To raise a son, it is best for parents not to have these six requirements on them, otherwise the child will easily live very depressed

To raise a son, parents should not have these six requirements on them, otherwise the child will easily live very depressively

To raise a son, parents should not have these six requirements on them, otherwise the child will easily live a very good life. Depression

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Recently, the “masculinity” of boys on the Internet has caused a lot of dispute. 

People who have been suffering from the so-called “masculinity” for a long time think: “Does this want to ask boys to have a carefree personality, do not consider others, and must act recklessly?”

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Some more thoughtful boys said: This will make more boys like him, with gentle behavior and low voice, be discriminated against, and there will be more school violence. . 

Some boys who have the opposite character of being carefree and outgoing are also disapproved by parents who like masculinity since they were young, and forced to change their hearts. They may be hurt in their hearts and may not be able to get out of their minds for a long time. shadow. 

So families with sons, In terms of education, it is best not to force these 6 points on them, so as to prevent the children from suffering in the future. 

▶ Boys can’t cry

Ancient people often said: “Men have tears and don’t flick them.” Let them not cry when they are sad and difficult. That’s what girls do. In fact, when the human brain is sad, the endocrine system stimulates the lacrimal glands to secrete tears. 

Research shows that Crying has a certain soothing effect on people’s emotions, and people who have been holding their emotions and resisting crying are more likely to be physically harmed. 

Crying is a normal psychological and physical manifestation of everyone, and boys also have the right to cry. 

▶ Boys can’t be afraid

Fear is not a shameful emotion. Everyone has something to fear. Instead of letting boys be bold, it’s better to teach them how to face it. Fear of yourself. 

▶ Boys can’t be too niang

To use “niang” to describe character is a discriminatory behavior. There is no clear explanation for this word. Instead, many parents All the behaviors that girls love to do, such as paying attention to personal image, being gentle and delicate, are regarded as “mothers”. 

But these are not negative Behavior, on the contrary, can make a person better. 

Furthermore, forcing boys not to learn from girls will not only make boys with such a personality feel depressed, but they may also instigate confrontation between the sexes, causing some boys to have a great misunderstanding of girls. 

▶ You can’t marry a wife if you don’t have money

Although the parent’s original intention of saying this sentence is to let the child study hard and be more promising in the future. 

But for a long time to instill in them this kind of thought that girls like money, it may train boys to discriminate against women, and they don’t know how to respect the opposite sex when they grow up. 

▶ When we grow up, we will look like Like fathers

Children are all independent individuals, there is no need to be like someone, and fathers are not necessarily perfect, but also have their own advantages and disadvantages. Asking children to be like fathers may make them repeat the same Wrong approach. 

Moreover, mothers also have many advantages, and children should learn from both parents. 

▶ Boys don’t have to do housework

Some patriarchal families think that the housework is done by girls, and boys don’t need to study, and just leave it to their girlfriends or wives. That’s okay, it is very possible to train the child into a person who cannot be independent and irresponsible. 

Of course, although boys don’t There must be so-called “masculinity”, but because they are physically and psychologically different from girls, they should also have their own way of education. 

★ The boy is more energetic< /p>

Boys have more spinal fluid in their brainstem, and they secrete more dopamine in their blood than girls, which will lead to better mental and physical strength. 

But because of this, when the child reaches the age of 4, male hormones are secreted very quickly, so he becomes more naughty, active and fighting. 

Education method:

Parents can take them more exercise at this time to help them vent their excess energy. At the same time, they must also educate them on the rules of dealing with others, not to bully or attack others at will. Use communication to solve problems. 

★ Boys have weaker neural connections for storing sensory memory

Research shows that because boys’ sensory nerves are weaker, they use vision directly compared to girls. The ability to wait for memory is weaker. 

Education :

To promote the development of boys’ brain intelligence and emotions, parents need to provide gentle touch to them from an early age. 

★ Boys’ left and right brain connections are weaker

Research shows that the corpus callosum (that is, the part responsible for connecting the two brain hemispheres) of boys is smaller than that of girls, so their left and right brains The ability to connect is weaker than that of girls. This also makes the development of their communication skills slower than that of girls. 

Education method:

Because boys’ language skills may be weak, parents can try to chat after they are born to increase their children’s ability to understand language and learn more Vocabulary. 

When they can speak, their expressive skills may be better than other children. 


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After pregnancy, try not to eat these “three bowls of rice” for pregnant mothers, otherwise it will be easy to “drag” fetal development

Although during pregnancy it is “eat alone “Two people make up”, but pregnant mothers also need to make a good diet plan. 

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After pregnancy, in order for the fetus to absorb enough nutrients, many pregnant mothers will take various diets Tonic, but, instead of just eating special meals, pregnant mothers should plan their diets. If the tonic is tonic, it is tonic, and the taboo should be taboo. 

