Three reactions suggest that the baby is overfeeding. If it is not stopped in time, it may cause brain damage

Three reactions suggest that the baby is overfeeding. If it is not stopped in time, it may cause brain damage.

According to research, overfeeding in infancy can increase the chance of obesity in childhood (5-6 years old). 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

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After the baby is born, it is usually held in the palm of the hand , But because the baby is still young, she can’t express her needs in words, she just cries loudly. Some novice mothers don’t understand the baby’s needs, so they may think they are hungry when the baby cries and choose to feed directly. , But this approach is likely to lead to overfeeding. 

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About overfeeding? 

Overfeeding means that the baby’s intake of nutrients and can far exceed his own normal growth needs and metabolism. 

Baby’s response to “overfeeding”

1, vomiting up milk

The baby’s gastrointestinal function is not yet mature. If the parent feeds too much at one time, It is prone to vomiting up and overflowing milk, but occasionally vomiting up in babies is normal. 

But if the frequency of occurrence is more frequent, it is likely to be due to indigestion caused by overfeeding, and the vomiting of milk caused by the parents needs to be improved in time, otherwise the baby will suffer. 

2. Abnormal stools

In fact, the baby’s physical condition can be known by observing the number and shape of the baby’s stools. If the baby’s stools are green and foamy, it is likely to be due to excessive At this time, parents need to be vigilant and improve the feeding situation in time when they are caused by feeding. 

3. Flatulence

Because the baby’s gastrointestinal function is still weak, parents overfeeding may cause gastrointestinal disorders, resulting in food accumulation, flatulence, flatulence, etc. , And cause discomfort and crying in the baby. 

If parents find that their baby has flatulence, they can choose to hug the baby, massage the abdomen, or listen to white noise to relieve it. 

The baby is ” The hazards of “overfeeding” feeding

1, indigestion

Because the various organs of the baby’s body are not yet mature and are in a relatively immature state, their functions are limited. 

If parents overfeed or add complementary foods too early, they may increase the burden on the digestive system and cause indigestion. 

2, easy to cause brain fatigue and premature aging

If you have to digest a lot of food, the digestive tract will expand for digestion, which will cause the limited oxygen and blood in the body to be concentrated into the digestive tract, causing the brain The cells are temporarily ischemic, so the more you eat, the more blood is needed in the stomach and intestines, and the blood supply to the brain will be relatively reduced, causing damage to the brain. 

Experts have found through research that overeating can lead to an increase in premature aging substances, affecting brain development, and even affecting intelligence. 

3. Increasing the chance of obesity in children

According to research, overfeeding in infancy will increase the chance of obesity in childhood (5-6 years old). 

4. Hidden dangers for health

The effect of overfeeding on the body may not be obvious in the early stage, but with age, the risk of other problems will increase, such as stroke and high Blood pressure etc. 

How to feed correctly baby? 

1. Observe the baby’s reaction during and after feeding

When the baby is sucking, if he hasn’t expressed breast milk for a long time, he will cry, and then he will suck hard again, but he still can’t suck. I would cry when I came out, but I was always reluctant to leave my mother’s breast milk, indicating that there is too little breast milk on this side of the breast. Mom can consider changing to the other side. In addition, if you do not make a swallowing sound when you suck, or if you take a lot of mouths and swallow only once, it is also It means that the amount of breast milk is too little, then you can consider adding an appropriate amount of milk powder. 

After the baby has finished breastfeeding, if there is an interval of more than 3 hours and crying before the next breastfeeding, it means that he has eaten enough, but if he refuses to leave his mother’s breasts for a long time, or After breathing hard for a while, I started crying again, which indicated that I was not full. 

2. Observe the growth of the baby’s height and weight

Under normal circumstances, the height of the baby from 0 to 3 months will increase by 4 cm and the weight will increase by about 1 kg; 3 to 6 months, on average Every month, the height increases by 2.5cm, and the weight is about 0.6kg. From 7 to 12 months, the average height increases by 1.5cm every month, and the weight increases by about 0.5kg. 

If the baby has a weight gain of less than 1 kg when checked at 42 days of birth, it may be due to insufficient breastfeeding or an incorrect feeding method, which needs to be adjusted under the advice of a doctor. 

After one year old, when the baby is full, he will choose not to eat. Parents should not force the baby to eat. 

3. Check the baby’s skin tone

You can check whether the baby’s skin tone is healthy and elastic. If it is normal, it means that the baby’s feeding is normal.  Advice from the person who came here: There are a few baby products needed Change in time, if you are reluctant to spend money, your baby will suffer

As the baby grows up day by day, parents must pay attention to some problems when taking care of the baby to avoid harm to the child. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

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Finalized: Su After the baby is born

After the baby is born, the parents will take care of it. However, some novice parents are in the process of exploring because they are inexperienced. Sometimes they will ignore some problems, causing the baby to be invisible. Suffered some damage. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant


As a novice mother, Linlin recuperated in the confinement center after giving birth. After returning home, she took care of the baby alone. 

