This kind of extremely expensive “fake cod” really can’t be given to children! Many mothers are still being deceived

This kind of extremely expensive “fake cod” really can’t be given to children! Many mothers are still being deceived

This kind of extremely expensive “fake cod” really cannot be given to children! Many mothers are still being cheated

Text | Fortunately pregnant sister (senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

Today’s parents are very willing to add more high-quality nutrition for the health of their children. They would rather save some by themselves , But also to choose the best for the child, unfortunately, often deceived by unscrupulous merchants. 

Not long ago, mothers on major social platforms recommended a new kind of deep-sea fish that can provide more nutrition for their children, that is cod. 

Its name sounds more noble than cod, because DHA, minerals and other nutrients are higher than cod, among which DHA content is 4 times that of ordinary cod, and the taste is more tender, which is very popular with children. 

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Of course, its price is also more expensive, 100 grams of cod may only cost eight or nine yuan, but the price of 100 grams of cod is 40 or 50 yuan, you can say More than 5 times more expensive. 

Is it really worth it? 

When parents spend more money to buy back more nutrients, they may also buy back more toxins. 

Many deep-sea fish have excessive heavy metals, and codfish is no exception

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has released inspection data for many types of codfish The results showed that the mercury content of cod was 0.354 mg/kg. 

Moreover, the mercury content of codfish living in Antarctica is almost zero. If it is codfish that grows in the waters close to the continents, the mercury content is higher. 

For example, Hong Kong reports In the past, the cod imported from the Falkland Islands had excessive mercury levels. 

According to the baby’s weight, if you eat 100 grams of cod a day, it may cause too much mercury in the blood. 

The baby’s kidneys, brain and other organs may be adversely affected. 

Therefore, when parents choose deep-sea fish for their children, they should be conservative. It is best to choose fish recognized by experts, suitable for children’s consumption, and less harmful. 

Deep sea fish suitable for children:

Herring, trout, salmon, cod. 

Deep-sea fish with too much heavy metal content and not suitable for children:

Grouper, shark, sailfish, swordfish, squarehead fish. 

There are also oily fish that parents need to pay attention to. It looks similar to cod, but contains too much oil, which can easily cause diarrhea and nausea in children. 

Ma Yili was deceived when he took his children out to eat. If parents take their children out to play, it’s best to be careful with some cod. 

What should children pay attention to when eating deep-sea fish? 

✔ Cooking method

Fatty acids in deep-sea fish are easily destroyed. Eating raw is the best way to retain nutrients, but children can’t eat raw, which may not only cause diarrhea, It may also be infected with parasites. 

Parents can steam the fish For children to eat, the steamed soup can also be used for bibimbap; you can also use a non-stick pan to fry the fish. 

✔ How much does the child eat every day? 

Although the deep-sea fish is good, children can’t eat more. One or two servings a week are fine. For babies of different ages, the amount of each is different:

2~ 3-year-old children, take about 30 grams per serving;

4~7-year-old children, eat about 60 grams per serving;

8~10-year-old children, eat per serving About 90 grams;

Children over 11 years old, take about 120 grams per serving. 

✔ Eat only fish meat

The content of heavy metals in fish meat is lower than fish skin, fish innards and fish heads. Parents can only eat fish meat for their children. 

✔ Reduce the number of times of thawing

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Some parents think that frozen fish is not as good as fresh, but it is not. When processing deep-sea fish, keeping them in a frozen environment will make the fish more hygienic and healthy, and the core nutrients will not disappear. . 

Parents need to pay attention to that when the fish is bought back, it needs to be divided. If the same piece of meat is thawed too many times, it will lose nutrition. 

For which Internet celebrity children’s nutrition products have parents paid the “IQ tax”? 

Australian powder salt

This salt has a very high appearance and is touted by businesses. It has high nutritional value and is very healthy, so many parents will buy it for Children as seasoning. 

In fact, its nutritional value is not only low, but heavy metals such as lead and aluminum also exceed the standard, which seriously endangers the health of adults and children. 

Child health food

Parents can’t see other mothers recommending health products on the Internet, so they immediately buy them for their children. These health foods may not only be expensive, but also useless at all. 

Furthermore, the child lacks certain nutritional elements, so you can’t just judge by yourself, but also need the help of a doctor, and it’s better to arrange a reasonable diet for your baby than to buy health food. 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

I hope that parents can calm down when encountering topics related to children’s development and nutrition, so as not to be deceived. 


