Three things in life will kill the boy’s spirit, don’t do it to the child again, no regret medicine

Three things in life will kill a boy’s spirit. Don’t do it to a child again. There is no regret medicine.

A spirit is very important to a boy. A spirited boy is his future. It will be bright. However, some things that parents usually do to their children will slowly wear off the spirit of the boy and make the boy less spirited. 

Today is my friend’s birthday. We have dinner with my friend, and my friend also brought her six-year-old son. Because the little boy is more active, he is always restless when eating, but he did not act out of the ordinary, so he played with his little toys in his place, having a good time, and laughing from time to time. 

My friend was a little unhappy when she saw her son restless, she said to her sternly, “Can you be quiet? How old are you and play with toys, can you be more mature?”

Next, friends I kept scolding my son, talking about his son’s various problems, and even took out the old accounts together to scold the son. Her son was very happy at first. Gradually, his mood became lower and lower, and he sat in his seat sadly and started crying. Seeing her son crying, her friend became even more angry. Fortunately, after everyone’s prevention, she stopped scolding her son. 

Many people feel that raising boys is very uneasy. Boys are always disobedient, and they are not as quiet and sensible as girls. Boys are not disobedient or ignorant, but their physical characteristics and growth patterns are different from girls. The following parenting methods will wear off the spirit of boys, and parents should take a look. 

these three Things will wear down boys’ spirit, parents should stop doing things to their children.

1. Ask boys to be quiet

Boys are naturally more active than girls. Being active is the nature of boys. This It is because in primitive society, boys’ job is hunting and crossing fields. But now many parents ask the boys not to be too active, ask them to be quiet, do not want them to play dirty all day, and do not want them to be adventurous and explore all day, they want their children to be able to Stay in the room and study quietly. Parents asking the boy to be quiet will also wear off the spirit of the boy. 

2. Put negative labels on boys’ aggressive behavior

There is a saying in the book “Raising Boys” that the biggest driving force for boys to grow comes from their internal secretions. The male hormones, androgen makes them aggressive. 

Because the male hormones in boys are relatively strong, this will make them like to play and become “aggressive”. This is their nature. However, some parents will label boys aggressively and strictly prohibit them from having aggressive behavior, which will also wear off the spirit of boys. 

3. Don’t give boys a chance to choose.

For most parents, boys are used to continue the incense, but also to pass on the blood. Parents will naturally impose their wishes on the boys. Will strictly control him, will not give him the opportunity to choose, make choices for him in everything, hoping that this boy can fulfill his unfulfilled wish. As everyone knows, this kind of parental practice will also wipe out the spirit of the boy. 

What will be the impact of a boy’s audacity being obliterated? 

1. Loss of adventurous spirit

If parents always ask their children to be quiet, forbid him to go out for activities, and even forbid him to take risks and explore, this will also wipe out the spirit of the boy. Unscrupulous boys will also lose their adventurous spirit and the desire to explore. Such a life is unhappy for them, and children will become depressed and unhappy. 

2. Hide your aggressiveness

Boys are inherently aggressive. If parents don’t understand this, they will even label the boy’s attacks negatively, such as beating people and having a bad temper. Okay wait. This shows that parents do not accept his aggressiveness, and children will hide their aggressiveness, or turn to attack themselves and make some behaviors that hurt themselves. 

3. Become lack of fighting spirit

Parents impose their own wishes on their children, so that the children’s world is filled with the parents’ will. This will only kill the child’s spirit, and children without spirit will also become unwilling to fight. Because his energy is used to fight against his parents, he has no extra energy to make himself motivated, so that he can become prosperous. 

Raise men like this Children will let him have spirit.

1. Let him fall in love with sports and adventure

The British BBC documentary made a special study on “children’s geography”. A small town. The children of the 1970s and post-zeros had different childhood lives. The results of the study found that the children in the 1970s had a good adventurous spirit and desire to explore. They also had better athletic abilities. They were more confident in themselves, and they were also affected by themselves. proud. However, children born after zero and zero have very little range of activities. These children lack the spirit of adventure and exploration, and their athletic ability is also very poor. 

Parents want boys to fall in love with sports and adventure. In the “Little Giant Games”, there is a little boy with “short stature”. His father urged him to exercise every day. As a result, he grew 16 centimeters taller, his physique became stronger, and his personality became much more cheerful. 

Let a boy fall in love with sports and adventure, and his brain will produce endorphins, which is a substance that makes the brain feel happy. It will make the boy more energetic and Let the boy become cheerful, and increase his ability to resist frustration. 

2. Accept children’s aggressiveness

An American scientist once did such an experiment on a group of monkeys. In the group of monkeys, whoever is the best can be the king. The researchers created chaos in the monkey group. They injected male hormones into the thinnest monkey in the monkey group and put it in the monkey group. As a result, the little monkey became very brave. He defeated the most powerful monkey king and became the king of the monkey group. 

Parents must know how to accept boys’ inherent aggression. Parents accept the child’s aggressiveness, which makes him think that this power in him is recognized by the parents. Parents can guide the child to use his aggressiveness correctly, and let him know how to make good use of his aggressiveness, only then will the child have the spirit, but also let the child have a sense of accomplishment and confidence. 

