, July~September babies

At this time, the baby’s ability around the hands has improved. You can gradually use your index finger and thumb to pinch, and exchange items with both hands. 

Suggestion: At this time, parents can let the baby touch some hard, rough, smooth and other objects, and let them feel warm and cold water, thereby promoting the touch of the baby’s hand and stimulating nerve emission, thereby Promote brain development. 

4,9~12 months baby

The baby has learned to use both hands and brain, and can take the building blocks out of the box and put them in. Their coordination ability is already very strong, even if It is a small item and can be handled well. 

Suggestion: At this time, parents can exercise the baby to take a spoon, build blocks, play with plasticine, etc., to increase the flexibility and strength of the child’s hands, and gradually promote brain development. 

How do parents promote The child’s intellectual development? 

1. Sufficient nutrition

Children’s growth and development are inseparable from nutrients, and the development of the brain also needs nutrients to support. If a certain element is lacking in the body, it is likely to cause intellectual development. Influence, such as zinc deficiency will affect the baby’s intellectual development. 

The Pediatric Nutrition Society recommends: The daily intake of nutrients required by children is as follows:

Protein: the child’s weight (kg) *1.2 grams; fat less than 15 grams; 25 grams of cellulose; vitamin A500 Micrograms; Vitamin B family 1 mg; Vitamin C 80 mg; Vitamin D 5 micrograms; Vitamin E 5.5 micrograms; Calcium 800 mg; Iodine 500 micrograms; Iron 12 mg; Selenium 180 micrograms. 

2. Sufficient sleep

Only with enough sleep can the child’s body grow and develop better, and the brain can be rested and developed. 

Because the blood flow in the brain will increase significantly when you are asleep, and it can also promote the synthesis of brain proteins. 

3. Appropriate exercise

Brain scientists have shown through research that the best way to activate the brain is “exercise.” 

Parents usually take their children out to play, which can not only promote the improvement of immunity, but also promote the development of the brain to a certain extent. Return to Sohu to see more

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