They all say that it hurts during childbirth. Where is the pain? 3 pictures let you see clearly the “pain” of normal delivery

They all say that it hurts during childbirth. Where is the pain? The three pictures allow you to see the “pain” of having a childbirth.

The pain of childbirth is far more than the average person can bear. There is a saying that the pain is divided into twelve levels. 

Then the pain of childbirth is exactly level twelve, and the pain of being cut off the finger is only level ten. Comparing the two, you can intuitively feel the pain of giving birth to a woman. 

The actor Chen Jianbin once experienced the “pain of childbirth” in a show. I wonder if he knew the pain level of childbirth in advance, which caused him to be a little nervous when he played. 

At the beginning of the experiment, the pain level was only adjusted to one level, which was equivalent to the pain of a mosquito bite. Chen Jianbin cried out the pain and began to struggle. 

This obviously has an element of performance. After all, it is an actor, so it is not surprising that the drama is so sophisticated. But then, Chen Jianbin’s performance cannot be completely described by performance. 

When the pain level increased to level three, Chen Jianbin said that he couldn’t stand it and said he wanted to stop, but Jiang Qinqin on the side winked with the doctor, suggesting that he would continue to increase the level of pain. 

From the facial expression, Chen Jianbin is very painful, and the third-degree pain is equivalent to a person’s skin being scratched by a knife. It is understandable that Chen Jianbin cannot bear it. 

When the pain level was adjusted to level 4, Jiang Qinqin wanted the doctor to continue the experiment, but Chen Jianbin had completely ignored the effects of the program and refused to continue. 

Ever since, the original intention of this experiment was to experience the pain of mothers giving birth to children, and only a small half was carried out. As a strong adult, Chen Jianbin only experienced level 4 pain and surrendered. 

An ordinary adult male can only endure level 4 pain when he is willing to do so, but the pain of childbirth is level 12. This shows how difficult it is for women to have children. 

It needs to be explained that the pain of childbirth here refers to the pain of the child born in succession. If it is a cesarean section, under the effect of anesthetic, the level of pain felt by the parturient is lower than 12, but it is also Still more painful than ordinary injuries. 

Produce children along the way Why is it so painful? The three pictures tell you the reason

1. The pain caused by contractions

The fetus develops in the uterus. When it matures, it needs to descend to the cervix and then be delivered through the birth canal. 

Descent to the cervix depends on the force of the uterus’s spontaneous contraction, and every contraction of the uterus will bring severe pain to the expectant mother, which is the so-called “prenatal labor pain.” 

This stage of the prenatal period is also called “opening the uterine mouth”. The width of the cervix will also dilate from the first one centimeter to ten centimeters after the mother is severely painful again and again. , Commonly known as “open ten fingers”. 

2. The fetus causes pain through the birth canal.

There are many prenatal labor pains, the grade is high, but it has not reached the 12th grade. The true grade 12 birth pain is caused when the fetus passes through the birth canal. 

The diameter of the human newborn’s head relative to the mother’s birth canal is too large, causing the birth canal to expand to the limit when the fetus passes through the birth canal, and even lacerations. 

The pain brought to the parturient during this process is the legendary “twelve-level pain”. Many parturients gritted their teeth and passed it through, and some even fainted with the pain. 

3. The pain of placental delivery

The third most painful pain when a child is born is the pain caused by the placental delivery. 

However, many parturients have too much pain due to childbirth. They are either unconscious or numb, and the pain is not too strong. 

But there is an exception, that is, when the placenta cannot be delivered normally and the doctor needs to manually peel it, the pain level at this time is higher than the prenatal prenatal pass through the opening of the uterine mouth, and it has experienced devastation. It’s really hard to say whether the mother of puerpera can survive. 

Each of the three major pains of giving birth is comparable to severed hands and feet, but mothers need to experience them one by one in just a few hours. 

So, giving birth is a big nightmare for women, and the pain it brings to women is beyond men’s imagination and will never be able to experience. 

Don’t want to have a baby Too painful? Two methods can help you

1. Caesarean section

Compared with normal delivery, the pain level of Caesarean section is much lower, which is equivalent to an ordinary operation. 

However, due to the lack of the process of passing through the birth canal, the fetal immunity produced by caesarean section is weaker than that of normal babies, and caesarean section may also face serious postpartum recovery problems. 

So whether to accept these two consequences or to bear the pain of childbirth of grade 12 depends on the mother’s choice. 

2. Painless childbirth

Compared to cesarean section, painless childbirth is more recommended. Its principle is to apply an appropriate amount of pain medicine to the parturient before each kind of labor pain occurs, so as to eliminate the pain caused by labor to the greatest extent. 

Painless childbirth is very demanding for the doctor, who needs to accurately control the dosage of the medicine. If it is too much, it will be harmful to the mother and the fetus. If it is not, it will not be effective. 

Whether it is a normal delivery, a cesarean section, or a painless delivery, giving birth is a big test for the mother. 

