“Tsinghua University with a score of 253 in the college entrance examination”, a child’s lie, it hurts the inner pain of countless parents

“The college entrance examination scores 253 on Tsinghua University”, a child’s lie pierced the pain of countless parents’ hearts

For children, the college entrance examination is one of the most important things in life, and it is likely to change the entire life. Because of this importance, parents also attach great importance to it. 

Every time the college entrance examination results come out, there will be many ridiculous and thought-provoking things. 

In a certain village in Leizhou, Zhanjiang, a network-wide sensation occurred. While many netizens who were already parents had heated discussions, they also had more thoughts on the education of their children. 

It is reported that both Mr. Cao and his wife are ordinary farmers. When they learned that their son was admitted to Tsinghua University and took back the admission letter to them, Mr. Cao and his wife were very happy. 

In order to celebrate this great event, Mr. Cao specially invited the villagers to their home. At the banquet, Mr. Cao deliberately took out his son’s Tsinghua University admission notice to the villagers. 

However, when a neighbor read carefully, he discovered that there was a typo in the admission notice, and he actually wrote “reporting time” as “reporting time”. As Tsinghua University, how could it be done? What’s wrong? 

Mr. Cao quickly asked his son. After repeated inquiries, his son finally admitted that his score in the college entrance examination was only 253 points. This admission notice was also a fake notice he bought on the Internet. 

The purpose is to not let Mr. and Mrs. Cao and his wife, who have always been hopeful for themselves, disappointed in themselves. After learning the truth, Mr. Cao was shocked. He didn’t expect that his son, who was usually obedient and never dared to violate his own arrangements, would actually tell such a big lie. 

After this matter spread on the Internet, netizens have expressed their opinions. Some netizens said, “Mr. Cao’s son said when he confessed that he was just to not let his parents down.

It can be seen how much pressure he has to bear!” Some netizens said, “I can get the results of the college entrance examination. It’s so easy to hide from the parents, it can be seen that ordinary parents don’t care about their children’s learning conditions.”

The experts also analyzed the reasons why Mr. Cao’s son lied to his parents, and hoped to pass this matter. , Causing other parents to pay attention to their children. 

Why do children Spread the lie of “Tsinghua University with a score of 253 in the college entrance examination”? 

1. Parents place too much emphasis on their children’s test scores

Many parents directly link their children’s performance to their academic performance, and also use test scores as a criterion for judging whether their children usually study seriously. 

Once a child fails to meet the expectations of his parents, he will face scolding from his parents and even be beaten. In order to avoid the psychological pressure and beating and scolding caused by the disappointment of the parents, he chose to deceive. 

Many parents will criticize their children’s grades in front of classmates, teachers and others. Because their self-esteem is hurt and they feel ashamed, many children choose to modify their grades without authorization. 

2. Arouse parents’ attention to themselves

Usually parents do not pay enough attention to their children’s study and life, etc., children will use various methods to attract their parents’ attention to themselves, such as deliberately opposing their parents , Modify grades, lie to parents, etc. 

If parents do not pay attention to their children lying, it is likely that the children will become accustomed to lying and become sexual. 

Furthermore, because parents do not care about their children and do not understand them, they do not question their children’s lies, which can easily lead to some undesirable consequences. 

Presumably everyone has also discovered that children conceal their grades or lie to their parents. The main reason is that the parents have incorrect education methods for their children, which also reflects the insufficient attention paid by parents to their children. The child is either to not let the parents down, or to win the attention of the parents. 

Children often lie and develop bad habits of lying, which are harmful to the child and the parents. Early detection and timely correction of children are beneficial to children and parents! 

When parents find What should children do when they lie? 

1. Be patient to understand why your child lies.

If your child lies, there must be a reason behind it. Parents should not be busy beating and scolding their children. They should communicate with their children patiently, understand why their children lie, and solve the problem from the source. If it is to win the attention of parents, make mistakes and fear punishment, etc. 

Only when the cause is resolved, can the child be prevented from lying again. Let the children understand that rather than lying, telling the truth can solve the problem. 

2. Strengthen contact with the school to understand the child’s learning situation

Parents can only strengthen the contact with the school and understand the child’s learning situation in the school in real time, so as not to leave the child with the opportunity to lie. 

Parents can exchange phone calls with the teacher to understand the child’s situation at school, and at the same time, they can better cooperate with the teacher and supervise the child’s learning. If possible, keep phone calls between students who have a good relationship with the child, so as to understand the child’s whereabouts after school. 

Of course, parents shouldn’t be too pressing and give their children enough freedom. Don’t let the children feel too restrained, which can easily arouse rebelliousness. 

3. Lead by example

If the parent’s performance in front of the child is a series of lies and an image of no integrity, then the child will become a liar under subtle influence and will not feel that lying is one thing. Kind of wrong behavior. 

Parents must lead by example and be an honest and sensible person, so that their children can have a good role model and be more convincing. 

If there is a cause, there must be an effect. The reason why children become lied and dealt with their parents by lying can often reflect the wrong education in the past and some problems with the parents. Instead of scolding the child, it is better to find the reason behind it and solve it with the child. 

