Traditional contraceptive methods have fallen behind, and a new type of “contraceptive ring” will soon be available. Would you try it?

Traditional contraceptive methods have fallen behind, and a new type of “contraceptive ring” will soon be available. Would you try it? 

The topic of how to contraception has been discussed since ancient times. Some couples do not want to be so anxious to have children after marriage. They will take a series of contraceptive measures during the same room. At this time, various Contraceptive methods have appeared one after another. 

However, among the many contraceptive methods, if you want to feel good and have a good contraceptive effect, there are few. Even the most common method of using condoms is more troublesome to use. People don’t like this approach. 

Xiaoyun and her husband have just been married for a year, and both of them are relatively young. After they get married, they have no plans to have children for the time being. I think about having children after a few years of the two worlds. , So in terms of contraception, Xiaoyun and her husband chose the most traditional condom. 

But Xiaoyun’s husband dislikes this method very much, because it is relatively troublesome to operate, and it feels very bad. Therefore, sometimes, Xiaoyun will take some emergency treatment afterwards. Contraceptives are used for contraception. However, Xiaoyun recently discovered that her period is getting less and less punctual, and sometimes she doesn’t even come for a month. 

After this happened, Xiaoyun hurriedly went to the hospital to consult a doctor. After some examinations, there was nothing wrong with her. So the doctor asked her if she used oral contraceptives. Xiaoyun recalled I did take some contraceptives frequently these days. The doctor told her that this might be some side effects on the human body after taking oral contraceptives regularly. She asked her to change her contraceptive method instead of taking medications all the time. 

There are thousands of contraceptive methods, depending on which one you love. There are many contraceptive products on the market today, such as the following

•Male condoms

•Female condoms

•Short-acting oral contraceptives< /p>



•Emergency Contraceptives

Some people will wonder why there is no extracorporeal ejaculation and safety What about the period? Are these two not the safest methods of contraception? 

Yes, in vitro ejaculation and safety period are indeed not the safest contraceptive methods. This traditional contraceptive method is considered to be effective and the success rate is relatively high. But this is not the case, why? 

The so-called safe period of contraception is to go to the same room at the time when the uterus stops ovulating two weeks before the period. However, the uterus does not work according to this time every month, maybe it is. When the day is in a good mood, it will not operate according to the prescribed schedule. 

Furthermore, male sperm can survive in a female body for two or three days. Two or three days after the intercourse, the uterus begins to ovulate normally. Isn’t that a “winning”! 

Not to mention extracorporeal ejaculation. The chance of “winning a lottery” is higher. Whether it is a novice or an old driver, there will always be times when the brakes are not applied in time, and there will be some in the prostatic fluid secreted by men. Some semen may get shot. 

In addition to these two, condoms and oral contraceptives are the most commonly used. The success rate of these two contraceptive methods is relatively higher. 

There are many other contraceptive methods, but with the advancement of technology, traditional contraceptive methods are also slowly changing. A new type of “contraceptive ring” is about to appear, this one called Kyleena. It was invented by foreign research. This kind of contraceptive ring uses a slow-release technology to regularly release a hormone called levonorgestrel to make the cervical mucus thick and prevent the sperm and egg from meeting. This new type of contraceptive Compared with traditional contraceptive methods, the ring has many advantages. 

1. “0” feeling

Traditional contraceptive methods, more or less will make people feel foreign bodies, but this new type of contraceptive ring does not, both husband and wife When you are in the same room, you can’t even feel its existence. In this way, the comfort will be improved a lot. 

2. Harmless to the body

The traditional contraceptive ring is placed in the female uterus, but it only needs to be placed in the female Y-channel, which is very simple and convenient. No harm. And it will avoid some gynecological inflammation. 

3. The operation is simple and convenient

The new type of contraceptive ring is self-extracted, so there is no need to go to the hospital to wait in line for the ring, and there is no need to go to the hospital to take it out. Place it by yourself when you use it, and take it out to disinfect and wash it during your menstrual period, waiting for the next use. The operation is relatively simple and very convenient, and it can be done by yourself. 

Although the new type of contraceptive ring is said to have so many benefits, it is still difficult to promote it. Most people who do not understand this new type of contraceptive ring will still choose the traditional method of contraception. 

Actually, many contraceptive methods are relatively safe now. If you really don’t know which method of contraception is suitable for you, you can go to the hospital and consult a doctor. 

