Three situations suggest that the child’s epiphyseal line will be closed, and the parents may find out in time and may have a chance to remedy it

Three situations suggest that the child’s epiphyseal line will be closed. Parents may find it in time and may have a chance to remedy it.

Three situations suggest that the child’s epiphyseal line will be closed. Parents may find it in time and may have a chance to remedy it.

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Children’s height can be said to be a very worrying issue for parents, and it will even become one of the criteria for their future selection of children. If the height of the lover brought back by the child is too low, the parents may disagree. 

Although 70% of the height is inherited from parents, it does not grow tall, and the development of childhood is also very important. I believe many people have encountered it. Parents are tall but children are not tall; or parents Not tall, but the child grows tall. 

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So no matter what the height of the parents, don’t let your guard down. 

The performance of height development is the growth of bones, but only the bones with unclosed epiphyseal lines have the chance to continue to develop. Once closed, the child is rarely able to grow taller. 

Why is the epiphyseal line so important? ? 

The epiphyseal line is the cartilage tissue between the bone and the epiphysis. It is called the growth plate. The extension of the child’s bone is the continuous ossification of the epiphyseal line, but when it is completely ossified, it is also After this line is closed, the child’s bones can no longer be extended. 

Moreover, the time when the epiphyseal line is closed does not have much to do with the age of the child. Even very young children may have older bones. 

This will also cause some age In small children, the epiphyseal line is closed early; in some older children, the epiphyseal line is still not closed. 

Therefore, parents must be alert to the situation where the child’s epiphyseal line is closed. 

When the child has the following , It may be that the epiphyseal line is about to be closed, and parents should seize the last period, supplement them with nutrition, and strive for a few centimeters higher. 

▶ The height increase rate slows down

When children’s height growth peaks, that is, when they are about 12 years old, they can grow more than 5 cm taller each year. When they reach the age of 15 years, they only grow taller each year. Parents need to be vigilant when they can grow one or two centimeters taller, whether the child’s epiphyseal line is about to be closed. 

▶ The child’s secondary sexual characteristics More and more obvious

When the child’s secondary sex characteristics become more and more obvious, it also indicates that their sex hormones will be secreted quickly, which will inhibit the secretion of growth hormone, make the child mature, and also lead to epiphysis The line is closed. 

If parents find that girls’ breasts are beginning to develop, boys have Adam’s apples, beards, etc., they need to pay attention to whether their epiphyseal line is about to close. 

Moreover, some precocious children will have secondary sexual characteristics in advance, which will cause the children to mature prematurely and may not grow taller. 

▶ The body is getting stronger and stronger

When the child’s height cannot grow, the body will concentrate other nutrients and hormones on the growth of muscle and fat. 

If the child’s calf muscle lines are found It is becoming more and more obvious that the body has a trend of horizontal development, and the whole person is getting stronger and stronger, so their epiphyseal line may also be closed. 

The height of the child’s epiphyseal line It is so heavy, how can we delay its closure? 

▶ Promote the secretion of growth hormone

If the epiphyseal line is the basis for a child to grow taller, then growth hormone plays a decisive role in it. 

Growth hormone is secreted by growth hormone cells in the anterior pituitary of the human brain. One of its functions is to stimulate the growth of epiphyseal cartilage and help children grow taller. 

Without its stimulating effect, the child may not only fail to grow, but the epiphyseal line may also be closed prematurely because there is no stimulation. 

And the peak of growth hormone secretion The period is after the child enters deep sleep from 23:00 to 2 am, and at about 7 am, the child can not sleep well at night, turn on the light to sleep, etc., will affect the secretion of growth hormone. 

▶ Prevent children from precocious puberty

Children’s precocious puberty will also cause their bones to close prematurely. 

How to prevent precocious puberty? 

❶ Weight control

Studies have shown that fat cells can convert certain hormones in the body into estrogen, which is particularly prone to lead to precocious puberty in girls. 

Therefore, parents should pay attention to their children’s balanced diet and take them to exercise in time to avoid overnutrition, obesity, and may not grow taller in the future. 

❷ Turn off the lights and sleep at night< /p>

Turning on the light to sleep at night will inhibit the secretion of melatonin, and melatonin not only makes people sleep peacefully, but also inhibits sex hormones and promotes the secretion of growth hormone. 

While turning on the lights to sleep, the child will have excessive secretion of sex hormones, which not only inhibits the secretion of growth hormone, but also makes them precocious. 

❸ Reduce visual stimulation

When children are too young, do not expose them to overly exposed pictures, so as not to stimulate the psychology and cause precocious puberty. 


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There are several “stinks” on the baby, which may be a signal of physical discomfort. Parents should be careful

It’s not easy to have children, but it’s even harder to raise children . 

