Tibao always brushes “sense of existence” in the middle of the night? It turns out that these are the reasons, Tibao: Blame me

Tibao always brushes “sense of existence” in the middle of the night? It turns out that it was for these reasons. Feibao: Blame me.

I have heard a pregnant friend complain to me more than once that the fetus is always noisy in the middle of the night, so she can’t sleep all night, or she just sleeps well. Suddenly, she was awakened by the baby’s “18 palms of the dragon”, and then she couldn’t fall asleep. 

And I managed to survive the early pregnancy reaction, just after two days of cessation, the result was that this little cub had to have a sense of presence at night, and some mothers-to-be were even frustrated. Will say to the pregnant belly: When you come out, you have to beat you ass. 

In fact, the frequent fetal movement in the middle of the night may not only be the cause of the fetus, but also the following! 

Night is the peak period of fetal activity

According to research findings Although the fetus will move from time to time every day, there are mainly two peak periods of fetal movement, one is 7-9 o’clock in the morning, and the other time period is 11 p.m. to 1 o’clock the next morning. Each time is about 2 hours short. One of them is when the pregnant mother is sleeping at night. 

Pregnant mothers are not easy to fall asleep due to physical inconvenience, and finally they are “awakened” halfway through falling asleep. After the fetal movement has subsided, they can hardly fall asleep, so they can only lie in bed and stare at them and get sulking. It is the fundamental reason why pregnant mothers are angry with fetal movements. 

It’s different from the pregnant mother’s schedule

see here A mother would say, why do you choose to have frequent fetal movements at night? It stands to reason that the day is when the baby has the most energy, and it is time to rest at night. At this time, the baby’s excitement will affect development. 

Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry about this problem, because the fetal baby and the pregnant mother’s work and rest time are different. He can’t perceive the difference between day and night in the mother’s stomach, let alone the rules of sleeping on time. 

When the fetus is full, hungry, happy, or even okay, maybe he will move, so he won’t pick the time! However, when the fetus moves frequently in the middle of the night, pregnant mothers can play some soothing, relaxing, hypnotic music, so that the baby will be excited and fall asleep earlier. 

More concentration at night

If the last reason It is also possible to freak babies, so the reason may be that the pregnant mother is too sensitive. It is important to know that the fetal movement of Tirebao is about 3-5 times per hour, although the frequency of the two peaks of fetal movement is a little less, but it also exists. 

But because in the daytime, the pregnant mother’s attention is attracted by other things, so she doesn’t care about fetal movement at all. In the quiet environment at night, even a slight movement of the fetal treasure, pregnant mothers will feel particularly clear, and they will find it unbearable. 

The pregnant mother sleeps incorrectly

With pregnancy With the increase in months, the expectant mother’s belly will also get bigger and bigger, and sleeping at night will also be particularly uncomfortable. In order to sleep better, expectant mothers always feel comfortable and how to do it, but some sleeping positions are comfortable for expectant mothers, but they give birth to babies. The baby brings a sense of pressure, and when the baby feels uncomfortable, it will also “remind” the mother-to-be that it is time to change positions. 

So this is one of the reasons why the fetal movement is more frequent at night. At this time, expectant mothers can adjust their sleeping position. 

Fetal movement is one way to understand whether your baby is healthy In this way, as long as the fetal movement is still within the normal range, expectant mothers do not need to worry too much. And the babies are very active, which means they are growing up happily and healthily! Parents and expectant parents can also be more at ease. “Stubborn father and daughter” are on fire. My daughter is playing with mobile phones to buy toys, while Dad Bao calmly plays with mobile phones.

People often say that bringing a baby is hard. That’s because in the process of taking care of children, we not only have to The child’s food, clothing, housing and transportation are worrying about, and he has to deal with the various helpless demands made by the child because of his ignorance. 

Especially children from three to seven years old. Children in this age group have initially developed their self-awareness, but have not yet formed the correct three views. The requirements they put forward are often very “annoying”, making parents dumbfounded. . 

My daughter screamed at the door of the community to buy toys. After watching, Bao Dad calmly played with his mobile phone.

There was a pair of “stubborn father and daughter” on the Internet, which also triggered enthusiastic discussions among the majority of netizens. In the video, A six or seven-year-old girl was lying in front of the community and rolling around in order to buy toys. 

But Bao Dad didn’t pay much attention to it. Standing aside calmly playing on the mobile phone, even if the child is crying, and does not step forward to take any measures, even the right eye is not given to the child, there is a big way: you are lying down and crying, I stand and play my posture. 

Seeing this stubborn father and daughter cry one by one and play with their mobile phones, no one is allowed, even the toy store owner can’t help stepping forward to persuade, but he still failed to defeat either party Come. 

After a while, the child’s cry became less and less, and when the cry was over, he stood up from the ground and stopped clamoring for toys in the store. 

His father put away the phone only then After the child was taken away, netizens admired the father of the child one after another: Unexpectedly, there is such an operation? 

What are the benefits of “cold treatment” by parents? 

Actually, this parent used a different method to deal with the child’s tantrums, that is, cold treatment. As the child cries and does not give any feedback to the child, the child will gradually stop making trouble. 

This approach has three advantages. One is that it can help children correct unreasonable bad habits, and the other is that it can help children recognize reality, know where the parent’s bottom line is, and understand what is meaningful and what is not. Significance, the third is to make parents more relaxed. 

In short, this kind of treatment of children’s temper tantrums The method still has many merits and the effect is very good, so besides this method, what other methods can parents use? 

In addition to “cold treatment”, what other methods can parents use to prevent their children from splashing and rolling? 

1) Usually “three chapters” with children.

The main reason for children’s temper tantrums is that they are not sensible, do not understand what to do and what not to do, and cry when they don’t go as they please. 

This requires parents to clarify the truth with their children at ordinary times, tell them what is the correct way to express their needs, and tell their children “three chapters” clearly if they keep doing this, their purpose is It will definitely not be achieved, and slowly, the child will stop making trouble. 

2) Try to divert his attention


When children are small, they usually don’t cry to the end by grabbing one thing. Their attention is easily attracted by other things. We can stop children from spreading their attention by diverting their attention. Roll around. 

The effect of this treatment is not bad. However, this treatment treats the symptoms but not the root cause. It is only suitable for emergency use. Parents still need to find another way to educate afterwards. 

3) Wait for the children to calm down and then deal with it.

Some children have a more irritable personality, and they are quite “thunderous” when they get angry. At this time, parents will inevitably go up to persuade or criticize. Be angry with the child and affect the parent-child relationship. 

In the face of this situation, we need to temporarily Let it go and wait for the child to calm down and stop crying before arguing with them. This is more conducive to the harmony of the parent-child relationship.

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