For you, which method of contraception do you prefer? Can you accept this new contraceptive method of contraception? Parents of these two blood types combine to give birth to babies with more advantages, especially in terms of IQ.

Parents nowadays pay particular attention to the development of their children’s IQ. Parents are eager to find the key to their children’s IQ factor. 

At the same time, the content of children’s IQ levels can often easily arouse the curiosity of parents. 

Some people say that the child’s IQ is related to the parent’s blood type, so is this statement really reliable? 

Both husband and wife It is blood type O. During the pregnancy check, the doctor praised that the little guy must be very smart after he was born.

Xiaoya and her husband met at a gathering of friends. The two people are very similar in temperament, so it didn’t take long after they met , The two people confirmed their relationship, and then they entered into marriage as a matter of course. 

In life, the two people are very close to each other. Their views on things and their behaviors are very in sync. They are both academic masters when they go to school, and they are both business elites after work. 

After Xiaoya learned that she was pregnant, she took her husband and went to the hospital for a birth check. Because there was no pregnancy plan before, Xiaoya was uncertain about the little guy’s sudden visit. 

I saw Xiaoya nervously asking the doctor, “Doctor, because it was an accidental pregnancy this time, I didn’t take folic acid. Will the child not be able to keep up with others in terms of intelligence after birth?”< /p>

listen After Xiaoya’s worries came out, the doctor soothed, “From the current state of the fetus, there is nothing unusual. I suggest that we still observe and observe!”

Then the doctor asked Xiaoya and The husband’s blood type, the two people said O blood in unison. 

After hearing the two of them say this, the doctor said, “Then I think the child’s IQ should not be low! Mom and Dad’s blood types are both very good, and the child’s IQ must not be wrong!”

After hearing the doctor say this, Xiaoya’s nervousness eased a lot. However, Xiaoya heard of the doctor’s theory for the first time. 

She doesn’t know whether the doctor intends to calm her emotions, or whether the theory that blood type affects IQ really makes sense. 

These two Parents of blood type combine to give birth to a smarter baby

1. Both parents are of type O blood

Relatively speaking, individuals with type O blood have better memory and stronger ability to imitate, so if parents If they are all blood type O, then the child’s IQ development will naturally have an advantage. 

At the same time, studies have also shown that parents with O blood type are more likely to give birth to smart children. 

2. Parents are a combination of type A blood and type O blood

Relatively speaking, people with type A blood are more practical and conscientious, and work calmly and calmly. The combination of type O blood will naturally stimulate even greater advantages. 

It can be said that parents have a combination of type A blood and type O blood to achieve a strong combination, so the IQ of their children will naturally not be low. 

Of course, in addition to the parent’s blood type may affect the child’s IQ development, acquired parenting will also affect the child’s intellectual level to a certain extent. Parents need to pay more attention to acquired parenting. 

What about parents What can we do to help the child’s IQ development and give birth to a smart baby? 

1. Pay attention to nutritional supplements during pregnancy.

When the children are still in the belly of Bao’s mother, their brains have already begun to develop. Sufficient, then this will naturally be good for the brain development of the little guys. 

So mothers who want to give birth to smart babies must eat more nutritious food during pregnancy. For example, during pregnancy, the pregnant mother can eat some nuts, deep-sea fish, etc., which will help the child’s IQ development to a certain extent. 

2. Create a rich and stimulating environment for children

In the first three years after birth, their brains are in a period of rapid development, and external environmental stimuli will affect the development of synapses in the children’s brains. 

The more environmental stimuli a child receives, the more complex the neuronal network built by synapses in their brains. 

Before the child is six years old, their brain development will be 80% complete. Therefore, as the child grows up, it is necessary for parents to give the child sufficient environmental stimulation to help the child exercise brain abilities and improve IQ Level. 

3. Emphasize the communication and interaction with children

Some studies have shown that when children interact with their parents, their brains are most active. 

In other words, when children can interact with their parents enough parent-child interactions, their brain networks will be fully mobilized. 

Even if some of the children’s favorite types are naive, parents should seriously accompany their children and interact with them as much as possible. 

There is a certain relationship between the child’s IQ level and the parents’ genetics. In addition, the influence of the acquired environment on the child’s intelligence level cannot be ignored. 

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to give their children sufficient environmental stimulation and appropriate guidance and intervention to help their children’s intellectual development during the critical period of their children’s IQ development. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about the improvement of children’s IQ level?

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