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Understand the children’s psychological defense mechanism, easily grasp the baby’s abnormal behavior, and don’t let the child go astray

The psychological defense mechanism refers to the individual facing conflict , When there is a problem, in order to relieve one’s inner anxiety and relieve troubles, some situations are made to restore psychological stability and balance. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

Parents should not think that children are still young, just want them Listen to their own thoughts and opinions completely, and sometimes some neglected behaviors may cause them to be defensive in their hearts and make some unreasonable behaviors. 

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On this day, the homework was obviously delayed, and it was not until the evening that I opened the textbook at the desk and prepared to write the homework. But as soon as I opened it, I found that there were creases on it. Believing that it was my brother, I started the grumbling mode, trying to smooth the crease with his hands over and over again, and it took 15 minutes. 

During this period not only complained, but repeated such actions. Dad hoped that he could handle his emotions well and endured it until he couldn’t bear it. He put away his books, pens, etc., and said, “No need to write. It’s.”

Obviously, it seems that the depressed emotions have a way to vent, and they start to yell: “Obviously, my younger brother broke my textbook. Why don’t you blame him and always talk about me.”< /p>

If Just looking at Dabao Mingming’s behavior, you will feel that he was very wronged because his younger brother broke the textbook, which made him unable to do his homework. 

Actually, this is not the case. He just avoids homework by deliberately finding faults, and blames his younger brother for his inability to do homework, so as to alleviate his inner “guilt”. This is one This is a typical psychological defense mechanism. 

About children Psychological defense mechanism

The psychological defense mechanism refers to a situation that individuals make to restore mental stability and balance in order to relieve their inner anxiety and relieve their worries when facing conflicts and problems. 

This defense mechanism will adopt a negative and evasive way to avoid and alleviate one’s feelings in pain, and adults will also use this mechanism. 

Children’s psychological defense mechanisms are mainly as follows:

1, negation

This kind of negation is a simple and primitive defense mechanism, and the main method is to “negate” the trauma The thoughts and feelings of unpleasant things, avoiding or “negating” them, as if they did not happen, in order to obtain temporary comfort in their own psychology. 

As children get older, they will gradually disguise themselves and do not want to show their thoughts. For example, Xiao Xiao is 9 years old this year. Before his mother gave birth to a younger brother, she liked to act like a baby with her parents or ask her father to pick her up. 

After the younger brother was born, he was very indifferent to his parents. When he saw his mother holding the second treasure, he was very upset. When the mother found out, he would also be rejected if he offered to hold her. 

Actually, this is not because Xiao Xiao does not long for the embrace of her parents. It is just that she feels that she has less attention now, so she chooses to pretend to be strong in front of her parents, especially when she feels lonely and encounters difficulties. 

2, projection

This defense mechanism refers to individuals who unconsciously attach their own faults or disapproval notions to others, so as to alleviate their inner anxiety. 

In the case, clearly avoiding homework is to use the projection defense mechanism. In fact, we adults will often use this defense mechanism. If we encounter something undesirable at work, we will return home. If the child is disobedient, or running around in the room, he will be very angry at this time, and even lose his temper at the child, projecting unpleasant emotions at work on the child; but if it is the appreciation or sentiment of the boss With the bonus, no matter what happens, the child will not be angry or annoyed. 

3. Retreat

This kind of defense mechanism means that when people face setbacks or incidents they don’t want to face, they abandon the more mature methods or techniques they have already mastered, and implement them. A way of behavior to the initial state, through a naive way to reduce one’s bad emotions. 

The degenerative defense mechanism usually occurs in second-child families. Mengmeng is 5 years old, and she has a strong natural ability to eat, dress, go to the bathroom, etc., but since the birth of her brother, she seems to be unable to do anything. Ask mother to help you when you wear clothes. 

Mengmeng’s wrinkling behavior is a typical retirement defense mechanism. She wants to get more care from her parents in this way, because after her younger brother was born, she found that her younger brother can do nothing. After doing it, she can get care and love without being criticized, so she wants to be like her younger brother, so she has a regressive behavior. 

How parents can help Does the child improve the unreasonable psychological defense mechanism? 

1. Understand and accompany children

This defense mechanism will appear in everyone’s psychology. Therefore, parents should learn to understand children and allow them to escape temporarily, especially some young children, parents Finally accompany them to do things they don’t want and dare not. 

2. Teach the child to reflect.

If the child reaches the age of eight or nine, parents can educate the child to learn to reflect. For example, the behavior of avoiding homework in the case can be done after his emotions are exhausted. Understand the cause and effect, and guide him to face it bravely and correct it. 

The defense mechanism of the mind is a way of avoidance. It teaches children to reflect and helps them to know and understand themselves, so that when they encounter difficulties, they can learn not to escape, make excuses, but look for them. Methods, so that they can continue to grow, and for our parents, it is also a way to improve their own practice. Return to Sohu to see more

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