Those women who are unwilling to do premarital examinations often come from the following mentality, not to hide their shame

Those women who are unwilling to do premarital examinations often come from the following mentality, not to hide their shame

The new “Marriage Law” has long abolished the mandatory premarital examination, but many people still choose pre-marital checking. 

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Pre-marital check is actually a routine and fertility check performed by both men and women before marriage, so that if abnormalities are found, they can be treated in time, and at the same time, if both parties are aware of the situation , Can also guarantee a happy marriage. As for whether the premarital examination is necessary, everyone’s opinion is different. 

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Case< /p>

Xiaowen and her boyfriend Xiao Liang have been childhood sweethearts, but they almost broke up because of a marriage check. 

The two are preparing to receive the certificate for National Day. Xiao Liang wants to do a pre-marriage check before getting the certificate, but Xiaowen feels that his boyfriend does not trust him and feels aggrieved, and refuses to accept the marriage check. 

This made Xiao Liang very angry. After a stalemate for more than a week, Xiaowen asked directly: “I want a premarital examination or me?”

This makes Xiao Liang also very angry, because I have seen “a couple before the marriage check before obtaining a certificate, and the woman is pregnant. In the similar news of “Yue, the man became the pick-up man”, he directly asked Xiaowen: “Are you hiding something from me, or want to hide your shame?”

After the mediation of the two friends, Xiaowen confided his own Psychologically, Xiao Liang also apologized for his wrong behavior. In the end, the two went to a premarital examination, which showed that there was no major problem for both parties, and they were ready to receive the certificate happily on the National Day. 

Why women do not want premarital examinations< /p>

There are very few incidents like online news, and more girls don’t actually have so many secrets. It’s just that the two parties who are unwilling to get married will be jealous of each other, leading to deepening conflicts, serious or even emotional breakdown. In fact, girls’ reluctance to get married is usually due to the following four kinds of psychology, not for shame:

1, hate Suspected, I feel untrusted

Many people know that “marital examination” can check whether a woman has a history of pregnancy, and many people use this as a basis for understanding women’s past. In this way, women will feel that they are the object of suspicion, that the other person does not trust them, hurts their self-esteem, and also loses the trust between the lovers, so they will naturally be more repulsive. 

2, do not want to be private The part is touched

Because the marriage checkup will examine the reproductive function and organs of both men and women, so in the impression of many people, the doctor’s examination is bound to touch their privacy, and most women are familiar with these things. I’m more concerned and shy, so I naturally don’t want to check. 

3. There is a misunderstanding.

Many people think that a premarital examination is the same as a physical examination. It is enough to check your health. There is nothing wrong with your own physical examination, and naturally you don’t need a premarital examination. But in fact, the physical examination is to check the health level of one’s own body, and the premarital examination has certain pertinence. 

Because it is an inspection for men and women who are about to become husbands and wives, mainly for marriage and childbirth, reproductive system inspections, including some infectious diseases, reproductive problems, etc. 

4. Don’t want to waste money< /p>

Because premarital examinations are no longer mandatory since 2004, but are free to choose. In addition, many people have misunderstandings that they confuse premarital examinations with physical examinations, and they will feel that there is no need to spend more money, so they do not want to have a premarital examination. 

The meaning of marriage check

In fact, the premarital examination is very necessary. It can not only detect the physical health of both parties, but also the key to whether the two can support each other until they are old. 

1. It can detect the health of both parties.

In addition to the physical health of both parties, the premarital examination can also detect the status of fertility. We all know that in Chinese traditional thinking, “marriage and have children” is a whole, and one of the purposes of marriage is to have children. This cannot be denied. 

The pre-marital examination can not only check the fertility of both parties, but also find out whether there are genetic problems, which undoubtedly will vaccinate the baby’s health in advance and avoid many unnecessary troubles and risks. 

2, check the sincerity of both parties

Many couples who are about to enter marriage have lost the premarital examination, which shows that the premarital examination is the first cornerstone of the marriage test. 

Because of different body structures, many women are prone to gynecological problems. Some men think that this is caused by improper private life, and the two may easily cause conflicts. 

The same goes for others. If you don’t care about your spouse’s illness and don’t want to get married, it will be difficult for such people to share adversity in the future. Therefore, the premarital examination can also see each other’s sincerity. 

3. Consolidate feelings


Some invisible genetic diseases are unavoidable. If both parties can support each other during the premarital examination, then the relationship between the two parties will definitely be consolidated at this stage, and the marriage life will be smoother in the future. At the same time, once some abnormalities are found in the premarital examination, they can also be treated. 

It can be seen that the scary thing is not the premarital examination, but the object of the premarital examination is not the right person. 

Today’s topic: Will you accept a premarital examination? Beware of three behaviors after pregnancy. Affect the quality of pregnant mother’s amniotic fluid, and timely correct it to make the fetus healthier

Generally speaking, the fetal heart rate is 120~160 per minute, and the fetal movement is 3~5 times per hour. 

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Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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As we all know, the fetus is around the body when in the mother’s belly It is wrapped in amniotic fluid. Amniotic fluid can provide fetal babies with nutrients needed for growth and protect them from external shocks. Therefore, the quality of amniotic fluid is closely related to the growth and safety of the fetus. The higher the quality, the better the baby’s development. The better. 

