These three kinds of fake milk have been blacked out, but many old people keep hoarding them at home, so please persuade some.

These three kinds of fake milk have been blacked out, but many elderly people keep hoarding them at home, and some please persuade them.

Maintaining an appropriate amount of milk every day is very good for children. . Milk is rich in protein. 

Studies have shown that for children aged 7 to 10, if they can drink a bag of milk every morning before going to bed and getting up at night, then 60% of their daily protein needs will be guaranteed. 

However, there are many “fake milk” on the market now, although it looks like milk, but its nutrient content is far less than real milk suitable for children to drink. 

for the elderly My grandson bought a lot of high-calcium milk, and wanted to give the child more calcium, but he didn’t want to make the child “iron-deficient”

The next door Aunt Wang had a lot of high-calcium milk at home some time ago. The old man said, “The price of high-calcium milk is more expensive than pure milk, and it contains more calcium. Not only can we elderly people drink it, but children can also drink it!”

So I like to drink high-calcium milk. From now on, Aunt Wang will prepare a box of high-calcium milk for her grandson every morning and evening. 

“With more calcium, you can grow taller in the future! Grandma bought a lot of high-calcium milk and you can drink it until you grow up!” When grandma coaxed her grandson, she proudly boasted to the child. 

But what Aunt Wang didn’t expect was that the child’s recent physical examination revealed that the child had obvious symptoms of iron deficiency. The child has always been brought up by Aunt Wang. She does not understand that she has taken care of her grandson very carefully. Why is the child still lacking iron? 

“My child eats a lot at every meal. He likes to eat the dishes I cook! My grandson will definitely not lack iron!” Seeing Aunt Wang’s anxiety, the doctor asked the child again Daily eating habits. After learning that the child had been drinking high-calcium milk, the doctor believed that it was the child who drank too much high-calcium milk that caused serious iron deficiency. 

“High-calcium milk is rich in calcium, but these calcium may not be absorbed by children, because high-calcium milk is also rich in phosphorus.”

< p>“This element greatly affects the child’s absorption rate, and also increases the burden on the kidneys. At the same time, high calcium also inhibits the absorption of iron, causing the child to have obvious symptoms of iron deficiency.”

After hearing the doctor say this, Wang Auntie was very regretful, “I knew it would be better to drink pure milk for my children!”

In fact, except for the fact that high-calcium milk is not suitable for children to drink, the market There are also three common “fake milk” on the list. Although they are under the guise of milk, they are not suitable for children to drink. 

these three Common fake milk is very easy to mislead the elderly. Parents should pay more attention to

1. Excellent yogurt

The advertisements of excellent yogurt on the market are very popular, and children like its sweet and sour taste very much. But in fact, yogurt is just a milk beverage, which contains very limited nutrients. 

And a lot of food additives are mixed in it. If consumed for a long time, not only will it not be good for the child’s growth and development, but it will also affect the child’s meal intake. 

2. Breakfast milk

Although this kind of milk sounds like milk, breakfast milk is not the same as pure milk. 

More often, breakfast milk is just under the banner of being suitable for breakfast. If it is really used as a child’s breakfast, this may affect the child’s nutritional supplement. 

3. Modified milk

For example, peanut milk and walnut milk belong to the category of modulated milk. Although these modulated milks sound very nutritious, in the final analysis, modulated milk is still a kind of pure milk. , But it is a dairy product with a lot of sugar and flavor added. 

When choosing milk, what issues should parents pay attention to? 

1. Be optimistic about the nutritional content.

When choosing milk, parents must see the ingredients. For pure milk, the protein content per 100 grams of milk must be greater than 2.9 grams. 

So if the protein content is less than 2.9 grams, then parents should not choose, because it is likely to be modified milk. 

2. Choose according to your needs.

Although pasteurized milk loses a little bit of nutrients due to sterilization, there is not much difference in nutrients between pasteurized milk and normal temperature milk. 

So when parents choose milk, they don’t have to pursue the more expensive pasteurized milk. Relatively speaking, normal temperature milk is more convenient to carry when going out. 

Of course, if it is consumed at home, pasteurized milk can also be selected after the refrigeration conditions are available. 

3. Pay attention to the production date

The shelf life of milk is very limited, so you must be optimistic about the production date when selecting. In addition, parents do not need to blindly pursue a short shelf life. 

Because short Baozhihu does not mean that it does not contain preservatives, it only shows that its sterilization method is different from other milk. 

In short, milk is very suitable for children to drink, parents must carefully choose good milk for their children. 

However, parents should not be too greedy. Excessive milk intake may also increase the child’s physical burden, such as obesity. What do you guys share about children’s milk intake? In the first two nights after delivery, these “shy” things are best for your husband to do, and it is not appropriate to change to someone else

During pregnancy, I believe many pregnant mothers have heard this saying, “Wait until the child is born. After that, it will be relaxed.” This sentence is actually the same as the saying of high school children who heard the teacher say “you will be relaxed when you are admitted to college”. In fact, you will find it after you go to college. You still have to continue to work hard. Reading, sometimes even more tiring. 