3. Let him know how to think and choose independently

As a boy, if he can’t choose anything by himself, he will follow his parents’ arrangements and orders. This will only make him lose his spirit, make him less confident, and also make him lose his self-motivated. 

The decision-making ability of a boy is also very important. Parents should let themselves make decisions, and let him understand which choices are suitable for him, what kind of life he really wants, For him, what is most important. Let him know how to think and choose independently, so that he will have spirit, and the boys raised in this way will be creative and decisive. 

The above three things will wear off the spirit of the boy, and the spirit of the boy will be worn away, which will affect the trajectory of his life. Parents, what is your opinion on this? Welcome to leave a message for interaction! The five senses of a baby lack these advantages. No matter how good they look when they are young, they are useless. When they grow up, it’s hard to say a word.

Many people say that they are now a look at the face. This is indeed the case in our society. If children are good-looking, it will be easier for them to make friends or find a job when they grow up. People with common sense know that the appearance of a child is related to genetic genes. If the parents are good-looking, the child will not be too bad when he grows up. 

However, there are individual cases where children are clearly exquisite when they are young, but they grow uglier as they grow up. Everyone has different aesthetics, so the criteria for judging the level of appearance are naturally different. After my observation, most of the good-looking children have several characteristics in common. If your baby occupies a few, then it will definitely not be ugly in the future. 

Bao’s mother is very depressed and can’t figure out why the children who were watched because of their cuteness at birth become less pleasing when they grow up? 

After my colleague Lili got married, she gave birth to a big fat boy very smoothly. When she was born, her child was not as dry as the other baby, but extraordinarily cute. In fact, before that, Lili didn’t expect her baby to look good at birth. Because he heard the older generation say that the skin of newborn babies is very wrinkled, and some are particularly like little monkeys, which are basically indistinguishable from good-looking. 

After the baby was born, she didn’t expect him to look good, so when she really saw the baby, she was pleasantly surprised. The doctors and nurses who delivered her baby all praised the child for her good-looking appearance, which made Lili very proud. 

After the C-section, Lili stayed in the hospital for a week. At that time, the mothers in the same ward would frequently give admiration to her son when she saw her son, and the child would be watched almost every day because of her cuteness. 

With the passage of time, the child is now in kindergarten. I thought my son would continue to improve as he did when he was a child, but what I didn’t expect is that the longer the child, the more general. When I was a child, the advantages of appearance gradually disappeared. It can be said that it is much uglier than before. 

In the past, children who went out were often exaggerated for their good looks, but now they have become unremarkable passers-by. Lili couldn’t figure out why the longer the child was, the less pleasing she was, and she began to worry that his future life would be affected by his appearance. 

Why does the child’s appearance change up and down? Many children look good when they are young, but they become uglier when they grow up. This is because these children do not have these beautiful features on their faces. Parents can check their seats and see how many of them their children can occupy. 

The five senses have these characteristics. Children will definitely become more and more beautiful. Otherwise, it will be difficult to guarantee the value of appearance.

1. Bright eyes

We are communicating with people When you are, you usually look into the other person’s eyes and speak. A pair of smart and beautiful eyes can leave a deep impression on the other party and make others remember you quickly. Most of the good-looking children have the same eyes, which is also the standard for many people to judge the level of appearance. So if children’s eyes look better when they are young, they don’t have to worry about being ugly when they grow up. 

There are many things in our lives that can threaten children’s eye health. Parents should let children develop hygienic eye habits from an early age. Children should be less likely to use electronic products at ordinary times, otherwise it is easy to cause myopia, even with the most beautiful eyes, they will become apathetic, which will have a great impact on the appearance of the child. 

2. Regular teeth

Smiles can convey goodwill between people. We often use this expression in the social process. The standard smile is to show eight teeth, which requires a neat mouth. Only in this way will it look more beautiful when smiling, otherwise the child may be uglier when smiling than crying. 

In addition to genetic factors, parents should also supervise their children during their dental period. It is forbidden for children to lick their teeth to prevent the teeth from growing out of order due to the influence of external forces. In addition, children must be urged to brush their teeth on time to ensure oral health to make their teeth more beautiful. 

3. A tall nose

The nose is the “pillar” of our facial features, tall A straight nose can make the facial features more three-dimensional, and can add a lot of points to the appearance. Most people like foreigners because they have a high nose bridge, which is in line with the public’s aesthetics. Of course, the height of the nose bridge is completely controlled by genes. If you want your future child’s nose to be higher, then both spouses must have such characteristics. 

In the process of raising children, we must let them develop good behavior habits. Try not to let your baby wear glasses prematurely, otherwise it will easily affect the development of the nose bridge, and eventually it will be too late to regret that it will grow into a collapsed nose bridge. 

The beauty of children is related to their future development. If they are born with good genes, then parents do not need to worry. The future of children who have all the above characteristics must be good, and parents can relax. It is a good thing to have a better appearance, but parents should not pay too much attention to the outside. They should also focus on cultivating their inner self-cultivation and let the baby develop in an all-round way.

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