These three types of mothers are the most unwelcome. Long-term “work” may even destroy the family, so they should change quickly.

These three types of mothers are the most unwelcome. Long-term “work” may also damage the family. Quickly change

In family life, mothers have a profound impact on their children, which not only affects children The development of the personality of the child is also related to the formation of the three views of the child. 

Since the children are born, they have the closest relationship with their mothers, and the love of mothers for their children cannot be denied, but it must be said that if the mothers love their children in the wrong way, then the The negative impact is also unimaginable. 

Netizens ask mom for help Give everything for me, but why do I want to leave her? 

I saw such a share on the forum before, and the reason for the story also made people think about it. Netizen Dadong is a post-90s generation. He grew up in a single-parent family and seemed filial and sensible to outsiders. 

However, deep in his heart, he deeply understands that he has always wanted to escape the bondage of his native family, especially his mother. 

It can be said that my mother raised Dadong alone with hard work. Even if there is only one delicious bite in the family, my mother will definitely leave it to Dadong. Although it is a single-parent family, his mother has given Dadong enough love. But it is precisely because of this love that makes Dadong feel very heavy. 

Dadong’s mother is very strong. Since childhood, Dadong did not make a choice arbitrarily. His life was arranged very well by his mother, and he even took his mother to arrange his life properly. 

Whether it is from the cultivation of interest or the job selection after growing up, as long as the decision made by his mother, Dadong can only cooperate obediently, because as long as he has a little doubt, his mother will say, “I will raise you up? Easy, don’t hurt your mother!”

The mother’s desire to control makes Da-dong feel very depressed, but Da-dong can’t escape from all this, because his mother can’t take back what she has done. 

In the parent-child relationship, Dadong always “owes” his mother. When the giving of love becomes a moral kidnapping, Dadong can only become a victim of his mother’s desire to control. 

When applying for college, Dadong moved away from his mother, so he filled in for a university far away from home. After being known by his mother, he cried in front of Dadong. Later, he eventually filled his son’s wish into a university in the city. 

Now, Dadong is admitted to the city’s civil servants according to his mother’s wishes, and works from nine to five every day. His mother is very satisfied, but Dadong can only say that his mother is happy. 

Which three The mother is not only not being seen by her children, but also destroying the family all the time? 

1. Strong desire for control

When mothers treat their children as their own personal belongings, the children’s ideas are selectively ignored by mothers, because mothers with strong desire for control will not care about their children. Think, only care about whether the child is really obedient. 

The child is regarded as a marionette by the mother, so the mother’s hard work has become the bondage that the child wants to get rid of. 

2. Like to complain.

Mothers’ attitude towards life will be seen by their children. Mothers who like to complain will naturally affect their children. 

When encountering problems, shirk responsibility, blame others, and bring negative energy to the family. Such a mother image will naturally hardly be liked by the child, and it will also affect the happiness of the whole family. 

3. Excessive spoiling

The mother’s hope to help her children avoid difficulties can be understood, but if she spoils her child too much, the child will not only selfishly regard the mother’s love as it should be, but also Intensifying the demand, the mother’s excessive indulgence of the child will also increase the life burden of the whole family. 

The mother has an important influence on the growth of the child, how can she be a qualified mother? 

1. Grasp the proper measure of love

Only the mother who grasps the proper measure of love can let her children get true love, and can let her children learn to express love. 

Love is not control, and it cannot be a threat. Only mothers who pay attention to their children’s independent development can truly meet their children’s growth needs. Love should have a sense of boundaries, so that children will not feel pressured. 

2. Respect children’s ideas and preferences

Equality and respect between parents and children is especially valuable. If mothers can respect their children’s ideas and preferences and give them freedom to a certain extent, then believe in their children’s future Her growth will be more comprehensive, and she will be more grateful for her mother’s love. 

Mothers who know how to respect their children are easier to establish a close parent-child relationship with their children, and it is easier to achieve efficient communication with their children. 

3. Maintain a positive attitude towards life

The mother’s attitude towards life will make the child infected, and the child will also be affected and become a positive person. Life is not easy. Positive and optimistic mothers will make their children more happy and happy. 

Mothers who love life make their children more self-reliant and self-reliant, and at the same time make them more confident and responsible. 

Mother’s love for children is the driving force for children’s growth, and it is also the source of children’s happiness. The mother’s mentality and personality also affect the family’s happiness index. 

What do you think about the impact of mothers on children’s growth? There are many parents in all kinds of “IQ tax”, some of them start during pregnancy.

