This new type of contraceptive is more comfortable and convenient than condoms. Why is it not popular?

This new type of contraceptive is more comfortable and convenient than condoms. Why is it not popular? 

A variety of contraceptive methods emerge in endlessly on the market, but the most popular choice is condoms. Condoms are cheap and can be bought everywhere and are convenient to use anytime, anywhere. 

But in fact, these unknown novel contraceptives are also worthy of consideration. They not only have a good contraceptive effect, but also do not lose condoms, but also in terms of price, cost performance, and the degree of use. In terms of comfort, it is much higher than condoms. 

Ms. Wu and her husband in Tai’an have been married for 5 years. In the past 5 years, Ms. Wu and her husband have used condoms except for the stage of pregnancy. 

After a long time, my husband naturally became dissatisfied with the comfort of condoms. If she wanted to change a contraceptive method, Ms. Wu had to go online to check, but she didn’t expect it to be more comfortable than condoms. A good, cost-effective new method of contraception. 

and condoms In comparison, what are the new types of contraceptives that are more comfortable and convenient? 

Chemical contraceptives

Nowadays, there are some chemical contraceptives, as long as they are placed in a woman’s vagina or a special place on the male body, they can eliminate sperm activity and help contraception. 

These chemical agents, by placing them in places where people exchange with the outside world, have a bactericidal effect on male sperm during intercourse between men and women. Inactive sperm enter the human body. Naturally, I can’t get pregnant. 

This kind of female contraceptive or male contraceptive not only has a good contraceptive effect, but also can increase the experience very well, which is much more comfortable than condoms. 

And the price of this female contraceptive or male contraceptive is relatively low. Compared with contraceptives, both are more cost-effective. 

Internal contraceptives

In addition to chemical contraceptives, internal contraceptives are common several times. The internal contraceptives adjust the body’s hormones to achieve the contraceptive effect, but the internal contraceptives have a period of time. The side effect of time, after stopping taking, this side effect will be eliminated. 

Currently, the use of contraceptives in the body is not widely used, and it is not well known. It is basically only known to the professional salespersons of pharmacies, or the general public with relatively rich scientific knowledge. 

There are not many people who know, so many people are still buying condoms, but the contraceptive effect of this kind of internal contraceptives is indeed better than condoms. 

Not only that, but the experience perception is also much higher than condoms. This new type of contraception is now being known. 

In the future, couples or couples who have long-term contraceptive needs will most likely choose internal contraceptives. The strong opponent of condoms in the future may be internal contraceptives. In the market, internal contraceptives have become contraceptives. Set of competitors. 

Since there are so many new contraceptive methods, how to choose contraceptive methods? How to choose the most suitable method of contraception? 

What is the contraceptive method selected? 

Don’t choose a birth control ring

Among the common contraceptive methods, the contraceptive effect is the worst and the most subsequent side effects are the birth control ring. The birth control ring is very unfriendly to the female uterus. . 

The birth control ring is easy to deform in the female body, which reduces the contraceptive effect. After the birth control ring is deformed, it will cause gynecological discomfort and cause female body pain. 

So shenhuan is the least worthy of contraceptive method. It not only harms the female body, but also easily causes many harms. 

Condoms also have side effects.

Many people think that condoms are simple and easy to operate and have no side effects, but in fact, the side effects of condoms are not widely publicized by merchants, and they are hidden by merchants. Many people don’t know it. 

There are some special ingredients in condoms, which are liquids contained in condoms. These liquids are not friendly to women’s vaginas. 

Long-term use can irritate the vagina, causing vaginal discomfort in women, and prone to vaginal inflammation. Especially condoms produced by bad manufacturers not only have limited contraceptive effects, but also have poor quality ingredients. 

The disadvantages of condoms are the same as new contraceptives. They are not well known. Few people know about them. However, if you read this article, you already know the disadvantages of condoms, and you will choose contraception. Set? 

However, if you don’t know the health of the other party, and you are not sure whether the other party has related transmission diseases, it is best to choose a condom. 

If you have a long-term relationship with a well-known couple, this kind of harm to the body is not recommended for a long-term choice. Short-term use is not a big problem. 

Reliable and affordable new contraceptive methods

These new contraceptive methods, internal contraceptives and external contraceptives are more popular. 

Place contraceptives in women’s vaginas or take some chemical drugs that can achieve contraceptive effects by women. There are not many side effects on the body. Very few people know about them, and the cost performance is high. It is comparable to condoms. It is more advantageous than price. 