Compared with the three, painless delivery is the best choice at the moment, so women who are afraid of pain but do not want to have a C-section can choose this way. The parents’ meeting originally wanted to “get out”, but unexpectedly, they “made a fool of themselves”. The children felt extraordinarily blushing

For many parents, going to their children’s school to hold a parent’s meeting was considered a grand event. Because I have to meet with teachers and other parents in the same class, my performance is related to the face of the child. If I perform well, I can give my child a face. If I am too shabby, I will be ashamed of the child. Therefore, before going to the parent meeting, parents will take care of their own image in advance to make their appearance look more energetic, so that they can leave a good impression on everyone. But if you dress yourself up too grandiosely just to fight for face for your children, not only will it not have a good effect, but it will also make you and your children embarrassed. 

Ms. Wu, who lives in Yaojialing, Wuchang District, Wuhan, spent thousands of dollars in advance to dress herself up in order to hold a parent meeting for her daughter who was in elementary school. The result was not only rejected by her daughter, but also laughed at by her daughter’s classmates. Ms. Wu’s daughter is in the fifth grade of a key private elementary school. Her daughter always said that the mother of a classmate in the class is very young and beautiful, and the mother of a classmate wears different clothes every time she comes to school. Ms. Wu usually doesn’t pay much attention to appearance, so her daughter often prevents Ms. Wu from coming to school to pick herself up from school. 

After the mid-term exam, the school will hold a parent meeting. Ms. Wu decided to spend money to change her image in order to win face for her children. She went to the mall to buy a set of more than 1,000 designer clothes, went to have a fashionable haircut, and went to a beauty salon for beauty treatment. The next day wearing new clothes and high heels, wearing a new hairstyle and makeup, the whole person does not look like going to a parent meeting, but like going to a blind date meeting. 

After arriving at school, she really attracted the attention of all parents as soon as she showed up. He thought that his performance could finally give her daughter a long face, but after returning home, she was scorned by her daughter. The daughter said that Ms. Wu’s appearance today was too embarrassing. The classmates laughed and said that she was like a singer. The daughter also said that she would never allow her mother to hold parent meetings for herself. Ms. Wu was very helpless. She tried so hard to show her, but she knew that the result was counterproductive. 

Ms. Wu’s desire to fight for face for her daughter is understandable. After all, parents don’t want to shame their children, but the practice is a little too hard. So as a parent, how should you behave in an occasion where you want to hold a parent meeting for your child? What can be done to make a good impression on teachers and others? 

for children What are the precautions for parents

First of all, they want to make a good impression on everyone at the parent meeting. The external image and clothing are more important. After all, appearance determines the first impression. However, this does not mean that you have to dress too much, nor does it mean that you must wear famous brands. The most appropriate way is to dress appropriately and neatly. In terms of clothes, you should wear elegant and simple formal or casual clothes. Don’t wear fancy outfits that are too fashionable, and don’t wear revealing sexy clothes. There is no need to pursue famous brands, because the comparison between parents will also affect children’s values. 

Even if you don’t have formal clothes, you must at least be clean and tidy, and don’t be sloppy or sloppy, because if your parents are too sloppy, it will make people feel too casual, and this will make the child feel bad in the teacher’s mind. In addition, do not wear clothing that is too obvious for your professional nature, such as police uniforms, white coats, etc., so as not to appear incompatible with other people. If a mother goes to a parent meeting, remember not to put on heavy makeup, it will give people a frivolous and weird impression. You can lighten your makeup appropriately, just be generous and elegant. 

And the most important point is that you must first be punctual when holding a parent meeting, and you must not be late. It is the most basic etiquette to adjust the phone to vibrate mode before the meeting starts. Secondly, don’t answer the phone during the meeting, don’t walk back and forth frequently, don’t leave the room early. If you have your own thoughts and opinions, don’t interrupt the teacher at will. You can talk to the teacher alone after the meeting. Some parents still have a kind of comparison psychology. They think that their children are excellent, and they always ask other parents about their children’s grades and rankings. This will embarrass those parents whose children’s grades are not good, so don’t compare with their children. It is also a respect for others. . 

In parent conferences, most of the content of the teacher’s speech is more common, and each student is rarely evaluated individually. Therefore, when you want to know the child’s situation, you have to wait until the end of the meeting to find the teacher separately ask. Only in this way can we have a more detailed understanding of the child’s situation in school and better cooperate with the teacher. 

If you have dissatisfaction and opinions with the teacher and the school, do not publicly criticize it in front of all parents. This will make the teacher feel unable to step down, and it will also affect the teacher’s perspective on the child. When giving opinions, pay attention to the language not to be too negative or extreme. Only by adopting a positive and positive communication attitude can communication be more effective and children’s problems can be better solved. 

In short, when you hold a parent meeting for your children, you must look and behave appropriately. Don’t blindly make jokes in order to fight for face. After all, your performance is also an example to your children.

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