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The performance of the pregnant mother’s body indicates that the quality of amniotic fluid in the body is good.

There are two main criteria for judging the quality of amniotic fluid. In addition to the amount of water, there are also the clarity of the water quality. The amount of water is related, and the specific content can only be measured during the maternity examination. The amniotic fluid is not clear, which can be judged by the physical performance of the pregnant mother. If there are these manifestations during pregnancy, it means that the quality of amniotic fluid is good and the pregnant mother can relax Heart:

1. The overall complexion is good

A person’s facial complexion can usually tell the health of her body. If the face is rosy and shiny, the lips are also very healthy and tender. Red, it proves that the body’s detoxification is good, there is no accumulation of garbage toxins in the body, so the amniotic fluid is also clean and clear. 

If the pregnant mother’s overall complexion looks bad, her face is sallow and bloodless, her eyes are cloudy, and her lips are white, it will give people a feeling of poor mental state and sickness, indicating that her body has accumulated toxins and metabolizes. Poor function, the quality of amniotic fluid will not be too good, you need to pay attention to diet, proper exercise, promote metabolism, help the body excrete toxins, and gradually improve the quality of amniotic fluid. 

2. Abdominal circumference grows normally

Pregnant mother’s belly will become larger and larger as the pregnancy increases, and the uterine height and abdominal circumference will gradually increase. Under normal circumstances, the weekly growth rate of abdominal circumference is At about 0.85 cm, the speed is significantly increased at 20-24 weeks, and the increase is about 1.5 cm per week. The speed at 24-34 weeks of pregnancy slows down to only 0.26 cm per week. It is normal within this range. 

If the abdominal circumference growth rate is lower than the average, it means that the fetus is too small and the amniotic fluid is too low. The baby may be deformed or hypoxic. If the abdominal circumference grows too fast, it may be amniotic fluid Too much, the fetus is too large, causing inconvenience to the pregnant mother’s movement, and the difficulty of breathing greatly increases. 

3. Fetal heart rate and fetal movement law

If the quality of amniotic fluid is good, it means that the growth and development of the fetus is normal, then the fetal heart rate and fetal movement are usually regular and normal. Generally speaking, the frequency of fetal heart rate is 120~160 Every minute, the fetus moves 3 to 5 times per hour, and there is no obvious fluctuation in frequency and rhythm. 

If there is a problem with the quality of amniotic fluid, the fetus may suffer from hypoxia, distress and other dangerous situations. The frequency of fetal heartbeat and the number of fetal movements may change. Once the fetal heart rate is too fast or too slow, Frequent movements of the fetus or sudden stop, pregnant mothers should be more vigilant. 

These behaviors during pregnancy , May lead to poor quality of amniotic fluid

1. Excessive intake of sugar or salt

Research shows that excessive intake of sugar or salt during pregnancy may cause the quality of amniotic fluid Changes have occurred. Excessive intake of sugar will increase the amount of amniotic fluid, while excessive salt will cause poor quality of amniotic fluid, increase the burden on the kidneys, and affect the growth environment of the fetus. 

2. Large mood swings

Pregnant mothers are emotionally unstable, which will also have a certain impact on the quality of amniotic fluid. Too much mood swings will reduce the amniotic fluid volume and quality, which is not good for establishing a safe fetal growth environment. 

3. Too much work

Some pregnant mothers can’t stop after pregnancy. They often do housework and heavy work to keep the body in a state of fatigue, which will also reduce amniotic fluid. The quality may also slow down the development of the fetus, causing premature delivery or suffocation. 

The quality of amniotic fluid is closely related to the pregnant mother’s lifestyle and behavioral habits during pregnancy. Some bad habits will indeed make the quality of amniotic fluid worse, thereby affecting the normal growth and development of the fetus, but some behaviors can help pregnant mothers improve the quality of amniotic fluid. 

these Small methods can help pregnant mothers improve the quality of amniotic fluid.

1. Drink plenty of fluids

Some pregnant mothers deliberately drink less water because of physical inconvenience and avoid frequent urination, but in fact, water can dilute the amniotic fluid Concentration of toxins and increase the content of amniotic fluid to help toxins excrete from the body. Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy can promote the improvement of amniotic fluid quality and is very safe. 

2. Pay attention to diet

I said earlier that improper dietary intake will reduce the quality of amniotic fluid. If you overeating frequently and eating a lot of high-sugar and high-salt foods, it is likely to cause poor quality of amniotic fluid, so pregnant mothers During pregnancy, you should pay attention to a reasonable diet, eat more foods with high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, and try to be as light as possible. 

3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Life is healthy and regular. Pregnant mothers’ body and fetal growth and development are beneficial. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest during pregnancy, go to bed early and get up early. Exercise, always maintain regular work and rest habits and healthy eating habits, can keep the amniotic fluid in a clear and clean state, and the fetus can grow better. 

In order to provide a healthy, safe and comfortable growth environment for the fetus, pregnant mothers need to keep the above points in mind to avoid their own bad habits that affect the quality of amniotic fluid and cause certain damage to the growth and development of the fetus. 

[Ask today] Do you know whether the quality of your amniotic fluid during pregnancy is good or bad? 

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