“Two spin” children are smarter? There are two things to know about the number of “head spins”

“Two spin” children are smarter? Regarding the number of “head spins”, there are two things to know

The children of “two spins” are smarter? There are two things to know about the number of “head spins”

Writer: Xiao Xiao

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Parents cannot judge whether their children are smart, If there is any future in the future, or when there is a problem with the character of the child, I like to summarize a set of external rhetoric to explain this phenomenon. 

The spin on the child’s head is also used as a criterion for judgment by the previous generation. 

No matter where you live, people may have heard such a sentence: “Shuangspin boys can’t find them, and no one wants doublespin girls.” There is also “one spin horizontally, two spinners “Sanxuan’er fights don’t want your life” and so on. 

This is because in the ancients How many spins are on the child’s head? Where is the spinner? The direction of rotation has a lot to do with the character, destiny, and IQ of the child. 

▶ The number of spins

The favorite thing of the older generation is to judge a person by the number of spins on the head. 

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Shuangxuan: Some people think that Shuangxuan people are smarter and shrewd. If they are boys with Shuangxuan, they are more promising, but if they are girls with Shuangxuan, Too shrewd will have a bad temper, and I don’t like her in-laws. 

Such claims are “patriarchal”, which is very unbelievable. 

Three spins: People also think that if children have three spins, their thinking and thoughts may be particularly strange, and their personalities are more stubborn. 

▶ Rotation position

❶ Left and right: Rotating on the right is smarter than on the left. 

❷ Up and down: The one that spins on the top of the head is smarter than the one on the pillow. 

❸ The back of the head: The back of the head where the spin is located is fuller, and smarter than the flat back of the head, and the one in the center of the back of the head is also very smart. 

▶ The direction of rotation


The ancients also believed that people with counterclockwise rotation on their heads are more active than clockwise thinking, and they may also be more stubborn in character. 

Some of the above judgments are just summed up by previous people based on their own experience and objective views. They are actually very unreliable. The number of head spins is related to many reasons, but there is no experimental proof yet. , They are related to people’s intelligence, character, etc. 

Why the child’s head spin More or less? 

▶ Heredity

The position of the child’s head rotation is affected by genes, and they begin to form when a person is a 5-month-old fetus. 

When scientists observe the indications of the head and skin of the 5-month-old fetus, they will find the texture formed by the hair follicles. In order to make better use of the space on the scalp, they use the “golden spiral” The way is arranged, and the center is naturally formed in the process of distribution. 

The center of those one or two is the head spin of the future. 

Different children because of inheritance Because of the different genes of the parents, the position and number of the head spin will be very different. 

For example, if the father has a spin on the left and the mother has a spin on the right, then their first child may inherit the position of the father spin. Interestingly, the second child will inherit another parent The position of the spin. 

▶ Gravitational influence

Hair spinning is also called “hair flow phenomenon” by doctors. Due to the influence of gravity, human hair is not erected straight, but It is an angle of 30% uB0 or ​​130% uB0 with the scalp. 

Because of the oblique angle, people’s heads naturally spin. 

And because of the influence of gravity, When the fetus turns around in the mother’s belly, multiple spins may be formed. Such spins may change in the future and may disappear under the action of external force. 

Parents also need to correct their mentality when educating their children. The influence of the environment and family is greater for them, and their physical characteristics are used as problems in their children’s character, grades, etc. The reason is not desirable. 

When the child’s character has problems What should parents do? 

▶ Children with different personalities use different education methods

Many parents find that their children’s personality problems, or do not intervene, think that the children will be better when they grow up; Either the most crude way is used to make them change, but it may intensify. 

Parents should calm down first before thinking about a solution, and they need to be dealt with in a different way. 

For example:

❶ The child suddenly becomes timid: Parents can think about whether it is because of their usual tantrums that make him feel scared. Then make changes. 

❷ Suddenly children love to lie: Lying is very common among children. If it is a harmless lie, parents can just remind them, and you don’t have to lose your temper. Young children may lie because they can’t distinguish between imagination and reality, and parents should also learn to help them distinguish. 

▶ Prevention in advance

Prevention in advance is more useful than remedy afterwards. Parents need to observe their children more carefully, understand their children, and reflect on their behavior every day. 