The same is true for pregnant mothers. After giving birth, the “torture” has just begun. Let’s start with the first two nights after giving birth. In these two days, there will be enough new mothers to bear. 

Mothers who have had experience know that in the first two nights after delivery, new mothers have little energy to speak of. Many things need to be assisted by others, but some of them are not for everyone. Suitable, it’s embarrassing for other people! 


I remember that my girlfriend sent me a message the day after giving birth, saying that her husband was working overtime suddenly and her lochia had not been dealt with, but she was embarrassed to ask her mother-in-law to help deal with it. It was embarrassing to think about that scene. 

So the best friend can only get up and deal with it by herself. When the treatment is over, she is already sweating and she is too weak. 

My girlfriend loves to be clean. She is so sticky that she can’t sleep, but she’s very sleepy. She can’t wipe her body anymore. She asks her mother-in-law to help. She can’t do it. It’s okay to wipe her body. That is, she feels that it is not appropriate to ask her mother-in-law to do these things. After all, not all mother-in-laws will be willing to do these things for you, and it may become the fuse of the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in the future. 

I believe that many mothers have experienced ideological struggles in these similar situations. The embarrassing incidents occurred one after another during the first two nights after giving birth. After all, the husband is the most suitable person to send. 

The first two after delivery Late, these “shy” things are best for your husband to do

1. Deal with lochia

Whether it is a normal delivery or a caesarean section, new mothers will have lochia after delivery, and lochia must be dealt with in time, otherwise new The mothers have just finished childbirth, and the immunity of the reproductive system is inherently low. If it is not handled in time, it is easy to cause infection. 

But the new mothers basically cannot use the abdominal force in the first two days after giving birth. The pain is extremely difficult. Sometimes they have to be supported by family members when they get up. Not to mention bending over to deal with lochia. Many new mothers I can’t do it myself, so I need to ask other people for help. 

The husband is the closest person to the new mothers. For dealing with lochia, which is extremely private, the husband is the best choice. It is not suitable to be someone else. Just think about it. Just know how embarrassing it is. 

I would also like to remind my fathers here that it is recommended that new mothers spend more time thinking about how to deal with lochia, and be more serious. It must be handled cleanly to reduce postpartum infections of new mothers. Possibility, otherwise the new mothers will have to suffer again, which is not at all uncomfortable. 

2. Wipe the body

In fact, compared to the treatment of lochia, wiping the body is a piece of cake. Although it may not be necessary for the fathers to do it personally, it can be changed to a mother-in-law or a mother, but if it is a mother-in-law, After all, it’s not quite right, after all, it may leave the words “mother-in-law serving daughter-in-law” easily criticized. 

It’s not very convenient to let the mother come. If the confinement period is in the natal house, it makes sense, but if it is at the in-law’s house, it is not feasible for the mother to come over to help with care. 

So the wiping of the body must be done by the fathers. On the one hand, it can greatly reduce the growth of a large number of bacteria in the mothers’ bodies, and on the other hand, it can also increase the relationship between the husband and wife. , Let Bao Dad see that Bao Ma is not easy, and enhance their sense of responsibility. 

3. Accompanying to go to the toilet

New mothers have been unable to get out of bed voluntarily in the past few days after childbirth. Many times they need help from others to get out of bed. Too dare to borrow the strength of the waist and abdomen, otherwise you will have to experience some pain. 

Not only does the process of getting out of bed need to borrow the strength of the waist and abdomen, but also sitting in front of the toilet and getting up from the toilet, these processes also need to borrow the strength of the waist and abdomen. If you don’t rely on the support of others, the process is extremely difficult. 

That’s how I finished giving birth. My husband was not at home during the day, and my mother-in-law just went out to do something. I wanted to go to the toilet and had to get out of bed by myself. The process of getting out of bed made me tired because I was always careful. sweating a lot. 

Afterwards, it was fine to sit in the toilet, but when I got up, I thought that there should be no problem with supporting the wall to get up. As a result, I still couldn’t hold it, and fell to the toilet again. The pain was so painful that I burst into tears, and it took a long time. I tried a few more times before I got up. 

Furthermore, when going to the toilet, you need help from others before and after. If you switch to another person, you will feel embarrassed, and you may even be embarrassed and unable to solve your physical needs. So The husband is still the most suitable candidate. 

If the person in your family can do the above points after your childbirth, then it means that you did not marry the wrong person. Such a man is really reliable. 

In the first two nights after giving birth, these “shy” things are best for your husband to do, and it is not appropriate to change to someone else

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