When choosing a contraceptive method, you must choose the contraceptive method that is the best and safest for your body, has a high degree of reliability, and has low side effects. The second is the pursuit of comfort. Try to choose the comfort and high-experience method. Methods of contraception. In the future, new contraceptive methods will be chosen by more and more people. 

Will you choose to use these new contraceptive methods? Have you tried different methods of contraception? These mothers cannot cultivate “masculine” sons, but instead make their children more and more “cowardly”

In recent years, society has been emphasizing the cultivation of boys’ “masculinity”. Although it has attracted considerable controversy, it still reveals a serious phenomenon aside from possible gender discrimination factors, that is, boys are indeed becoming less and less masculine. Masculinity is not a derogatory term. We often say that “boys must be responsible”. In fact, we require boys to be masculine. The two are similar. 

Why do boys now generally lack masculinity? The most probable reasons are two reasons. One is widowed parenting, which causes fathers to be absent in the process of parenting; the other is mother’s wrong guidance. Some mothers cultivated sons, it is very difficult to be masculine, and even grow into “Mambo male”. 

This is the case with a relative in his hometown. His mother is very capable, and she is in charge of everything outside the family, and his father seems to be an outsider. In parenting, almost all decisions are made by the mother. When parents disagree, the father must ultimately compromise. With such a strong mother, the character of the child can be imagined, so he has been very cowardly since he was a child, has a severe lack of opinion, and is often bullied in school. Later, when I grew up, my job and mate selection were also greatly affected. Now I haven’t gotten married in my 30s. After talking about a few, I quickly divided up. When I asked, the reason was that the other party could not accept his “Ma Baonan” character. 

From this example, it can be seen that the boy’s lack of masculinity is largely related to the cultivation of his mother. Like a relative, a very strong mother is naturally easy to become a momboy. Of course, momboy is not masculine. Not only is he not masculine, but is full of femininity. This kind of personality is even more popular in the mate selection market. Greatly excluded. 

these types It’s difficult for mothers to cultivate son’s masculinity.

A mother with a strong personality cannot cultivate a son with masculinity. The reason is simple. Masculinity corresponds to a courageous, assertive, and strong-character mother. I am also used to be the master of my son, and always let his son take shelter under her protection. It is strange that a boy who grows up in this environment can have courage and assertiveness. 

In addition, mothers who always like to say that their husbands are not in front of their sons also find it difficult to cultivate a masculine son. Because the father is the most important imitation object of the son, a father who is always scorned by his wife can be imagined for his cowardice, and this kind of cowardly character will naturally be imitated by his son and transplanted to him. Not only that, the mother’s depreciation of her father will also subtly affect her son’s views on the pros and cons of sex, and even discriminate against her own gender. Once such views arise, it is of course harder to be masculine. 

There is also a kind of mother who can’t cultivate the masculinity of her son. That is, she is usually too strict with her son, sets too high expectations for his son, or likes to restrict his son’s social life. Although there is a saying that “a loving mother defeats a child”, if it goes to the other extreme, that is, being too strict with the child, it is not conducive to the growth of the child. Such a child lives in the shadow of his mother for a long time, and it is easy to develop a cowardly character. If he happens to be a boy, of course he is not masculine. Human personality is formed in childhood, masculinity has to be cultivated since childhood, and mother is an important role in determining whether a boy can develop masculinity. 

Mother does this , The son can show masculinity

The first thing to do is to let the child release rather than suppress it when he has negative emotions. Otherwise, the child will develop an overbearing character, which is related to masculinity. Obviously contradictory. 

The second thing to do is to pay attention to maintaining the image of the father of the child, especially to avoid blaming the father in front of the child. No matter what the image of the father in reality is, for the child, he is still a hero and a positive role. Only by doing his best to maintain this positive image can he give the child the correct guidance and develop his masculinity. 

The third thing to do is to teach children to respect women. Because masculinity, as a commendatory term, must be based on respect for women. If it can’t be done, it’s not masculinity, but vulgarity. Not only that, when boys learn to respect women, they will naturally put women in an equal position to communicate with each other, instead of just forbearing women as the world requires. This also helps to show masculinity. Conducive to the development of a more harmonious and healthier relationship between the sexes. 

In most families, the responsibility of parenting is mainly borne by the mother, and the child’s character development and psychological development are naturally closely related to the mother’s discipline. Only by insisting on scientific parenting can children grow up healthily and steadily. Otherwise, they will go astray. Boys lack masculinity and girls will lack feminine beauty. Such children will also become extremely difficult to integrate into society as an adult.

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