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Children who are spoiled by the elderly often have some special behaviors. See if your baby is in your family

Intergenerational doting is now big Most elderly people have a drawback when they bring their babies, but this kind of love is likely to bring many bad problems to the children. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

With the increasing social pressure, now young In order to be able to adapt to this fast-paced life, a generation will quickly devote themselves to work after giving birth to children. At this time, the burden of bringing children falls on the elderly. 

There are elderly people who help bring children. For contemporary young parents, it can reduce the burden on the family to a certain extent and make them a lot easier. They can bring children across generations. They have been criticized and felt that the elderly are here. In the process of bringing a baby, it is easy to spoil the child and get used to bad habits. 

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When a child is spoiled by an elderly person, there will be these four manifestations.

1. Woliheng

Wuliheng refers to the behavior when the child is at home. Just like a little overlord, everyone must obey his intentions and look like a self-respect, but once they meet a stranger or are outside, the baby immediately becomes cringe and dare not greet or even hide. Behind the parents, with a very shy look, they are totally different from the family. 

The reason why this happens to the child is because the family loves him too much, making him always self-centered, but once he leaves the house, the child enters an environment that he does not know well , It is easy to feel fear and anxiety, so it will show a very cowardly appearance. 

2. Laziness

The old man loves his children too much, and he does not let the baby do anything at home, so that he gradually develops a situation where he is waiting for others to do everything. , I don’t want to do it at all, I don’t want to do it, and I become very lazy. 

Children have been growing up in such an environment, they will not be able to do anything, they will also lose the ability to take care of themselves when they grow up, and their independent ability and ability to think independently will be lost. If they go to a strange environment, they will also lose their ability to take care of themselves It becomes difficult to adapt, so it is easy to become a riveting foot. 

Even if you really go out to find a job, it won’t be long before you can’t adapt, or you don’t feel you can do the job, and you choose to cheat your old age at home and don’t want to go out to work. 

3. Selfishness

Parents love their children too much, and the whole family is centered on him and revolves around him, so that it is easy for children to develop self-centered, selfishness Regardless of what you do or where you go, you will only consider yourself, and will not consider the thoughts and feelings of others at all. 

For example, when you see the food you like to eat, you will choose to put the bowl in front of you, and you will only watch your favorite programs when you watch TV. This way, selfish children will have very good communicative skills after entering the campus. Poor, after all, no small partner likes a person who only considers his own feelings. 

4. Sapo

When children are still young, they will cry and act to let the adults satisfy their prayers. When the old people see the baby crying, they will Choose to meet in time. 

Over time, children will become accustomed to threatening family members in this way. If the parents cannot satisfy him or encounter something undesirable, they will immediately choose the way of screaming and crying on the ground Let the parents and the elderly compromise. 

What should I do if the child is spoiled by the elderly ? 

1. Parents need more education.

Most parents think that their children’s serious illnesses are spoiled by the elderly. In fact, they are not the case. The influence of parents on their children is the same as that of the elderly in the family. The ratio will be greater. 

In fact, some of the bad habits of children are not caused by the spoiled by the elderly, but caused by the parents. For example, the parents’ character guarantees lead to the bad temper of the children; they are busy with work and ignore the long-term care of the children. Accompanying etc. 

If parents can spare some time every day to accompany their children, there will be more parent-child interactions, so that the correct guidance of the baby will reduce their bad habits. 

2. Must learn to be strong

Some elderly people take this as their emotional sustenance when they bring their grandchildren and granddaughters. They have a strong desire to control when they bring their children. If their parents are not strong, they will Let the old people look at the baby according to their own ideas, then it is easy for the baby to be spoiled. 

Actually, for children, the normal family is taken care of by the elderly, but more importantly, the parents’ company and participation in education is enough. Filial piety to the elderly is necessary, but there is no need to sacrifice the way of education for the next generation. Come to obey the old man. 

3. Communicate well with the elderly at home

It is not a responsibility for the elderly at home to help with the children. It is more of a kind of affection, so we must fully trust and respect the elderly. You must not start to blame the elderly because of a small matter, but if there is a problem of principle in the education of the baby, you need to communicate more. Return to Sohu to see more

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