To increase children’s interest in reading, parents only need to take care of these three levels to make children fall in love with reading

To improve children’s interest in reading, parents only need to take care of these three levels to make children fall in love with reading

Reading can enrich children’s horizons and enhance their children’s understanding and expression skills. However, at the same time, Reading is also a matter of calming down. For lively children, it seems a little difficult for them to develop the habit of persisting in reading. 

So how can parents help their children increase their interest in reading? It is obviously not advisable to force a child blindly. 

Bao Ma bought books for hundreds of dollars for her children, but the results were either graffiti or folded into paper airplanes. Po Ma was very helpless

At the beginning of the child’s winter vacation, Ms. I bought more than 500 books on the Internet, and there are more than ten books, large and small. 

“I hope that children can read more books during the winter vacation and develop the habit of reading, which is also helpful for him to write articles!” It can be seen that Ms. Wang has great confidence in the cultivation of children’s reading habits. 

However, with the deepening of the holidays, Ms. Wang’s painstaking efforts were ignored by the children. Some of the books on the shelf have not been opened yet. 

The books that have been opened are either regarded as graffiti paper by the children, or torn down and folded into paper airplanes by the children. Ms. Wang was really angry and helpless looking at books that had been “tortured” to a degree of disrespect. 

“At the beginning, considering that children might play games with electronic products and affect reading, they bought paper books for children to read. But unexpectedly, as long as children don’t want to read books in front of him, he would not take a good look. “Ms. Wang reluctantly vomited with her friends. 

In desperation, Ms. Wang made a small video of the book messed up by the child and posted it on the Internet. She hopes to get help from netizens to make the child change something. 

Unexpectedly, in the comment area, netizens also followed Tucao and their children did not like to read. “Playing games can stay still for several hours, but as long as you read a book, you can’t do it for five minutes. Here!”

Why don’t children like reading? 

1. Lack of interest in reading

Children are always very involved in things they like and are interested in, but it is difficult for children to spend time on things they are not interested in. The lack of interest and energy, especially for children whose concentration is still developing, makes it particularly painful for children to read. 

2. There is no suitable reading environment

If parents are watching TV or playing with mobile phones, the children will naturally be affected. Even if there are books in front of them, the children may Because of the interference of my parents, I can’t participate in the world of reading. If children can’t feel the influence of reading atmosphere, it will be very difficult to develop reading habits. 

3. Inappropriate choice of reading content

If the books parents choose for their children are not the content that the children like, then this kind of forced reading content will make the children feel quite pressured. Then produce a psychological reaction of resistance and boredom. 

Especially when parents choose to read with a certain purpose, the content they choose is likely to run counter to their children’s preferences. 

How can parents increase their children’s interest in reading? 

1. Start with the content that children are interested in

In the process of cultivating children’s interest in reading, parents should take children as the main body and try to cater to their children’s inner preferences. 

If the content of the book is of interest to children, then the cultivation of reading interest will become much simpler. Perhaps the content that the child is interested in is “superficial” to the parents, but for the child, it may be a source of fun. 

2. Parents set a good example for their children

If parents love to read and read, then the children will naturally be affected. 

Children are born with the instinct to imitate the behavior of their parents. If parents do a good reading demonstration for their children, it will stimulate the children’s reading interest and cultivate children’s reading habits will become more natural and logical. If parents hold mobile phones all day long, then I believe that children are more interested in mobile phones than books. 

3. Create an environmental atmosphere suitable for reading

The environmental atmosphere has a more obvious impact on children’s behavior. Obviously a quieter environment is more conducive for children to calm down and immerse themselves in the joy of reading. Among. 

Especially for children with weak self-control, they are easily disturbed by external environmental stimuli, and they need a relatively quiet and simple reading atmosphere. 

Especially in the current era when electronic products are more popular, parents should reduce the environmental stimulation in their children’s lives and create a calm reading atmosphere for their children. 

In short, if parents can master the methods to increase children’s interest in reading, it will be very helpful for children to develop their reading habits. 

In addition, in the process of stimulating children’s interest in reading, parents should give more consideration to their children’s feelings, stimulate children’s inner driving force, and let children love reading from the heart. Guide to get twice the result with half the effort. Do you have any good experiences to share in enhancing children’s interest in reading? There are 3 kinds of “dangerous” toys. You have at least one of them in your home. You can lose them before your children pay attention.