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Under normal circumstances, if babies are sick or have uncomfortable symptoms, they often cry It’s making a big fuss, but sometimes, the baby may not notice any discomfort. As a result, as a parent, you need to pay extra attention and carefully observe the baby’s health. For example, if the baby has these kinds of smells, then parents should be careful. 

Case: The baby’s bad breath is irritating, and the parents are told that the food accumulation is serious.

Ms. Wang’s daughter has just turned 3 this year and is in kindergarten age. 

After finally getting used to the kindergarten environment, it didn’t take long for Ms. Wang to find that her daughter was always gloomy after returning home from school. She just kept silent when she asked her what was going on. I thought my daughter was bullied in kindergarten. 

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Wait when Ms. Wang communicated with the kindergarten teacher and asked about her daughter’s situation in the kindergarten, the teacher explained the reason to Ms. Wang Talk about it. 

It turned out that when Kiki was playing with the children in kindergarten, she often heard people say that her mouth was smelly, but there was no way to hide it, so she just didn’t speak, and slowly Yes, the children around me are not willing to play with her anymore. 

Ms. Wang was worried that her daughter’s emotions would be affected, so she quietly approached her daughter to talk to her, only to find that there was indeed an unpleasant smell, but she was also very serious about brushing her teeth every day, worrying all night, thinking about it. It wasn’t that there was a physical problem, so Ms. Wang took the child to the hospital. 

After the doctor’s examination, Ms. Wang was told that the child had a serious food accumulation and needed to be treated immediately, otherwise it might affect the development. 

These kinds of smells on your baby may be uncomfortable.


Under normal circumstances, when the mouth and stomach are all healthy, the child’s breath is not fresh. But there is no peculiar smell, and younger babies, because they have been breastfeeding, may still smell of milk. 

However, if the baby still has bad breath when the mouth is clean and perfect, it may be a gastrointestinal problem. 

If a parent smells a sour odor in the baby’s mouth, in addition to being caused by bacteria decomposing food residues, it may also be caused by gastroesophageal reflux or indigestion. 

When the spleen and stomach are not good, the sour and odorous waste gas produced in the intestines may rise through the mouth along with the gastric qi, and then the sour odor of the mouth will appear. 

►There is a “rancid” smell on the body

Under normal circumstances, there will be no peculiar smell or even a rancid smell on the baby’s body. If the parent finds this condition on the baby’s body, it must be Be vigilant. 

If the baby is still young and the body is relatively obese, it is easy to produce this situation, and the body emits an unpleasant rancid smell. At this time, the baby’s thighs, neck, armpits, etc. are easily changed. Red, there may even be a tingling sensation. 

Therefore, if the parents find that the baby has these manifestations, it means that there is an abnormality in the baby’s health. 

►The excrement has a foul or sour smell

In fact, the baby’s metabolism is often faster. During the gastrointestinal peristalsis, there may be constant discharge of gas, resulting in farting. , But under normal circumstances, this exhaust gas is odorless, or only has a slight odor, which will not make people around you feel unbearable. 

However, if the fart tastes like rotten eggs, then parents need to pay attention. This is likely to be a sign of a baby’s spleen and stomach problems, because when the food cannot be digested by the body in time, the residues of those food accumulate in the intestines, and after fermentation It will produce sour gas, which is finally discharged through fart. 

In addition, many parents also judge their children’s health problems based on their baby’s poop. 

Because in most cases, the baby’s excrement is also an indicator of health, which can be seen from the color and smell. If your baby’s excreta smells bad or sour, it may be caused by indigestion. 

How to prevent the baby from “sickness from the mouth”? 

• Disinfection of tableware

Baby is relatively young and has weaker gastrointestinal function, so special attention should be paid to the disinfection of tableware. 

Before eating, parents should ensure the cleanliness of the baby’s tableware. It is best to prepare a sterilizer to avoid secondary contamination of the baby’s long-term use of tableware. Otherwise, it will be easy to have diarrhea if you are not careful. 

• Wash your hands before meals

Whether you are an adult or a child, you need to pay great attention to hand hygiene, because in most cases, the hands are most often in contact with the outside world, and they should naturally be cultivated before meals. It is a good habit to wash your hands, not to let unclean things get into your mouth, which will affect your baby’s healthy development. 

• The ingredients are fresh

The ingredients for the baby must be clean and fresh, such as cold and uncooked food, which must not be given to the baby. 

If the baby is still young, it is necessary to clean the fruit when eating. It is best to peel off the skin before giving it to the baby to prevent pesticide residues on the peel; and for foods with substandard sanitary conditions such as roadside stalls, do not Give it to your baby at will to avoid bad stomach or even affect your baby’s growth and development. Return to Sohu to see more

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