Sometimes, improper eating habits may only cause pregnant mothers to grow meat and not give birth. For example, if there are three kinds of meals, pregnant mothers should try not to eat, otherwise it will easily “drag” the development of the fetus. 

Case: Pregnant mother “eat less and more meals” and gain too fast weight

Xiaoju is a pregnant mother. Since she became pregnant, her family has been overjoyed. Xiaoju is even more cautious. One. 

In order to better develop the fetus in the belly, Xiaoju also chooses the method of “eating smaller meals and more meals” in terms of diet. Unexpectedly, her weight has increased by about 6 months. 30 pounds. 

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During the birth check, the doctor found that Xiaoju’s weight was growing too fast, so he asked Xiaoju’s eating habits. 

It turned out that because he was worried that the fetus would not absorb enough nutrients, Xiaoju paid attention to his diet. He had to eat 6 meals a day. In addition to the normal three meals a day, the morning, afternoon, and before going to bed Have another meal. 

After listening to the doctor, he knew the reason for Xiaoju’s excessive weight gain. He also strongly recommended that Xiaoju strictly control his diet and cancel the supper before going to bed, because this is for himself and the fetus. , And there is no benefit at all. 

During pregnancy, although it is common for an appetite to become better, mothers-to-be should control their eating habits even so. It is best to eat as little as possible for meals like supper, otherwise, it is often easy to affect the development of the fetus. Cause adverse effects. 

Pregnant mothers often eat these “three bowls of rice”, which can easily “drag” the development of the fetus

①, takeaway

In the past, people were used to cooking by themselves. In the era, people are used to ordering takeaways when they eat. Of course, they are mostly students and workers. 

However, although takeaway is convenient and trouble-free, outsiders know nothing about the hygiene. If you encounter some unscrupulous merchants and fill up with some unclean ingredients, it will have a certain impact on your own health. What’s more, for expectant mothers who are pregnant, long-term consumption may also endanger the health of the fetus in the stomach. 

If you go back 10,000 steps, even if you pass the sanitation, when the takeaway is delivered to you, it may already be cold, and cold food is not suitable for pregnant mothers. 

②, leftovers and leftovers

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to supplement enough nutrition. In order for the fetus to develop better, many pregnant mothers will make various kinds of food at home. The dishes can be eaten all at once, and in the spirit of not wasting, they will want to save them for the next meal. 

But in fact, for pregnant women, it is better not to eat leftovers. 

Under normal circumstances, there is no nutrition in the leftovers, especially after the second heating, the nutritional value of them is little left. Furthermore, after a long period of time, nitrites may also be produced in the food. Pregnant women have their own adverse effects, and it is easy to damage the health of the fetus. 

So, for the sake of the health of pregnant mothers and the health of the fetus, we still try not to eat leftovers. 


After pregnancy, due to physical and psychological factors, pregnant women’s sleep quality is often affected to a certain extent. If you eat supper before going to bed, then It will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, affect the functioning of the stomach and intestines, and make it more difficult to fall asleep. 

As we all know, the night is the time for the body’s various functions to rest, and the gastrointestinal peristalsis is slow. If you eat a late night snack before going to bed, the food in the stomach is also difficult to digest, especially the greasy food, which will probably become fat accumulation. In pregnant women, the weight gain of pregnant women is too fast. 

If the sleep quality of pregnant mothers is affected, not only will the mental state of the next day be poor, but also the healthy development of the fetus will be affected. 

Therefore, if you want pregnant mothers to sleep well and the fetus develops well, try not to eat midnight snacks before going to bed. 

Precautions for pregnant mothers’ diet after pregnancy

▸Prevent excessive calorie intake

Even if you have never been pregnant, high-calorie foods should be eaten as little as possible because of the disadvantages caused by obesity There are too many factors. 

Although it is inevitable for the pregnant mother to gain weight during pregnancy, if the calorie intake is too much, it is likely to produce “only meat but not long fetus” situation, and the food is transformed into fat accumulation in For pregnant mothers, this is not a happy thing for pregnant mothers and fetuses. 

▸ Actively take in nutrients

For pregnant mothers, not picky eaters and not partial eclipses are the most basic requirements, so as to ensure that the nutrients are not left behind. 

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s diet should be a nutritionally balanced diet composed of diverse foods, not just a certain type of food, so that the pregnant mother can get sufficient nutrients and the fetus It can also be better developed. 

▸Avoid excessive salt intake

During pregnancy, excessive intake of salt by pregnant mothers can easily cause problems such as edema and hypertension in pregnancy. 

Therefore, at this stage, for their own health and the development of the fetus, pregnant mothers should have a light diet and reduce the amount of salt as appropriate. Return to Sohu to see more

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