It is worth noting that when children lie for the first time, they should be educated, let them understand the disadvantages of lying, and let them accept from the heart to get rid of the habit of lying. 

When you find your child is lying, how do you generally deal with it? Do you always pay attention to your child’s learning situation? Become a “smelly woman” after pregnancy. These parts are more stinky. The most obvious thing is it.

After a woman is pregnant, various parts of the body will undergo major changes, which may be larger, fragile, You have to be sensitive and so on, and among these changes, the most taboo of pregnant mothers is “smelly.” 

Many pregnant mothers feel the same about this. Since they became pregnant, they have always been obscured by their husbands “why is so smelly”, “hurry up and wash”, “smoke me out” and so on. If it is a more cheerful pregnant mother, she would not take her husband’s words to heart. 

But if the pregnant mother’s personality is more sensitive and inferior, and her emotions are easily stimulated during pregnancy, I am afraid that she will always be struggling with these problems. 

1. Bad breath

When my friend Xiao Zhou was 7 months pregnant, she asked her to go out to sit in a restaurant, but she refused. The reason was that she didn’t want to go out recently and didn’t dare to see people because of bad breath. Seriously, brushing my teeth three times a day is useless. 

For this, she also deliberately eats light food, but it doesn’t work very well, which is really difficult. Now my husband is reluctant to talk to her at close range, and he has to turn his back to her when sleeping in the same bed, saying that it is not uncomfortable to be false. 

In fact, many pregnant women suffer from bad breath. This is because women’s gastrointestinal digestion ability is inherently poor in men. After pregnancy, due to hormone changes, the gastrointestinal digestive system is disturbed, and the digestion and absorption functions are further weakened. 

For pregnant mothers in the third trimester, the swelling of the uterus causes the stomach and other organs to be squeezed, which also leads to disorders of the function of the stomach and intestines. 

Once the digestive and absorption functions of the stomach and intestines are weakened, indigestion may occur, and bad breath will naturally become a common symptom, and it is also the most obvious manifestation in the body parts. 

In response to this, there are several issues to pay attention to

1) Do not brush your teeth too frequently. Many pregnant mothers mistakenly believe that their bad breath is due to poor dental hygiene, so they brush their teeth frequently in an attempt to eliminate the odor. 

Actually, this can only give a fresher breath within a short period of time after brushing your teeth, and the smell will reappear after a while. And if you brush your teeth too frequently, the health of the gums will be damaged more severely for pregnant mothers who have weaker teeth. 

2) Don’t suddenly change your eating habits. Just like my friend, he suddenly changed to a light diet, and his body was still unwell for a while. The original change from big fish and big meat to light porridge will definitely affect the absorption of nutrients in the body. 

From another point of view, it can also cause sudden gastrointestinal discomfort, which cannot change the situation of gastrointestinal dysfunction, and some may worsen it. 

2. Body odor

Some pregnant mothers actually don’t have body odor before pregnancy, but since they became pregnant, especially in the first trimester, they suddenly found that they seemed to have body odor, and the secretion of sweat under the armpits was also More. 

This is mainly due to the mutation of hormone levels in the body of pregnant women, which stimulates the sweat gland system, which leads to the disorder of the sweat gland system, which in turn leads to body odor. 

Moreover, even if some pregnant mothers do not have a lot of armpit hair, as long as they sweat, they will feel a peculiar smell. In response to this situation, first of all, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do a good job of cleaning, wipe them in time after sweating under the armpits, and also apply some baby powder, which can also play a certain role in drying. 

Secondly, try not to wear some tight-fitting clothes, which will increase sweating and damage the health of the hair follicles under the armpits, leading to more severe sweating and body odor. 

3. The peculiar smell in private parts has also increased.

For some pregnant mothers who sweat more and have thick and thick hair in private parts, this problem is not only annoying, but also difficult to tell. 

The thick hair in the private part is originally a fuse. If the sweating becomes more, then it is very likely to have a peculiar smell. 

In response to this, it is recommended that pregnant mothers properly repair the private parts of the hair and cut it short, which can help the private parts to better dissipate the odor and reduce sweating. 

I would like to remind pregnant mothers to ask the father-to-be to help as much as possible. After all, due to the influence of the stomach, it is difficult for pregnant mothers to observe the hair growth, and it is extremely inconvenient to repair them by hand. 

Besides, the hair in the private part cannot be repaired too short, just the right length, otherwise it may damage the defenses and increase the risk of infection. 

4. My temper has gotten stinky

It can be said that this is the sympathy of many prospective fathers. Since the wife became pregnant, her temper has obviously become more foul, and she loses her temper at every turn. It is simply “flammable and explosive.” “Because of the status of pregnant women, I didn’t dare to challenge them. It was really embarrassing for my father. 

But I also hope that fathers-to-be can understand that due to the influence of hormone changes in the body, pregnant mothers have difficulty controlling emotional changes. They must learn to guide them and communicate more with them. Only in this way Stabilize your emotions, otherwise fathers-to-be will become full “infighters”.

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