It is no exaggeration to say that many parents are originally more resourceful, especially when they are young. The one who will suffer, but since having a child, he seems to be going further and further on the road of “IQ tax”. 

Children are the weakness of parents, which is completely understandable. Parents can live a bit wronged, but when they hear something beneficial to the growth and health of their children, parents will not have too much doubt, just buy it! But in the end, it is often found that most of the payments are all “IQ taxes.” 

1. Buy radiation protective clothing during pregnancy

I believe that most pregnant mothers have heard about the saying that pregnant women should stay away from radiation. What is necessary during pregnancy is to go to the maternity store to buy maternity clothes. Once in the maternal and child store, there will be a salesperson to recommend radiation suits. 

“The most important thing for pregnant women is radiation.”

“If the fetus receives too much radiation, neurodevelopment will be affected.”

“Just wear it This radiation suit is no longer afraid of radiation. It doesn’t matter how long you want to play with your phone.”


These are quite “brainwashing” marketing methods. Normal people will definitely feel that they are full of loopholes. After all Most pregnant women, as long as they live in a normal environment, instead of going to some radiation stations or heavy computer rooms, there is generally no problem. The radiation from mobile phones and TVs is very weak and will not cause radiation effects on the fetus. 

But because the pregnant mothers are too concerned about the fetus, the salesperson’s words are right in her arms, and the pregnant mothers also feel that it is too serious, so they will buy a piece of clothing. 

In fact, later you will find that it is not only useless, but also very troublesome to wear in normal times, especially if it is not easy to match. Many pregnant mothers directly “press the bottom of the box” in the later stages of pregnancy. In the end, it is still very Tasteless. 

2. Earphones for prenatal education

The earphones for prenatal education were especially popular in the past two years. The promotion of the business was “Don’t let the children lose on the starting line, let the children accept the baptism of early education.”

Yes. Say, if you hear waves of brainwashing by merchants without doing your homework, plus many pregnant mothers around you have bought them, you will definitely buy them too. Anyway, you just wear headphones on your stomach. , It’s easy and effective, and it’s almost double the profit. 

However, it is still a thorough IQ tax. The first thing to know is that the fetus does not actually hear a particularly clear sound in the mother’s stomach. The music played in the earphones will become blurred when it reaches the baby’s ears through the skin layer and the buffer of amniotic fluid. Disturb the baby’s rest. 

Pregnant mothers have reacted before. Not long after I put on the headphones, the baby will move very badly. At first I thought that the child liked it very much, but later I realized that it was because the baby felt very Restlessness. 

3. Crazy calcium supplementation for children

I don’t know if you have such a feeling, it seems that before the children go to kindergarten, the only idea of ​​the parents is to supplement calcium for the children. 

Children need to grow taller, give them calcium; children have bald pillows, give them calcium; children are easy to wake up when sleeping, give them calcium; help children’s brain development, give them calcium…

It seems that no matter what it is, the child needs to be supplemented with calcium. If there is a problem with the child, it must be a lack of calcium. Therefore, in addition to feeding the baby foods rich in calcium in their daily diet, the mothers will also buy extra calcium for the baby. In short, it is right to add calcium crazy. 

Most doctors say that before the child is 6 years old, there is no special calcium deficiency, in fact, there is no need for extra calcium supplementation. 

On the contrary, if an excessive amount of calcium is added to the child, it may cause the child’s body to be overburdened, especially the gastrointestinal system. At that time, it will also affect the absorption of other nutrients, which is actually beneficial to the baby’s health. A greater hazard. 

4. Take their children to measure trace elements

There are also some parents who are trembling in the process of their children’s growth. They don’t know how to ensure their children’s health. They want to eat this for their children, but they also want to give it to their children. I eat that, but I am afraid that the nutrition of the child will be unbalanced. 

So these parents take their children to the hospital for a trace element test every once in a while, and want to see which kind of nutrition is lacking in the child’s body, and then carry out targeted supplementation, so that they are not afraid of the child’s nutrition The situation is unbalanced. 

In fact, as early as 2003, the National Health Commission no longer included trace element testing in the scope of children’s health testing. 

This is mainly because it was later discovered that the technical means for detecting trace elements in children were not advanced enough, and the results of the detection were not ideal. It can also be said to be very tasteless. Except for some cases of extreme lack, it is for other children. That said, it is difficult to find the problem. 

Many parents are almost all hit, and the “IQ tax” like this is not cheap. In many cases, businesses make use of the parents’ “love and eagerness” to profit from it. Novice parents must keep their eyes open and don’t let them take advantage of it.

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