Because of inexperience, it is really helpless to take care of the children. 

During this period, the baby suddenly had red buttocks and often cried, which made her feel at a loss, so she took the baby to the hospital. After checking, the doctor told her that it was caused by the diaper rash caused by not changing the diapers for a long time. It needs to be replaced regularly to ensure that the butt is dry. 

In fact, not only Linlin, but many novice mothers in life have gone through a lot of pitfalls on the road of parenting due to lack of experience, and suffered a lot. I hope I can give you some help on the knowledge about which things the child should change regularly. 

Advice from people who have passed by: The following baby products need to be replaced in time. If you are reluctant to spend money, your child needs to suffer along with it. 

1. Diapers

Infants can’t go to the toilet by themselves, nor can they speak. Therefore, they need to use diapers when they poop. 

Because of its good water absorption, some mothers may ignore it after changing it once. As everyone knows, this can easily cause damage to the baby’s delicate skin and cause diaper rash. 

In addition, due to the rapid growth of the baby, parents need to change the size of the diaper worn by the child in time, otherwise it will leak urine, and the blood circulation of the baby will be blocked, which will affect its growth and development. 

Therefore, when taking care of their babies, parents must pay attention to their weight and height changes, and change the diapers of the appropriate size in time. They also need to pay attention to timely replacement of new diapers. Generally, they should be changed every 4 hours. Need to be replaced immediately. 

2. Clothes

Because the baby grows fast, especially the baby within one year of age, it is very likely that the baby was wearing just the right clothes last month, and it will feel a little bit next month. short. 

Some parents feel that since the baby grows so fast anyway, in order to avoid wasting, they think about it all at once. This method will make the child feel uncomfortable and the growth and development will be restricted. 

Others simply think about buying large clothes, which may also allow children to wear them for a while, but they do not know that this will make the baby look sloppy and is not conducive to the establishment of aesthetics. 

3. Milk powder

Milk powder is also an indispensable thing for babies in the growth and development stage. Studies have shown that children’s milk powder can be drunk until 7 years old. 

However, it should be noted that parents should pay attention to the relative position when feeding milk powder to their baby. When buying milk powder, they must buy milk powder that meets the age of the child. 

This is because different age groups require different nutrients in the body, and different levels of milk powder contain different nutrients. If the parents buy the wrong one, it is likely to affect the growth and development of the baby. 

Therefore, when purchasing milk powder, parents must pay attention to buying milk powder that corresponds to the age of the baby. 

4. Milk bottle

It is also a necessary item for babies, but because the material and capacity are also different, parents need to buy safe materials when they buy it. And it’s best to keep a few more bottles with the same capacity, just in case you need them from time to time. 

In addition, when the baby is a little older, you need to buy a drinking cup, a straw cup, a drinking cup, etc. It is best to buy a suitable bottle and cup according to your age. 

Baby Care Center A few small details that need to be paid attention to

1. Swimming or bathing

If Mommy takes her children to a special baby pool to bathe or swim, then you need to check the safety and sanitation of the environment in advance. , It’s best to have one pool per person. The water temperature should be 37~38 degrees. If you don’t have a thermometer, you can choose to use your elbow to sense the temperature, whether it’s hot or cold. 

Nowadays, some baby swimming places will wear a collar for the baby, but in fact, this is not good for the baby’s aorta, so parents need to observe the baby more by the pool. 

The baby’s swimming time is best controlled within 15 minutes, and the bathing time is controlled at about 5 minutes. It is best not to breastfeed before bathing or swimming to prevent spitting up. 

2. Touching

Baby parents can touch their babies every day, which not only promotes the relationship between parents and children, but also allows them to have time and space for activities . 

In the process of touching, you can play some soothing music. The strength of the mother’s hands must be gentle, and the position of the halogen door must be avoided. The chest and abdomen are mainly in clockwise circular motions, and the limbs Just do some scaling. 

The best time to touch each time is 10-20 minutes, and it is better to choose when the baby is not hungry or full. 

3. Body cleanliness

Because there are many folds on the baby’s body, especially in the hot summer, if the cleaning is not in place, it is likely to cause redness and ulceration. 

Therefore, when cleaning Baoma, you must pay attention to the neck, elbows, behind the ears, the roots of the thighs, buttocks and other places that are easy to hide dirt and dirt. After cleaning, use a soft cotton cloth After drying, apply an appropriate amount of baby oil. 

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