Before children go to elementary school, it can be said that they have the peak of the number of toys. How many toys have been bought, but will parents consider safety issues before buying toys for their children? 

In response to this question, many parents may not dare to believe it. In an interview I did before, the question was “What issues do you consider first when buying toys for your children?” Many of the responses turned out to be “price”, “do you tidy up”, “will your child like it?” and so on. Among the 37 parents, none of them answered “safety”. 

It may be that parents have acquiesced that toys are safe. However, choosing toys for children with such inherent knowledge may bury a hidden danger for children’s safety. 

1. A more powerful bullet gun

After the children grow up a little bit, some treasure dads will buy bullet guns for their children, and most treasure dads like to buy them according to their own preferences, thinking that the more powerful they are The more fierce it is, the cooler it is. 

Facts have proved that male treasures do like these toys, which may be a male instinct. However, such as that part of the more powerful bullet gun also hides a huge danger. 

Some time ago, when I was playing with my daughter and son downstairs in the community, there were several other children playing together. I asked the children to join their team and I chatted with the neighbors. 

In the end, a child cried and screamed and covered his eyes. We ran over and heard several other children say that his eyes were hit by a bullet gun, and he was still playing with a toy gun. I couldn’t handle it all the time, but I accidentally pressed the firing part, pointed the muzzle in my eyes, and was injured. 

The child’s mother hurriedly took off the child’s hand to see how the child’s eyes were hurt, and found that the eye sockets were red. We were all very lucky at the time and couldn’t imagine it at all. If the bullet enters the eye, the child’s eye may be destroyed. 

Therefore, it is really not recommended that parents buy such powerful bullet guns for their children, which may not only hurt themselves, but also others, no matter which one, the consequences will be difficult. bear! 

2. Toys with ropes

If your children are relatively young and have not yet gone to elementary school, then it is not recommended to buy games with ropes for them. I myself have suffered. 

When my little nephew was 4 years old, I bought a yo-yo for him to play. I completely neglected where 4-year-old children would play yo-yo. At most, I put the rope out and watched the color change of the yo-yo. . 

At that time, the little nephew was having fun alone, while the adults were chatting on the sidelines. Suddenly, we heard a heavy “boom”. The few of us turned our heads together and found that the little nephew fell down. He was still facing the ground, and looking behind him again, it turned out that he was tossed down by the rope of the yo-yo. 

The little guy cried loudly, his forehead was swollen, and even his nosebleeds came out. The culprit was the rope of the yo-yo. 

Therefore, this is why parents are not recommended to buy toys with ropes for children who are too young, and it is not limited to this. 

If toys with ropes are sharp, they may cut the child. Or the child tied the rope to improper parts, such as neck, limbs, etc., which may only cause bruises on the body parts, but may cause the limbs to become corrupted due to lack of blood circulation, or to die from suffocation. 

3. Toys with sharp corners and sharp edges

It is not recommended that parents buy these toys for younger children who lack safety awareness, whether they are metal products, It is still cheap plastic products. If the corners are not handled properly, and they are too sharp or sharp, they may cut or stab the child. 

Special attention should be paid to plastic products here, because many plastic products and toys are relatively low-cost, and they are not made by regular manufacturers, and there are many potential safety hazards. 

But most parents think that plastic toys are the safest for children. After all, they are plastic. What threat can they cause! However, because the corners of many plastic products have not been carefully polished a second time, there are still sharp edges. The skin on the children’s hands is relatively tender, and they may be cut if they are not careful. 

So far, there are still many parents who have not noticed the dangers, and hope to attract the attention of parents, take out all the toys at home and check them, and throw away the toys that are not conducive to the safety of children. , Or other things that are not suitable for children at their current age, put them away first. 

Of course, I would like to remind parents and friends not to throw toys in front of the children, otherwise it may cause emotions in the children, and it will be very difficult to throw them later, because the children have subconscious I think I want to take good care of this toy, otherwise my mother may throw it away. It seems that throwing a toy is also a technical job! 

3 kinds of “dangerous” toys. You have at least one of them in your house. You can throw them away while the child is not paying attention.

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